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  1. It's just a regular single-player save.
  2. That's correct. During the game I clicked out of the match environment in order to look up last seasons corresponding fixture in the fixture list. Upon returning to the match environment, I found that the match controls we're greyed out, and that I therefore couldn't press "play" to resume the game. The other time the match controls got greyed out was when I was about to start a penalty shootout after 120 mins. I clicked out of the match environment, and when I returned I couldn't proceed to the penalty shootout as the match controls were greyed out. I'm on the Mac version btw.
  3. So, during a tough fixture against Man City away, I decided to look up how last years exact same fixture went. However, when I returned to the match, I (to my horror) discovered that I can't resume the match where I left it. The "play" button is greyed out, along with the rest of the match controls. The same thing happened away to Man Utd in the EFL Cup the previous season. The game went to penalties after a 1-1 draw, but I couldn't press the "play" button to start the penalty shoot-out so I had to quit the game, reload the save and replay the entire game. This is ruining my save. Am I missing something, or is this just a bug? The year is 2030 atm.
  4. As far as I'm aware, you're only able to offer players contracts of max 5 years (max 4,5 years in January). Man Utd somehow managed to give Rashford a 6-year contract, however. Is this some AI-specific feature or have I missed something? I'm still on FM17 btw.
  5. According to CL registration rules, the player needs to be trained by the club for 3 years between his 15th & 21st birthdays in order for him to be considered HGC. Two questions in regards to this. 1. If I loan him out, in order to get him first team experience, does this time count towards getting him home grown (HGC) at my parent club, or does it actually count towards him getting home grown at the loaning club? I remember loaning Reiss Nelson out for a few seasons, managing Arsenal, and rather than him getting home grown by Arsenal (HGC), he just got home grown in England (HGN). 2. If I buy a foreign player of 18 y/o and one day, does this mean he can never get home grown by my club, as he can only be at the club for 2 years & 364 days before his 21st birthday?
  6. Where do you check the level of team gelling, or team cohesion, in FM17? I checked my assistant managers reports but didn't find any team talk feedback.
  7. ottey_swe

    Rest 2 days after match

    Exactly. Or CMD instead of CTRL if you're on OSX, which I happen to be. I usually rest everyone bar the goalkeeper.
  8. ottey_swe

    Rest 2 days after match

    That was helpful! Thanks!
  9. In the team tactics section, you have the ability to let your players rest the day after a match. Very often, however, I find myself resting the players two days after a game (select players who played last game-right click-training-rest-2 days). This is down to a busy schedule (not least during the festive period) and me not rotating the team a lot. For me, a "Rest two days after match" in the team tactics section would be hugely convenient and save me a lot of clicks.
  10. When I buy an expensive player in january, I want to be able to tie him down to a 5,5-year contract rather than just 4,5-years, which is the longest possible atm. If you want to extend a contract beyond 5 years, you currently have to wait until march. This has very much been done IRL, for instance when Chelsea signed Fernando Torres from Liverpool in January '11.
  11. So, I've put my assistant manager in charge of opposition instructions, and I find myself constantly pausing the match to go into the opposition instructions and click on the "apply assistant advice" button in order to implement any changes he wants to make. Especially towards the end of an even game I go in there all the time just to make sure I haven't missed any opposition instructions he's recommended for a late supersub. It would save me quite a few clicks to have him just update the opposition instructions automatically throughout the game without me constantly having to go into the tactics section and update his changes all the time.
  12. When you're browsing a specific players profile, there's the ability to make a comparison between him and other players in the game. Sometimes, however, you want to compare your player to a legend that's retired and is no longer in the game. In order to do this, I've so far resorted to dusting off older versions of the game to check the stats of Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zidane, Owen, Van Nistelrooy, Henry, Trezeguet, Seaman, Chilavert, Cafu, Nesta, Maldini etc when they were in their prime. It would be really handy to be able to make a direct comparison to these long retired legends (Ronaldo '98, Rivaldo '99, Owen '00, Figo '01, Zidane '02, Van Nistelrooy '03, Ronaldinho '06 etc) in their prime directly under the "comparison" tab of the player to check whether he's on the right to becoming a true legend in the game. Thoughts? Maybe this has been brought up before?
  13. So, I started a save with Arsenal. Much like Claudio Ranieri at Leicester this season, Jose Mourinho at Chelsea last season and Juande Ramos at Tottenham in 07/08, I got the team into an "uncontrollable" downward spiral which culminated in me getting the sack in February, with the team sat in ~9th place. I created a new manager and decided to try and save the season rather than just running away and starting a new save. This could also be an opportunity for me to try the new FM17 feature which allows for a new manager to deviate from the original season expectations, which in this case was competing for the league title. I eventually got Arsenal into 5th place, three points off 2nd place. However, after this unbelievable run, the board was still disappointed with the teams performance in the league. This must have been due to me somehow failing to adjust the season expectations upon joining in February. Also, when introducing myself to the players in February, they thought I was unambitious when aiming for a top 4 spot even though we were only 9th at the time. I'm quite sure that Roman Abramovich wasn't all that disappointed with Guus Hiddink last season, and David Levy sure wasn't questioning Harry Redknapps performance at the end of the 07/08 season. All this made me think about this new feature which allows a caretaker manager to guide a wounded team through the remainder of a lost season without the pressure of the original season expectations. Must I have missed to set realistic season expectations when joining Arsenal in February, or could it be that the original season expectations of competing for the league title just wasn't up for negotiation? Maybe I remember incorrectly, and it's just the pre-match odds that are flexible throughout the season? Not the season expectations. What are your thoughts? Do you have any experience of this situation in FM17?
  14. Predicted league finish and match odds will now be updated during the season if I'm correct?