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  1. C.D. Portosantense 2022-2023 We met our expectations again as the board asked for a top half finish and we did that, comfortably midtable at 6th. League Table We started a bit slowly but in the second half of the season I switched to a 5-2-3 (3-4-3?) with the three at back, wingbacks, 2 central midfielders, wide attacking midfielders and a lone striker and the offense picked up tremendously. Defense left something to be desired but we also didn't have our best centerback because of injury so that didn't help. PT Cup We got a favorable first round matchup, beating a lo
  2. C.D. Portosantense 2021-2022 Finally got through a season on this challenge, been bouncing around trying lots of different teams. My Portugal career began with Africanos Braganca but I screwed up on the homegrown players before that season even started. Anyway, ended up on the island of Porto Santo in Madeira. First, the initial stuff: Club Info Club History Manager Info I managed through about half the season using a 4-4-1-1 formation and was in 11th of 12 when I put this aside for a couple months. I came back with the thought that I wanted to test a playing styl
  3. I tried Legnano in Italy and failed miserably. Looking at another try with either Kiruna in Sweden (north of the Arctic Circle) or Cizrespor in Turkey (Kurdish Turkey, they had to abandon play last season because of safety issues). Going to play it out a bit with both to see how we do.
  4. I started a career with them, unfortunately missed the homegrown players requirement and screwed myself to start the season. Looks like a really fun team.
  5. A.C. Legnano Been going back and forth on several different countries I wanted to try, think I've finally settled on Italy and A.C. Legnano. Love the colors (lilac and black) and we have some nice youngsters to build around. League History Legnano has been in Serie A before, but most recently in 1954. They went bankrupt and then reformed in 2011. Manager Profile Club Overview Squad Overview We'll see if we survive, I've never had much luck in Italy.
  6. Rooting for you with Lancaster. I give them a try every season, last year was the first where I wasn't relegated the first season. Never did get promoted though, lost in the playoffs the last two seasons because of red cards. Looking forward to trying them again in the near future.
  7. We got back to the Scottish Championship immediately via the playoffs and have won our first two games there. Debating whether to get the new FM. Wasn't planning on it as I'm actually pretty happy with 20 but everyone talking about how much better the ME is has me waffling. And I just bought a new laptop so starting fresh is tempting.
  8. I'm liking who I've brought in so far. And as a bonus, my new assistant coach is Jake Bidwell, recently retired from my Swansea team.
  9. Spartans FC 2028-2029 - Championship - 9th (relegated) Time to get back to this, great to see how busy this has gotten the last few months. Going to keep this one pretty short, we were promoted to the Championship last season but things did not go to well, I started experimenting too much and we ended up in 9th by 1 point and lost in the playoff to get relegated. Board is sticking with me though so we'll see if I can't jump right back up.
  10. I would definitely prefer if it was included as an option, I've never played FM before without masking. Just feels strange for me seeing every players ratings instantly without scouting them even.
  11. Is this possible? I'm hoping I'm just missing something.
  12. My Spartans are not yet done in Scotland, but got several other things I'm wanting to try right now. England, Cattenacio in Italy and now I have FM on my new Switch. Good to see so many new participants to the challenge.
  13. Spartans FC 2027-2028 Finally won promotion to the Scottish Championship! It was a battle, probably more than it should have been. We went into the season as favorites to win the title and the board expectation was to win promotion via winning the league. A slow start and inconsistent play had us as low as 6th halfway through the season and I was quite worried about the hammer being brought down on us although I never got any such threats from the board. We turned it on at the end though with a switch to a more conventional 4-2-3-1 and finished comfortably in 3rd place and the playoffs.
  14. Spartans FC 2026-2027 This season went a lot like our previous. Off to a good start, miserable middle and a strong finish. This time our strong finish got us into the playoffs though and gave us a blueprint going forward. League Table We started out decently, hanging in second place for awhile (Ayr was the best team we've seen in this league, just blew everyone away). But then the inability to convert chances took hold and we only managed 1 win in 14 games and dropping as low as 7th after 22 games. A significant change in tactics saw us finally find success and we won 5 of 6 gam
  15. Spartans FC 2025-2026 Well that season sucked. Best defense in the league but the second worst offense. Still, we could have made the playoffs with a win in our final game, but we choked at home and lost 0-1 in a game very typical of our season. Dominated but couldn't find the net. League Table We started off great, 6 wins and a draw in our first seven. There were warning signs though as 4 of those wins were 1-0. Then the slide, 12 league games without a win and only one win in 17, dropping us all the way to 6th. Think we finally figured out something at the end, with 5 wins and
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