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  1. He was already late with 22, the higher you go the harder it becomes, you didn't say how much determination either.
  2. Basically, yes, but read every role, they had their own behaviour and it tells you when hovering in the options.
  3. 1st of July i think it is. What date are u in game?
  4. That's incorrect. Teamwork has nothing to go down and defend. Work rate is though. Teamwork is how much a player follows your tactical instructions.
  5. If it's highlighted is important or recommended.
  6. That's why you want versatile players with high adaptability that can play multiple positions. You build up that tactoc familiarity during pre-season games or games that you are winning or losing by a wide margin, so you have that player ready to take a different task when is needed.
  7. Consistency can move up to +4 points, with the average in +2. However Big matches will only go +1 / +2 if ever goes up. 9 is not the end of the world. With 10 it wouldn't even show up, so don't worry much.
  8. You don't need 2 strikers formations. Adapting roles and mentalities I transform my 4-3-3DM into a 5-5-0 defending block out of possession to a 2-2-2-4 in the attacking phase, which gives option to recycle balls, cross them or play through to run in attackers, is thinking what you want when you are defending and what you want when you are attacking.
  9. Do we know if this got fixed at any point? If so, how do I share the videos? When I try to sign in I get this error: This browser or app may not be secure. Try using a different browser. If you’re already using a supported browser, you can refresh your screen and try again to sign in.
  10. Probably you were an underdog that were winning because you had loads of space to play into. Now with the AI playing more compact, your tactic doesn't work anymore and needs adjusting to be suitable for the "top dog" status that you earnt after so many victories.
  11. Well all end in the players you got, the tactic can only take you so far... From there is down to the calculation in player's attributes. You are not going to win a Champions League with League 2 players. You will win it with enough star players for the competition you playing. Not all of them, but enough to help the tactic to thrive. You might have to reset your expectations until you can get better players.
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