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  1. Extremely hopeful the next headline feature will be titled 'The death of gegenpressing.' Absolutely cannot be arsed for another FM where players with 12 workrate run around like they're Arturo Vidal and the ball is an alcoholic beverage.
  2. You're already doing a few things I'd expect to see you using (BPD to play balls over the top, Winger on attack duty to take advantage of aggressive wing backs). You could probably look to change the ST to an advanced forward, get him proper high up against the CB's and make it a risk for them to press that high up. Who are his CBs? Do they have the acceleration and pace to deal with it? You might look to play with wider attacking width too, as the wide areas are going to be exposed quite heavily. You could use pass into space. He'll be leaving plenty of space on the pitch, bo
  3. They mentioned it in one of the blogs and anyway, the ME is one of the main parts of the game. It shouldn't need to be said that they're going to be working on it - they do every year. We've still got plenty of time to see videos etc. dedicated entirely to the ME.
  4. I like the sound of these features, but I'm praying they actually impact the game in the right way. Let the recruitment meeting actually mean something and be something I want to go through. Don't let it be something where I can quickly click through it and then go off and do my own thing as soon as it ends anyway. Let the staff give some actual good recommendations. They have for too long been largely useless when it comes to providing help, let this game be the start where it's actually vital to have good help in the backroom staff. And if it improves the AI's use of the transfer marke
  5. Right but those who are pre-ordering now are going to pre order it regardless. The decision maker will have plenty of reason to pre order in the following weeks as there's still over a month until release date.
  6. All of you wondering about COVID, I'm fairly sure Miles has already tweeted saying it won't be in the game as FM is meant to be an escape from reality!
  7. While I see that POV, the truth is if I looked at it like that I'd still be wasting my money on fifa too. At the end of the day people want to enjoy the game and feel like they've got their moneys worth out of it. For some that'll be just sheer hours of play, but others will at want to have a good ME experience. Personally I've found FM 20's match engine to be one of the most boring to watch in a long time. Wingers for every team look like they're coached by LVG and refuse to dribble, midfielders refuse to try risky passes, strikers miss a ridiculous amount of chances (albeit this ap
  8. It's a bit of both though. While they might be a bit wider, more importantly it means your players will look to pass it to the wingers too.
  9. A lot of people are focusing on the complete lack of thought towards defending, but I'll provide another option for you which seems more in line with your thinking. You could drop the LOE a notch, keep the much higher D line but start the press a little bit further down the pitch. This'll make your team more compact and will leave your team at least a little bit closer together so there's not as much playable space. It might even help with your passing a bit.
  10. To follow on from this (of which I agree with it all btw), I think this years ME in particular has been susceptible to numerous 'exploits' that just so happen to be common in the world of football irl. Previous FM's, especially years ago, you had to do wacky nonsense like field 3 strikers to proper exploit the ME. On this one, even something like a really high press feels like an exploit imo. In my current save I've won Serie A with a standard press, standard LOE and just generally a less intense approach when it came to hounding the ball back. I won the Prem with a highler LOE with a sta
  11. This looks good! I assume you think I'd be overspending on the other one.
  12. https://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/computing/laptops/laptops/asus-tuf-blue-a15-15-6-gaming-laptop-amd-ryzen-7-gtx-1660-ti-512-gb-ssd-10205355-pdt.html are we talking along this sort of line or am I massively overpaying for what I'll actually be using it for do you think?
  13. Other than just the usual Netflix, unlikely. I'd maybe step into some other games too but I'm planning on getting a PS5 when that's released so that'll probably be my main console.
  14. I might not enjoy this years game all the time but it's given me so many hours of enjoyment and great moments, and that's even with one of the (imo) weaker releases. So thank you for making this great game, and thank you for providing a bit of relief from all the crap that's gone on in the world over the last few months! Keep up the great work guys.
  15. Alright fellas, I'm after a new laptop and might even consider switching to a gaming PC, but I thought I'd start by looking at new laptops. Budget wise I'm happy to go to from around £800-£950. I'd like to actually see what a smooth FM match engine looks like lol because every laptop I've ever had has made it look incredibly slow. I'm looking at the HP Pavilion already linked here a few pages back, but if there's anything better I'm willing to look at it. Is there anything that anyone can recommend I should definitely take a look at? Everything just looks like random letters a
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