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  1. Smashed it thanks to the final. Turned a break even tournament even into a killer one.
  2. Even as a Liverpool fan I agree. If he's not wearing the Utd shirt he's a likeable guy. Shame how Mourinho wastes him.
  3. This is the France I wanted to see. MUCH better
  4. Have £100 on France but hope they lose. Complete joke of a team given their talent, it's a disgrace to play like this with the players they have.
  5. I don't think it's that. I just think it's his consistency sometimes, and goals (he doesn't need to match then but needs a bit more). He opens up the game with his dribbling rather than passing.
  6. Such a shame they only got 3rd. Best team to watch this tournament.
  7. There's no way that ever goes in. No power on it for the distance.
  8. Sorry but how can you see that and praise the defending? It's completely terrible finishing, so so casual.
  9. No you haven't. You've saw people say he doesn't deserve in the team of the tournament. Quote me 1 person saying he doesn't deserve top scorer.
  10. It's not just about the goals though. Klose's all around play is a level below Kane's generally...but at the world cup then vs Kane now it was the opposite. He was a constant out ball for Germany. Kane on the other hand has left it for Sterling to be that and decided to play statues instead.
  11. Klose was much better in open play and I'm not even a big fan of him. Kane is usually much better in the build up but this tournament he's been dreadful, seems to spend his time looking for free kicks.
  12. Same as the one I quoted above except for Lukaku at striker.
  13. Sorry to go in on Kane again but he doesn’t deserve a place regardless of how he plays against Belgium, he’s done nowhere near enough. He scored a few penalties and tap ins but otherwise was crap. He gets rewarded for his goal scoring with a golden boot award - there’s no need to shoehorn him into a team of the tournament that he’s not even close to.
  14. Fair enough otherwise but Harry Kane? He had a poor tournament despite the penalties.
  15. Well starting in Nov. Don't remember exact dates but it runs into December too.
  16. I think them looking worse without Giroud says more about Deschamps' tactical limitations than their squad given Giroud has been crap individually.
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