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  1. Sorry but I'm really not that good with under the hood stuff on computers @okerekehow do I change xml files? If i open the one you've mentioned it has a diffrent look to yours. I dont have a specific reader so it opens in IE
  2. Nice results!! I think I'm gonna take inspiration from both your goal and your tactics. I've been wanting to do a save for a long time in Serbia and this sounds like a perfect set-up. The tactics you've used are they based on your guide to quick transitions?
  3. What a great save and write up! Glad to hear you've slaid your demons and are capable of building and rebuilding squads. I'm trying to the same with Arsenal atm, the goal is for the first time in almost 25 years of playing fm winning the PL with them. I never succeeded, came real close but my tactical skills (and compusere) let me down
  4. Wow that's an impressive list! I think you collected more silverware in one save then I have during all my years playing FM. I've had a couple of saves where I've become as big as you are now. And at that point (or sometimes on the way too) I usually come at a stage where my youth graduates are only getting a back-up or rotation status. I don't know why but I never ever produce elite players out of my academy. I can buy them at a young enough age so they count as own youth, but that's it
  5. Great season! 15 points more then Man U most be nice too! Dario brasco most be one of the best players in the game
  6. Yeah I know, I've been there myself. I always want to be tactical mastermind and if I'm not then I'm no good. I wish there was an option to differentiate in level like you can do at fifa. I'm not really interested in a really tough game. I just want to win some matches, find and or develop young talent and that's it. Lately though I've taken a more relaxed approach to this part. I can get furious if I see my players "standing" and watching the other team play the ball around or simply walk through my defense. Or when I'm superior and they score from an impossible angle or free kick by so
  7. Don't beat yourself over that restart. In the end it's a computer game and its there to have a little fun. Some people exploit the ME, some people use preset tactics, some people use scouting tools (like me) and some people use occasionally restart (like me). Having read many blogs and many threads here I think in the end everyone that plays this game somewhere down the line uses a potential option to "cheat" the game. That includes all the big names floating around these forums.
  8. Your HOYD has something with goalkeepers, every year their is a great prospect in intake. Where do you rank financially in the competition? A reckon Glasgow and Celtics are miles ahead of you and will be for a long period. But you must be closing on om the rest of the lot
  9. Great read! I struggle a lot with fm, played it for years and I never really understand why I have succes. Or mostly don't understand how to get that succes. I too keep changing formations, roles, duties and instructions and it was refreshing to read your story. Good luck with your save('s)!
  10. This has become my daily fm read 👌🏻
  11. What a start! Would be interesting to see if you go pro when you promote. A semi-pro team in the premier league would be something else
  12. Loving this thread! Do you have a plan to get the professional status?
  13. I've played a fantastic save with FC Magdenburg. They had their biggest succes in de Kuip , winning the eurocup 2 beating AC Milan in 1974
  14. @VinceLombardi I just found both of your threads about your way off playing. Such a fresh approach to the game and one I'm going to take inspiration from. I've been trying to implement some NFL principles into the game, but being a soccer fan first I've struggled. These explanations have given me so many pointers Aside from that you've also thought me a lot about how NFL teams approach there game. I've watched the NFL on and off for 20 years (packers "fan") but this part always remained a mystery to me. Are you still playing fm atm?
  15. @mikcheck I am curious now about why it helps me, so will definitely look into that
  16. That could be true. Maybe it's just that dropping deep means the striker runs into the dm. What I do know is that it helps me, the playing field opens up a bit and I usually become more dangerous by doing this.
  17. To make it more cynical start with expecting to loose because everything you will try doesnt really change anything 😜 Their are a couple of questions you might want to ask yourself before you change your plan. All about why don't we win the games. 1 are we supposed to be winning? 2 are we fit enough to play (are they're injuries and or are we to fatigued) 3 do we score too little 4 do they score too much 5 can we keep the ball 1 if the answer is no then it's not a problem with the tactic but with the quality of your team. You can offcourse over achieve an
  18. When playing against defensive sides that play with 1 or 2 dm's I usually switch my DLF to AF. Because the area where you want your DLF to operate is full and there's little to no room for him to do its thing. Resulting in lots of shots being blocked, or from to far or endless playing around without really achieving something. By switching to a more aggressive role your forward will push the dline back and thus creating space for your runners. Also depending on the kind of forward he is he might be usefull as target in the air.
  19. Interesting thread to follow, I've had similar issues, but with a far better team (Arsenal) I ended up with a similar tactic. I do put a ap on the flanks fairly regularly to fill in the gap behind the dlf-a. Always combined with a bwm in cm on the same side. But I always play with a bwm, no mather what the tactic is. Can't help myself
  20. https://ibb.co/D****47 I do change the roles if I feel the opponent has a certain weakness I can exploid or a strength I need to counter. I also tweak the TI's a bit for those reasons. I rarely use any PI's other then giving a certain player a width instruction for again the same reasons. I change the role or duty for 1 or both backs for defensive stability down the flanks, the same can be said for the width of the defence (either via TI or PI) I change my dm settings for defensive stability through the middle. Maybe even switch to a 2 dm tactic. When I use a counter tactic I
  21. It is. I'm playing a slow tiki taka style of football with arsenal atm. I have trouble playing the bigger sides and will use counter against them. But other then those matches I win all most everything, 5, 6 or 7 goals have happend a couple of times now I do play with 1 dm and 2 cm or 2 dm and 1 cm/am though so not a 4231
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