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  1. Sigh. You know what I've got FM 10, 12, 14, 17, 18, 20. I thought I could skip this year. SI has made it near impossible with their brilliant changes. It's surprising how even in this year where we are in such a serious situation, they have realistically put out a decent and justifiable new version. I've gone from nah better wait till the .3 to pre-ordering. Well done SI. This looks like it's a winner. More of this in the future please!
  2. The more I read about xG and the more people explain it to me in this thread, the more I'm convinced that I should let my tactical framework speak for itself in how it can create more good quality chances leading to better chances of goals (The ACTUAL expected goals) than relying on an obvious bait of a stat.
  3. I have to say after watching the Match Engine video, my stance of not pre-ordering has definitely changed to considering it. I like the changes. However, am I the only one who thinks "xG" is just a glorified stat which is practically useless? Scoring a goal depends on various factors: Mistake of the opposition, quality of the chance, the ability of the player, the weakness of the goalkeeper and a lot more factors which happen ONLY during the match. It's possibly the most useless and irrelevant stat I've seen in my life. I can guess all of this just by watching the match.
  4. I'm pretty sure I'm disappointed with the headline features but I can understand given the situation. The community seems to be upset which is understandable as well since this isn't a charity. I want the game to improve as well but I think people are going the wrong way hurling criticism through the wrong choice of words and are getting removed by mods. The only solution for people who don't like what they're seeing is a oxymoron in itself: The only time your every problem or pet peeve will even be given the slightest attention is when there are alarming statistics like 60% people still
  5. Simple make the requirements: Intel Core i9 16 GB RAM GTX 3080 Ti SSD optional
  6. I think I agree with you on the streamlined version for consoles. Maybe they want to test the waters to see if people enjoy the experience or they have people hounding their offices to release the full fat version
  7. Yeah I personally agree with SI's attempt on making standard text clicks to a more logical show your expressions approach which should certainly be interesting for press conferences. There are these nice little things. I just wonder if they will add more like these because I personally don't care much for xG because the information can be easily found in the game already with some analysis.
  8. I'm with you there, I'm not expecting anything too big as I had already stated but as I'm going to part with a significant chunk (Yes I know it's worth considering the hundreds of hours), I do expect a certain amount of things to be let's say.....polished.
  9. Since the Xbox now has a better CPU (after having developers complain about the previous generations having lesser than to their expectations) and how FM really tries it's best to run better on older PCs, I'm curious as to why they didn't choose to release the full fat version. Is it probably the concern of whether the console can handle larger saves or maybe SI don't think consoles can match their standards?
  10. As someone who was disgruntled by FM 2020's match engine (enjoyed the features off the Match Engine) and wanted to hold himself back from pre-ordering, I think the changes are pretty cool considering the situation of COVID. If this trend continues, I may find myself pre-ordering. I would definitely be disappointed if these were the only major features though because while I understand that COVID's impact is large, if you're going to charge full price then there is a certain level of expectation for sure. Although, I have to say that the Match Engine looks......pretty bad. It's a work
  11. I feel you're jumping to conclusions about "preconceived notions". I'm primarily a FIFA player but I have also played PES all the way through Winning Eleven. Just not PES and FIFA 20. I have better knowledge about both products thanks to my own personal experience and what I have seen through videos. Both fifa and pes are cut rate trash when it comes to football management. But yes let's not derail the thread anymore.
  12. Yeah. I would rage quit if I had to play FIFA or PES manager mode. It's so amateur it's not even worth mentioning to tie FM's shoe laces. To be honest I disagree. When I saw PES 20 videos and FIFA 20 videos I had to pinch and blink when I was watching PES it felt like real life football. FIFA looks like a arcade kiddie version. I do agree overall PES isn't pretty. But FIFA is basically FM 17 with extra features and "Pass the ball better" or "OMG attackers can actually anticipate and run instead of standing still". All I had to say after such laughable features was "u wot mate?"
  13. There's a good reason why FIFA added a 2d view to Manager Mode. They've realized that Manager mode requires these things and just pretending to be a pretty husk still means it's a husk. I see FIFA going the FM way for Manager mode because honestly their manager mode is laughable kiddie stuff with cutscenes. Same for PES as well Oh and Konami failing to take the mantle is mostly due to Ultimate Team fans and other fans who think a good football game is pretty graphics, presentation than actual gameplay.
  14. Realistic: * Assistant manager advice revamp * Overhaul of 3d animations (not new graphic engine) * Overhaul of conversation system * Improve Social Media * Better description of instructions on Tactics page * Ability to manage and work from a U18 team similar to starting unemployed * Ability to work as a DoF or leave and work as a Manager somewhere * International management overhaul Unrealistic: * Better graphical engine * Better audio * Revamp of how AI managers interact with your tactic on matchday and steadily improve by c
  15. They do push it pretty close when it comes to revealing information but yes they do have a window where they give you the time to decide. I do not have a problem with their way of revealing information.
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