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  1. I do feel that central strikers are getting more chances in this ME. Are the wide strikers weaker than FM20 though? I played a season with AP(A) on AMR and AML under Attacking mentality and they defend so deep that they are juat infront of the Full Backs. I suppise only RM, WTM and IF(A) will stay up front to receive long balls?
  2. I have only finished one season so far but I have noticed strength in fm 19 has much more effect than in fm 18. In the away game it used to be a lot more prone to mistakes in passing. But I built a team with all players on field having 17+ strenth (except keeper) and in away games I struggled a lot less than I use to be. When fighing for 50/50 chances and defending in the box, strength really helped. That season is in beta so I have to see for 1 more season for sure.
  3. I am glad that someone would be interested in where these things come from The two inspiration are pretty self-explanatory. If I put the two inspiration into formation , the 5-0-5 shape is the only one I would use as explained in the passage. So what are left to be deiced are roles, duties, mentality, team shape, TIs and PIs. The heavy workload came from these as I did a lot of fine-tuning with roles, duties, TIs and Pis. But before these details, or even before the two inspiration, is the one question that every manager needs to ask themselves: what is the ultimate football? If fo
  4. OI is part of the tactic (although its a pity that it cant be saved in a tactic file). If I am playing high press, I will set tight marking on the targets that I want to press. If I am not pressing then I dont use it. If you are talking about the PI manmark, I only use it when I play wing back positions and need them to track back to mark someone on the flanks.
  5. I have noticed I have a Bournemouth save that fitted point 1, 2, 3, 4 and half of 5. Pretty solid conceding numbers considering the defender's quality. 1. Used underlap instead of overlap. With underlap, when attack enters the final 3rd the widest it could go is at the side edge of the box. 2. Defensive winger is very static and does not push forward in attack. It is the pivot for underlapping while also providing very solid flank defense; the flanks are never outnumbered. 3. Fuild team shape. 4. This team pushes forward and overload the midfield with shee
  6. Inspiration is actually my only way of playing FM, not in the sense of replication, but actually setting up a team base on specific central ideas. I have more than 20 saves of inspiration, but under this challenge I want to share my most recent attempt that is the hardest attempt I have ever made in FM 2018. There are two inspiration that I have taken are: 1. Use Libero (partly inspired by the discussions around). 2. Play no midfield. This actually felt like an anti-inspiration, where I am trying to discover whether midfield is really as necessary as general perception. I
  7. Accurate runs for set piece set up is one of the things we havent got yet. For now we could only choose a zone for our player to attack in set pieces. If we could accurately pinpoint the attacking run route and destination with accurate timing ( i.e. order of players runs), set pieces could be much more dangerous, just like in real life football (how many set piece goals in world cup lol).
  8. The clear difference is, target man has an inherent "hoof the ball mechanism". For FM18, I have not find a way for the ball to go into the air and land in the AM area. Early Cross or Cross From Byline will land in the box, Pump Ball Into Box will land the ball near the opponent central defenders, Clear Ball To Flanks will land the ball into wide areas. The closest thing is is More Direct Passing, but it is so uncontrollable since 1) the AM will not be the only target, and 2) the ball might go on the ground instead of in the air. So playing A player with aerial presence in AM in FM1
  9. I did have PIs: - Move Into Channels for ST, AMCL and AMCR. Depending on the player you could take Move Further Forward for AMs for attacking runs. - Shoot Less Often for both Carrileros and both Full Backs to make sure players without the ability to shoot do not shoot. - Mark Tighter for both Carrileros, both Full Backs and the Deep Lying Playmaker for pressing reasons. - Shorter passing for both centre Backs, both Carrileros and both Full Backs to make sure less gifted players wont lose possession. - Stay wider and Cross From Byline for both Full Backs for Quality Cr
  10. I just have a go at this challenge as I have not set up any tactics for poacher since FM16 and it is a lot of fun. Here's a bit of sharing: Club: West Ham Final Ranking/Seasonal Expectation/Media Prediction: 1st/ qualify for euro cup/ 10th Team Stats: Rank 1st with 94 points, 111 goals 40 conceded 94 points, 4 draw 4 loss Poacher: Javier Hernandez Poacher Stat: 33 Appearance 33 goals (3 penalties), 8 assist average rating 7.55, Top Scorer of the league. Tactic: 4-3-2-1 Christmas Tree Here are the thoughts I go for when setting up the t
  11. I (probably only me) desperately want these roles: 1. DM that would drift wide in attacking phase 2. AM that would participate more in defense phase 3. Target man in AM Can I have these for my christmas present this year?
  12. I used 2 wide target man (A) with West Brom 4-1-2-3-0 wide and got 2nd in premier League (4 teams over 80 points including mine, what a pity). Wide target man is used becuase attempts in playing 2 TM(A) never ends well for me, so i deployed 2 narrow WTM(A) instead. WTM is much better in 18 than 17 or 16 by my obervation of watching full matches. Lukaku has a little bit of base in winger position and can be trained as wide target man if you wish to. Though I seriously doubt that would satisfy your wish xd
  13. I managed to get target man(s) working, at least to a level of satisfaction, in fm 17 I tried career with Ibrahimovich-Man Utd as well as fantasy draft with Lewandoeski etc. Draft usually gives very small gaps between different teams, so i think its more tacticaly relevant to me. I use 433 narrow in all TM(s) situation with 2 advance forward helping him. I will never consider i am at disadvantage (or "too direct" if thats what you are thinking) if i have a good target man, becuase after all if my target man is winning header most of the time, then i would want him to play header as m
  14. eple is right. I just checked my 16 save and Eriksen is getting 274 key passes a season lol. Other players a the top of the table are also getting 200-ish. So if the number of key passes went down from FM16's 200 to FM17's 30/40, it means that they changed the counts for it, and probably the definition of it. I think that is good news, but if they don't tell me what is the definition of it, I can't exploit it. Or can I find the definition in the game hidden somewhere?
  15. Is that experience from 16 or 17? As i remembered I used a similar tactic from 16 but did not get those numbers. I got my Chrsitan Eriksen to get 94 Key Passes in 30 league games , averaging 3 per game, so something is happening? That is quite sad because it is one of the 10 stats highlighted in player overview tab of the league. If it is true then it is the only one that is useless in those 10 stat.
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