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  1. The next tab is the "Agent" screen. Hopefully this could introduce some new ways to evolve and progress your career, both while employed and unemployed. There are three main sections, all of which contain new elements. The top section is labelled "Your Agent" and gives you a summary of their status, attributes and opinions. In the editor Agents have attributes for Agency Size, Business, Touting to other clubs, and Patience, as well as a "scope" or region that they operate in. This has obviously influenced how I've chosen to represent the Agent attributes. First yo
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, here is my interpretation of the 'Legacy' sub-tab. There are three main sections to this page. The first is called "Career Impact" and gives you an overview of how exactly your career will be remembered and which parts of it play the most significant part in your legacy. At the top you have a pie chart which shows how you are likely to be remembered in terms of which stages of your career are most significant. For Konig you can see that the vast majority of his legacy will be judged by his time at Hamburg, the blue segment. The red segment r
  3. So here is the second part of this idea, showing the Reputation screen. Bear in mind that Wisdom Konig has had a long career, and lots of the things shown would have taken many, many years to unfold. The first main section is the box on the right called 'Reputation." What you can see is a world map that is coloured to show my overall reputation and a set of bars on the right that show my reputation within each Continent. The dropdown at the top would ideally enable you to view a map of just a certain region, for example, with the component countries listed on the r
  4. One thing that means quite a lot to me when I play FM is the identity, personality and legacy of my manager character, and I've been thinking about this part of the game a lot. With the beta out and no real changes in this area (but great changes elsewhere), I thought I would go ahead and work on my suggestion for a more in-depth set of manager profile screens within FM. Quick Notes: 1. I'm really thinking about a long-term context here. Ideally with some of these "features" taking years or perhaps decades to unfold, people would be more encouraged to have really long saves in order
  5. Having had a nose around the beta I personally couldn't be more impressed with the set of changes this year. Big thumbs up from me!
  6. Continued love and appreciation @LewisQ ! As it happens, I was recently luckily enough to take a trip to Avrilia! We arrived in Terecuda City during the dead of day, but as soon as things livened up we managed to take a helicopter trip and catch the view! I'll have to give you the full story at some point, as it was a great trip. One thing I should mention though: While at an S&M Dungeon in Fontana I bumped into a few guys who ended up being National League referees! One guy in particular, his name was Eric (Ellis I think), had some very interesting opinions on some
  7. Thanks again for the comments. Here is the final page for this idea - and my favourite of them all - the 'Fan Focus' tab. This would consist of two main sections, at the top some feedback from the supporter spokesman about the profile of the supporters, and at the bottom a randomly-generated set of specific fans about whom your spokesman has information. Unlike the "Fanbase' and 'Tickets & Merchandising' tabs, which represent the reach of your club on a large scale, the 'Fan Focus' tab would take things to an individual level, providing a platform for further emotional sy
  8. Today I have elaborated on the Tickets & Merchandise tab. There are three main sections, "Stadium & Tickets," "Top Sellers," and "Squad Ranking." The aim here is to give a nice overview of the commercial capacity of the club hopefully in a way that links with the "Fanbase" tab and other new and existing elements. The first section is "Stadium & Tickets." Firstly you have the basic, relevant information about the Stadium such as capacity and year built. Below this there is a bar which represents the current demand for tickets. This would primarily be dete
  9. To continue with this I have my interpretation of the 'Fanbase' tab. The idea behind this is to provide a screen which I could use to track the size and location of my fanbase. This would probably be most exciting in a journeyman style game as the developments may take a while to manifest, however it would be especially useful in targeting nations to tour/setting up feeder clubs etc, and would have links to the 'Tickets & Merchandising' tab (to come later.) The main section on this page is a dynamic map, similar to the one on the 'Rivalries' tab but showing rough supporter numbe
  10. Thanks for the comments, guys. Here is my development on the 'Rivalries' tab. In this example you can click on a rival in the top half of the screen to get the extra information relevant to that rivalry in the bottom half of the screen. The top box is called "Rivalry Map" and in this case shows a map of the London region with the locations of my rivals indicated. In the top left corner you have a summary of your rivalries in terms of their proximity to you. Tottenham have three local rivals only. To the right of this summary are two drop-downs which you would u
  11. (Slightly Crazy Idea Alert) Basically this would be a project that SI would engage in with the fans, with the end result being two (or more) teams that would consist of ‘average’ FM fans who had taken part in trials. These players would be scouted by authentic SI researchers and E-Incarnated as a set of FM attributes. Then you would have Curtis and Tom from the youtube channel facing off against each other with these fan-filled teams. The teams would also then be available for everyone to use in Fantasy Draft mode. A Youtube series would document this whole process starting with
  12. I’ve been thinking about how I would like to see the fans represented in the game and I’ve created another mock screenshot to help me put across the idea. My suggestion involves a new tab on the sidebar which would be dedicated to the supporters. Two notes: 1. In the editor clubs already have values that define their supporters - these attributes are: Loyalty, Patience, Passion, Affluence, Temperament. 2. The database also already includes geographical data that divides a country into regions, with data for cities and towns (such as population and co-ordinates) also available.
  13. And this is my interpretation of the Press Office screen. Using the calendar at the top you could click on the icon representing a media obligation which would then 'open' in the boxes immediately below. This could include a brief summary of the outlet and the nature of the event, such as this: In this case I'm imagining something similar to Soccer AM. Your press officer would then give their opinion on the topics that may be covered and invite you to outline your approach. As I'm presenting it, you could choose between three options, the coloured speech boxes
  14. Here is my interpretation of the 'Current Issues' screen. My feeling is that it looks too busy so just focus on the information rather than the appearance. At the top you have the Press Officer giving a brief summary of the situation. In this case you can see that she is saying the same thing that appeared in the summary in the Overview screen. I also added a small '2' icon (much too small it turns out) to the Press Office tab to show that there is something in there that needs a response. The summary of each current issue is split into two main sections.
  15. Here is my interpretation of what the Media Digest screen could look like. Again there are quite a few things hinted at in the screenshot. The first sub-section is on the left and is a breakdown of the hottest topics currently being discussed throughout the media. This shows a few different topics with each highlighted as green, red or grey depending on the overall tone of the reporting of that story. In the TV & Radio section you will see that Charlie Adam's violent conduct is being talked about negatively. Assume that Charlie Adam broke someone's leg with a
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