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  1. how flipping ridiculous is this ??? locking the ability to have attributes masked....ridiculous!! yeah it costs 99p to unlock but really ??? come on SI cut out this ****
  2. FFS....just been on sort it out si and they have the real name fix for FMT by the way
  3. every year i buy FM and every year i struggle to get into it like i used to in the 90's and 00's....intriguied by FMT...my issue is can we upload facepacks, badgepacks, real name fixes (zebre) etc etc. also wish we could diable brexit (in game and IRL lol) ??
  4. This is the thing... Back in the late 90's early 2000's I would get through 20 plus seasons... Now the most I have managed in the last ten years is 3 seasons... I just find everything so laborious
  5. on FMT can we upload things like the logo, facepacks, brexit fixes etc etc ?? i have found that every year i buy this game and just can't get into it anymore...and i have been playing since day one early 90's
  6. so these are now unavailable...are they in the steam workshop or anywhere else ??
  7. They need to change the abbreviations for the teams... Who is playing in this screen?
  8. Just wondering how the board expectations fare into this... Do they take into account Brexit not happening? For example in England you would be buying British and developing homegrown talent but with no Brexit it is not as important?
  9. To the user testing the fix on steam... How does this affect club vision? Are they based on the ai expecting Brexit to happen?
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