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  1. Can you show me hard evidence about that fact? Either written by the developers or a numeric study completed? Thanks.
  2. I disagree with this completely. My experience says that players perform A LOT better when they have full green bars in the Tactic Familiarity screen, and you can only achieve this by training specific position and role until is full. Then you can switch to position training only.
  3. Are you training him in that position? Or just playing him there? How is his adaptability?
  4. And that's the problem that big clubs are facing at the moment in Europe, they can't keep up with the salaries. And the Pandemy is only making things worst. That's why they wanted a Superleague. Welcome to the Top tier of competitive European football! Big Stars asking for too much money, sponsorship / TV money is not enough!
  5. I disagree with pretty much ALL, depending on the quality of your intake, I saw intakes with 85% inconsistent and others with 50% inconsistent. So yeah no pretty much ALL. What is pretty much is realistic to what you see in football base, don't think that you are going to have 15 Messis in every intake, because you will be extremely dissapointed. If you get one starter or two a year you should feel lucky.
  6. That's incorrect, my facilities just got sold when I was demoted and unable to keep up with the financial pressure.
  7. That's why it improves 2-4 points over their careers, or do you expect a completely inconsistent player, to become a completely consistent player 10+ years after? If so, I think you are consistently wrong in your assumption.
  8. Because you are American you probably don't watch the local leagues in Europe, where always 3 different teams rotate the tittles and accumulate the Champions League money, while the others are just meh. The only decent league is the Premier, which don't belong to Europe anymore, where you have 6 competitive teams. The rest of the leagues 90% of the games are meh.
  9. Careful with this as if you give a too good of a contract to a young player, can cause of a drop of his Professionalism attribute by 5.
  10. I love it, the local leagues are beyond boring, an NFL // NBA // NHL // MLB system makes a lot more sense. The rest of the teams can continue as they are like feeder leagues and live with it.
  11. You can't blame the man... How is his personality? Anything with high ambition or low loyalty and you can start looking for your next wonderkid with that money.
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