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  1. It is in the instructions though. An attack duty has "gets further forward", a support doesn't have anything and a defend role has "holds position". There might be a few outliers but for the most part it's there.
  2. May I ask why not? At the end of the day, it's essentially deciding who you want to bomb on immediately, who you want to support transitions and who you want to hold position. I don't think it goes much deeper than that, and seems to be a fairly simple concept in the game.
  3. I've got 73k player count with about 10 playable top divisions (and some second divisions), have I left myself a bit thin in terms of the balance of how many quality players will be generated?
  4. I've only just seen your edit, but do you not think there's a slight imbalance there? It's not like he has no interest in re-signing with us, in fact he's very interested. Him and his agent have stacked it so much against him though, it doesn't even seem like they've leveraged the two clubs against each other. He's tried to take us for all we've got, but with Arsenal it's like he's accepted the minimum. A quick look at their squad shows 3 squad players earn more than him, one of which is on 60k more. I'd argue we're quite similar as clubs, and I'd go as far to say we've been more successful. Yet he's entered our negotiations like he's in their prime , and theirs like a player on his last legs. You have to remember the 190k was only due to the length of the contract too. The player appears to have lost out in every aspect, and his happiness is already showing that he wants to feature more in the first team. I have no issue with him going to Arsenal, my issue is that from a negotiation standpoint there appears to be no link from one interaction to the next. It was the exact same with the other player I mentioned. "I want to win titles... however my contract is running down so I'm off to Leeds United." These things should be consistent when they happen.
  5. The lowest I offered him was a regular starter. When I offered this option though I was met with that horrible orange dialogue box demanding you make an acceptable offer. What's interesting is that when Arsenal did offer a contract, I decided to see just how much he would want from me. "My client would be willing to take a pay cut in turn for a longer deal" this apparently didn't apply in the Arsenal negotiations either. I'm less bothered about the contract and his transferring itself, but more so how these interactions are clearly not linked to the wider world on FM.
  6. Sorry, I thought that was included on the contract page. He's on a contract as a squad player on a 1 year contract. I believe it to be inexplicable because he's on a reduced squad status to what he'd have been on here, less money, and with a less successful club. I've been at AC MIlan for a decade, and in that time Arsenal have qualified for the Champions League twice. We've qualified for it every season, and we just got to the CL final in which Juventus defeated us. I realise the Prem will be seen as a stronger league, but I don't think that half a star difference should override pretty much every single other aspect of the contract negotiations.
  7. I've raised my thoughts on this issue before, that I think FM has gone too far down the road of making every interaction a complete slog, and more importantly there's no interlink behind how things work. It's like every player has Mino Raiola as an agent. I've just had the most egregious example of it in my save. Here are the contract 'negotiations' I've held with my captain (well, former captain) over the last 12 months. As you can see, he wants to be a star player, he wants to play a certain role, he wants us to win a cup and he wants us to strengthen in a certain area. I've refused these negotiations, because I no longer see him as a star player and his demands in general are silly. The lowest I've offered him is a regular starter, and this is always met with the "make me a good offer or I'm off response." After all these demands and negotiations, I see Arsenal offer a contract. Intrigued, I decide to accept the initial promises stage and come to see he wants 190k a week. I back out and let him go to Arsenal. Inexplicably, he's decided to accept this contract from them. A full on pensioners contract. Madness! This makes absolutely no sense. There's simply no link between these things in the game. Players appear to be extreme prima donna's for no reason other than to force you into strange interactions. Another example is Maurizio Martini, another player I lost on a free. He came to me demanding a title challenge before signing a new contract. I was phasing him out at this point anyway, so I agreed to the promise as that matched my ambition. With a few months left he decides to enter negotiations with Leeds, while refusing to even negotiate with us due to being unhappy (the promise was obviously still ongoing). He decides to sign for Leeds on half the wage and a reduced squad status. Where is the link between things? If a player's ambition is to win titles, surely that should stay consistent for all negotiations he enters? I understand there's been a shift in FM over the last few years to give the players more power to represent real life, but immersion is broken when there is such a clear disjointedness about it. Interactions appear to exist solely in the interaction room but play no part anywhere else. Koroma is apparently "very close" to me and holds me in the highest regard, but not close enough for there to be a proper dialogue about realistic contract demands? Something that was clearly registered when he negotiated with Arsenal and accepted a far inferior contract? I have 20 LOD, an attribute that in theory should deter players from coming to my door with issues. They still turn up every other week demanding new contracts despite only being about a year removed from their last one. It's been taken to extreme levels. I'm sure there are some coaches and players out there who have interactions that don't end with the pair wanting to throw each other through the window by the end of it. I'm interested in other people's thoughts. I'm all for making the game more difficult in a player power sense, but it has to be consistent with the wider FM world in your save. Unfortunately, often times interactions feel like their own little mini game in which the player who enters plays the role of an antagonist for 5 minutes.
  8. Which is absolutely why they're rarely used lol. No one on the last few versions of FM are aiming to stay with a low block. The end goal for most people is a high block, high pressing system. I'd say from a personal standpoint, I can't remember the last time I used a poacher. I'm always looking for a bit more from my striker, and for the most part I play with a 1 striker system.
  9. I've always felt like it's less a CA/PA thing and more a reputation thing, which is probably why as other people have said you find them buying some older players later on into the save. It's probably a balance between the two.
  10. I'm all for the more intense focus on squad harmony and dynamics that we've seen developed in the last few versions of FM, but it has no make sense and I find some of the situations to honestly lack common sense to the point where it becomes silly to deal with. To provide an example, I'll take an 18 yr old striker who signed a contract with the promise of being loaned out. I accepted offers from numerous top divisions sides (his CA was around Serie A ability according to my high rated coaches), however when a Lega C team made an offer I rejected it due to the obvious low level of competition. He then gets unhappy that my promise is broken. He is now quite literally on loan at La Liga side Granada, starting every game, and is unhappy that the promise was broken. What compounds the issue is there is no way of saying "I rejected this offer because I've accepted an offer at a more suitable level". This would be the logical response, however the best we get is some shoddy "I don't think your development would be best suited there". You can't address the issue at hand. I find the transfer market follows a similar pattern. One of my young wingers wanted to go to Real Madrid in order to have a better chance of winning the CL. Absolutely fine and makes perfect sense. Obviously I told him to stuff his ambitions and refused to let him go and he moved on... now a scout from Watford turns up for a few games and he is reported as being "desperate to make the move happen", and all I can ask is why exactly? For context I am at AC Milan. We're not in the European elite (albeit 2 CL quarter final appearances in the last 3 seasons suggests we're making our way up there), but we're certainly closer to it than bloody Watford. Managing your squad and their happiness should be a skill, but I find a lot of scenarios we're dealing with absolutely illogical and it's more akin to just avoiding whatever nonsense is being flung at us on a case by case basis. Don't even get me started on the latest unsettling option clubs have. Just send your scout to watch someone a few times and the player will suddenly be gushing and desperate to join? Give me strength.
  11. Why does the analyst appear to do absolutely nothing during games, up until half time when he reveals all of his magic tricks? This is about the only screen they offer anything mid match, and even then it's lazily done. Clicking 'show opposition team' in actual fact shows your own team. Attempting to show your own team shows the opposition team, however apparently none of your staff members can remember the oppositions player names, so you're left with just their shirt number. Is it their average positions? Off the ball? with? on average (which is my guess)? Are there any helpful screens, mid match, that offer advice from your staff members, or at least allow you to look a little more in depth at things?
  12. I believe it is one of the goals on this FM just we sort of have to deal with. Overloads and switching play are obviously incredibly dangerous IRL and in game, and unfortunately the game just sort of naturally creates this from the throw in position. I see a lot of it on my save, and I'm not really sure how to combat it at this stage. It just feels like your FB on the other side is particularly vulnerable and simply struggles to deal with it. I'd love it if someone has a solution, because it's incredibly frustrating seeing the same pass played over and over.
  13. I thought maybe this was the situation. I can understand that these clubs will have the best players, but surely the condition of looking for hot prospects should imply the importance of looking at smaller clubs first. It's flawed in my view.
  14. So I'm 6 seasons into managing AC Milan having joined quite a few years in the save, and part of our club vision is to sign players aged 23 or younger to develop, and I'm more than happy to go with this season as our transfer budget is around 30-40M most seasons, and quite a bit lower than what Juventus and Inter can pay. The problem is my scouts appear to be incredibly poor at actually finding realistic targets. They are too focused on the elite of the world, and quite obviously any great young player at these clubs are going to cost a ludicrous amount. We need to sign them before they make the jump to a massive club, not after the fact. The scout I have sent to France has quite frankly used the assignment to get himself a PSG season ticket over the previous few seasons. He has turned up to see Stade Rennais, as an extreme example, very rarely compared to PSG. He is unaware this player exists: As I said, this is an extreme example. This player would be very expensive, but he hasn't even been scouted, probably because Geoffrey Moncada has been busy watching Kylian Mbappe's twilight years. I mean I can't blame him too much, the lad has won the Ballon d'Or 6 times. This theme follows throughout my scouts assignments. One of my spare scouts who was sent to Central Europe has watched Real Madrid the most, at 10 times. Obviously central Europe is vast, he's not going to be able to see as many matches and I wouldn't expect him to. But by contrast, he has been to see Groningen just once. I manually just looked at their U18s squad and found a 4.5* PA striker, another player who hadn't been scouted. Am I missing something? Is there an option or a condition that I've missed that would make scouts more effective? It would be ridiculous to expect them to find every good youngster as easily as it used to be, I understand that, but surely there's a way of being able to send a scout over to France and not have him just watch PSG walk the league every season? Hope to find a good solution for my current predicament!
  15. Have to say I really do hope they have a rethink when it comes to the matchday experience in terms of widgets etc. I understand why certain things were done but at the same time it makes a lot more frustrating than it needs to be. You should be able to see the second an opponent changes formation, and while the dugout can be handy I find it updates pretty much as a highlight will start - at that point it's possibly too late to make a worthwhile change. The removal of the timeline is strange to me too, I guess I just don't see a need for it.
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