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  1. It is normal if they are outplaying the contract or have interest from other teams, yes. Even in other sports they hold out, being unwilling to train or play until a new contract is given.
  2. Yes, if a player has 2 goals it will take the Penalty, regardless of your Penalty Takers.
  3. Hi all, I don't really know where is the best place to Post this, so am gonna write it here and the mods can always change it as needed. I have the Scout Assignments under my control, but consistently my Scouts keep Scouting players that have nothing to do with their assignments, i.e. all my Scouts are assigned to look for U20 players in various parts of the world, however they keep scouting players that are 28+. Is it any way to tell them to stop wasting your time with those players and keep looking for those rough gems? Is it related to the Scouting Package? Thanks in adv
  4. Going deeper into the problem with the Coaches for the B team, seems that I am unable to assign them coaches that I just signed, as when I go to "Edit Coaches Assignments" it reverts to the coaches in the first team.
  5. Adding into that, I can't find the Dev. Centre --> Staff as you can see in the screens attached
  6. Thanks for your reply Tony, Is the other way around, I can go find coaches and sign them for the B team, but I don't get the emails of the coaches applying for the position, or that the advert is out for the B team. And the problem signing even the crappiest coaches with "1" attributes are asking for £3100 is for the U19 team, I get the emails from the theoretical applicants, but they have no applicants, as I don't have enough wages allowance to sign anyone. Attaches screen capture of how my Responsibilities are set, I don't know how going to the save in your computer it
  7. That's awesome man, well done. Lots to learn from this post.
  8. Likely the heart still represents the numbers, but you can't see them. You now will just see the heart while the underlying number still is between 60 and 79. As you well know, there is a big difference between 60 and 79 in fitness level and production, now you won't be able to fine tune this aspect anymore, it will be just a yellow heart... Considerable downgrade from FM20.
  9. Please bring back the percentages instead of hearts already... Or at least give us the option to keep the %s, thanks!
  10. I'm playing the spanish first division with Malaga and found the following problems: * Not receiving emails with Candidates for the B team Staff after posting the job adverts. Neither getting the "X" advert is been posted for the B team. And Yes all the responsabilities in this subject are selected as I will do it. * Unable to sign coaches for the U19 team as the maximum wage my Board will give me is £1400, but the minimum anyone, even the "1" attribute across the board, will request is £3100. And yes I am unable to ask the board for more budget for the u19 staff's s
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