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  1. Predicted league finish and match odds will now be updated during the season if I'm correct?
  2. So I bought this young south american striker, Julio Lopez (regen). He was granted a british work permit, so my original plan was to keep him as a backup striker in the U-21s for a season, giving him time to learn the language and acclimatize to his new surroundings. Thus, I sent him on an intensive language course, lasting some 30 weeks and costing some £10k. However, Lorient came in with a loan offer, giving him the chance of regular first team football, something which could be vital to his development. I therefore scrapped my original plan of keeping him as a backup striker. My question now is, will he continue his intensive english language course during his loan, or will he be learning french instead, postponing his integration to english football?
  3. So, Hector Bellerin got homesick. In the following conversation i asked whether bringing in a friend would make him happy, to which he agreed. I then proceeded to sign Jon Toral, who's nowhere near good enough for my team, just because he's listed among Bellerins favoured personnel. Toral has now been at the club for a month, and Bellerin is still waiting for me to fulfill my promise to him, so I have to grant him a leave of absence to keep him onside.
  4. There are way too many goals flagged for offside, at least for my liking. It's getting quite frustrating to watch.
  5. SI really should be able to sort it out somehow.
  6. In some home games my team plays with the 2nd or 3rd kit. How is this possible?
  7. Great stuff. Makes me think about how Chelsea set up in the tough away games under Mourinho! Just one question. Why don't you utilise the team instructions "Use Tighter Marking" and "Stand Off Opponents"? Would that disrupt your defensive shape, perhaps?
  8. I just signed Wesley Said in the January transfer window, then loaned him out to Newcastle for the rest of the season in order to give him some first team football. However, he's now ineligible for them because obviously you can't play for more than two teams during one season. Surely, irl, Newcastle would know the rules and not make a bid, or, the FA would stop the loan deal before completion? It's not really a problem for me since they pay his wages in full, but the realism suffers a bit. Not sure if I should post this here or on the bugs forum.
  9. Szczesny is obviously our number one now, and he very much reminds me of De Gea of Man Utd. Who's next in our goalkeeping pecking order though? Is Fabianski still injured? Is Mannone now in front of Almunia, who will probably leave next summer?
  10. Lets face it, RVP is going to end his career at Arsenal since Farcelona wont want him. No need to worry about the contract, this is the best club he'll play for in his career.
  11. Will Feyenoord get a percentage of the transfer fee if he goes?
  12. Could you see them stamp up the £20m+ needed though? 29 years of age, injury prone & in the last year of contract by next summer. Brilliant when fit, though.
  13. On a free transfer he's a decent aqcuisition ofc, but his contract is up in 2013 & I was more thinking of the dilemma of whether or not to sell him next summer if he hasn't comitted yet. I can't see any club putting up enough money to tempt Wenger into a sale, due to his injury proneness.