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  1. What midfield roles make players run into opposite areas during the build up phase lf the attack?
  2. Gegen Press is largely OP in this ME, that's why you are winning, therefore enjoying, but that's not how everyone wants to play, and that's why there are a lot of complaints, that don't get solved by "sticking" to a tactic.
  3. Ball cleared away by opposite CB to the space occupied by my LB eith an opposite winger 5 meters or more away. My LB fails the header and the opposite winger gets the ball. Advances towards the byline and makes a cross, you think that should be easy to clear with 2 CBs vs 1 ST, but no. One of my CB misses the header and ball falls to the ST who easily scores... Thanks to both headers missed one by my LB one by my CB I lose the game. Well done guys. Show off that CON attribute!
  4. Starting up the new league year with the new patch and so far I am on a good run of results and 2nd in the table one point behind the #1... The only game I lost was in Game 2 after a series of errors of my LB and CB heading the ball which caused an easy score for the opposition, currently 3rd in the table. I might agree that the difficulty of the game is down as the AI doesn't seem to be able to counter human tactics, but still only 8 games into the new season, do am going to hold on into this assumption.
  5. Will two Match Preparation (attacking movement and tactics i.e.) training stack up for the next match? Or just the last one before the game will count?
  6. I see that but where is "X person" is the responsible of the yearly youth intake. I can't find it. The Staff member who brings the 16/17 yo every year.
  7. Where do I set who is the responsible of the youth intake? Or if I have a HOYD it gets setup automatically?
  8. Lol 21 assists, he is like Michael Laudrup or Andres Iniesta.
  9. Do you have another player with 5 stars???????????? Or 3 stars??????????? What does it say in the player report????????????
  10. Try it yourself with the editor, set all the players with "20" attribute everywhere and get back to us with your findings.
  11. This is fundamentally incorrect. Stars represent how good is that player related to YOUR team.
  12. I 2nd this, it's being written up and down in the forums that AI can't cope with high pressing. So yeah this guy is basically bragging that is exploiting the match engine and try to shove his youtube show through our throats.
  13. This happening is flat out wrong and should be improved.
  14. Clearly you haven't play FM in the past. No idea of the potential this franchise has and what this ME struggles are. Your feedback doesn't help to improve the overall experience.
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