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  1. @_Ben_ my word what a save again!!thank you for all this content,massive helpufl..wonder if u can tell me how can u see these atts (prof etc)
  2. can anyone please fix the pictures?i love that thread and almost read it again when trying to build a new tactic. @Cleon if you are still here i wonder if you can do this favour plz
  3. Hi there buddy,well done for your job.amazing results and i like your thinking,i will give it a try with my youthfull team i have a couple of questions. well im confused about filters because i cant see nowhere,not in player search neither in squad view. Also do you give any priorities in attributes?for example when you are searching for a player you set dribbling higher than other atts?and what about TFR?sorry dont get it and my english is bad u have a certain base of all atts min? And lastly this set of atts to me is kinda only for attacking players (AM,ST and probably for M
  4. tnx @Cadoni for responding,actually i know that and im doing lot of friendlies..But what training scedule would be good for increase it faster?
  5. How to increasy team cohesion quickly?especially in pre-season?
  6. You are playing a very aggresive mentality with a fairly attacking formation too..your right flank is extremely exposed with Raum who stay forward and not helping defensively,also u have a BBM whos is arriving late in opposition third and a WB-sup who is aggresive too.if u want to keep the width in right flank u could use a wb-def to reduce his attacking mentality and also provide width and sometimes overlap the raum.Remember u are using a very aggressive mentality which means all base mentality of ur team is attacking which also means tha get higher at the pitch and using a verry aggresive de
  7. the way i see it i think it would be better to increase ur def line a bit to decrease the gap between defence and midfield because i saw a gap.so the def line will be more close to ur midfield and to opposition forwards.in fact u dont have players in dm position to naturally lower ur def line a bit and is a bit hard to defend better with ur cm position even i have dlp-sup and cm-def.also u could try to use ur cm to dm position to increase ur defence stability and starting lower this will increase space to your amc to operate better.for example u can use a volante to give u lateral movement in
  8. well @pheelf tnx again.agree with all your suggestions.now about wingers work rate no its not good thats why make them tight marking just to try to return back more frequenlty. also i've noticed that my wingers shoot all the time outside of then when they have choice to cut the ball to my ST or nearer player...
  9. hello @pheelf and really tnx and appreciate your responce well lets get to point now you are absolutely right about what to expect.with these teams i had more troubles,they were playing much deeper and i was unsuccesfull.something i tryed was to reduce the IF duty from At to Sup to starting deeper.maximized the width to open them more and increased the tempo to higher trying to move them quickly and possible disorganize them.and removed the counter coz the space wouldnt be available honestly i didnt know it about when winning possesion i would counter even the situation wasnt
  10. hello guys im trying to builld this tactic with Salernitana and this is my shape and roles im trying to make it work Let me explain my thinking : Mentality: Balanced,i choose this because its neutral and i have 3 players upfront,so i dont want compress the space more higher.i want these 3 players to have space in front of them to use it and draw the defence more out. In possesion: i picked only play Wide because i want my team be more wide when attacking trying to strech a more bit the opposition and use a bit whole the pitch. In transition:i picked counter why i wa
  11. i have tried this exactly but with play out of defence and it seems working..but why u are not selecting play out of defence?also what are u doing when they have possesion in your own half?do u press them?
  12. @FMunderachiever i dont like to play to passively thats why i was thinking about press them a bit as result will have more time on the ball and imagine i have the best Aggresion,desicions,determination and vision in the leauge at comparison
  13. @Rashidi tnx for your advice,well i dont want to change my roles to take advantage and bypass them.i want to stay to my formation and roles i picked,dont want to adapt to my enemy.im trying to find ways to escape from pressing or their time on ball without been stucked in my defence.do u think any of my thoughts can work in these situations?
  14. @Lord Rowell tnx mate i will try it.im in serie A btw and my player are good mostly on determination,agression and some good technicals.although i tried sometimes to press my opponents with higher line but doesnt work coz my players arent superb atm and for shape u said play 4-1-4-1 for more stability
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