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  1. IMT Beograd 2023-2024 Breakthrough! A dominant season for us as we pretty much lead wire to wire to win the First League and promotion. Only 1 loss in our first 22 league games, got to to the promotion phase in a strong position and closed it out with 4 wins and a draw. The strongest defense in the league led the way, only allowing 27 goals in 37 games. Serbian Cup We even made some noise in the cup for once, beating one of the stronger teams in our league in Macva 1-0 and then lower league side Loznica 1-0 as well. Lost in the first round to SuperLeague side Napredak, but gave them a game at 1-2. Key Players Nikola Miric was our Player of the Year, Young Player of the Year and Signing of the Year. 10 assists and a 7.42 rating from the right fullback spot. Lazar Vujanic though, was named the First League Player of the Season though. Playing almost exclusively as a 10, he scored 16 goals and added 6 assists. Oddly though, he was only a substitute in the First League Team of the Season. After being the vice-captain this season, he'll be the captain for us next year. Nikola Sakic also enjoyed a great year playing as a box to box midfielder. 6 goals, 6 assists and in the First League Team of the Season. Branislav Dujakovic was also in the FLTS, a centerback I signed from Red Star on a free, was a rock in defense. Youth Intake Nothing too exciting with Novak Pusica being the best of the bunch. I did have one of last year's youths step up unexpectedly though as Marko Alimpic became my backup 10 at the end of the season and also became our youngest ever goalscorer. Finances Winning the league and some cup games helped, we are currently just under even. Our stadium needs expansion to comply with SuperLeague rules but we're putting it off a season, quite reasonably. We are also able to scout Eastern Europe now. Next Season Survive. I'm pretty happy with much of the team. Need 1 starter for my back 4 and need to find a striker that can contribute more as my starter only netted 6 and was often injured.
  2. That's why I keep trying Lancaster City, because I could see the pitch from the train my first time visiting England.
  3. IMT Beograd 2022-2023 More spinning our wheels. More comfortable than last season but only finished 9th. League Table We finished the preliminary stage in 10th, then went 3-3-1 in the relegation stage to come out on top of that. We had some good play but were just altogether too inconsistent throughout the season, especially on offense. No big slumps this year, no big runs, just hung out between 8 and 13 the entire season. We were bounced out of the Serbian Cup in the first game again, losing on penalty kicks to a lower division side. Key Players Lazar Vujanic played mostly at striker and netted 12 goals and 3 assists. Struggled to find a 10 behind him though and I think I'm going to try moving him into that role assuming I can find a striker. Nikola Miric, our right fullback, was our player of the season and young player as well. We were able to convince him to join us permanently next season. Lazar Tatic was our new goalkeeper, signed from Backa, he set a new team record for shutouts. Youth Intake Milentije Pavlovic is probably the best of the bunch, not quite sure what I'll do with him though. Probably ends up a backup at defensive midfield and/or fullback. As a whole, my youth players are actually progressing very well. Several are now backups and pressing for playing time. Branislav Raukovic in particular is really pushing for a place in the first team, I've used him as both attacking and defensive midfield and he always makes an impact. I also have a lot of bigger teams circling on my youngsters, so that's a good problem to have. I messed up last season and let Partizan pluck my young left fullback away for nothing, have to pay more attention so that doesn't happen again. Financially we're doing well, primarily because of new ownership throwing some money to clear out our debts. Despite our not really progressing yet, I'm enjoying this team, especially the young players. We need to get the offense going in order to progress. I was pretty happy with my 4-4-1-1 DM setup but I'm going to try pushing one or both of the central midfielders forward to see if that helps. I have some work to do with my central defenders too. My best one is upset that we didn't finish top half like I promised and has demanded a transfer. Nobody is looking particularly interested in him though so I'm likely looking at a season of him being angry and causing problems. My other options feel more suited as backups. Onward!
  4. Relegation playoff again but in first there with 6 games to go so looking safe. Losing 3 starters I really wanted back though so a bit of a rebuild coming. But for as much as I'm struggling I like this team.
  5. IMT Beograd 2021-2022 Well that was just an ugly season. Brought in a couple players to hopefully help our attack, instead it was the second worst in the league. We won our first two games 1-0, then only managed 1 more win in the next 14. That dropped us all the way down to the relegation spots for our first time ever, sitting in 13th. And we lost our young star defensive midfielder for several months with a broken ankle. So we switched from 4-4-2 diamond we were using to a 4-4-1-1 DM arrangement with the winter break and we also brought in a new centerback pairing and an AMC on loan from Partizan to spearhead the attack. It definitely brought results as 4 wins in our next 7 pulled us up to 11th going into the relegation stage, giving us a bit of breathing room. The relegation stage was tight though as the top 5 were all within a point. We won our first two games to go atop the group but then lost two and drew two, dropping us to 5th place, needing either a win in the last game or a draw and some help. The first half we looked good but couldn't break through. In the second half we gave up a goal on a free kick to fall behind 0-1. One of the other games was looking bad at that point to with a team we need to get no better than a draw winning. But they gave up a goal to put themselves back in a tie game shortly after, giving us hope. We went hard on the attack, pushing up into a full 4-2-3-1 to try to force something. Finally got our breakthrough in the 88th minute as we hit them on a counter attack that ended with my defensive midfielder hitting a strike from the edge of the box. At that point, if nothing changed, we survived. But my right midfielder finished it off with his first ever goal , finding the corner from well outside the box to give us the win and safety. Preliminary Phase Table Relegation Phase Table We were 1 and done in the Serbian Cup again, falling to a team in the league below us. That started our horrific run. Kristijan Zivkovic was our leading scorer with 9 goals, we brought the striker on loan from Vojvodina. Was a pretty massive disappoint for us as only 5 of those goals were not on penalty kicks. Stefan Ilic from Partizan was our biggest signing, I hoped he could grab the number 10 role in our diamond. It didn't work out so well although he played somewhat better as a wide playmaker. Nikola Miric was our player of the year, a right fullback on loan from Partizan, really thrived bombing forward leading the team in assists. Hoping to bring him back again next season. Lazar Vujanic I think will be the focal point of our offense going forward. Also brought in on loan from Partizan during the winter break, he took over the 10 spot and provided 5 assists in 13 games. We've managed to sign him permanently, now I have to decide how to use him. Tempted to put him at striker but that will depend on our offseason moves. And my signing of the season was Samir Jupic, a 16 year old left fullback I purchased from Novi Pazar for 975. His stats were never impressive but the team just played better when he was in the game and he also assisted both goals in the final game. Not much from the youth intake this season, maybe some future backups. We're doing okay financially, about 60K in the red currently. One frustrating thing is the board won't allow me enough money to actually pay for as assistant coach. The guy I have there has been out of contract for a year and I'd really like to replace him, but I can't pay enough to meet anyone's demands. Looking ahead, no more relegation battles! On paper this team is better than the ones that finished comfortably in the middle the first two seasons. I need another attacker to score some goals, also looking for a tall, left footed defensive midfielder to provide our invisible wall in front of the defense. Probably looking for a new goalkeeper too as I've stretched the limits of what my current one can do.
  6. Think I have things stabilized finally, switched to a 4-4-1-1 variant that I've had success with before. Loosely based on the Invincibles (love my wide playmaker). Probably going to end up in the relegation group again but feeling better about the team anyway. Unfortunately Miskovic broke his ankle and is out 7-8 months
  7. Does it matter if your primary tactic is your 1st, 2nd or 3rd of your listed tactics. So does the 1st tactic receive the primary training?
  8. Change of tactic has gone horribly, fighting to avoid relegation. Seems like the team should be better but we have regressed mightily.
  9. IMT Beograd 2020-2021 Well, mission accomplished, we finished in the top 8 and avoided the relegation group. We finished 8th exactly, one point better and 2 GD worse than the previous season. Not going to go into much detail since we pretty much didn't get anywhere new. Not surprising we didn't really advance I guess as we didn't change the team much, essentially bringing back 10 starters including my false 9, who I thought would leave us. The better cohesion didn't translate into improved results like I hoped. Our one new starter was MC Nikola Sakic. Provided some nice work ethic and speed in the middle. We bombed out in the first round of the Serbian Cup again, just playing backups and not really worrying about that competition yet. Our 17 year old defensive midfielder, Dejan Miskovic was named our young player and player of the year, completing 95% of his passes as a deep playmaker. And, very excitingly, we had an excellent youth intake this season. The star of it is Milos Cermelj, a young number 10 who I already gave a couple of appearances in the first team. A few other prospects are also looking like potential first teamers in the near future. With my two best young players being a 6 and a 10, I'm going to try switching to a 4-4-2 diamond this coming season. Cvjet is my only real wide player, so if I can get a target man up top to team with Bajic at striker, I think we can build something.
  10. IMT Beograd 2019-2020 Been playing around with a few different teams and leagues, finally got through one with a team I think I like, IMT Beograd out of Belgrade, Serbia. A few different things drew me here. They break into groups part way through the season in both levels, they have a very strict foreign player rule (only 4 allowed in the Superleague) and IMT has several potential natural rivals in Belgrade, which itself is decent sized. Established youth recruitment is another plus. And I love that logo. We had a pretty successful first season, starting out great with 4 wins and a draw in our first 5 league games playing a pretty basic 4-4-2. Form dropped after that although we did well enough to stay 5th all the way through game 21. Then we really went in the tank, forcing me to move to a 4-1-2-3 DM Wide, which I probably should have used earlier as my 3rd midfielder was much better than my second striker. That stabilized things, but we ended up 9 at the divide, dropping us into the relegation group on goal difference. Got through that with 2 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws to finish without ever getting drawn into a relegation battle. Preliminary Phase Relegation Group Nothing much to say on the Serbian Cup, we lost our first game to league mates Smederevo 0-1 at their place. Goals were a bit of an issue for us. My leading scorer, Milos Bajic, had 12 goals to go with 4 assists. No one else had more than 7. Ognjen Dimitric was our player of the year and young player of the year at 21. Best position is probably as a 10 but I played him in central midfield on attack most of the season. 6 goals and 4 assists, but an excellent passer. Our best offensive player, I think, was AMR Slavko Cvjetinovic. A natural winger, he created the most chances on the team and netted 5 goals to go with 6 assists. And the player I'm most excited about is my 16 year old playmaking defensive midfielder, Dejan Miskovic. Brought him along slowly but he claimed a starting place by the end of the season. A couple of Superleague teams are eyeing him though so we'll see how long he stays. Finances seem ok, right around even on the balance after a lost of 52K this season. We didn't really get a youth intake, at least one was never announced. I did have 6 young trialists that showed up at one point, so I'm guessing that was it but none of them stood out. Hopefully next season we can be in the playoff group. Most of the team is returning with the exception of Bajic, who hasn't been willing to discuss a new deal. I think I'd like a more physical presence from my lone striker anyway so I'm not too concerned.
  11. Hendon FC 2021-2022 The 2020-2021 season was awful and best forgotten as we survived again but it required a tie on the last day to stay up on goal difference with 38 points. League Table - Things went better this season as we survived comfortably with 49 points and a -6 GD, finishing 16th. Good start, slump in the middle that dropped us into the bottom 3 and a good finish, pretty typical for us. We had a good run in the FA Cup that helped our finances a bit. Won our first two games comfortably enough over Leatherhead and St. Albans, Then we drew VNL side Bromley and outplayed them at home, ending with an unlucky 0-0 draw. But then we went to their house and dominated 3-1. That got us a televised match at home against League 1 Mansfield where we fought hard but ultimately fell 0-2. In the FA Trophy we defeated Slough in extra time in a replay, beat Bower & Pitsea 1-0 in the first round, then fell to VNL Boreham Wood 0-1. Key Players Giorgio Rasulo was definitely our signing of the year, the AMC from MK Dons was our leading goal scorer and assist man with 10 and 12 in all competitions. Jaden Charles also had a major impact playing as a playmaker and inverted winger on the left, he scored 9 goals. and had 6 PotM. This was his second season with us, he actually signed with Barnet in the offseason but then returned on loan. Hoping to get him back again next season. Finances Just 68K in the red after a cash infusion. We are also building a new 3,000 seat stadium as we've been renting one from Edgeware the past three seasons. Next year we'll play in Barnet's stadium, which is appropriate as they've been an unofficial affiliate for us. Looking ahead, I desperately need some goal scoring from my striker. Last year's starter only netted 9 Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Notes 2019/20 Vanarama South 19th 3QF 1st Round Survived 2020/21 Vanarama South 19th 4QF 3QF Survived on last day 2021/22 Vanarama South 16nd 1st Round 2nd Round Survived comfortably
  12. Time to try again. Always wanted to do something in France and Athletico Marseille seems like a fun one. Strong desire to be Marseille's second team, just rebranded in 2018 from Marseille Consulat. Several players from the Comoros National Team (I honestly had never heard of Comoros before looking at this team). And a pair of brothers starting. They were in the National League a couple seasons ago, missing promotion to Ligue 2 by a point one season and on goal difference another before getting relegated in 2017-2018. My Profile Club Profile Club General
  13. Hendon FC 2019-2020 One last try this year, this time with Hendon FC. My Profile Club Profile Club History Decided to try a London club this time. Didn't have a great season by any means, scoring the fewest goals in the league, but we survived, finishing 19th, 4 points out of relegation. League Table Never were higher than 17th, but never really went on any prolonged slumps either. We were draw machines with 16 on the season including 6 in a row at one point. We won our first FA Cup game comfortably 2-0 over Aveley. We then drew our next game 1-1 at Chesham United before falling 2-3 in the replay when fixture congestion caught up to us. In the FA Trophy, we won our first game at home over the worst team in the league, East Thurrock, but then fell 0-1 at home to the second worst team, Gosport. Key Players MC John Lyons was the biggest reason I chose Hendon. Only turned 17 halfway through the season but such an engine in the midfield. Still trying to figure out the best way to use him, probably best suited as a box to box in a midfield 3. ST Ricky German was our leading scorer with 13 goals, I had issues getting him proper service. Could do great with a targetman next to him I think but I'll likely be losing him as I can't meet his wage demands currently. DC Luke Tingey was our most consistent defender. Awfully short at only 5'8" but was usually in the right place. I may move him into a defensive midfielder role this next season. Finances Doing okay financially, just barely in the red to end the season and no cash injections necessary during the season. Evidently our stadium isn't quite up to the league standard, 85 seats short, but our board postponed the league required expansion. Looking Ahead We survived the first season, that's always a challenge for me. I'm pretty happy with what I have in place in defense currently and have some solid young midfielders. Need to totally revamp our attack though. I used a 4-4-1-1 most of the season but might switch to narrow formation to take advantage of our strength in the midfield and current lack of effective wide players. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Notes 2019/20 Vanarama South 19th 3QF 1st Round Survived
  14. Don't know yet, was totally unexpected, just popped up in my mail from our president. Haven't been able to find any reference to it in league rules or anything.
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