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  1. Atm I use a similair tactic like this in fm 15 with great succes, in that save I have tried diffrent things but allways come back to this one. Ti's is not something that is necessary its just there to help you get what you want or prevend what the opposition wants. I use a sligthly diffrent role selection, this is mine and why I use the roles. SK-s because I play with high d-line LB Wingback-s to overlap the raumdauter and give me width on that side. 2x Cb-d Rb fullback-d or s depending on my opponent. My third defender, for when the lb goeas forward. Cm-d Dlp-s or d. Once again depending on the opponent. My deep creator, holds his position better then a cm-s, wich helps against counterattacks Aml raumdauter, I just love that role, a real goalscorer Ap-s or am-s depending on what the game needs, a creator or runner. I use a support duty becaus the other 3 are around him have an attacking one. But also because it keeps my midfield a bit more compact. Amr winger-a I started out with a support duty but recently switched to attack. Now I get a lot more goals from that position. And I have the fullback behind him and also the dlp is around to help defensively. Complete forward attack.
  2. I play touch and have more then enough regens coming thrue even after 13-14 years. What did happened is that after a year of 7 the number of regens per club in the nation I'm playing started dropping. At the moment I get 4-5 players per youth intake, this user to be something like 8-9. This happened to all the french clubs Edit: Loaded al french leagues Top division from spain-italy-belgium-nederland-england-germany Big database
  3. I cant show you winning a league with so few goals because for me that wouldn't be fun and there for I haven't tried it. However in my current save I do have lots of games without conceding any, sometimes something like 6 in a row. But it would be something like 2-0 3-0 or 4-0
  4. My bad, completly missed that last part. So no obviously not ?
  5. That would make me think a half back or dlp and use a more attacking player in the cm trio? Cm-a, bbm or even an roaming playmaker
  6. Dont click directly on the name because then you will go to the players profile
  7. For everyone: Select one and than press ctrl+a Selection of players in a row: Select the first player you want to scout hold shift and then select the last player. Every player in between will be selected Random selection Hold control while you select the players you want to scout. Its just like in allmost every windows application. My english isn't that good so I might have used the wrong words, if needed I can explain it a bit more.
  8. You can select them all too scout them at once so can't you make an shortlist the same way??
  9. I'm also a favourite of playing some with an opposite preferred foot as IF or raum. However I do have some players (with dribble more as preferred move) with wich it doesn't mather because they dribble so far infield they are almost an AMC and from there they choose where they will attack the goal, left centre or right
  10. I wonder what you do with your save after those games? You've mentioned that after 20-30 games you allways start to concede a lot, but don't talk about how long that will continue. That gives me the idea you stop at that point, or is that a to simple conclusion? The reason I ask because I've had to longlasting saves (15+yrs) and allmost every year I'm in I will have a couple of back to back games I loose. Sometimes its just two, but sometimes its a serie of 4-7 games without winning. Current save my last season I concede 60% in that serie. My first long save in 15 it took me 3 years before I finally figured out how I needed to react in games. That was also the first save where I got to the point of being at a club for three years. I think you might just need to hang in there for a little while and see every loss as a learning experience
  11. Oh I forgot, I have downloaded a strikerless tactic from Strikerless.com because I just couldn't get it to work. But in my last save I finally figured it out, so wont be using that file again
  12. In fm08 I only downloaded tactics as I couldn't create one working myself. After a long pause I came back with fm13 and after reading shrewnaldo's blog and all the push them wide articles I tried making my own. Wich by now is working pretty well. What I've done a lot the last years is using created roles (central winger, midraum) or using big parts of tactics from bloggers I read. They don't provide downloads so you have to recreate it yourself.
  13. Can you imagine the look on the face of the people who would do the commentary?? "So here's the list with about 300.000 playersnames will have to record today and please say every name in a few diffrent ways" ?
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