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  1. I feel for the most part people have been reasonable with their conversations. But the reality is many of the complaints about this game, and specifically the match engine, have existed throughout the games entire life cycle. I'm not going to repeat those complaints because lets be honest they exist on every page of this 42 page thread, and pretty much every other feedback thread. The comment about how a lot of people are playing it so they must be enjoying it is the sort of comment EA would get ripped to pieces for. I don't put SI on that level though, not at all. On a human level I completely understand just how hard it must be to be able to balance out everything on the ME, especially when every single person ( especially in this forum) will have different complaints which'll often contradict. It can't be easy. However as a customer, I look at a game that feels to have been stagnating for the last few years, that introduces new big features (club vision) which feel shoved in, and in a completely different manner to what the game actually seems to be moving towards. I made a post about this the other day. It's one of the first features they revealed for this years game, and ultimately its been a massive let down. It'll be another one of those things that's going to take time to work properly. The problem is it feels like everything in FM requires a few years to get tuned properly. Yet every new game adds another feature that requires more years to sort out. FM21 will probably introduce something else that doesn't work as intended. So for me I won't be buying the game on release anymore. I'll wait to see people's feedback and whether the ME and the off field antics are actually in a good place. The loyalty I had of making FM a definite purchase each year just feels a bit worn out at this stage. Ultimately I realise your post was about communication. It seems the only communication we've had this year is "things take time across multiple games", which is understandable, and true. I'm going to listen to that communication, and wait until they give us a game that's fantastic before adding FM to my must buy list again. Maybe we'll get lucky and FM21 will give be that game. I hope it is!
  2. The ME has rightfully taken a lot of criticism this year, but I feel like that's left the god awful club vision largely unscathed. It baffles me that SI have clearly moved towards embracing the dynamic aspect of football what with having a panel literally named dynamics, and how important it is to your save, and yet we get the absolutely black and white club vision. An aspect of the game that literally refuses to react to anything that happens in your save, that ignores all context and for whatever reason ignores the complete package. Taking an Everton side that was predicted 10th to fa cup winners and 8th place, only to get called into the boardroom for failing to achieve the expectation of making us the best of the rest is one of the most ridiculous things to happen in any FM save I've had. Previous games were superior at judging your season as a whole, and were superior at so much else too while we're at it.
  3. Why do people make claims like this lol? What good would it do for SI to force their paying customers to lose to ghost goals?
  4. Yeah sorting through what's a legitimate concern and what's not must be the hardest part of taking feedback from this thread. We've had some say the game creates no good chances through open play meanwhile others are saying they create plenty of chances but the finishing on the game sucks. Another example would be how some think you just need a high gegenpressing system to win, while others have pointed out that teams who play defensive seem far too good at just keeping the ball. Personally I do think the game relies on the same few ways of goalscoring (set pieces and backpost crossing mainly), and the ME does, imo, seem to weigh all pressing related attributes too highly. But who knows what's truly going on with this ME?
  5. It baffles me because I swear a few fm's a go it was working fine. I've seen my assistants dipping into the under 23's on FM20 and it's like... mate get the first team sorted before you start handing out games to players in different squads.
  6. Why does it feel like assistant managers do everything in their power to ensure your players turn up to the first match day with absolutely no match sharpness? It feels like it's got progressively worse with every new FM. You can set all the guidelines you want (e.g play the ones needing some match fitness), they'll still be absolutely useless at it. Obviously the easy 'fix' for this would be to manage pre season games yourself, but I still feel like that's no excuse for the assistant whipping no one into shape.
  7. Their fix for this would have to be really carefully balanced imo. People already think high pressing is a bit too effective (and it probably is), but then would they bump up the risk taking of the defensive team, and would that make teams a bit too weak defensively? I see it being particularly delicate issue to balance out.
  8. Press conferences are often a load of nonsense tbh. Aside from the repetitiveness which can't be avoided, some of the actual questions themselves are ridiculous, especially the ones that look at previous records and all that. "You've failed to score past Alisson in your previous three meetings, why do you find it so hard to get past him blah blah blah" because Liverpool batter us everytime we play as they're top of the league and we're in the bottom half. "Who do you think will get relegated this season?" has that question actually ever been asked in a press conference lmao. Imagine Guardiola turning round to a journalist and going "Norwich cos I reckon they're crap." I'd love just getting new questions that don't focus on the superstitious nature of FM.
  9. The Mezzala feels like an absolute cheat code for this. Positions himself perfectly from overloads to have a clear crack at goal.
  10. @Zemahh, that's exactly what I have done, and the results speak for themselves. My Stoke side conceded just 1 corner in 46 league games last season, with that goal coming on the 44th match day. We conceded 2 from IFKs, and 0 from DFKs. We also romped our way to about 13 corner goals, so in that sense I do think set pieces may still be an issue. You can 100% stop conceding set pieces, I've seen it myself. The AI, however, can't. Tbf I've also found I've got my AMC doing incredibly well. 8 games into the Premier League season where we're predicted to finish 17th and he's got a 7.59 average rating, and we sit in 3rd. This ME is wonky, and the attacking play does lack, but you can absolutely work your way around that.
  11. It's funny I read this having just loaded my save. Just got promoted with Stoke, and they've added 'Play defensively solid football', 'play possession football', and 'make the most of set pieces' to the club vision. I can only imagine this has happened because we had the best defence in the league, the highest possession numbers and scored the joint most goals from corners lmao
  12. It's very close, but for me De Baas's anticipation, bravery and concentration being far superior would give him the edge for me. Estenssoro has plenty of time to take over when De Baas fully declines.
  13. Processed after a game and pretty much everything changed. League table changed to the finances, manager performance moved completely to the far right, contract expiry dates appeared, pending transfers was also a new one that appeared. I can't even remember the ones it got rid of lol. Loaded up an old version of the save and it's completely changed on those too, weird. It's literally just changed again after another process.
  14. Anyone else had their home page panels completely change randomly? Updated related maybe?
  15. I've used two systems, I edited the second one in. I'm also not sure what only having two roles set to attack would have anything to do with it. It's a 4-2-3-1, I think sticking another attacking role in would be absolute suicide lol
  16. I'm currently using this system. I used a different one last year to get impressive results but ran out of time to stay up. My width setting changes regularly, depending on the opposition.
  17. Maybe because this isn't the final version? We've had a public beta that included ME changes, and they released 20.2.4 which was solely a ME update. Unless I'm mistaken and they've said otherwise, we could easily see another update for the ME. I'm sure this is the most updates and post game support we've had for an FM before.
  18. I've seen a lot of people talking about how we should just go back to the FM17 engine as if that's the way forward, and I don't think it is. "Teams come out and give you a game" and for the most part got absolutely battered because they weren't smart enough to sit back, and even if they did the defensive part of the game was as such they ended up getting rolled over anyway. This community asked for a smarter AI for years, and these are some of the steps the game has taken to improve that aspect. Again, I agree the attacking part of the game isn't where it should be, but it's also not like it's impossible to score goals. Teams are harder to break down, but the game still allows for plenty of goals. People are acting like the previous FM's were some glorious creations when they were equally as frustrating. My FM19 save with Napoli resulted in practically no one coming forward against me and it was boring at times (especially when Juventus at home sat back with everyone except a 37 yr old Ronaldo in their own half), and it was an absolute pain in the arse to break them down, but that's the the development that people have been asking for for years. Again the question remains, would people on here rather have an AI and a tactical creator that doesn't allow you to have a set up defensive system like FM19 provides? Hard disagree on this tbh. To act like what we've got now doesn't provide us with a far more refined defensive system is silly imo. FM17 gave you a defensive line and closing down instructions. FM20 gives us defensive line, LOE, defensive width, pressing down urgency, as well as the transition options of instantly regrouping upon losing the ball to solidify shape, or counter pressing to disrupt your shape. We have so many more options now, and it's a far better system than that of old. All teams are using it because for the most part all teams like to get compact and narrow and force balls into the box where they feel comfortable defending crosses. Atletico Madrid did this to Liverpool just last week.
  19. I don't think massive tactical tinkering is needed, provided you've got a solid tactic in place. The majority of my changes will be switching width settings in order to stretch the opposition or narrow to focus down the middle. Any other changes will be LOE and defensive line, but those I usually go to during the game, not before. Apart from that, 1 or 2 roles might change but for the most part everything is the same. Your system should suit your squad, and if it does so you shouldn't need to be making massive changes every game.
  20. I find the comparison's to fm17 quite irrelevant in a way. The introduction of LOE and the likes of defensive width have given us and the AI far more defensive options and ability to make our teams more compact etc. as well as the fact the game is 3 years old, defensive movement has obviously been improved in that time too. Do I think the attacking side of things is at a good level at the moment? No, I don't. But would I rather stick with the defensive options we've got now and hope to see attacking movement also get improved? Absolutely. That's my ideal FM. Reverting back to the FM17 ME would set the defensive side of the game back years.
  21. Anyone finding the ME is blaming the wrong player for mistakes? Had two recent incidents that suggests somethings up with it. First one was from kick off, the ball gets passed to my DCL, he turns and passes it to the DCR... who proceeds to dwell on the ball, gets tackled and it leads to a goal. For some reason the game tanks the DCL's rating and he goes on to have a poor game. Second occurrence was my LB passing to the DCL, the DCL gets tackled after dwelling on the ball, the striker runs through and scores. The game blames the LB, his rating drops and he goes on to have a poor performance. This isn't a case of an under hit pass or anything, the players in question will hold onto the ball for numerous seconds, get tackled but the game doesn't register it as their mistake. They don't face any rating drops, and it doesn't affect them for the rest of the game.
  22. While I agree with you that people have to accept that the match engine has limitations, I think a lack of through balls (in the style of possession football) to be a rather big limitation. Essentially my issue with it boils down to midfielders with "take more risks" hard coded into their game simply not actually taking any sort of risks. For example, a limitation I've largely grown to accept is cutbacks. Guardiola's City side scored so many goals from getting back post tap ins last season, and that sort of goal is gold dust in FM. That's a rather specific move though, and I can understand why that would be difficult to put into FM. But an entire play style is a different story for me. I'd like to clarify that I don't think it's impossible to win with this style or anything like that. I agree the match engine isn't broken. You can have a lot of success with any sort of style on this game, as long as your tactic makes sense. My frustration is the match engine often doesn't seem to interpret your instructions well. A team built around creative midfielders playing through balls wont score those types of goals, instead they'll dominate the ball and score via set pieces, or goals that develop from throw ins. The pre patch match engine was like this, even play out of defence didn't stop one of your CBs lumping it forward like prime Jerome Boateng to find a striker through on goal. The issue, for me at least, isn't that the ME is broken. It's that it doesn't interpret certain styles well atm, and so it makes your tactics feel like a waste of time.
  23. I think I'm definitely going to have to give the public beta a go, because what we've currently got is beyond frustrating to watch. The build up in every highlight just feels like you're waiting for whichever player decides to hoof the ball for an actual chance to be created. You can feel it coming too, A few passes will be played before one of the players in the backline turns into prime Xabi Alonso and launches a pinpoint 60 yard pass to put someone through. It doesn't seem to matter if your defenders have good composure, they're still smashing the thing long even if your instructions suggest to do otherwise. Good chances don't really feel like good chances. I don't react when my striker goes through 1 on 1 anymore, because he's most likely smashing it straight at the keeper. You're more likely to score from your players being crowded out than you are from going through clean through. This one feels like a problem FM has had for a while, with what feels like too many good chances resulting in an unrealistic amount being saved. This one could be confirmation bias, but the sheer amount of highlights that seem to start from throw-ins close to the byline, or set pieces in general perfectly sums up the games current state imo: no creativity whatsoever. One highlight will show your most creative midfielder outright refusing to play any sort of clever through ball, and then the next your CB will have the vision and technical ability of Messi to play a ludicrous over the top through ball. It's a frustrating experience because it seems quite a lot of us have been waiting for a ME that allows for a bit more build up play, and for central players to really shine, but the evidence suggests that might be impossible to achieve, but at least previous FMs found a way around it that wasn't just putting a bit of Jerome Boateng in every defender in the game lmao. Oh well, we wait for another update. For now I'm going to give the public beta a chance to see what I think of that.
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