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  1. Looking forward to trying a local brewery's newest imperial stout on Sunday. 19.5% Warsled Solar Eclipse, aged on Laws and Ardbeg barrels.
  2. No way Costello is getting that nomination anyway, not far enough right to make it through the primary.
  3. A.C. Legnano Been going back and forth on several different countries I wanted to try, think I've finally settled on Italy and A.C. Legnano. Love the colors (lilac and black) and we have some nice youngsters to build around. League History Legnano has been in Serie A before, but most recently in 1954. They went bankrupt and then reformed in 2011. Manager Profile Club Overview Squad Overview We'll see if we survive, I've never had much luck in Italy.
  4. Rooting for you with Lancaster. I give them a try every season, last year was the first where I wasn't relegated the first season. Never did get promoted though, lost in the playoffs the last two seasons because of red cards. Looking forward to trying them again in the near future.
  5. We got back to the Scottish Championship immediately via the playoffs and have won our first two games there. Debating whether to get the new FM. Wasn't planning on it as I'm actually pretty happy with 20 but everyone talking about how much better the ME is has me waffling. And I just bought a new laptop so starting fresh is tempting.
  6. I'm liking who I've brought in so far. And as a bonus, my new assistant coach is Jake Bidwell, recently retired from my Swansea team.
  7. Spartans FC 2028-2029 - Championship - 9th (relegated) Time to get back to this, great to see how busy this has gotten the last few months. Going to keep this one pretty short, we were promoted to the Championship last season but things did not go to well, I started experimenting too much and we ended up in 9th by 1 point and lost in the playoff to get relegated. Board is sticking with me though so we'll see if I can't jump right back up.
  8. A majority in both houses would be necessary I believe as they would be passing a law to increase the number.
  9. Ramming a nomination through in record time seems a sure way to guarantee losing big this fall. But maybe that's already their expectation.
  10. I can't imagine many worse places to retire than Florida. But then I already live in the western United States and would never move back east.
  11. I would definitely prefer if it was included as an option, I've never played FM before without masking. Just feels strange for me seeing every players ratings instantly without scouting them even.
  12. Is this possible? I'm hoping I'm just missing something.
  13. My Spartans are not yet done in Scotland, but got several other things I'm wanting to try right now. England, Cattenacio in Italy and now I have FM on my new Switch. Good to see so many new participants to the challenge.
  14. I update maps like these for Colorado. They are not supposed to be used for straight comparison, the map shows the current situation. As the numbers get bigger you have to shift the color bins, otherwise they become useless. https://arcg.is/mGPSK
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