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  1. I'm seeing changes on the opposition tactics if they're playing against my team. For example, a manager who prefers 4-1-4-1 DM Wide (the one with AMR-AML) switches to 4-1-4-1 DM (using MR-ML) if his team is visiting mine. Is it related to the AI manager's tactical preference or my teams's league standing?
  2. So, you are saying that the patch might even come tonight? Great news!
  3. Two striker formations were OP on FM18. I still remember the havoc I was creating with Josef Martinez-Raul Ruidiaz pair; constantly passing through balls and tip ins to each other. After FM18, it became very hard for me to effectively use a 2 striker formation. Perhaps for a couple matches but I would not rely a 2 striker formation long term.
  4. Aside from the ME updates, there are pretty nice transfer moves around (Haaland, Weigl, Kulusevski, Ibrahimovic..). If you use the pre-game editor and apply the manager & player changes, there's no reason to wait until Winter update. ME will be changed probably, but we do not if it will be better than its current state. I would return to the beta ME if given the choice.
  5. This year, I'm really looking forward to the Winter transfers patch. With all the manager changes, over-performing teams to be reflected to the game, possible big name signings (Haaland deal done already) and small tweaks to the ME; we can start our ultimate save.
  6. Anyone knows if it's possible to remove the search function while typing? It's driving me nuts while using the pre-game editor.
  7. Interest is depending on the db size and how many leagues you load. Maybe you have too many players around? I have around 80k players in my game and the interest for Aldair was very high. I retrained him as a Ball Playing Defender and sometimes using him as a Libero if I switch to 3 defenders.
  8. True, but I can only monitor my own team up close. As stated, it was an experiment. If I was interested in realism, I would not play FM. I can do that but I'm not planning on playing the game for another week due to holiday travels.
  9. I've started to use upfront players with "Likes to round the keeper" trait. First, I've added that trait to my strikers via in-game editor to see the results. It definitely helped me to create more goals from 1v1 situations. Now, I've started to look players with that certain trait. Not a definitive fix to the issue by any chance, but it's something.
  10. Latest ME is better than the previous ME for my tactic (which heavily relies on overlaps and wing plays). However, it killed the efficiency of my AMC. I was having a blast with my 4-2-3-1 during he beta but not so much now. Anyone knows a way to return to the beta ME? I really can accept 5 penalties each match rather than seeing the same type of goals over and over again with the current ME.
  11. Aldair Fuentes. Versatile player, very young. You can wait for his contract to run out on 31st December 2019 or get him for €475k ASAP. Milan, Monaco, Dortmund, Inter and Benfica was interested when I signed him.
  12. Hi, I would like to add two bugs to the list. 1. When you are trying to move a player to a club name that includes Al-* (Al-Sadd, Al-Gharafa etc.) search meets the results in the dropdown menu but you can not choose the team and move the player there. Screen under the search bar turns blank. 2. "Judging team data" section for the Data Analysts can not be edited. You can change the value but it returns the original value upon clicking "Stop Editing".
  13. By the way, there are no data changes right? Like managerial changes.
  14. My go to guy is Lucas Robertone. If you have € 4.5m, as a DLP, he will constantly create for your team. Amazing passes to the wingers (before they blast the ball into side netting). Dani Olmo, if you have €22.5m to spend. Birger Meling, quality LB for €1.2m. Kostas Tsimikas or Ludwig Augustinsson is a better option if you have €11m to spend. Dominik Greif for €1.3m, good rotation option GK for top clubs. Janik Haberer, do not look at his stats. Scores a lot for a €2.6m rated striker. If I'm at a top club, I always bring Aissa Mandi too. Versatile and reliable player. Cedric Kipre, Pablo from Braga, Edmond Tapsoba, Eduard Löwen, Dael Fry... all good DC options. Kevin Quevedo (free on 31Dec2019 and Musa Tamari (free on 30June2020) are good rotation players at AMR position. Rafael Santos Borre at ST never disappoints.
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