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  1. I signed this player for £45.5m for Gateshead, who I got from VNN through to Premier League. Pegam is possibly going to become the best ever Footballer. He's already won almost everything and is only 22. He has scored over 100 goals in one year for us. The best player I've ever bought and I've played since CM 93. Signed renewed his contract and got rid of a £104m release fee that had not dissuaded clubs from showing major interest. Makes the game worth playing!
  2. I did a Spennymoor Save and managed to get them in the Premier League eventually. Check out Shaun Tuton as AMR. Was lethal for me. Did a job in North, then national league before I had to replace.
  3. Hi, Currently in FM17 we can make available until fit or ongoing. My suggestion is a straightforward one. Add "for next match only" as an option alongside "until fit" and "ongoing". This avoids the many clicks to then select all players and "undo" their availability as often squad players around the first time I only want them to play 1 match for the U23s or U18s then wait for first team duties. Thanks, Malcolm
  4. Is it impossible to win Bluejoe561 without going to all that trouble and changes for every match?
  5. Hi, I'm finding playing FM17 to be almost unplayable at the moment. No matter what tactics I use, I seem to shoot more than opposition but their goalkeeper are all World Player of the Year contenders and I end up just conceding. All tactics seem to fail. Is it really necessary to play EXACTLY the best tactics for each player no matter what the change? I simply cannot win anything without my team being massively better than the other side. I really feel the GKs are way off in this version. So with my semi-rant over, I'm hoping to get better. What guides are there I can read that act
  6. Using the in-game editor, is it possible to put a lower league team into a league replacing an existing team or would I need to use the Create-a-club option? I'm using a lower league database and would like to activate Durham City FC into Northern League 1st Division for example.
  7. Love this idea. Hoped it would be included this year.
  8. Hi, 1. I know it is early days, but when does people think the Level 11 update will be available? My favourite way of playing the game is to get right to the grassroots. 2. In terms of the player database down there (thinking UK here), I asked if any new Northern League players (for example but this goes for every league) would be added and was told no. My only gripe with this is the same LL players have been around for ages and if no new ones are added there will only be older "lower" players in the game which I think messes the game up without adding the other, more new "known" l
  9. Hi guys, I'm Mal and I'm the owner of the True Footy Manager YouTube channel. I call it "True" Footy Manager because I actually manage in real life at Sunday League and have plans to manage at a higher level. My saves in FM15 are currently Newcastle Utd, which I have surprised myself and done quite well in and, using the Level 9 editor, I took on Crook Town FC in the Northern League 1st Division I have had 3 successive promotions to the Conference North having starting with zero players when I took the reigns. I hope you can check out my stuff and support me, ask questions and ask for cont
  10. Hi guys, @TrueFooty1 http://www.twitter.com/truefooty1 My YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/truefootymanager/ I do Football Manager YouTube videos and have plans to do a save especially for Twitch and also requested content.
  11. Kristoffer Ajer Dorin Rotariu Bilal Ould-Chikh Jesus Vallejo All beasts in my NUFC save. Bilal in particular is one of the best in the world and worth £40+ million. Interested in Sisto having read the thread!
  12. I manage in real life (only Sunday League so far but hoping to move upwards in time) and via my homepage (which I won't link to but it's there) I do tactics guides that I'm beginning to put together and do some work in incorporating that into the game. Will try and get more technical in future videos.
  13. I tend to do OK but I've noticed that other players who do videos for example seem to be able/happy to put in the time to set up dedicated scouting set-ups and spend ages training up young players with move training, tutoring, player specific stuff designed to maximise them in certain positions where I like the idea of just picking a tactic and signing "good" players. I tend to get carried away with finding a player with lots of double figures ratings than actually searching for the key attributes I need for my tactics. I think you get out of FM15 what you put into it and more so as the game i
  14. May I ask if anyone is doing a Level 10/11 database edit. Will that be available once the full game is released? (Sorry, dead keen to get it!) Thank you.
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