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  1. Thanks for suggestions, think i will go with Stevenage. Don't get much time to play these days but will update in here when i get going.
  2. Been reading this thread the last week and its got me in the mood for a new save. Not sure whether to start in League One or Two, thinking of either going Bristol Rovers, Scunthorpe or Fleetwood from League One or else Accrington, Grimsby or Stevenage from League Two. Not really sure who i want to start so open to other suggestions aswell
  3. fraz86

    What league to load?

    My laptop will be fine to load leagues from 9 or 10 countries so might add the leagues you suggested, thanks.
  4. Want to start a new game and thinking of starting out at a lower league team in Spain or Germany. Thinking of loading up leagues from Spain, Germany, Italy, England, France and Holland, think that would be enough and what other leagues would people recommend to add?
  5. Thinking about starting a new game in either the Conference North or South but not sure who to go, thinking about either Blyth Spartans, Spennymoor from the North or Hampton & Richmond, Havant & Waterlooville from the South . Not sure why i'm thinking one of they teams but any others people would recommend?
  6. What do you do when sacked, do you carry on the save and try get another job or just start a new game? Just got sacked as Luton manager and probably going try get another job but just wondering what other people do.
  7. Did you start over again just because you got relegated? Good start this time around and some good signings. I'm planning a lower league save soon just need to decide what team. Want to start in either the North or South though.
  8. Noticed you can cash in on Kyle Walker's sell on clause for just over £4m. Anyone done this? Im thinking it would be good idea as would give good money to improve the squad.
  9. Looking at getting a new laptop around christmas and was wondering that when i install steam on new laptop and sign in will football manager games that i have be there ready to play?. Apologies if this a stupid question but im not really clued up on these things. Thanks
  10. I would stay part time for another season and see how well you do. I have managed to get teams from the Conference North/South in to the Football League while still semi-pro. If you get into League Two the club will turn full time just after the season ends.
  11. fraz86

    How Old Are You?

    30 and been playing since around 2000 i think. Last 3 or 4 years i have played the game less than i used to do but that's only down to not having as much time as before.
  12. fraz86

    Turning Full Time

    Not promoted yet but looking good for play off place, was just planning ahead haha
  13. Apologies if i have missed a thread on this but i was wondering if there is a certain date at the end of the season where a club will turn professional? I'm managing Dover who start semi professional and if i get promotion to League Two will the club turn professional on its own on a certain date or would i need to ask the board myself? Thanks