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  1. The next tab is the "Agent" screen. Hopefully this could introduce some new ways to evolve and progress your career, both while employed and unemployed. There are three main sections, all of which contain new elements. The top section is labelled "Your Agent" and gives you a summary of their status, attributes and opinions. In the editor Agents have attributes for Agency Size, Business, Touting to other clubs, and Patience, as well as a "scope" or region that they operate in. This has obviously influenced how I've chosen to represent the Agent attributes. First you have a description of the agent's "Network" and "Influence." These would largely be influenced by Agency Size, Scope, and personality attributes. A small network and influence would limit the effectiveness of your agent in finding and pursuing new opportunities, and vice versa. You then have "Negotiating" which would reflect the Patient/Impatient attribute. Followed by "Touting" which would reflect the Touting to Other Clubs attribute and be ranked in terms of Proactive/Passive. The last one is "Focus" which I'm linking to the quite mysterious "Business" attribute. I'm not sure whether this is supposed to indicate how good a person is at business, or how much they view football as a business i.e. how much they prefer to get as much money as possible, but this is basically a reflection of how much the agent focusses on money compared to client happiness. Below this you then have a set of comments by your agent in terms of your current contract, current club, potential future clubs, and personnel who you are linked with through his agency. In this example the text says: "The terms of your current contract are appropriate for a manager of your reputation and legacy. You are the second most highly paid manager in Germany and the sixth most highly paid manager in the world. Your current club have the reputation and financial resources to compete at the highest levels of European football. I believe that with your reputation and my global network I could get you a job at any of the top clubs in the world. Due to your impending retirement I am not investigating any future transfers on your behalf. I also represent a number of the world's top players and staff and may be able to use my influence to help broker a deal. The following names would be particularly interested in working with you: Custódio Lobo (Manchester United), Marvin Behles (Barcelona), Manuel Neuer (Coach), Mesut Özil (Director of Football)" These comments would vary depending on how your career has unfolded and the agents personality. They may suggest that you are being underpaid, or that your current club should not be a long term project, or that you should consider applying/declaring interest for certain jobs, etc. You then have buttons allowing you to look for a new agent or to warn your current agent about replacing him, in which case you would have conversation options relating to his network, scope, or failure to create any interest in your services, etc. On the bottom left is a preferences button which would let you control the extent to which your Agent would deal with negotiations on your behalf, or the sorts of clubs (in terms of facilities or finances etc) that you want him to focus most on courting. The next section is called "Career Plans." The first thing you might notice is the dropdown menu labelled "Career Status" which is a near equivalent to a players' "transfer status." This is not a public status, it is just between you and your agent, but could provide a good way to begin drumming up interest for the next chapter in your career. To the right of this is a section labelled "interest" which is self-explanatory. Below this you have a section labelled "Short-Term Plans" and "Long-Term Plans." These are customisable, allowing you to communicate to your agent (and in some cases your team or prospective employers, etc) exactly how you would prefer your career to progress. This could be by indicating a preference to manage in a certain country, certain league, or even a certain team. You could also do the opposite and indicate where you would not want to manage. The final section is called "Agent Messages" and shows recent communications from your agent, some of which may require action by you. In this example there are three messages. The first two messages have the topic "Interest in Manager." One relates to Hamburg being unsuccessful in finding someone to replace me and therefore wanting me to reconsider my retirement. The two options are "Reconsider Retirement" and "Decline." Clicking Reconsider Retirement will kick off philosophy and contract talks handled by me, or if I have chosen otherwise in the preferences, negotiated by my agent and presented to me as a yes/no choice. The second message also with the topic "Interest in Manager" is the same one that appeared on the Overview screen - an as yet unknown club from China may be making a huge offer for me. My choices are to either decline it or to allow my agent to investigate it further. It could end up being a legitimate offer which I could consider, or perhaps its a Fake Sheikh style media sting, which leaves the fans furious with me after I get exposed bragging about being able to bring Hamburg's star striker with me to China. Etc, etc - who knows. Ideally there could be all kinds interesting interactions and choices with interesting possible outcomes. The final message has the topic "Favour for Agent." He says: "Rumour has it that Manchester United are preparing a large big for Andreas Hinterberger, one of my other clients. You're good friends with Zinedine Zidane - is there any chance you could have a word with him and help move the deal along? I would really appreciate it." My options are either to decline or to "Discuss issue with Zidane." What this shows is that there could be new benefits to having good relationships with other characters in the game, specifically in the form of new interaction options (explained better in the Social Tab.) This example shows that I have the ability to recommend signings to other managers that I am good friends with. In this case my agent wants me to take advantage of this in order to help him out. Thanks for reading once again.
  2. Thanks for the comments guys, here is my interpretation of the 'Legacy' sub-tab. There are three main sections to this page. The first is called "Career Impact" and gives you an overview of how exactly your career will be remembered and which parts of it play the most significant part in your legacy. At the top you have a pie chart which shows how you are likely to be remembered in terms of which stages of your career are most significant. For Konig you can see that the vast majority of his legacy will be judged by his time at Hamburg, the blue segment. The red segment represents his time at Spartak Moscow where, as mentioned on the Reputation tab, he suffered an embarrassing relegation. Below the pie chart you have an expandable list of clubs (or nations) that comprise part of your manager history, along with a brief summary of how your time there will be remembered. You can see that Konig's legacy is rated as "Epic!" which is the highest level available. Part of the text says: "Having led Hamburg to fifteen major trophies, "King Konig" has permanently solidified his status as a club legend. Konig's haul of five Bundesliga titles is also enough to make him one of the most iconic figures in Bundesliga history." There are two new elements here. The first is my nickname "King Konig," which I will come back to. The second is that Wisdom Konig has become an Icon in the Bundesliga - competitions should now be able to have favoured personnel/icons/legends of their own. These could also be teams such as Arsenal's Invincibles perhaps being Legendary within the Premier League. Below this there is a list of major points that relate to Konig's legacy at Hamburg. These include being their longest ever serving manager and most successful manager of all time, as well as having a statue built and stand named in his honour at the Volksparkstadion. The final point on the list is stating that the fans affectionately know me as "King Konig." There is already some alliteration and wordplay in the database so this could be an interesting outlet for that. If your time at the club wasn't so successful then you would see negative points in this list. For example you may be remembered for the longest losing streak in the club's history, or for famously falling out with a star player, or for failing to qualify for a major tournament as a national team manager, and so on. In this situations you would also have a legacy rating of something like "Embarrassing," which is how people remember Konig's time at Spartak Moscow. The next section is to the top right and is called "Influence Tree." A previously requested feature in these forums was for some kind of adaptation of the "coaching tree" used in NFL (I think.) The basic idea is that when players or staff that you have coached or worked with go on to become coaches themselves they get added to your "tree." This "Influence Tree" that I am suggesting is similar but just shows a selection of my strongest relationships who also now have notable careers of their own as non-playing staff. Ideally there would be unique interactions or events that could happen with individuals in my influence tree, such as them coming to me and asking for advice on their next career move. It would also be reasonable to expect them to be similar to me in some regards, whether that was personality or tactical style. There are four characters in Wisdom Konig's Influence Tree all of whom he worked with at Hamburg. Sharon O'Sharon was a first team coach who now manages Zaragoza. Rico Ladron was a pacy hitman who now manages Sochaux. And Max Fuchs was a midfield destroyer who now manages Preston. The most interesting character, and the only non-new character, is a guy called Cameron Stringer who you may remember as the exciting newgen from 2024 with maximum Commercial Potential and a "Cult of Personality" Media-Handling Style. Sadly his career was cut short due to injury, however he now (somewhat predictably) has a successful career as a pundit. In this example he works for Global 24/7. There are also some ex-players who become agents, which could be an interesting extra status for this. I also remember an old FM future save in which Yaya Toure had headed up a consortium to buy Hull, and so 'Chairman' status could also be an interesting one for an ex-player (again with interesting unique events which could happen.) Obviously if you look at the cases of Vinnie Jones and Eric Cantona, "Actor" could also be a funny, rare status. The final section is called "Tributes." This section would keep a record of any major that tributes or commemorations etc that had been made in your honour. There is one specific new thing hinted at, but alongside this and the other suggestions there would hopefully be a variety of random and surprising things that could pop up during the course of a save and appear on this screen. The first thing shown is that when you finally manage to get the news item talking about a statue being built in your honour you would also have permanent visual confirmation of that in this section. (Ideally you could also see it in 3D on match days but that might be greedy.) The second thing shown is that Wisdom Konig was on the cover of FM36 (an offer I would have had to accept from Miles personally, in an FM style interaction.) The final thing shown is that there is a youth academy in Ghana named after Konig. As I've mentioned in previous suggestions I would love to see the youth-intake area of the game see some major updates, and an increased number of independent football schools around the world could be a cool thing to include. Thanks for reading once again!
  3. So here is the second part of this idea, showing the Reputation screen. Bear in mind that Wisdom Konig has had a long career, and lots of the things shown would have taken many, many years to unfold. The first main section is the box on the right called 'Reputation." What you can see is a world map that is coloured to show my overall reputation and a set of bars on the right that show my reputation within each Continent. The dropdown at the top would ideally enable you to view a map of just a certain region, for example, with the component countries listed on the right, with your reputation in each. At the start of a save you would see a basically empty world map, and depending on how your career unfolded you would gradually see your reputation rising in certain areas. "Threshold" values could also determine when your reputation would logically spill-over to geographical or cultural neighbours, until eventually you become a household name like Wisdom has done. Below this there is a section showing specific clubs and countries that have strong opinions about Konig. Once again at the start of a save there would likely be nothing here (unless you had chosen a playing career history which gave you elevated status at a particular club, for example.) On the Profile screen from the first post you could see the "Most Loved" and "Most Hated" status for Wisdom Konig. Loved and Hated would be only two of hopefully quite a few possibilities, and also suggested in the screenshot are the statuses of "Feared," "Worshipped" and "Ridiculed." Konig is Loved in Ghana and Worshipped by Hamburg fans. The first of these to appear would likely have been Ghana. At the point I reached a certain threshold in terms of trophies/reputation/etc, in comparison to other Ghanaian managers/players, I would see that I had become loved in Ghana. The worship from Hamburg fans is pretty self-explanatory and the hatred from St Pauli was mentioned in the OP, so I would like to focus on the two new statuses: Ridicule from CSKA fans and Fear from people in Germany. The text under CSKA says: "CSKA fans delighted in Konig's surprise relegation with rivals Spartak, and will never let their neighbours forget his time there." What this shows is that there could be a variety of contexts in which you could be thought of strongly. In contrast with the people of my home nation and the fans of the club I led to glory, CSKA fans like to ridicule me despite me never having managed them directly. In this instance the rivalry was intense enough, and the relegation embarrassing enough, that this event is something that will be remembered by the relevant sets of fans for quite some time. The text under Germany says: "Having ruled for some years with an iron fist, it is known throughout Germany that Wisdom Konig is a dangerous man to cross." This is another example of how you could be thought of without just being loved or hated. Think of this as being similar to the status of Sir Alex within England, of having both the trophy haul and personality required to instil fear in people. The trigger for achieving this particular status would be to have had a long and successful enough career within one league whilst also having a Perception biased towards the bottom. On the right you can also see a little arrow with "+7" underneath it, showing that Wisdom has had a long enough career to have even more statuses such as the ones shown. For example he may be Hated by Spartak fans. If he does indeed renege on his retirement as his agent is suggesting, perhaps he will be remembered differently at Hamburg? And so on. So what would be the impact of these? Well taking them order, for being Loved in Ghana I could see things like Stadiums being named after me, more children being born with my name (Wisdom is already Ghanaian but you get the point,) Ghanaian players coming through with me me as (Idol), and ideally some unique and secret Media Interactions, Personal Messages, Supporter Focus, etc. For being worshipped by Hamburg fans: Stand named after me, Stadium named after me, Statue built in my honour, extra sway when making requests/issuing ultimatums to the board, fan boycotts/abuse of journalists that criticise me, unique messages and events etc. For being ridiculed by CSKA fans: ironic cheers when I manage against them, mocking comments about me in fan focus, unique messages and events, etc. For being hated by St Pauli fans: Boos when I manage against them, boos for players/staff who I am good friends with, reluctance of St Pauli favoured personnel and above to play for me, ability for me to say horrible things about their fans and club, unique messages and events etc. For being feared in Germany: Greater respect and humility from other managers, extra compassion from referees, default large media interest if I fall out/have a dispute with someone, increased likelihood of my enemies leaving the country, unique messages and events etc. Below this is a section called "Perception" and it is the expanded version of the small piece shown in the opening post. The above is all dynamic and changes over time depending on the actions that you take, some of which I mentioned in the opening post also. What you have is the compass on the left with an orange dot to show what current perception of you is, and a series of descriptions on the right which focus on your preferred style in a variety of situations. Note: The personality attributes for a manager have been excluded from this idea in favour of using them behind the scenes to influence the above descriptions. Specifically I am talking about Motivating, Level of Discipline, Man Management, and Determination - you won't see these for your character. Instead these attributes combine with the perception to give you a description of the style that suits you best and/or which you most frequently use. When at the extremes of Perception or Styles you would have unique options such as a "Hairdryer" team talk or complete excommunication of a misbehaving player, etc. For "Method of Motivation" Wisdom has the description "Fear." The text says: "Very few players would be brave enough to confront him or go against his wishes." Alternative descriptions could be "Inspiration" or "Encouragement" or "Incentives." For "Man Management Style" he has the description "Boss." The text says "Wisdom Konig is regarded as one of the harshest taskmasters in football." Alternative descriptions could be "Leader" or "Father-Figure" or "Friend." For "Disciplinary Style" he has the description "Harsh." The text says "His players expect to be dropped from the team or transfer listed if they do not perform well enough and do not expect any second chances." Alternative descriptions would obviously be things like "Lenient" or "Case by Case." For "Negotiating Style" he has the description "Tough." The text says "Konig is known as a very tough negotiator who doesn't hesitate to walk away quickly if a deal doesn't suit him." Alternative descriptions could be things like "Compromising" or "Friendly." As your career progressed I think this could provide an interesting and compelling context for decisions. In the short term you may have some issues if you move a player to the reserves as punishment, however you will subsequently be recognised as someone who is willing to take this step, so in the long term you could benefit. By consciously pursuing certain methods you could eventually get to the extremes of that Perception, thereby unlocking unique interactions and team talks etc, or even personal messages and in-game events. (For example kicking a boot at a players' head?) The final section to the bottom right is a report card style of the Perception compass which will hopefully help you understand how it would fit within the game. (Again, this would likely be empty at the start of a career, taking some time to even show mild Pros/Cons. The brightest colours of green and red, indicating the "strongest" factors, would take a whole career to achieve.) The first three Pros are fairly self-explanatory - as a result of your perception and actions you could have less discipline problems, better results when scaring the players, and an easier hand in negotiations. The final Pro says "Your effectiveness is increased in the following training categories: Physical." There are two cons, both with new elements to them. The first con says "Some players may struggle with the pressures of playing for you." The second con says "You may build positive relationships much slower with certain types of people." There would be no "right choice" when it came to dealing with issues etc, and there would be benefits and drawbacks of being extremely positioned at any edge of the Perception compass. There are no "perks" so to speak, just an increased ability of the game world to respond to you and mould around you individually based on the actions you take over time, hopefully with unique and rewarding experiences. Thanks for reading once again.
  4. One thing that means quite a lot to me when I play FM is the identity, personality and legacy of my manager character, and I've been thinking about this part of the game a lot. With the beta out and no real changes in this area (but great changes elsewhere), I thought I would go ahead and work on my suggestion for a more in-depth set of manager profile screens within FM. Quick Notes: 1. I'm really thinking about a long-term context here. Ideally with some of these "features" taking years or perhaps decades to unfold, people would be more encouraged to have really long saves in order to see what legacy they could forge and what fresh, secret events they could uncover. 2. A really important factor is trying to include more tangible effects of your successes/failures over an entire career. The relationships you make will ideally be much more significant as well, with special interactions becoming available in certain situations. 3. There are 8 parts to this and one or two may be a little whimsy-heavy for your liking, but overall I hope there is something for everyone. So let me begin with this: All of the following fits inside the 'Home' button on the sidebar. Within this, the current 'Home' sub tab remains largely as it is, showing relevant information about your current club (next fixture, league table, board confidence, etc). In addition to this there are tabs for My Profile (shown in this post), Reputation, Legacy, Agent, Social, History, Personal and Portfolio, all of which would contain largely new information. So today I have elaborated on the My Profile tab. Here is the screenshot, which takes place in a hypothetical save-game just two days before the retirement of my manager character, the previously mentioned German/Ghanaian Wisdom Konig. As you will see, he has had an illustrious, if somewhat controversial career. Firstly, in the middle of the screen, you have a picture of Wisdom (ideally dynamic, depending on the circumstances in my save) along with his basic details. His impending retirement is noted at the bottom. To the right of this you have his cumulative match stats, and below that a box showing a preview of his reputation. What you can see is a visible representation of the World, Home, and Current reputations, and a linked subsection which shows where or by who Wisdom Konig is most loved/hated. In this example he is most loved in Ghana, where his successes have brought joy and pride to the people of his origin country. (Ghanaian characters generating into the game subsequently to this may have favoured personnel of "Wisdom Konig (idol)" for example.) He is most hated by fans of St Pauli who have a fierce rivalry with Hamburg, and who haven't had a taste of the bragging rights for the entirety of his reign and his 5 Bundesliga titles. Further information about countries or clubs where I was particularly loved or hated, and reasons why, could be found in the Reputation tab. To the left of the picture you have basic contract details and bars representing the faith in you by the Board, Players and Supporters. Below this is a new indicator called "Perception" which is heavily influenced by a very similar feature in TEW. The idea here is that my actions over the course of my save game would impact on my image and how people perceived my personality. As well as being a reflection of the choices and actions I have made, the orange dot (aka my "current perception") would also contribute towards determining my personality and therefore how other game characters would approach me and what they would expect to get out of it. (This is also why most of the mental attributes aren't shown below.) So it's a simple compass with two scales. Democratic/Authoritarian and Loyal/Fickle. The text to the right of the compass gives some hints as to the causes and impacts of the perception. It says: "Wisdom Konig is widely regarded as one of the harshest taskmasters in football. His players expect to be dropped from the team or transfer listed if they do not perform well enough and do not expect any second chances. Very few players would be brave enough to confront him or go against his wishes." So for example, when I do things such as: discipline players for poor performances, refuse their demands and drop them from the team, fine them etc I would shift towards Authoritarian. If I were to spontaneously sell players to make way for better ones, ostracise players from the squad, renege on agreed squad statuses etc I would shift towards Fickle. Now remember that this is "perception." So as Wisdom Konig's orange dot is in the bottom right, and as the last paragraph to the right hints at, the players are likely to be scared of me. On the plus side for me this may mean much greater levels of focus and many fewer complaints from players, however on the negative side I may be much less likeable and some players may really not enjoy playing for me. In my opinion, alongside Wisdom Konig, this position on the compass would also suit Jose Mourinho. In contrast, the top left of the compass would suit Arsene Wenger (Democratic and Loyal), the bottom left Sir Alex (Authoritarian and Loyal) and the top right Harry Redknapp (Democratic and Fickle). Perhaps you disagree? Further information on your Perception could also be seen on the Reputation tab. Below this to the left there are two sections. One is a list of attributes as we have currently, minus the mental ones. To the right of this is a section called "Notable trophies." This shows Wisdom's five Bundesliga title's as well as his two Champions Leagues. A trophy cabinet as well as award collection and special mementos would be visible under History - Trophies & Awards. The final section at the bottom right is called "Recent Messages" and is a little Overview style digest of any recent activity happening on a Social level. In the "Social" tab itself you could see a variety of things such as messages wishing you good luck or congratulations, or special interactions with Friends/Close Friends/Enemies. So Wisdom has two recent messages. The first one is from Niclas Deusch who happens to be Wisdom's agent. The text says "Hey Wisdom, I know you're retiring soon, but I've heard whispers that there could be a huge offer coming your way from China. Just one season; would you be interested? Let me know ASAP." In this case I would be able to then interact with my agent in response, with a big money move to China potentially on the cards. Depending on the agent that you have chosen to represent you (done through the Agent tab) you could see a variety of different messages or opportunities coming to you this way, which could kick of interesting and exciting new directions in your career. The second message is from Wisdomina Sane who is indicated to be Wisdom Konig's daughter. As a matter of fact, she is married to Leroy Sane, but that's for the Family Tree on the "Personal" tab. Her message says "Hi Dad, just thought I would let you know that the twins had an argument today which has led to complete breakdown of their fraternal relationship, as far as playing with Legos is concerned." In this case there is no available response, it's just a silly, lighthearted inclusion of which there would hopefully be many. Thanks for reading, more to come soon.
  5. Having had a nose around the beta I personally couldn't be more impressed with the set of changes this year. Big thumbs up from me!
  6. Continued love and appreciation @LewisQ ! As it happens, I was recently luckily enough to take a trip to Avrilia! We arrived in Terecuda City during the dead of day, but as soon as things livened up we managed to take a helicopter trip and catch the view! I'll have to give you the full story at some point, as it was a great trip. One thing I should mention though: While at an S&M Dungeon in Fontana I bumped into a few guys who ended up being National League referees! One guy in particular, his name was Eric (Ellis I think), had some very interesting opinions on some of the slightly more sinister sides of Avrilian football. He seemed to believe that it was no co-incidence that Fontana United 98 had seen increased success since the town had legalised large scale gambling. I didn't think that meant anything particular, but he then went on to imply that he and others had colluded to ensure the success of East Allen. Gaining promotion and winning the league the following season was certainly suspicious, I agreed. I couldn't really be sure if he was just a crazy, rambling drunk but he insisted that he had been within the system so long that he could see exactly how it worked. Apparently it all started with Mablonda. Their success in the early 00's had instigated a political shift too significant to be ignored. The "next Mablonda," or so he put it, would be a meticulously created illusion designed to allow total control over the political beliefs and passions of the country. I scoffed and began to choke on smoke, forcing me to extinguish my cigarette on the outstretched palm of my loyal Sakatari slave - who was also serving as my chair at the time. But Eric was insistent. Avrilian football had long been grotesquely illuminated by the burning light of match fixing and corruption. The Altchan network were in on it too, he said. They had commissioned a pioneering show which they had speciously claimed was designed to investigate match-fixing. It's real purpose, Eric said, was to control public perception of the possibilities. He also claimed that the Sakatar City '70 vs Gold Swords '66 virtual match was just a trial run for something much bigger. In the future there would be no real football, just a series of digitally constructed matches designed to take the Avrilian people on a rollercoaster of emotions. A digital match in front of full stadium of digital fans. Why would Insford Rail, who barely saw gates of one thousand, need a 50,000 seater stadium? I agreed it was strange. Is the City II project really a lie?! I'd keep an eye out for any funny business, Lewis.
  7. Thanks again for the comments. Here is the final page for this idea - and my favourite of them all - the 'Fan Focus' tab. This would consist of two main sections, at the top some feedback from the supporter spokesman about the profile of the supporters, and at the bottom a randomly-generated set of specific fans about whom your spokesman has information. Unlike the "Fanbase' and 'Tickets & Merchandising' tabs, which represent the reach of your club on a large scale, the 'Fan Focus' tab would take things to an individual level, providing a platform for further emotional synergy with your fans. As you will hopefully see, there could be a number of non-random factors that influenced fan generation, such as Fanbase, Bragging Rights, and the Supporter Profile (attributes.) The top section is called "Supporter Profile," and shows a report-card style assessment of the club's supporters, created by the Supporter Spokesman. I took the data from the "Supporter Profile" section of the editor and used that to create the report card. The data for Tottenham is high Loyalty and Passion along with low Temperament and Patience. One issue is that I don't know what each of these attributes actually does, and so I had to guess a bit with my descriptions. Obviously the match sounds would be a great outlet for these attributes. The other attribute which didn't make the cut here is 'Affluence,' which should obviously impact on merchandising revenue and ticket prices etc. One interesting element to this could be how the Supporter Profile of a club could change over time, for example through becoming more successful and attracting more "plastic" fans who degrade the overall passion and loyalty but perhaps increase the affluence. All the tabs on the Supporters section could help to see this unfold and understand why it is happening. The bottom section is called "Supporter Spokesman Digest," and it shows up to three randomly generated fans which some information about them. Firstly you have their name and location, followed by the year they began supporting the club and a description of their supporter level, i.e. "Die-Hard." You have their favourite current player, favourite all time player and last match attended. Below this there is a morale indicator, and below this a couple of random thoughts or comments by that fan. The bottom most section is a space for relevant graphics, in this case a season ticket or replica shirt that they own. Perhaps you could see some signed shirts appearing, or the "Co-Branded Drinks Bottles(?)" that are mentioned sometimes in the commercial review. The first character I generated is called Lesley Grubbs. You can see that Lesley is from Walthamstow, so very local to Tottenham. He is also described as a "Die-Hard" supporter, and at the bottom you can see he has a season ticket. His last match attended was the last match we played. I like Lesley. Being a long-time supporter of the club (since 1952) his favourite all-time player is Glenn Hoddle (most likely this would be an Icon/Legend etc, but depending on the data available could be more obscure. His favourite current player is Dele Alli, and he also owns a replica shirt with Dele's name and number. Each fan would have a set of the fan attributes that were weighted towards the club's overall attributes. For example, Spurs fans that generate are more likely to have high passion than low passion, and so on. However each fan could deviate from that either randomly or due to another factor - in Lesley's case his age may lend itself to a higher level of patience and temperament (and affluence.) Lesley has two thoughts. The most recent is to say that "Watching Dele Ali play takes him back to the days of Glenn Hoddle." From what I saw, legends in the database have values for position and a description of playing style, so these could be easily matched up in a similar way to "Could be the next X, etc." His second thought, quite depressingly, is that he is "starting to doubt whether he will ever see Tottenham win the league again." Having been a fan since 1952 he has seen it once before, but his age (and state of the club) is making him lose faith. Well I personally feel for Lesley and so I've locked him at the top corner, which will allow me to periodically check in and see what he thinks of how things are going. I want to win the league and I want to see that he was at the match that clinched it. I want to see his Superb morale and see that his new all-time favourite player is the player that scored the winning goal. Note: fans could die if they got old enough, giving me extra incentive to do it for Lesley. At the point they died their morale would change to "At Peace" with a halo icon instead of a coloured arrow, and a biography style summary of their fanship. The next fan I generated is called Katie Adwowa Inkabi. She is much younger than Lesley, only having been a fan since 1994. As such her favourite all time player is Ledley King rather than Glenn Hoddle, but her favourite current player is Dele Alli also. Her description is "Dedicated Supporter" which may indicate high passion for example, and this is also indicated by the fact that her last match was a few months ago. Interestingly her morale is abysmal - why is that? Well her top thought is "Why do I have to work in an office full of Arsenal fans? This is unbearable!" Katie has generated with a key situational concern - her proximity to rival fans. This means that she is going to be very responsive to the fact that, as seen on the 'Rivalries' screen in the previous post, Arsenal fans are strongly in control of the Bragging Rights. If I felt like helping her have the chance to hold her head high in her office then I could lock her and keep track of things. She also has a replica home kit with Dele Alli's number and her name. Her second thought is to say "I'm not going to watch a match at the Emirates Stadium - it isn't safe!" Homage to Rollercoaster tycoon: Check. Arsenal FamTV street slang double entendre: Check. The final fan I generated is called Lucy Lucy and she is from Perth in Australia. As the Fanbase of your club grew you would see new types of fans being randomly generated. Small and unknown clubs may only see fans who lived in the local area, whereas the largest clubs could generate fans from all areas of the world. In this case you have Lucy Lucy, who has only been a fan for a year, and whose favourite current and all-time player (probably because she can't name very many) is Maximilano Romero. Her fan level is rated as "New Supporter." She has never been to a match, and she has two thoughts which also show that my support in Australia isn't large or well catered to. Her first thought is "Hopefully Tottenham come to Australia this pre-season, I might finally get to see us play!" Her second thought is "I really want a replica shirt but I can't find anywhere that sells them." If Australia was a nation that I was trying to break into then I may lock Lucy to see if she gets a ticket when we play pre-season in Perth. If the tour is successful then she may also manage to get the replica shirt she wants, maybe with Romero's name on the back. Secret Note: If you locked a fan for long enough there would be the chance for special opportunities within the game, including a (pleasant or unpleasant) conversation with that fan (for example by bumping into them after a match,) or the chance to arrange them a signed shirt by their favourite player, or even tickets and hospitality to a match (paid out of your manager money.) Last Note: It would be cool if FM fans could create a profile with the information above and have the chance to be generated in-game as a fan of their club. It's realistic because it's just extending the database to include some specific fans. Thanks for reading once again.
  8. Today I have elaborated on the Tickets & Merchandise tab. There are three main sections, "Stadium & Tickets," "Top Sellers," and "Squad Ranking." The aim here is to give a nice overview of the commercial capacity of the club hopefully in a way that links with the "Fanbase" tab and other new and existing elements. The first section is "Stadium & Tickets." Firstly you have the basic, relevant information about the Stadium such as capacity and year built. Below this there is a bar which represents the current demand for tickets. This would primarily be determined by the attendance values for that club in the database relative to the size of their stadium, with other factors including things like player reputation and form. You will also see the ticket price information, number of season ticket holders and the next season ticket renewal date. The reason for the last one is just to add a bit of context to the season ticket sales - the board would obviously like to sell out ahead of the renewal deadline. With a high level of ticket demand this should be easy, but if you suffer an early relegation for example then you could have problems. Similarly, it would be so fun to tie up a high reputation signing before the season ticket renewal deadline, causing a sudden upsurge in season ticket sales as fans become excited about seeing him play next season. Below this is the "Match Atmosphere" bar along with information about ticket sales in recent matches. Match atmosphere has not been explained well so far, apart from to say that it would be great to be able to hear the different kinds of crowds during a match, especially in relation to the form and expectations of the club and the fans personality attributes (i.e low patience and temperament causing a tense atmosphere." In terms of what would determine Match Atmosphere, you would be looking at factors such as: Attendance, Form, Expectations, Fan Personality, Fan Happiness, Number of Favoured Players playing, Performance of biggest rival, and so on. The Match Atmosphere status would have an impact on the players during home matches (and on the opposition players.) What is perhaps missing here is a "Board Request" button, which would allow you to do things like: Request a stadium expansion, Request a new stadium, Request a fan day, and perhaps even Request ticket price changes in relation to the ticket demand, match atmosphere and average attendance. The next section is called "Top Sellers." This screenshot takes place in the close season and as such the information is summary-style. However it would be ongoing during the season saying for example "So far we have sold.... etc." What you can see here is a variation on the Commercial Summary that comes once a season, in a form that allows you to see it at any time on an ongoing basis. The blue vertical bars simply represent the rough proportion of merchandising income that is attributable to each of the top five players. The bottom vertical bars show the proportion of this income in terms of being domestic or non-domestic. Clubs with strong links in the USA or Japan could see more players like Hojbjerg, who's shirts sell in far greater proportions in non-domestic regions compared to domestic ones. What is hinted at in the top description is that the relative status of a player within their own nation could be a key factor in determining their commercial potential (along with other things, mentioned below.) The final section is called "Player Ranking" and it would be a sortable list of players in your squad with some information available about their personal contribution and popularity. The most notable new concept is that players would have a "Commercial Rating" which represents each player's current contribution. I would love to see more intricate details here, such as actual monetary figures or sales totals, but I think this works well for simplicity's sake. The factors behind the commercial rating are largely viewable as other columns on the page. The first is nationality. The various nation attributes from the database would determine the specific impact for each country (for example high population and high affluence would be ideal.) Feeder clubs would also be a multiplier here. The second is number of international caps - this would be one thing that influenced the importance of that player to their nation. The third factor is world reputation, which fairly obvious. Finally I've included the player's "Media Handling Style," as an influence on their commercial ranking. Excitingly, to me at least, there is a young American called Cameron Stringer, who has a five-star Commercial Potential! This is largely down to the factors above in combination with the information from the Fanbase tab. Spurs' link with the USA and the status of the USA as a potentially lucrative market is likely to be a big factor here. However I've also thrown in a fresh reason which is unique to Cameron and that is his that his Media Handling Style is listed as "Cult of Personality." This would be a very rare status but would represent the fact that he has a special kind of charisma, or an "it" factor that could make his appeal nearly limitless. Another rare one that you might see could be something like "Iconic Image," which would be a Beckham style character who doesn't necessarily excel in interviews but who could have a very lucrative commercial potential. Thanks for reading. Thanks, and yeah I really, really like that concept. I would like to see the Manager profile screen completely reworked, and this would be great information to see on there. In my suggestion for international management I mentioned the idea that characters should be able to become "National Heroes" or "National Villains," which does overlap slightly. Maybe all in-game characters could have a "fanbase" tab within their profile in a similar style to dynamics?
  9. To continue with this I have my interpretation of the 'Fanbase' tab. The idea behind this is to provide a screen which I could use to track the size and location of my fanbase. This would probably be most exciting in a journeyman style game as the developments may take a while to manifest, however it would be especially useful in targeting nations to tour/setting up feeder clubs etc, and would have links to the 'Tickets & Merchandising' tab (to come later.) The main section on this page is a dynamic map, similar to the one on the 'Rivalries' tab but showing rough supporter numbers from around the world. In the middle you have a world map with the different regions highlighted to represent the average level of support for the club. Ideally this could be changed using the dropdown to move from a 'World" map to a map of a specific region (see below.) Clicking on one of the seven "continents" brings up some relevant information on the right. First you have the region name. Then you have a description of the level of support for the club in that region, in this case "Growing." You could also see things like "Stable," "Declining," "Stagnant," etc. Below this you have a counter for the number of players in your squad that are from this region (which obviously would have a link to the level of support for your club in that region.) Underneath this is the number of Affiliate Clubs you have. Below this is the estimated number of supporter groups that you have in that region. According to Tottenham's website they have 70 supporter groups in North America. Ideally this number could just go up and down over time depending on the various factors in play (especially population.) Finally you have the major nations in that region. In hindsight I should really have put Mexico there as well - sorry Mexicans! On the left of the map is some basic information about Tottenham including World Reputation and Social Media Reach (as in a previous suggestion.) There is also a new description for "Fanbase" which appears as green reputation stars. Most simply this could just be a reflection of how many regions you had managed to acquire fans in, rather than anything intricate. However I also feel in the long term there could be a fun distinction made between 'Reputation' and 'Fanbase' in that 'Fanbase would be much more of a zero-sum game. For example, what exactly would it take to displace Manchester United as the most popular club in Asia? The rewards would be large enough to try it, but the difficulty is that it requires Man Utd to lose a lot of fans in order for you to gain them. Anyway. By changing the dropdown menu to a specific region you would able to see a few pieces of more specific information such as this: Now I've selected North America and can now see that the majority of my support (if not all of it) is coming from the USA. On the right is some of the information you had previously but on top of that you have a profile of the biggest star from that nation, in this case a newgen called Rob Bell. This would be a nice quick way of earmarking a potential signing, if increasing your fanbase in America was one of your main objectives. To the bottom right of the whole screen is a section called 'Club Fanbase List' This would allow you to quickly see which clubs had the biggest and most widespread fanbases. As you could guess from looking at the picture, Fanbase would decline much faster than Reputation, i.e below "Worldwide" reputation there may be very few clubs with more than one star of 'Fanbase." The final section is called "Continental Stars" and this would show who was currently the biggest star in each continent, and what their specific nationality was. (please ignore the error with Australia being in Oceania) This would be a nice quick way of seeing which players were the biggest stars in their respective home areas, which would also provide another opportunity to earmark potential signings if you happened to have more global ambitions. Tickets & Merchandising would obviously overlap with this quite a lot, hopefully providing interesting feedback on your status in your footballing landscape. Thanks for reading.
  10. Thanks for the comments, guys. Here is my development on the 'Rivalries' tab. In this example you can click on a rival in the top half of the screen to get the extra information relevant to that rivalry in the bottom half of the screen. The top box is called "Rivalry Map" and in this case shows a map of the London region with the locations of my rivals indicated. In the top left corner you have a summary of your rivalries in terms of their proximity to you. Tottenham have three local rivals only. To the right of this summary are two drop-downs which you would use to view your 'National' rivalries (with the map changing to one of the entire country) or 'International' rivalries with the map changing to one of Europe, for example, if my rivalry was with Juventus (competitive.) The "All" dropdown would allow you to filter for "only fierce rivals," for example. Each dot on the map is reflected in the basic information about that team appearing to the sides of the map. This includes a bar representing "Bragging rights," which is a quick way of showing which set of fans has the upper hand. The bottom box is called "Rival Focus" and it shows the expanded information for the rivalry selected. On the left you have the details about the rivalry: name of club, rivalry type, rivalry level, and the regional status. There is also the bar showing that Arsenal fans are currently on top in this rivalry. To the right of that you have a brief message from the Supporter Spokesman, who would hint at how the rivalry was going, what the major factor behind this was, and how the fans are feeling overall (in my example calling in sick for work.) Below this would be what I see as the most significant factors in determining which club is dominating the other. 1. The most recent match, 2. The historical league placings, and 3. Recent Trophies. I think these provide an interesting blend of things that would take a while to change and things that you could immediately achieve. For example, if Spurs were to beat Arsenal 3-0 in the next match then I believe it would be reasonable to see (immediately after the match) that the "Bragging Rights" bar has shifted right across into my favour. Over the period of a few weeks this "short term factor" would gradually be forgotten about and overpowered by the strength of Arsenal's recent league finishes and recent trophies, at which point the bragging rights bar would find something similar to it's original level. Thanks for reading.
  11. (Slightly Crazy Idea Alert) Basically this would be a project that SI would engage in with the fans, with the end result being two (or more) teams that would consist of ‘average’ FM fans who had taken part in trials. These players would be scouted by authentic SI researchers and E-Incarnated as a set of FM attributes. Then you would have Curtis and Tom from the youtube channel facing off against each other with these fan-filled teams. The teams would also then be available for everyone to use in Fantasy Draft mode. A Youtube series would document this whole process starting with the initial trials. In one sub-series within this series, the winning players would train with ex-professionals and top-level coaches, completing training drills and other challenges, with the aim of increasing their attributes. Overall I think there would be loads of benefits of this, such as: A series of really entertaining youtube shows A cool new reason to play Fantasy Draft and a new reason to watch it be played. Better understanding among the fans of what the attributes are and how they work together. A greater understanding of how the game is made, specifically in terms of the researchers. The opportunity for regular people to become legends amongst the fanbase. 1. The Trials Let’s just say that anyone 18+ is allowed to enter as long as they are not currently in the FM database. Applications would include positional preference and some other things to ensure a decent spread of players. Standard trial format, matches get played, general hoo ha, etc. The end result is 30-40 players of an interesting spread of height, weight, athleticism, technical skill, mental prowess, and so on. (In the longer term there could be an ‘A’, ‘B’ and ‘C’ team, so there will definitely be some ‘Renford Rejects’ comedy value.) 2. The Translation to FM For the next bit we could see the selected researchers (hopefully including the guy from the documentary with the hilarious “not friends with Ryan Giggs” example) explaining how player attributes are defined and measured. For example we could have footage of our final group of players taking penalties as the researchers explain what other factors could be at play alongside “Penalty Taking.” And so on, until the researchers have settled on a complete set of attributes for all the players. 3. The Teams The “Managers” (in my example Curtis and Tom) would not yet have seen the players play. We get to watch them explore the FM versions of these players as they prepare to do a draft. (We already know the players’ names and perhaps we already have favourites, so this could be really fun to watch.) They could use “Create a Club,” choosing name, colours etc. Each club would need to be able to have it’s own history, and favoured personnel etc. In the longer term SI could collaborate with some of the youtube creators who could compete to become the “Sponsor” of either team, with their logo or something on the shirt. It would be good to also see the reaction of the players to the draft, and their reaction to the attributes that they have ended up with. 4. The First Match-up At this point there would be an event like the Fantasy Draft final in which Curtis and Tom would face off against each other with their two created clubs. The players on each team WOULD ALSO be in the studio, providing atmosphere and reaction. Personally I would like to see things like Player of the Match interviews occurring after the game with the real life version of the player, or people having to leave the studio after a red card or injury (to their in game counterpart.) 5. Fantasy Draft Mode The two created clubs and the squads as selected previously become useable in Fantasy Draft Mode. That’s the end of the cycle, after which it repeats itself. 6. More Trial Days This could allow the introduction of the B & C teams. I think it’s very possible that mixed-gender teams could be possible, if not in the A team, then in the B and C teams. 7. The Players Train to Improve This phase would involve our players each picking an area of their game to work on, and having the opportunity to do so along some top coaches. Some of these players may want to improve their fitness, or speed, and some may want to improve their weaker foot and so on. Ultimately it would be the researchers who decided whether or not they deserved an increased attribute. It would be so cool if we could see the managers of the team receive a customised FM style “Training Report” which would detail who was working on what and who had made good progress. And of course the green (or red) arrows on the attributes screen. I can appreciate that this is all a bit crazy, but personally I think there is something in this area waiting to happen. FM is much more than a game, after all. Thanks for reading!
  12. I’ve been thinking about how I would like to see the fans represented in the game and I’ve created another mock screenshot to help me put across the idea. My suggestion involves a new tab on the sidebar which would be dedicated to the supporters. Two notes: 1. In the editor clubs already have values that define their supporters - these attributes are: Loyalty, Patience, Passion, Affluence, Temperament. 2. The database also already includes geographical data that divides a country into regions, with data for cities and towns (such as population and co-ordinates) also available. There are 9 regions in England, for example, such as London, East & West Midlands and the North-East. Hopefully these two things could be used (along with other already-existing data) to provide an interesting outlet for the clubs’ supporters and their hopes, dreams and experiences. So this is the screenshot; it’s the Overview page of my suggested Supporters tab. The top section on this screen is called “Fan Happiness Summary” The first bar is called “Overall Happiness.” This would be a general reflection of things like your achievement versus your expectations, your form, your transfers etc (in that order.) The fan attributes could come into play here, with an attribute like ‘Patience’ helping keep the fans happier for longer, or with an attribute like ‘Temperament’ dictating how they are likely to act when very unhappy (for example booing players who make costly mistakes, or demonstrating against the board.) The second bar is called “Match Atmosphere,” and in my example you can see that it is a special blue colour with the status of “Electric!” Other things you may see here could be descriptions such as “Buoyant,” “Tense,” “Subdued,” etc, depending on your specific situation and form. Of course the fan personality attributes would also affect the likely match atmosphere, particularly with attributes such as “Passion”and “Temperament.” The Match Atmosphere would obviously affect the pressure/motivation/confidence of the players during a match. Big Note!: For the “Match Atmosphere” thing to be as good as possible the match sounds would need to be seriously improved. It would be great to be able to hear and feel a different mood in my own stadium depending on whether things were going good or bad, and to be able to hear the electricity of the crowd in a fierce rival game. The last three bars represent the fans’ current happiness with the Board, Manager and Players, (as mentioned in previous suggestions.) The link at the bottom right goes to the Fan Confidence page. The next section is called “Biggest Rival.” In this situation Arsenal would be considered the biggest rival to Tottenham based on things like having similar reputations and playing in the same league. Next to Arsenal’s badge is the basic information about the rivalry. It’s a Local/Historic rivalry as opposed to a Competitive one, with a Rivalry level of “Intense,” partly due to the sharing of a region (London) and partly due to other factors such as frequency of derbies. The bar in the middle is called “Bragging Rights” and in this example you can see that Arsenal fans have the upper hand at the moment. One of the biggest factors in determining who has the bragging rights is the final result of the most recent derby, but there can be more long term factors at play too. The link in the bottom corner goes to the new “Rivalries” sub-tab which would have a variety of extra information such as a list of rivals, comparative league finishes, comparative trophy hauls, and maybe even some kind of map showing Regional/National/International Rivals. The bottom left section is called “Top Seller” and it relates to merchandise sales. This section would tell you who was currently the most popular shirt-seller and give you a rough breakdown of their popularity in terms of volume and regions. The full-list of shirt sellers could be seen at any time in the “Tickets & Merchandising” sub-tab. Also in the Tickets & Merchandising sub-tab you could see information such as estimated ticket demand, a ranking of merchandising income by country, and maybe even a list of countries in which you have some kind of club shop. The final section is my personal favourite and it is called “Recent Fan Opinions.” In here you would see a digest of 1 or 2 bits of information available in the “Fan Focus” sub-tab, which would be compiled by your Supporter Spokesman. This could be interesting in different ways depending on the size of your club, either getting feedback exclusively from locals or gradually gaining new fans in new territories. I created two fans. Lucy Lucy from Perth in Australia and Lesley Grubbs from Walthamstow. In this example you can see that Lucy Lucy is hoping Spurs come and play a game in Australia, whereas Lesley Grubbs is reminiscing about the good old days. Fans would be randomly generated and the towns and cities in the database could be used here - for instance Lesley is obviously quite local to Tottenham. You may notice Lesley has a lock icon next to his head. This is because I am imagining that I have locked him so that he will remain a choice even once the random fans have been regenerated, allowing me to follow his experiences specifically. There would be a few other pieces of information, such as the year they began supporting the club, the last match they attended, and their favourite player, in the “Fan Focus” sub-tab. It could also be fun to run a competition whereby the winners get to be immortalised in the game as a randomly generated fan! Thanks for reading!
  13. And this is my interpretation of the Press Office screen. Using the calendar at the top you could click on the icon representing a media obligation which would then 'open' in the boxes immediately below. This could include a brief summary of the outlet and the nature of the event, such as this: In this case I'm imagining something similar to Soccer AM. Your press officer would then give their opinion on the topics that may be covered and invite you to outline your approach. As I'm presenting it, you could choose between three options, the coloured speech boxes. This is very simplistic but in my opinion this would be a better way of representing the more "day to day" media obligations, with a greater focus on the end result and context and a lesser focus on repetitive dialogue options. HOWEVER: it could also be possible that this right hand box could contain a question and answers, in the same style we are used to now. One addition would be the grey/red/green colour scheme that could perhaps be applied to the answers to understand their impacts in the context of the issue. The other factor with being asked specific questions could be the level of media interest. Once the bar was to become completely full then you would likely see specific questions appearing more often, as part of the media circus. These could each have unique impacts depending on the issue that they had resulted from. The existing press conference questions could be used, and be far less annoying and boring simply because they are rare. In the bottom area you have a summary of the club and the standard of their media department. There is also a description of the reputation of the club and how this ties in to the expected level of media interest. This would be one of my favourite screens when taking a small club up to the top level. It consists of a world map (copied from the Scouting Knowledge) that would represent the reputation of my club in a visual way. Essentially it is the "Home" and "World" reputations, but expanded so that I have a reputation in each country. (The popularity spillover feature from Total Extreme Wrestling could be a cool mechanism to try and replicate here.) On the left of the map you have a figure for global kit sales and social media reach. In my head you can then click on a country and this information on the left changes to be relative to just that nation. Below that you then have Belgium as being "on the rise" and South Korea as seeing a "possible decline." This could be because Lukaku is doing well, or we played a pre-season tournament there or something. South Korea could be declining because it's been a long time since Park Ji-Sung. I would just like to finish by saying that it is obvious that managing Man United and managing Nuneaton come with very different experiences of the media, particularly in terms of impact. In lower leagues there is only so much interest that there will ever be in your club and in most cases achieving more than 50% media interest may be almost impossible. However, how sweet would the feeling be to perform a huge giant-killing as part of a momentous and against-all-odds cup run, and suddenly realise that your club was on everyone's lips? What a boost to the reputation of the club that could be... What a boost to your own personal reputation it could be.... Thanks for reading!
  14. Here is my interpretation of the 'Current Issues' screen. My feeling is that it looks too busy so just focus on the information rather than the appearance. At the top you have the Press Officer giving a brief summary of the situation. In this case you can see that she is saying the same thing that appeared in the summary in the Overview screen. I also added a small '2' icon (much too small it turns out) to the Press Office tab to show that there is something in there that needs a response. The summary of each current issue is split into two main sections. First you have the Topic and the level of interest, as before, followed by a brief summary of what the issue is and an assessment of the overall concensus. Below this you have a log of significant events that have in some way contributed to the situation. I've filled these boxes to demonstrate the kinds of things you might see, so you'll have to ignore the continuity errors. In this example we recently beat Man City 5-1 which appears in green to represent its positive impact. Alongside mention of my poor reputation and experience you can see that "a club legend has spoken out about my appointment." This is in a darker red to indicate that it is more severe, and in some ways a "special" event. It was probably Gary Neville. Secondly you have a brief summary of the impacts of the media's coverage of the issue. In the bottom right of this box there are links to 'Board Confidence' and 'Dynamics.' This is because there are a variety of ways that the media can potentially impact your club, some of which relate to the board and some of which relate dynamics. The first bullet point indicates that the board don't like the cub receiving coverage which is negative but as they have just hired you it's no problem for now. Bullet points 2, 3 and 4 show that the issues could impact on individual players and on the factors listed on the Dynamics screen such as "Dressing Room Atmosphere" and "Managerial support." The last bullet point is positive and shows that one of my players has reacted well to the situation and is determined to fight for me. In situations where this attitude was the main one within my squad then I could manage to introduce a "siege mentality" which would harness negative reporting as a unifying force within the club. Ideally no situation would be innately positive or negative, and different Issues and levels of interest would suit me at different times. Thanks for reading, I'm off out. Happy New Year.
  15. Here is my interpretation of what the Media Digest screen could look like. Again there are quite a few things hinted at in the screenshot. The first sub-section is on the left and is a breakdown of the hottest topics currently being discussed throughout the media. This shows a few different topics with each highlighted as green, red or grey depending on the overall tone of the reporting of that story. In the TV & Radio section you will see that Charlie Adam's violent conduct is being talked about negatively. Assume that Charlie Adam broke someone's leg with a terrible tackle in a match that happened the day before. Mirroring this you can see that Charlie Adam is a hot topic on Social Media, where he is also being discussed negatively. This sort of thing could happen with a variety of significant match events as shown by "Paulinho vs Getafe" being a trending topic on Social Media, presumably with videos of his amazing goal being shared. Clicking on a topic would allow you to see more in the panel on the right. In this example I have clicked on Yinke King-Williams in the Social Media Topics (indicated by the white tab,) and this is what I may see: This would include a brief summary of the Topic and the Media source, a brief description of the overall issue and a familiar pie chart showing the overall sentiment. In the right hand box there would be a cool little elaboration on the story, in this case a specific tweet made by someone who looks like a Man City fan. What I think is really important here is the number of retweets and likes, as this would vary and give me an idea of how strong the wave of ridicule was at that moment in time. If you clicked on "Paulinho vs Getafe" then what you see could be a tweet praising Paulinho, or it could be a "youtube" video of the goal itself. Clicking on "Charlie Adam" may also show a tweet being abusive towards him, or perhaps it would be a video of the tackle, or perhaps a tweet from someone wishing his victim well. Hopefully there could just be lots of small possibilities that could surprise me. The final section would show who the most popular and most criticised people or clubs were at any given time. In my example I've used Ivica Strok, but depending on what is happening in your game the Darling and Victim would change over time. For example if a Leicester situation were to unfold then the Media Darling may be that entire club. You may see characters like Kane, or Kante, who have their turn at receiving huge amounts of praise from all quarters, or characters like Balotelli or Joey Barton who are never far from being the public enemy number one. You can see that alongside the Media Description there is also a Social Media Description. This would just be a little bit of a fun and could hopefully have a slightly more light-hearted set of descriptions. Thanks for reading, and for the comments.
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