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  1. Knighthoods are nonsense stuff so, err, maybe.
  2. I was but I don’t think I was the only one, can’t remember who the other(s) were though.
  3. The thing is, there were a lot of people (myself included) who thought Southgate did a lot wrong even when England were winning. He did ok overall. His main limitation, being too cautious, eventually cost him. You can disagree if you want but people aren't criticising him after the fact here. I'd still be looking to move him on personally as a non-England fan, but that doesn't mean he's done a terrible job.
  4. If you mean the penalty shoot out lineup then yeah, fair enough. I know from my armchair that I would have picked differently but it's easy to say from the outside and maybe would have been worse for England. I'd be stronger in my opinion if you were to debate starting 11 or subs though.
  5. I may be wrong but I think it's cost Cristiano Ronaldo twice now. I think my view is pretty old school but I'd rather just get the best takers up there 1-3. Although I guess that's not overly relevant since Saka wasn't one of England's top 3.
  6. I genuinely forget what I thought at the time, so could well be judging on hindsight here, but looking back, Saka taking 5th does stick out as a poor choice. Altho tbf I'm not a fan of leaving your best taker (even if he missed) until last. Best 3 should be the first 3.
  7. Agree with that but would add two things. Firstly, Mancini is a top class international manager just like Luis Enrique is. I'm not sure either are anything special at club level when there is more competition. Not to say he didn't do a great job - Italy were tactically the best team in the tournament. Secondly, not sure saying returning to a passive mentality is a good description. Southgate has been like that the whole tournament, for better or worse. He sat back on almost every lead. It's just his nature, every line up was more cautious than it needed to be in my view. I'll caveat it by saying I'm naturally inclined to criticise defensive set ups. Southgate deserves credit for his man management but his tactical set up leaves a lot to be desired.
  8. Yeah, back in Brazil. Looking at those stats, what the hell are Inter defenders doing with that many penalties faced?
  9. Hard to know that for sure. But agree with your point anyway, focusing too much on penalties or blaming those who missed isn't the right thing to do.
  10. Nah, I agree he was excessive but still not a red card for me. Jorginho challenge was a possible one though.
  11. Btw, even taking out any emotional attachment to who won, that's the best Euros of my lifetime. Feeling a bit sad it's over now...
  12. If I was to be controversial I'd say that if he was English, Pedri would have barely played this tournament. Bellingham was good enough to start already in my opinion.
  13. Very easy to say that with hindsight (and I personally said the midfield shouldn't be changed for the final), but Rice wasn't making himself untouchable in his performances and Henderson played well off the bench. He was very poor when he came on tonight though.
  14. Yeah I'd agree with that. Didn't see any merit in Rice before tonight, but he was very, very good. In the first half at least. It's all one way with that duo though. Great protectors/disruptors but they're incapable of forcing the opposition onto the back foot. I think going forward England should be looking at 1 of them plus Bellingham.
  15. Bocelli to open the Euros, Fleetwood Mac to close it out. Couldn't have picked better myself, well done BBC.
  16. Yeah maybe. I'm still convinced he should be played ahead of Mount but the tournament is over now, so I'll let it go. Chiesa was incredible. I'd absolutely love him at Liverpool it he's normally as good as he was this tournament.
  17. He wasn't a game changer at all. In fairness to those (myself included) though, people thought he should have started. Coming off the bench is a different thing altogether.
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