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  1. Hi wanting to start a new game in either the national north or south. Thinking about either Gloucester or Leamington in the north or Dorking, Chippenham Town or Dulwich Hamlet in the south. Would also consider other teams if anyone has any suggestions?
  2. For the 5 subs allowed in the football league will this require a new game? Wont take affect in any beta saves?
  3. During the match the widget panel that has formation, players stats etc, on my laptop i only have two on screen but noticed when watching others on twitch some have three different panels. How do you change this or is it because of my laptop?
  4. Will be buying this year's. Didn't bother buying fm20 mainly due to not buying fm19 till around 6 months after it was out and was still enjoying it. Fm 20 was first game i have missed for years aswell.
  5. Hi looking at getting a new laptop soon, budget is around £600-700. Would be getting used for football manager and using the internet. Seen this and wondered if this would be good enough to run fm at a good speed https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/gaming/pc-gaming/gaming-laptops/acer-nitro-5-15-6-gaming-laptop-amd-ryzen-5-gtx-1650-256-gb-ssd-10205931-pdt.html Open to any other choices if that one isn't ideal. Thanks in advance
  6. Going to start a new game with either a level 7 or 8 team, should i be clicking add players to teams at the start or not? Never managed this low before so apologise if its a stupid question.
  7. Thanks for suggestions, think i will go with Stevenage. Don't get much time to play these days but will update in here when i get going.
  8. Been reading this thread the last week and its got me in the mood for a new save. Not sure whether to start in League One or Two, thinking of either going Bristol Rovers, Scunthorpe or Fleetwood from League One or else Accrington, Grimsby or Stevenage from League Two. Not really sure who i want to start so open to other suggestions aswell
  9. Would this laptop be ok for running fm HP Pavilion 15-n268sa AMD A10-5745M APU Windows 8.1 Memory: 8 GB Hard drive: 1 TB Thanks in advance
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