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  1. Hendon FC 2021-2022 The 2020-2021 season was awful and best forgotten as we survived again but it required a tie on the last day to stay up on goal difference with 38 points. League Table - Things went better this season as we survived comfortably with 49 points and a -6 GD, finishing 16th. Good start, slump in the middle that dropped us into the bottom 3 and a good finish, pretty typical for us. We had a good run in the FA Cup that helped our finances a bit. Won our first two games comfortably enough over Leatherhead and St. Albans, Then we drew VNL side Bromley and outplayed them at home, ending with an unlucky 0-0 draw. But then we went to their house and dominated 3-1. That got us a televised match at home against League 1 Mansfield where we fought hard but ultimately fell 0-2. In the FA Trophy we defeated Slough in extra time in a replay, beat Bower & Pitsea 1-0 in the first round, then fell to VNL Boreham Wood 0-1. Key Players Giorgio Rasulo was definitely our signing of the year, the AMC from MK Dons was our leading goal scorer and assist man with 10 and 12 in all competitions. Jaden Charles also had a major impact playing as a playmaker and inverted winger on the left, he scored 9 goals. and had 6 PotM. This was his second season with us, he actually signed with Barnet in the offseason but then returned on loan. Hoping to get him back again next season. Finances Just 68K in the red after a cash infusion. We are also building a new 3,000 seat stadium as we've been renting one from Edgeware the past three seasons. Next year we'll play in Barnet's stadium, which is appropriate as they've been an unofficial affiliate for us. Looking ahead, I desperately need some goal scoring from my striker. Last year's starter only netted 9 Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Notes 2019/20 Vanarama South 19th 3QF 1st Round Survived 2020/21 Vanarama South 19th 4QF 3QF Survived on last day 2021/22 Vanarama South 16nd 1st Round 2nd Round Survived comfortably
  2. Time to try again. Always wanted to do something in France and Athletico Marseille seems like a fun one. Strong desire to be Marseille's second team, just rebranded in 2018 from Marseille Consulat. Several players from the Comoros National Team (I honestly had never heard of Comoros before looking at this team). And a pair of brothers starting. They were in the National League a couple seasons ago, missing promotion to Ligue 2 by a point one season and on goal difference another before getting relegated in 2017-2018. My Profile Club Profile Club General
  3. Hendon FC 2019-2020 One last try this year, this time with Hendon FC. My Profile Club Profile Club History Decided to try a London club this time. Didn't have a great season by any means, scoring the fewest goals in the league, but we survived, finishing 19th, 4 points out of relegation. League Table Never were higher than 17th, but never really went on any prolonged slumps either. We were draw machines with 16 on the season including 6 in a row at one point. We won our first FA Cup game comfortably 2-0 over Aveley. We then drew our next game 1-1 at Chesham United before falling 2-3 in the replay when fixture congestion caught up to us. In the FA Trophy, we won our first game at home over the worst team in the league, East Thurrock, but then fell 0-1 at home to the second worst team, Gosport. Key Players MC John Lyons was the biggest reason I chose Hendon. Only turned 17 halfway through the season but such an engine in the midfield. Still trying to figure out the best way to use him, probably best suited as a box to box in a midfield 3. ST Ricky German was our leading scorer with 13 goals, I had issues getting him proper service. Could do great with a targetman next to him I think but I'll likely be losing him as I can't meet his wage demands currently. DC Luke Tingey was our most consistent defender. Awfully short at only 5'8" but was usually in the right place. I may move him into a defensive midfielder role this next season. Finances Doing okay financially, just barely in the red to end the season and no cash injections necessary during the season. Evidently our stadium isn't quite up to the league standard, 85 seats short, but our board postponed the league required expansion. Looking Ahead We survived the first season, that's always a challenge for me. I'm pretty happy with what I have in place in defense currently and have some solid young midfielders. Need to totally revamp our attack though. I used a 4-4-1-1 most of the season but might switch to narrow formation to take advantage of our strength in the midfield and current lack of effective wide players. Season League Position FA Cup FA Trophy Notes 2019/20 Vanarama South 19th 3QF 1st Round Survived
  4. Don't know yet, was totally unexpected, just popped up in my mail from our president. Haven't been able to find any reference to it in league rules or anything.
  5. Well, my Spartans crashed and burned hard, board didn't even let me get to the relegation playoff. Had no luck finding players to bring in. We were actually pretty competitive, don't think we lost any league games by more than 3, 1 goal losses were pretty common. And scoring issues, my strikers were horrible. Eventually found a couple who could find the net but by then it was too late. Oh well, may take another look at Civil Service. In the meantime, playing around with my Austria save again. It's not quite as dead as I thought. Winless through 9 games but not last as we've managed some draws and still only 3 points out of safety. And we just got a massive 475K cash infusion for playing at least 9 Austrian players in 12 straight games? Very unexpected but the board loves it so if we can figure out a way to avoid relegation we would be sitting pretty. Oh, and I pissed off my best striker by pulling him after he missed a penalty.
  6. The Spartans FC Well, Austria was a bit of a disaster that we will just pretend never happened. Time to try my luck in Edinburgh again. Last year we took the Civil Service Strollers to the Ladbrokes Championship, this year we'll try The Spartans. Not a lot to work with to start out but we'll build off some speedy strikers and a veteran midfield. My Profile Club Profile Club General Club History Last time in Scotland we finished dead last our first three seasons, winning the relegation playoffs to stay up. So that's our low bar to beat to start out.
  7. I'm really excellent at finishing 20th. Anyone have a Leatherhead save?
  8. Going with Lancaster City as well after a failed try with Mickleover and far too many restarts to get Lancaster. My Profile Club History Club Profile Club General Info The team has midfielders...and that's about it. Aiming for some hoofball again, got the offensive side of it down decently with Mickleover, going to try a 5-1-2-2 to tighten up the defense.
  9. Mickleover Sports 2019-2020 Time to give this another shot. Was hoping for Lancester City but couldn't get them to show up so this should be a decent alternative. Going to try playing some unpretty football in the mud. My Profile Club Profile
  10. Well done @rlipscombe We're about to get our season going. Ended preseason with a bang, knocking off Ajax Amsterdam 1-0. Outshot 17-3 but nicked a goal on a corner and kept them out of the net.
  11. SV Austria Salzburg - 2020/2021 Time for my second try, going with SV Austria Salzburg, starting in 2020. Founded in 2005 by pissed off supporters of the club that became FC Red Bull Salzburg. Two things I love about the club, a natural, intense rival, and purple kits! My Profile Club Profile Club History Going to try playing some pretty football, probably with some variant of a 4-2-3-1. Looks like a decent squad to start with, need some depth and a strong striker to front our attack.
  12. Ukrainian nightmare is finished, ended up relegated by one point. Just as well, wasn't really liking my team and the finances were looking awful. So many chances down the stretch to survive, blowing a 3 goal lead in one game, blowing 3 leads in another and then in the final game all we needed was a win over an already relegated team that had lost 7 in a row and we allowed a late goal to finish with a worthless draw. Gutless team (no, it wasn't my coaching at fault at all ). Oh well, either going to give Austria a try or a return to Edinburgh to take care of some unfinished business. Or may do a stint in England first before trying one of those.
  13. Ugh, now we get a 4 month break before playing the final 9 games of the season. Ukraine isn't going to mind a winter World Cup. Guess the timing works out, can hopefully give the team a boost beating on some small clubs in friendlies. Need to add a second striker that can actually put the ball in the net and probably another centerback as well.
  14. Getting the goalkeeper back has helped. Was this close to throwing in the towel, then we had an amazing 3 goal comeback to draw a game on the road. 5 game unbeaten run going now, it's looking like a 5 team battle to avoid 2 relegation spots.
  15. Just inside the relegation places 10 games in. 5 draws and a win in our first 6 games but 4 losses in a row, 3 in league with our worst in the last game. Starting goalkeeper has been injured for all 4 losses so hoping that getting him back soon can stop the bleeding.
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