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  1. We had the same problem here : https://community.sigames.com/topic/540274-substituion-trouble-made-6-subs-on-5/?tab=comments#comment-12798631 But no one answer
  2. Hi. The game shows the same match more times. Is it possible to correct?
  3. Players like Lewandowski, Alaba, Muller, Neuer, Hummels, Reus, Brandt, L Bender, S Bender, Schmelzer. Shultz, Goretzka etc. These are some examples, but there are plenty more which in my opinion you should check, especially in top teams like Bayern, Dortmund and so on
  4. I just would like to know why so many german players and players playing in bundesliga have set on their career plans "does not want to play in Italy". I don't think this is fair and correct, especially without any evidence or proof. First of all that's a big limitation to the transfer market, second Serie A is no way lower reputated than Bundesliga and third i think it's wrong such a mass edit of this setting. It could be set for one player, maybe a couple, but not entire teams, that's totally unrealistic
  5. In Italy we are updating also now if something is not correct before day 1. I'm asking if it's possible to update his CA to make the game more correct as possible
  6. Hi, why Jony is 146? I think 146 is too high for him, he deserves 138/139. What do you think about that?
  7. Hi, why Moise Kean is still 127? He started very well this season and he plays with his National Team. 127 is a CA not for him. He should be 135/136. Is it possible to correct before the day one?
  8. I read about 53434534735143545345 messages last year about to add the possibility to disable 1st transfer market but why it isn't add? In FMM There is and in FMT no. That's crazy
  9. There isn't any synchronyze buttom on Ios FMT. Why? How can I play with my FMT PC game on iPAD? It's impossible
  10. @Lucas Thank you! What about the possibilities to have the 1st transfer market window close in FMT like FM and FMM?
  11. Would be perfect for next year make the possibilities to choose 5 and not 3 nations so people can choose the 5 big championship (SPA ENG ITA GER FRA) also on iOS and make the transfer market more realistic
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