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  1. It was discussed in numerous topics before. In my experience, sponsorship income is not increasing even if I win the league or CL. https://community.sigames.com/topic/513613-lack-of-sponsorship-ruins-the-game/?tab=comments#comment-12264358 https://community.sigames.com/topic/514747-win-the-champions-league-get-less-sponsorship/?tab=comments#comment-12284534
  2. SI is uploading stuff to Steam. I hope it's the patch day! https://steamdb.info/app/1100600/depots/
  3. Check out Aissa Mandi, Evan N'Dicka, Zinho Vanheusden and Edmond Tapsoba.
  4. If you have the in-game editor, try changing Judging PA and Judging CA values of the DoF or the person responsible for the incoming transfers. Afterwards, change his Buying Players hidden stat to 15+. I believe these would work.
  5. I would use him as Mezzala (attack).
  6. Just finished the season with the latest patch. My feedback as below; 1. Game runs smoother. I have gained about 6 to 9 FPS. I did not make any changes on my pc or the in game settings. 2. ME is better than the previous one, but could be better. I have tried 4312 narrow and 4231 wide; seen more central play and variety of goals compared to the previous patch. 3. I have scored a lot of goals from corners by putting my best aerial threat near the far post. My corner taker had 13 corners and 13 crossing, always delivered to the right spot. Then, I have decided to put someone else to take the corners. Increased one of my player's corners rating to 20 via in game editor, result is the same. Always the same curve and ball meets the right spot. I'm planning to use someone with much lower corners rating to take the corner kicks and see what happens. To me, it seems like corners or crossing stats do not matter. It just works.
  7. Sometimes, the training calendar does not let me fill up all three training slots on a specific day, usually leaving the last training slot unchangeable/open even I set a training for it. After I progress a couple days and try again, it's no longer blocked. I can change all three slots for the mentioned day.
  8. Tapsoba has been transferred by Leverkusen for around €18m, so enjoy his services until the winter transfers patch.
  9. We shall see after the final build. Current ME is not good enough, I can tell you that much.
  10. I was really determined not to pre-order FM2020 and wait 'til March, when the game is complete but I've pre-ordered every single FM up to date and decided the same with FM2020... Next year, I will not be pre-ordering. Beta ME was almost perfect except the amount of penalties and red cards. I'm not sure what is happening to you folks at the SI. Maybe it's the lack of competition, I do not know. This is my two cents as a feedback, from a lifelong fan of the series.
  11. Hi @Freddie Sands, Today I realized it's an issue for the pre-game editor as well. No matter the value you put into the "Judging Team Data" section, staff starts the game with around -10 of the set value.
  12. I'm seeing changes on the opposition tactics if they're playing against my team. For example, a manager who prefers 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (the one with AMR-AML) switches to 4-1-4-1 DM (using MR-ML) if his team is visiting mine. Is it related to the AI manager's tactical preference or my teams's league standing?
  13. So, you are saying that the patch might even come tonight? Great news!
  14. Two striker formations were OP on FM18. I still remember the havoc I was creating with Josef Martinez-Raul Ruidiaz pair; constantly passing through balls and tip ins to each other. After FM18, it became very hard for me to effectively use a 2 striker formation. Perhaps for a couple matches but I would not rely a 2 striker formation long term.
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