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  1. This is absolutely spot on. Don't get attach to anyone, sell the ones that are asking for too much and bring loans of young players from the Premier until your Club wage matches with the Championship standards in few years. You can't do anything else, is not all about winning and going up and up and up, that's too easy, now is when the challenge starts.
  2. What are you talking about? The highlighted role don't have any PIs hard coded. The PIs you add will provide those instructions. PIs only will be represented in the first screen if they are hard coded in the role.
  3. Looks pretty obvious to me thsat your striker in support is feeding balls to the attacking midfielders in attack, hence is normal that he doesn't score goals, get him in attack and the AMC in support, that should improve his numbers.
  4. I disagree, rarely conceed long balls over the top, get your DL back a notch, or get fast CDs who can cover the ground behind them. If you are talking about your players playing long balls, then reduce passing distance and tempo. Get players with great Teamwork / Decisions / Composure. It all happens for a reason in the ME wether you like it or not. You have the Tactical forum to assist with your problems. If you want to listen and learn.
  5. That video clearly shows that Kaka had like 10m of clearance from Messi in the first touch, then Messi catches up and request help from the defenders, Kaka veers to the right and Messi doesn't want to foul him and stops pursuing. So yeah my point is shown, Messi was faster than Kaka, thanks. As the Mod was saying this is not FM21 anyways. I like how Pace and Dribbling is shown in the ME this year, clearly makes a difference to upper echelon players, as in real life.
  6. Kaka faster than Messi with the ball in his primer years?????? 不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不不 You obviosuly didn't follow La Liga or you are trolling. No need to continue this conversation. We are really far apart here. Kaka and Zidane were technical players, nothing related to Brasilian Ronaldo or Messi, they were completely different mold of players, not comparable. In FM21 Tecnical players with great mentals are key players in the engine to create attack and opportunities, so again perfectly represented in the ME. But you need pace and dribbling to pass
  7. You go tell Mbappe and Neymar now, or previously Messi and Ronaldo that Pace, Accelaration and Dribbling is OP. Of course is OP and is how it should be, there is a huge diference between fast / quick players that know how to dribble and players who are not or don't know how.
  8. My youth intake have 80% of red and orange inconsistent players so... I rather take bad personalities that can be Mentored, instead of inconsistent players, kiss of dead for me.
  9. You can watch the attendance at the top right in the tactil meeting pre-game and after the match in Scheduling.
  10. Is it anyway to Cancel an End of Contract signing joining your team in the 1st of July? I don't want that player anymore, can I cancel it? Or do I have to eat him now?
  11. Never saw that in my save and I am in year 2028.
  12. There are Youtube videos about how to create familiarity in formations, watch them, you need to set the players training to the role they will play in the match basically. I get the same message in the Tactics Screen despite having all the players with all the green bars full in the main formation, I think is bugged like many things in this game, so I don't even pay attention to it. I just read the attendance / weather and move on in that screen as all the advice that they give u is rubbish anyways.
  13. That's why the trait "Argues with referees" doesn't have any impact whatsoever in the ME. So I don't understand why that is a trait.
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