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  1. Release date late November, winter transfer window starts around 40 days after the release. I guess, I will wait for the winter window patch and continue playing FM 2019 til then. I already updated many new transfers so, won't miss much.
  2. Solid penalty taker as well. Only missed 2 penalties for me during an entire season.
  3. Pretty good stats for 975k €.
  4. Is there something wrong with Argentina db? At the start of the first season, all Argentina based clubs have their player values dropped. Boca accepting 3.5m € bid for Benedetto and 4.2m € bid for Cristian Pavon. River is selling Lucas Martinez Quarta for 2m €. Many good players from the league can be bought below 1m €.
  5. Thanks for the update. There goes my weekend.... By the way, are there any changes/updates for the In-game editor?
  6. Hi, It says "Squad end of season break; training will resume on 1/7/2019" but the date is 8 August 2019 now. I can change the training schedule and other aspects related to the training. It's only visual.
  7. Hi, Fan poll result stated twice in the same window.
  8. Jandrei - GK - 650k € Mavropanos and Bednarek both available for loan (DC) Denis Vavro - DC - 2.6m € Victor Garcia - DR - 1.4m € / Daniel Guedes - DR - 1.4m € Miguel Trauco - DL - 775k € / Innocent Maela - DL - 1m € Andre Almeida - MC - 80k € Johannes Geis - MC - Loan (+option to buy if you want, great free kicks taker) Gian Gaudino - MC - Free
  9. Bastien Toma looks good for his age. Has a 3.3m € release clause for the clubs that are playing in Continental Comps.
  10. Wiseman Meyiwa is pretty decent for his age.
  11. I saw Santi Mina of Valencia listed in 2 of my saves. Listed for 3m € in my Fenerbahçe save and 3.5m € in my Tottenham save.
  12. Hi, I can provide further info if you need. @Christopher Lewis
  13. You are right. He has a PA of -75 (120-150).
  14. I have just uploaded the save file named 2018-2019 to the game-save folder.
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