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  1. Why do people make claims like this lol? What good would it do for SI to force their paying customers to lose to ghost goals?
  2. Yeah sorting through what's a legitimate concern and what's not must be the hardest part of taking feedback from this thread. We've had some say the game creates no good chances through open play meanwhile others are saying they create plenty of chances but the finishing on the game sucks. Another example would be how some think you just need a high gegenpressing system to win, while others have pointed out that teams who play defensive seem far too good at just keeping the ball. Personally I do think the game relies on the same few ways of goalscoring (set pieces and backpost crossing mainly), and the ME does, imo, seem to weigh all pressing related attributes too highly. But who knows what's truly going on with this ME?
  3. It baffles me because I swear a few fm's a go it was working fine. I've seen my assistants dipping into the under 23's on FM20 and it's like... mate get the first team sorted before you start handing out games to players in different squads.
  4. Why does it feel like assistant managers do everything in their power to ensure your players turn up to the first match day with absolutely no match sharpness? It feels like it's got progressively worse with every new FM. You can set all the guidelines you want (e.g play the ones needing some match fitness), they'll still be absolutely useless at it. Obviously the easy 'fix' for this would be to manage pre season games yourself, but I still feel like that's no excuse for the assistant whipping no one into shape.
  5. Their fix for this would have to be really carefully balanced imo. People already think high pressing is a bit too effective (and it probably is), but then would they bump up the risk taking of the defensive team, and would that make teams a bit too weak defensively? I see it being particularly delicate issue to balance out.
  6. Press conferences are often a load of nonsense tbh. Aside from the repetitiveness which can't be avoided, some of the actual questions themselves are ridiculous, especially the ones that look at previous records and all that. "You've failed to score past Alisson in your previous three meetings, why do you find it so hard to get past him blah blah blah" because Liverpool batter us everytime we play as they're top of the league and we're in the bottom half. "Who do you think will get relegated this season?" has that question actually ever been asked in a press conference lmao. Imagine Guardiola turning round to a journalist and going "Norwich cos I reckon they're crap." I'd love just getting new questions that don't focus on the superstitious nature of FM.
  7. The Mezzala feels like an absolute cheat code for this. Positions himself perfectly from overloads to have a clear crack at goal.
  8. @Zemahh, that's exactly what I have done, and the results speak for themselves. My Stoke side conceded just 1 corner in 46 league games last season, with that goal coming on the 44th match day. We conceded 2 from IFKs, and 0 from DFKs. We also romped our way to about 13 corner goals, so in that sense I do think set pieces may still be an issue. You can 100% stop conceding set pieces, I've seen it myself. The AI, however, can't. Tbf I've also found I've got my AMC doing incredibly well. 8 games into the Premier League season where we're predicted to finish 17th and he's got a 7.59 average rating, and we sit in 3rd. This ME is wonky, and the attacking play does lack, but you can absolutely work your way around that.
  9. It's funny I read this having just loaded my save. Just got promoted with Stoke, and they've added 'Play defensively solid football', 'play possession football', and 'make the most of set pieces' to the club vision. I can only imagine this has happened because we had the best defence in the league, the highest possession numbers and scored the joint most goals from corners lmao
  10. It's very close, but for me De Baas's anticipation, bravery and concentration being far superior would give him the edge for me. Estenssoro has plenty of time to take over when De Baas fully declines.
  11. Processed after a game and pretty much everything changed. League table changed to the finances, manager performance moved completely to the far right, contract expiry dates appeared, pending transfers was also a new one that appeared. I can't even remember the ones it got rid of lol. Loaded up an old version of the save and it's completely changed on those too, weird. It's literally just changed again after another process.
  12. Anyone else had their home page panels completely change randomly? Updated related maybe?
  13. I've used two systems, I edited the second one in. I'm also not sure what only having two roles set to attack would have anything to do with it. It's a 4-2-3-1, I think sticking another attacking role in would be absolute suicide lol
  14. I'm currently using this system. I used a different one last year to get impressive results but ran out of time to stay up. My width setting changes regularly, depending on the opposition.
  15. Maybe because this isn't the final version? We've had a public beta that included ME changes, and they released 20.2.4 which was solely a ME update. Unless I'm mistaken and they've said otherwise, we could easily see another update for the ME. I'm sure this is the most updates and post game support we've had for an FM before.
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