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  1. You are playing a very aggresive mentality with a fairly attacking formation too..your right flank is extremely exposed with Raum who stay forward and not helping defensively,also u have a BBM whos is arriving late in opposition third and a WB-sup who is aggresive too.if u want to keep the width in right flank u could use a wb-def to reduce his attacking mentality and also provide width and sometimes overlap the raum.Remember u are using a very aggressive mentality which means all base mentality of ur team is attacking which also means tha get higher at the pitch and using a verry aggresive def shape with higher lines.in ATT mentality u can have it already.its a bit overkill to me..remember also when using att mentality defender tend to play shorter passing and attackers direct so i dont think u need Play out of defence because it makes ur build up more slower and pattiently..this is my advice for now..if i can help a bit more feel free to ask
  2. the way i see it i think it would be better to increase ur def line a bit to decrease the gap between defence and midfield because i saw a gap.so the def line will be more close to ur midfield and to opposition forwards.in fact u dont have players in dm position to naturally lower ur def line a bit and is a bit hard to defend better with ur cm position even i have dlp-sup and cm-def.also u could try to use ur cm to dm position to increase ur defence stability and starting lower this will increase space to your amc to operate better.for example u can use a volante to give u lateral movement in offence.thats my advice and we will wait @rockpie to help you better
  3. well @pheelf tnx again.agree with all your suggestions.now about wingers work rate no its not good thats why make them tight marking just to try to return back more frequenlty. also i've noticed that my wingers shoot all the time outside of then when they have choice to cut the ball to my ST or nearer player...
  4. hello @pheelf and really tnx and appreciate your responce well lets get to point now you are absolutely right about what to expect.with these teams i had more troubles,they were playing much deeper and i was unsuccesfull.something i tryed was to reduce the IF duty from At to Sup to starting deeper.maximized the width to open them more and increased the tempo to higher trying to move them quickly and possible disorganize them.and removed the counter coz the space wouldnt be available honestly i didnt know it about when winning possesion i would counter even the situation wasnt for counter,so i will disable it and tick it when expect a team to attack me?about gk i chose it thinking that will give the ball to defender or to fbs.maybe try to distribut to fbs but if enemy see it and mark them? i left it to normal def line and LOE because i wanted start to press when they come to me.not higher LOE because i will break my shape and a better team will pass the press easily.so if i had chosen higher LOE then i must increase higher def line too to press as unit and not leave gaps.and one question to this..if i choose higher LOE when win the ball my players will be higher right?so then i will not have much space to attack? well first of all im not happy about my team playing and i think the most problems are about ME issues that atm i dont enjoy fm20,anyway to the point.i like how he bombs forward and he arrives to final third,hes taking nicely into the space out wide but...i dont see crosses,he keeps the ball a lot and delay and sometimes he loses the ball or give it back diagonal to carilero.but the positive is that he gets into the space out wide.every time when he gets in situation for cross i pause the game and looking whats the problem.and i think the basic problem maybe is against deeper teams who has deep line narrower and much players arround of my ST and IF.maybe thats why or is it an issue of my player of ME.cant understand yet well its a bit comlicated with this role and duty.at first i want a support and bit defensive with the IF-at in front of him.but sometimes when we are in possesion and the IF cuts inside he was ovelrapping then and i didnt want this coz we would be exposed if lose the ball and changed him to defend duty.also to see why this happend i checked his ppms and he hadnt get forward.so again dont know why. yeap overall i would definatelly choose another roles in mid for variety if i had one winger and an IF but now that having in wings two roles that cut insides i need to employ different roles that wont occupy the same spaces with wings,otherwise i would select Anchor man,cm-su and cm-at.so about carilero im not happy too but as i mentioned in starting post with these ppms he would get some goals for long shots and he did.u say that i can select a role who can attempt more risky passes.is it anyone with hardcoded more risky passes exept playmakers? well at my left side im happy how they work together.but i would like my IW when he have the ball before he receive the ball start little narrower but its ok im happy even if he starting wider and like how he attracks oppositions fb and some times CD or DM and leave nicely a huge space that my FB takes in hmm hes is a false 10?well the same as IW he stars quite wide at the start of the phase but even it the ball is playing in left side i noticed sometimes hes quite wide too.now thats makes me thinking probably is ME issue or the role in fm20 designed a bit differently.yes i expect him as a goalscorer but i dont see it atm.i choose Alessio Cerci for this role.u can check him and tell what do u think.hes not super quick but i think hes quality for this league and finally last role.well well i know that he isnt a creative role like DLF,F9 etc but he doesnt have move into channels to move wider but lot of times do it and there is no one in the box.i checked again his ppms and he doesnt have MIC.if i had a more agile,dribbler,passer,vision and of the ball player i would definately play F9.the player i use most times has ppm to past his opponent if i rember correct.wich isnt bad i think. well thats for roles,and atm im not happy overall with the tactic even i started quite nicely and beat in 2nd phase in cup a serie A team (sampdoria i think)then struggling most with deeper teams and not only this i dont like the way we playing.only left side works as i want to.luckily i beat again a serie A team in cup anyway i would be happy if u can advice me more. and about tight marking in wingers i added in purpose to make them track back and defend especially IF who has attack duty Tnx again for help and advice @pheelf
  5. hello guys im trying to builld this tactic with Salernitana and this is my shape and roles im trying to make it work Let me explain my thinking : Mentality: Balanced,i choose this because its neutral and i have 3 players upfront,so i dont want compress the space more higher.i want these 3 players to have space in front of them to use it and draw the defence more out. In possesion: i picked only play Wide because i want my team be more wide when attacking trying to strech a more bit the opposition and use a bit whole the pitch. In transition:i picked counter why i want when we win the ball to attack immediately and with balance mentality i will be sitting more deep so i can take advantage of space.Now i didnt choose counter press because i dont want press when i loose the ball firstly i dont have hard workers players and dont want leave gaps in my shape.im in serie b afterall and predicted 9th.dont have strong squad at the moment.Also i picked my GK to take short kicks to whatever choice he thinks.i dont have comfortable defenders to pick them or play out of defence. Out of possesion:and finally out of possesion just added more press because i dont want to be completely pathetic at marking.and with balanced mentality im sitting a bit deep so thats why.if i would choose positive mentality maybe my team could press more but this would have as result in possesion my team would be more higher in the pitch and more risky but i dont want this. These are about my TIs and now let me tell you about roles decision. after saw my players decided this would be the shape we will play,i have nice LB with nice crossing,good mentals and good physical atts that i wanted to see in pitch thats why added him as FB-A to get forward and cross often. in midfield im quite speptical how to build nice combos and my players in my team i could have opted a playmaker but i dont want a ball magnet and disturb my attacking play.so i opted for a simple DM-de to protect my def line,press a bit and help in possesion i chosen carilero in left side to cover my attacking FB and also this player has nice long shots and PPM shoots with power and shoots from distance which surely get some goal in season now on the right side i picked a simple CM-sup to be all rounder like defending supporting the wing,recycle possesion and most impontantly dont get in the same way of my IF-At.thats why i didnt use a more deep attacking player now on attcking TRIO i want my IF to be my goalscorer so i've chosen a PF-sup upfront and the reason is he doesnt have move into channels hardcoded.i dont want my ST moves wide,want him centrally to keeps DCs with ,drops a bit and leave space for my IF to operate and get in chances and on the left side i picked and IW-sup because my players are capable with these atts and also wanted him to drift inside and make space for FB-At. Well this is my thinking and also IF and IW has sit narrower and tight marking as PIs any advice or thinking would be thankful
  6. i have tried this exactly but with play out of defence and it seems working..but why u are not selecting play out of defence?also what are u doing when they have possesion in your own half?do u press them?
  7. @FMunderachiever i dont like to play to passively thats why i was thinking about press them a bit as result will have more time on the ball and imagine i have the best Aggresion,desicions,determination and vision in the leauge at comparison
  8. @Rashidi tnx for your advice,well i dont want to change my roles to take advantage and bypass them.i want to stay to my formation and roles i picked,dont want to adapt to my enemy.im trying to find ways to escape from pressing or their time on ball without been stucked in my defence.do u think any of my thoughts can work in these situations?
  9. @Lord Rowell tnx mate i will try it.im in serie A btw and my player are good mostly on determination,agression and some good technicals.although i tried sometimes to press my opponents with higher line but doesnt work coz my players arent superb atm and for shape u said play 4-1-4-1 for more stability
  10. hi guys i wanted to share some of my thoughts about stuggling against stronger opposition..i have two examples to give me some ideas to try: 1st is how to react when opponent press me hard? 2nd is how to react when opponent have me in my own third and attacking me and has the possesion? well before u help me let me share my "logical thoughts" about these situations..so to the 1st example would be better to avoid that press using higher tempo in attempt to move the ball quickly and try to avoid that press and find the enemy unorganized?maybe qicker tempo and shorter passing ?or quciker tempo and put a notch my atck width wider to stretch them and maybe tire them?(i play balanced mentality) and to the 2nd example maybe to increase my close down a notch?or with increasing press shall i increase a notch my def line to higher to try to step out a bit of my own def third?lowering a bit my LOE to be more compact to pressing? well i really dont know how to adapt and sure you will tell me "dude why dont u try it and see?" i know guys i have but honestly i cant see clearly whats happening in field so to understand the impact of TIs.i dont have the terrific experience of amazing @herne79 to spot issues in game. tnx in advance guys
  11. nice thinking and tnx a lot hmm maybe change to a more direct passing coz i play bot heavy formation in order to send the ball in front trio faster
  12. nah not klopp style :P lets say i wanna counter atcking style what shall i do?btw with these simples changed i mentioned before seems working.. the whole point is if have chosen correct the roles and a help to understand better the locked PIs of some roles so when i decide to build a tactic,not select roles that get each other on same way
  13. well i selected POD to avoid kicking long balls and higher LOE for help start my pressing higher and their own half.coz i like press not for possession style but i want to be aggressive,energetic and not sit back and watching them to play their game and waiting when they do the mistake to win the ball back
  14. tnx all of you guys for advices i will try some changes..the point is if i can understand what role does and im not mistaken. so i will try to put in my cm-sup PI hold position to cover a bit my left side and remove the higher engagement to normal and high def line and pick counter in transition coz my formation a bit bot heavy.. and about the style i like @Experienced Defender is the pressing to win the ball back,but not staying back and waiting them to press.i like to press them in their own half so they dont have time to build from back and my defence has easy job to take easily the possesion after press..also why u say when u look at my TIs seems some sort of possesion?coz of play out from def?
  15. hello guys well im trying to build a tactic with roles combinations and understand some of the roles locked PIs.. here is my tactic im trying to make it work,and at the moment stuggling hard im a bit confused on how to build the right combos,for example i dont know what role shall i choose for atckng trio.also i want some variety but as i mentioned i struggle in league,maybe i built wrong my setup or bad players but the isnt bad at all and media prediction is 5th.anyway my thinking is i like to play with an IF and the most logical choice for ST is some role that drops deep to leave space..but noticed at his locked PIs(drible more,get forw,cut inside,cross less and take more risks)which means through balls if im right correct?so if choose an DLF-sup for example then for which player is gonna play that through ball my IF?so im thinking for a more spear type of ST like AF,Poacher to take advantage for through balls and also hold the opposite def line deep to let my IF to drive inside with more space.now my next concern is the Winger as i said i wanted variety and i know that Winger stays wide,run wide,cross often etc.so again i choose Winger and DLF then for who is gonna cross if my DLF comes deep?that why chosen AF.then if choose AF then i think i lose the link between of mid and atck..so confused guys..shall i choose two IFs and a drop deep role in ST but then i lose variety.. if u can help me im all ears guys trying to understand if i dont get the roles locked PIs or i dont have good players to make it work thanks in advance!!
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