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  1. did you guys know steam are saying 8th November release date, not the 19th ?? now the question is....do i buy it ?? i can't seem to get into it like i used to pre 2010 !!
  2. so this file works even if you edit the database ??
  3. damn it...i made a bald headed bearded man, thought i had save it, now my avatar has ginger hair and clean shaven. damn it. might have to start again
  4. for some reason mine didn't save and i started a game with a random guy not the balded headed bearded man i made (just like me lol). can i change his appearance without starting afresh??
  5. this is why i am not sure if i should start with my beloved City....damn don't know who to be lol
  6. As a Hull City fan in exile till we get taken over, does anyone know if we get taken over in the game and how soon? Want to start a new game soon but Can't bear working for the Allams ! ! #AllamOut
  7. this all sounds great...think i'm gonna force myself through and give it a proper shot ...i always find pre-season to be arduous which doesn't help me get into the game properly. also starting at Hull City i was really struggling to find any decent back-up RB, LB and CB to help with our injury crisis.
  8. maybe i should. i want it as sim as possible so i have always thought the classic version was a cop out almost. i remember your name dave like ten years ago when i used to be extremely active on this forum when i had a previous username and was addicted. i see you are still here...you play the full game?? also someone else posted about average ratings seemingly being too tied to goals and assists....always a massive bugbear of mine that
  9. i think i read this forum too much, see the negative comments and think oh i will wait till bugs etc are ironed out and then never bother again lol....i should stay away from here !! suppose i just need it selling to me in glowing terms. i come to this from someone who used to be seriously addicted and a former researcher for Scarborough AFC (RIP). i have the beta right now but again i played through to the 1st game of the season as Hull but it just doesn't seem to grab me...i want it too !!!
  10. as a CM player since the very beginning but a lapsed FM player for about 8 years (yes i have had each edition but it has never quite gripped me like it used to...have not done more than a season for a good few years) i would like to know what the general consensus is on FM17...had a quick look through the thread but can't get a overall feeling. is it mostly positive?? really want to get into it again this year but i dunno there is something about it that doesn't draw me in like it used to.
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