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    saiyaman is truly one of World Football's Global Superstars. Having started his football career at [Insert random club here] at the tender age of 12, he has gone on to score 1000 goals in just 50 appearances (a fact that many attribute to be a bug in a simulation called Football Manager). saiyaman has a phenomenal record of 100 honours to his name including 99 European Champion's Cup and 1 Carabao Cup.

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  1. Click's Hunter's profile: Manager Preferred Move * Level Headed * Plays Mind Games Opinion: * Has a rather good opinion of you and is willing to open talks to become a feeder club
  2. Can I please use a large font like him in case I'm annoyed at the Mods in the future?
  3. I'm trying to say it's a good thing if the AI notices over a long period (maybe 20 games) that you're doing the same things and tries to stop you by countering your tactics. It could be based off tactical knowledge for managers which will make them actually do something rather than stick to boring playstyles.
  4. I was playing on FM 18 and I abandoned my long term save to come to FM 20. I've invested a lot of time in FM 20, setting training, monitoring promising youth and creating training notes for them watching every match in comprehensive. I'm really competing at the top of the Premier League so wins aren't the problem. The problem is the cinematic experience which I never wanted in the penalty box
  5. Isn't that supposed to be realistic? I'm pretty sure people will begin the "there's a limit to how realistic it can be and also be fun as a game" and I would like to hear them but since a lot of people have denied that the AI doesn't randomly "figure out" your tactic and instead adjusts to your rep I ask all of you: Why is it wrong if the AI indeed did try to figure out your tactics over the course of a season?
  6. Alright I finally give up. I've given this year's Match Engine a really fair go till now but I cannot stand it any longer. It's painful to watch both my team and the AI go into 30 fps "Cinematic Mode" the moment they get into the Penalty Box to ensure the Goalkeeper pulls off the most exciting save of the decade. I cannot stand watching this conversion rate any longer in this Match Engine. When I attack I feel very dejected as I know that my player is going to slow down enough for the defenders to catch up or to hit a tender shot to a child which goes so slow I may as well have a cup of tea and come back to the current game. When the AI attacks I panic for the first minute, feel strange for the next minute and then realize they aren't going to score anyway in the last minute. I honestly regret pre-ordering this version. I should have stuck to FM 14 or FM 17.
  7. Been away for a while but there are some great responses here. Very VERY interesting to read about people's stories on their experience with FM. Keep it coming !
  8. I want to know why you guys use your tactic and how you arrived upon it. This isn't a thread to figure out people's tactical genius thoughts but more on a fond look back on how they evolved their gameplay and I think their stories would be interesting to read. Even if you don't have a story please do post your tactic basics like the formation or roles and perhaps give a brief explanation as to why that particular formation and instruction draws you to the game. I'll start: My favoured formation is a slightly modified 4-2-3-1. It's a 4-2-3-1 DM which looks like this: ---------------AF(A)-------------------- IF(S)--------AM/AP(A)---------IF(A) ----------------BBM(S)----------------- WB(S) ----------HB(D)---------WB(S) ---------CD(C)-----CD(S)-------------- -----------------G(D)-------------------- I usually play these on Control and Counter with Attacking when I get pissed. I've been using the same formation since FM 14 and it has got me pretty good results. So why do I use this formation? I generally like to buy players and also make sure my youth aren't ignored so my favoured formation is using every youth who comes across. I initially started with 4-1-2-1-2 but expanded to 4-4-2 and Diamond and arrived at 4-2-3-1. I felt that I usually favour limited instructions and also have a ready set of opposition instructions. I generally have Pass Into Space and Work Ball into Box. I rarely use any other instruction unless I notice flaws in the game as I tend to watch on Extended Highlights. When I feel particularly angry towards the opposition, I tend to instruct my AM to man mark either their most creative midfielder or their AM to free up my Half Back who can deal with other threats if they have two strikers or generally watch out for his centre backs and drop in with them. Also I tend to go overboard by having my inside forwards man mark the opposite wingers so they are starved of a certain level of creativity. I also find that having my Box to Box midfielder mark their defensive midfield option is a great choice as it tends to disrupt play if my players have a tendency to close down. I had to experiment over 8+ seasons in FM 14 to arrive at this and I was able to win back to back Champions League before I finally moved on to the next FMs. What's your story and how did you arrive at your tactic?
  9. I think I'm starting to understand the mostly kind of invisible disconnect between what the players are seeing and what SI is trying to do. Most users seem to report stats based on their view of one match or a few matches whereas SI and the ones trying to show the game is close to real life are looking at averages which mirror what happens in real life. Maybe the problem here is the Match Engine has flaws but eventually evens out to arrive at a realistic average and that's why few users aren't able to see the problems others have? Whereas others are looking more from the point of view of the match or a few matches and are trying to uncover the flaws which are seemingly hidden by......a "law of averages" for the lack of a term? This is just thinking out loud and I may be wrong.
  10. Being a Software Dev myself I can relate to the difficult situation SI are in. But do not take me wrong for blindly supporting them when they release a complicated piece of software and many customers feel like their feedback wasn't taken into account. I do agree with some of the posts which have raised concerns over the module which is the Match Engine. Perhaps I think the beta duration should be increased to allow SI more breathing time to give out a better fix. I kind of thought that the beta idea when it was first started was a brilliant idea. It has helped resolve thousands of issues not because users are being made into testers but feedback from users is the most critical thing next to the QA asking the devs to fix something. In a way, I think SI have done a good job of not overloading the game with more features just for the sake of features this year at least. They've attempted to fine tune and increase visibility of features which weren't implemented to their full potential in previous versions which is something which people have asked for. I know some do not want to pay full price for something like that but from what I remember many people were delighted that SI was trying to improve meaningful things instead of blindly releasing new features just to make it look new. I dunno folks at SI. What do you think? A more improved and longer beta duration to collect feedback? EDIT: I think a beta along with a "Patch Test Server" as it's present in MMos like World of Warcraft would go a long way to help the devs and the users too.
  11. I'm disgusted with myself for suddenly having a brainfart through this day that the game was releasing today despite knowing days in advance that it was comin on Nov 19th. I have no idea what to make of this "disappointment" when I crashed back to reality. It doesn't help that the ME looks brilliant either!
  12. I'm starting to get extremely worried about the beta now. If they aren't going to give at least a weekly release of the Match Engine which is the real meat of the game what is the point of the beta? It's just a sneak preview.
  13. Isn't that the whole point of Beta? 1. Get to see the game early. 2. Be a part of the public testing. It's understandable that you aren't having fun but unfortunately you cannot expect that in the Beta. There will be major and minor bugs which are being worked on by SI which might take a long time to release.
  14. Since you're kind enough to ask I may as well take advantage and push some of the most realistic and unrealistic demands while you're still here: * Better graphics than FIFA * Every Player's face scanned in game * Photogrammetry for added visual benefit * Raytracing * 4k 60 fps optimization on even Nvidia Riva Tuner * AI Intelligence assisted dynamic animation creation just from text in the Match Engine * Voice commands to be an alternative to clicking shouts * Ability to rage quit and have the game saved in the same state to enjoy rage quitting again
  15. I must say I thought Si would release the match engine footage now. Wonder when they will show us what a match looks like.
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