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  1. During pre-match & half-time team talks, I sometimes press the "tactics" button to change something. Then I'm unable to return to the team talk that I haven't made yet.. What to do?
  2. Yeah, I don't understand why PSG would be demanding the money for the signing on bonus. They should just be demanding what he's listed for; 2.4m. It's not like we're rivals or anything. If we were rivals I'd understand why they'd demand more.. Maybe it's because we beat them in the CL-final 2020..
  3. Ok, so the signing bonus is 4.3m - 2.4m = 1.9m? Why would PSG be demanding that money?
  4. Draxler is listed for 2.4m. I agree a pre contract with him for a free in the summer. Now PSG want 4.3m to let him go immediately. Still listed for 2.4m. What's up with that?
  5. I have three memory related issues with the game. 1. It doesn't remember that I've put it in windowed mode, and every time I fire up the game it's back in full screen. 2. Every time I move an FC Bayern II player up to the FC Bayern squad it puts him back down. 3. Every time I go into the fixture list it by default shows me the info of the first pre season game, rather than the upcoming fixture. Thankfully, the fitness issues during the Club World Cup seems to be fixed since FM20.
  6. Is it only me or are the player rating stars a bit grainy/lowres on retina displays?
  7. When I click a button to open up a drop-down menu, I want to be able to close the menu by clicking the same button one more time. As it stands, I have to click somewhere outside the drop-down menu in order to close it. I find this very annoying. I'm on the latest MacOS update if that's of any relevance.
  8. Just double checked and you're right. Squad Depth is still there in Team Report. It seems SI removed "Players On Loan" though.. I liked that. Now I only get sporadic reports on how the loanees do sent to my inbox..
  9. I remember there being these tabs in FM18 (maybe FM19 too) where you could get an overview of what players you had in each position and what players where out on loan. Are they still there? I can't seem to find them.
  10. Fair enough. I always get this "The game quit unexpectedly" message too, though. I have a 2017 Imac with the latest version of Catalina, Steam & FM too.
  11. Hello. I play FM20 in windowed mode. I like to position this window in the center of my screen. When launching the game, this window is always located to the left on the screen, even though I've always moved it to the center during the previous session. Previous incarnations of the game have always managed to remember where I put the window during the last session, so I don't see why this years edition shouldn't have this capability too.. I'm on the latest update of Mac OS Catalina btw.
  12. It doesn't give the user a very serious impression of the game, though.
  13. I had a problem in FM18 where my set pieces would get totally messed up when I switched between tactics with different formations during games. For example, if i started the game with a 4-2-3-1, and then switched to my 4-1-2-3, players would not position themselves as I had instructed them when creating the tactic at the drawing board before the game. This has made me hesitant to switch between formations during games, which is of course an important tool for a manager. Is this still an issue in FM19?
  14. How often does that happen irl? SI should aim for less injuries in FM than irl if anything. Other destructive things like doping & match fixing aren't in the game for a reason. How entertaining are the last stages of the CL if Ronaldo, Messi & Neymar are all out injured?
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