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  1. So FM has issues and different viewpoints from users all the time. Some of them think that the current set pieces are too high while the other side thinks it's realistic. Some of them think that attributes aren't taking much effect while others think the match is being represented well. Some think that the probability of long shots is too high while others think it's realistic. In order to solve all these problems, SI can introduce "Sliders" similar to how they used to have for training but with a catch: They are available only in the Database Editor and hidden to normal players who don't delve into those at all. Sliders can be anything from "Attribute Effect" to "Probability of Long Shots" or even "Injury chances". It could be a common solution for those people who disagree with the balance in the game and instead of SI spending time to change something through code, it could be resolved by the community itself releasing realistic AI patches freeing SI to concentrate on many other things. It's a win win for both SI and the community if these sliders are released similar to how some games have like WWE 2k. Do you guys think it's a good addition? I personally think it would solve a lot of headaches of how users claim about their high percentage of injuries or match events is affecting them and the game is treating them in a unrealistic way. This way SI gives a great solution and users can choose to make it realistic or mess it up and have fun saves.
  2. After watching the reveals of "Next Gen" consoles and "Next Gen" FIFA, my thoughts are: Thank goodness FM at least makes an effort to improve the product than declaring 5 year old tech (SSD) as "revolutionary" (ironically FM would benefit more from this. I have my misgivings about the state of the game but thank goodness for this team.
  3. I'm talking about winning through goals from Set Pieces. Am I actually supposed to alter my tactics to help the AI not concede set pieces? Most of the time it's the same story: Get a set piece, you're more likely to score. I watch a lot of live football and nowhere has there been such a impact where set pieces keep deciding match after match. This game has too many set piece goals and way few open play ones. It's come to a point where I celebrate a loss because the AI scored a open play goal.
  4. So.....being the sucker that I'am, I decided to give another go on FM 20. It's terribly sad how the Match Engine doesn't hold a small candle to the amount of work which has been put into polishing the Non Match Engine functionality. After a few matches, my usual "Yes! I scored from a Set Piece" which existed throughout FM 10 to FM 20 changed to "Oh dear yet another Set Piece goal" or "Wow the AI scored a goal which is not a set piece and I lost. This is great!" How this kind of an issue was left in the game I have no idea. Winning with set pieces is often a "Oh look a goal" rather than a "Goaaaaaal!!!!". One on Ones seem to be basically newbie strikers who refuse to score unless they get a set piece cross or pass and they usually turn into Lionel Messis. Come on SI. For years, I have always pre-ordered and believed in the idea of Play it yourself and decide. Now it's become: Play it yourself, have a look at the forums and then buy it. I'm definitely going to take a peek here to see if issues have been fixed before deciding to give them money.
  5. Disclaimer: This is not a thread which blames the match engine, tactics or the inability of bugs not being fixed. This is not a feedback thread for Football Manager 2020. For the rest of this post we will be using the following easier forms to differentiate the topics we are going to cover: ME (The actual calculator which does the heavy lifting and generates scenarios and results and anything else under the sun) 3DME (The visual representative which translates numbers and stuff into the 3d animations you see on the screen) Let's begin with everyone's favourite scenario: The Polite Full Back and the Greedy Defender. As you know, you may have encountered the infamous situation where your attacking full back suddenly looks like the best player in the world and dribbles all the way to the opponent's area and is looking ruthless, has a smirk on his face as he is about to put in a cross which is going to destroy the opponent. You smile and delightfully immerse yourself in the possibilities of the goal being scored. Except suddenly those possibilities come crashing down. What happened? It would seem that your ruthless full back has suddenly turned into the most polite player ever to grace a football pitch as he stops and sips tea waiting patiently for the defender to catch up before he attempts that glorious cross which is........now a corner. The most redundant of occurrences which have happened time and time again and you groan with frustration asking yourself why you got so excited. Now you would either: * Get angry for not anticipating the speed of the defender or * Get angry with the Match Engine In both cases you may be right or wrong. For starters, no one knows how exactly the ME works. This is the heavy lifter which does all the calculations which is known only to SI which perhaps calculated that the defender was in a better position to intercept that cross. So what went wrong? My theory is that the ME calculated it but the 3DME failed to catch up to the current instruction making it look like the fullback was in fact throwing a bone to the defender. Basically I think that the visual representation of the Match Engine causes more problems for SI when people blame the Match Engine rather than the actual calculation which happens under the hood. Same goes for stuff like Strikers and Attackers suddenly deciding that the best course of action is to pass it back to your defenders from........the opposition's penalty box. Or even when your defender executes a heroic sliding tackle to pass the ball to your opponent in your penalty box. Now SI has been adding animations year after year so there is no lack of animations in the game. Perhaps there is a gap between the speed of the ME and the 3DME in co-operating with each other like good friends in showing what happens in football. What do you guys think? Ridiculous or Plausible??
  6. This is just so sad: Every day I get excited to play FM due to the brilliant strides they have made in the functionality off the ME. Then I open up a match to see Set Piece Simulator in full swing. I thought SI were actively stomping on the bugs when they released a public beta in Feb but that just seems to be like an eyewash as they straight up stopped as usual after .3. It's so painful to play this version where the only wins despite all your efforts to prevent them come from either Long Shots or Set pieces.
  7. I don't give a damn about some thread being relevant. It has nothing to do with my post and has nothing useful to offer to me. The fact that you peddle that thread even after I made it clear I have outgrown the need for such threads and I'm least interested in it baffles me. It is not "IRL". I watch Football every season to know that not all matches are won by random long shots from your full back or your midfielders. And by the way not every game is a cold night at Stoke City for it to be decided on Set Piece majority of the time. The game is not "unplayable" technically. But it has become annoying to the point where it has transitioned to unplayable. If you cannot understand that, then just agree to disagree.
  8. Confirmation bias? Seems like you have no idea. Here's some helpful things I'll tell you: 1. I'm using a Tactic I made in FM 14. No changes at all. The only changes I make in game are during actual matches because I watch every match on Extended. I've won using this same tactic on FM 17 AND 18 because my principles are sound and I make sure to choose the right players instead of being deluded over just attributes. 2. I've grown beyond such threads where I experiment and find the tactic I want for myself. I do every little thing including attending every single press conference and player talks. You may need that thread to solve your confirmation bias as I've read like tons of threads like those before I formulated my tactic based on experimentation through 8 seasons of watching extended matches.
  9. In my opinion you are wrong. In this thread I previously posted that I won the Premier League and Champion's League with my strikers refusing to score and key players injured more than often because I often won through random Long Shots and Set Pieces. My tactics are not the problem. SI got it right outside the ME but got it wrong inside the ME. I create a lot more clear cut chances and end up winning through set pieces.
  10. Seems like I should follow these rules to ensure I don't waste my money anymore: 1. No pre-ordering. 2. Play the demo AND read the forums to see whether issues are being fixed or just outright abandoned because this is the second/third year in a row I'm going through this. Playing the demo isn't a decider on it's own anymore sadly. Major issues are just being pushed to the next version year after year after year.
  11. So I was delighted when SI were fixing the Match Engine and took the effort into putting a beta. But to leave the game in this state. Very very disappointing. And extremely poor. I will honestly stop buying this till it's on 75% off to not be involved in this wait for fixes which is just translated to: * it's just beta calm down * it's just x.1 calm down * it's just x.2 calm down * it's just x.3 calm down * oh here we go again see ya till the next version
  12. It's certainly bad in the following aspects: 1. One on Ones are guaranteed to miss unless divine intervention occurs. 2. Set Pieces and Long shots are almost guaranteed to beat the keeper like 70% of the time. I've literally done the treble in my first season thanks to "Oooh what a goal!" Which certainly means central play is limited to magic through indirect freekicks or longshots. It's definitely bad.
  13. Right I have to say this. I have finally finished my first season. I'm a player who likes to take things slow and watch every match on extended and I spend too much time off the ME. I have like 8 to 10 seasons over 400 hours in older FMs if you wanted to ask HOW SLOW IS THAT. So as Liverpool I have won the following: Premier League Champion's League FA Cup Community Shield Quite normal for Liverpool yes? Except that Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah were quite injury prone and Roberto Firmino failed to find his form except in matches like Carabao Cup. Basically I should have lost and lost horribly yes? How did I win this much? While I thought that central play was not that good, everytime my AM got the ball and tried to shoot I could almost see it coming from 100000 miles away. Long Shots and Set Pieces are nearly guaranteed goals but one on ones are a definite miss or saves by the keeper. I don't know whether I should be happy or sad at the state of my wins. I hope the ME has significant changes in the next patch to improve the ME other than just one liners similar to "Improved set pieces".
  14. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. *Goes for a siesta and a break* Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Did I mention thank you?
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