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  1. Have to say I really do hope they have a rethink when it comes to the matchday experience in terms of widgets etc. I understand why certain things were done but at the same time it makes a lot more frustrating than it needs to be. You should be able to see the second an opponent changes formation, and while the dugout can be handy I find it updates pretty much as a highlight will start - at that point it's possibly too late to make a worthwhile change. The removal of the timeline is strange to me too, I guess I just don't see a need for it.
  2. I think the games problems really do get highlighted when regens kick in. They're like superheroes. I've got a winger right now who's 6'1 with 16 acceleration. I don't think there's many fbs in the game who'll be able to cope with him lurking at the back post. Still common at the beginning of the game of course, but regens come in and it sticks out like a sore thumb. re: regens. I'm happy to go with that thinking, but it has to come from the AI too, and I think that's where the game lacks for me. Their decision making is absolutely horrendous and it's hard to see a point where they'll be
  3. Having just completed the 2031/32 season, I think I'm at a decent point to sum up my thoughts on certain elements of the game. Match engine On the whole I'm a fan, it's not as dreadful as last years version and you can see actual progress from what we had last year. Players on attack duty will happily attempt risky through balls in order to break down a defence, and I've seen some cracking passes played that we absent from the previous games. I'm seeing a lot more of variety in my own attacking play, whereas last year especially it felt as though no matter what you did you had to suf
  4. My biggest frustration right now is trying to work out how to defend from throw ins. My team are fine in transitions, we're fine going forward, but defending in our 4-4-1-1 causes numerous issues. I am petrified anytime a highlight starts from a throw in because it's probably going to lead to my players being skinned and losing players in the box. Player ratings, especially for my FB, is becoming annoying purely because I've had enough of the same smug reporters asking me why I didn't take my RB off for being *****. He's not that bad lmao.
  5. I've just reached my second season and so many teams haven't been able to register players for the season? Leicester and Newcastle have both been relegated and currently sit near the bottom of the Championship with squad registration looking like this: I've played Milwall who have had a similar issue and I've signed Glatzel and I can't register him until January despite him signing well within the window of registration. On further inspection, every team in the English divisions have the same issue.
  6. My Sheffield Wednesday side sit in 9th after 18 games. Here's to hoping my tactics weren't relying upon some hidden weakness in the ME! Happy FM release day.
  7. There's no specific position he's advising you about. It's just the games away of saying if you want a defensive set up then you should consider having that many defend duties on the pitch.
  8. Nah fella I'm with you here. I've only played friendlies and a Carabao cup game with my Sheff wed save, but it was a weird feeling not being able to just have all the info available. I understand the logic behind it and it is sound, but my first few games on this beta felt like I was more of a spectator than a coach. I'm sure I'll get used to it in time and that feeling will go away, but my early thoughts were that any changes I made would just be me going in blind as opposed to using information I could place on the screen. It's an adaption process, but with how fantastic the rest
  9. I'm here for the ME feedback. Come on lads share some good stuff over the next few days!
  10. Feels bad as someone who hasn't focused on gegenpressing tactics this year. All the focus on attributes, getting in the right player, making smart decisions for your tactics (or at least what you hope are smart decisions) meanwhile people are getting ludicrous success picking any old default gegenpress tactic and getting 40 goals from Phil Jones lmao. Disappointing.
  11. Extremely hopeful the next headline feature will be titled 'The death of gegenpressing.' Absolutely cannot be arsed for another FM where players with 12 workrate run around like they're Arturo Vidal and the ball is an alcoholic beverage.
  12. You're already doing a few things I'd expect to see you using (BPD to play balls over the top, Winger on attack duty to take advantage of aggressive wing backs). You could probably look to change the ST to an advanced forward, get him proper high up against the CB's and make it a risk for them to press that high up. Who are his CBs? Do they have the acceleration and pace to deal with it? You might look to play with wider attacking width too, as the wide areas are going to be exposed quite heavily. You could use pass into space. He'll be leaving plenty of space on the pitch, bo
  13. They mentioned it in one of the blogs and anyway, the ME is one of the main parts of the game. It shouldn't need to be said that they're going to be working on it - they do every year. We've still got plenty of time to see videos etc. dedicated entirely to the ME.
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