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  1. @Nebuuu big thx! the second season is currently much better than the last one!
  2. @knap finished only fifth. lost all matches to teams from the top four and almost all matches against outsiders. the team scores very little. now a new season has started and again after two wins at the start, again defeats against the leaders (without a chance)
  3. My Team: Bordeaux. Can anybody explain what wrong with my team and why i have disgusting and unstable results? What tactics should I use to get my forwards to start scoring? What do I need to do to get the team to start scoring? what tactics is better to use with such a team? http://www.mediafire.com/file/756pzn25mkbu9t8/FCB.fm/file
  4. my team bordeaux and i have absolutely disgusting resalts with this tactics? whats's wrong?
  5. Perhaps the tactics are good, but I have absolutely monstrous results. I think it only works with great players aka MU or Madrid. I don’t understand what I’m doing wrong. Here my save: https://dropmefiles.com/SC7CS
  6. I'm looking for a team: · Old squad or squad have many player · Old stadium (medium or large) · Have a debt
  7. I do not know why, but i have very bad results. Create very few moments and score a little. My team Sparta Praha Used "PUNISHER V2" and "PHOENIX V4"
  8. very bad results. permanent red cards (always!!!). few goals scored. bad tactics
  9. i remember in patch 17.2 club has more money! Now Patch 17.3.1 where is 35 mil pounds? where is money?
  10. @_Vladislove what about your staff? who's come? who's left?
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