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  1. Unfortunately not. I just have one current save from six years (in-game) on.
  2. As the title says, MLS teams keep bidding for my players, but the transfers never go through because they have already reached their foreign player limit. Now I just reject all their offers because I know they won't lead to an actual transfer anyway. I can't be the only one experiencing this?
  3. In the summer of 2018 I tied Petr Cech down to a two-year deal with Arsenal. However, in the summer of 2019, he suddenly decides to retire completely out of the blue. There's a notification in my inbox, and that's it. Yes, he's 37 years old. Yes, he didn't play every game during the last season despite being fit (26/38 league starts). Yes, we only managed 5th place, hence no CL qualification. However, having a year left, I would at least have expected him to announce his intention to retire during the season, with that green "Ret" box appearing by his name. What do you think?
  4. This is what it should normally look like when you haven't made any changes, with the "Confirm" button greyed out. This time there's a clickable "Confirm" button, although I haven't made any changes. When i click "Cancel" I'm prompted with this "Discard changes?" message, even though I haven't made any changes. Could it have something to do with my assistant manager being responsible for opposition player instructions? I think his opposition instructions are only applied at the start of the game, whereafter I actively have to ask him to assign updated opposition instructions during the course of the game, but I could be wrong.
  5. It happens all the time, actually. I'm using the mac version if that makes any difference.
  6. During a game, I frequently enter the advanced tactics section. Sometimes when I haven't changed anything, I'm prompted with the message to either cancel or confirm the "changes" I've supposedly made before returning to the game, even if I haven't made any. When I haven't made any tactical changes, I want to be able to return to the game from the advanced tactics section without being prompted with this "cancel/confirm changes" message. Anyone else noticed this?
  7. So, I started a save with Arsenal. Much like Claudio Ranieri at Leicester this season, Jose Mourinho at Chelsea last season and Juande Ramos at Tottenham in 07/08, I got the team into an "uncontrollable" downward spiral which culminated in me getting the sack in February, with the team sat in ~9th place. I created a new manager and decided to try and save the season rather than just running away and starting a new save. This could also be an opportunity for me to try the new FM17 feature which allows for a new manager to deviate from the original season expectations, which in this case was competing for the league title. I eventually got Arsenal into 5th place, three points off 2nd place. However, after this unbelievable run, the board was still disappointed with the teams performance in the league. This must have been due to me somehow failing to adjust the season expectations upon joining in February. Also, when introducing myself to the players in February, they thought I was unambitious when aiming for a top 4 spot even though we were only 9th at the time. I'm quite sure that Roman Abramovich wasn't all that disappointed with Guus Hiddink last season, and David Levy sure wasn't questioning Harry Redknapps performance at the end of the 07/08 season. All this made me think about this new feature which allows a caretaker manager to guide a wounded team through the remainder of a lost season without the pressure of the original season expectations. Must I have missed to set realistic season expectations when joining Arsenal in February, or could it be that the original season expectations of competing for the league title just wasn't up for negotiation? Maybe I remember incorrectly, and it's just the pre-match odds that are flexible throughout the season? Not the season expectations. What are your thoughts? Do you have any experience of this situation in FM17?
  8. Predicted league finish and match odds will now be updated during the season if I'm correct?
  9. So I bought this young south american striker, Julio Lopez (regen). He was granted a british work permit, so my original plan was to keep him as a backup striker in the U-21s for a season, giving him time to learn the language and acclimatize to his new surroundings. Thus, I sent him on an intensive language course, lasting some 30 weeks and costing some £10k. However, Lorient came in with a loan offer, giving him the chance of regular first team football, something which could be vital to his development. I therefore scrapped my original plan of keeping him as a backup striker. My question now is, will he continue his intensive english language course during his loan, or will he be learning french instead, postponing his integration to english football?
  10. So, Hector Bellerin got homesick. In the following conversation i asked whether bringing in a friend would make him happy, to which he agreed. I then proceeded to sign Jon Toral, who's nowhere near good enough for my team, just because he's listed among Bellerins favoured personnel. Toral has now been at the club for a month, and Bellerin is still waiting for me to fulfill my promise to him, so I have to grant him a leave of absence to keep him onside.
  11. There are way too many goals flagged for offside, at least for my liking. It's getting quite frustrating to watch.
  12. SI really should be able to sort it out somehow.
  13. In some home games my team plays with the 2nd or 3rd kit. How is this possible?
  14. Great stuff. Makes me think about how Chelsea set up in the tough away games under Mourinho! Just one question. Why don't you utilise the team instructions "Use Tighter Marking" and "Stand Off Opponents"? Would that disrupt your defensive shape, perhaps?