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  1. Better concentrate for the full release. Only 3 days left. In my opinion, it is also one of the best betas in FM history.
  2. There are other managerial changes in Turkish league. I presume they all will be included in the full release, so hold on to your long-term saves.
  3. Are we going to see any patches during the beta or day 1 patch with the full release?
  4. Anyone knows if will there be patches for the beta before the game goes live?
  5. My team's brightest prospect, Ömer Beyaz, is set as Frt. I will hold until its patched. End of the beta for me. I like the ME and the new skin but I would have liked a different matchday UI if possible. In overall, I believe FM21 is an improvement over FM20.
  6. Ömer Beyaz of Fenerbahçe set as Frt (Leaving of a free transfer). I do not see a clear indication of him leaving. Club officials also stated that the talks regarding the player's contract are still ongoing. The future of the player in the club is still unclear but looks like FM21 has decided that for all of us.
  7. For me, this year's ME is better than the FM20's beta ME. Sure, needs improvement but still does the job for the beta.
  8. The game is so fast in the absence of my facepacks, logos and kits. Good good.
  9. What are we gonna wait after the beta? First patch? Give us the first patch SI!
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