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  1. @Jambo98 tnx a lot mate and excuse me i read it quickly 4-2-2-2 dm narrow (with wide mids) or 4-2-2-2 DM AM narrow?
  2. @Jambo98 count me mate if u can..also only in spain we can manage a team?
  3. Season progress : Well im already playing season 2 in german B division and i want to show how im going at the moment Media prediction: Absolutely obvious for a new promoted team although the table speaks itself.... What can i say ?im so happy for all hard work im doing to learn more and be better in tactics and stick to my believes and plan..Lets take a look in team details Tactic: As you can see shape remains and the only change here is the CM-ack now is BBM because i changed my FB on attck and wanted more stability in right side Reason of role changes: CM-atck -> BBM coz i didnt want to lose the support and direct running to my DLF.with bbm running are more lateral but its ok coz i have the FBs running too on the right side for support,plus the player in bbm position has PPM get forward and get into opposition area FB-supp -> FB-atck coz the player i have here is more of an atcking fullback and wanted to make use of theses attributes
  4. im glad you liked it its the first time im doing this so tnx for your words well lot of TIs mate hehehe looks like a mess but i will give it a look and tnx a lot for your advice
  5. i know already this mate and tnx for your advice but i prefer to implement my style and build on that
  6. no actually i dont wanna play counter game,actually i want play more pressing game from the front.but now to got promoted i need what players i cant get and see if i stay in same style
  7. hello community this time i decided to make a more informative post to my new tactical experiment.the last days im trying hard to be better and learn more about tactics as tactics is my favourite part in game..im very bad at tactics and this didnt let me enjoy the game,so i took the decision to spent time to dig more in testing and oberving things as my eyes allows it and capable of doing this as i have told you im terribble to tactics and especially spot issues and most of all to fix them..Also the most important i need to mention is to give MANY thanks to @Cleon and @herne79 for their amazing stuff here and lot of time i re read their topics for refreshing and learning..ok lets get to the point now.As im a lover of LLM management this time i picked a team in 3rd german division After analyzed my squad i decided that shape fits to my players(also this is my favourite tactic irl ) A very simple tactic and not something special in roles coz at the level i am i dont want to overcomplicate with roles that my players cant fit.At the moment im absolutely happy as it seems im on good way of undestasting a bit about tactics.later on i will talk about some issues im managing and hope that u can help me to undestand why these happening and how to fix it,of course i will tell my opinion about how i see the issues and if u want correct me Well this was media prediction And this is my current place in league..i know lot of you maybe will tell "Your team is predicted 6th so is not big achievement to win the league or get promoted" and maybe you are right,but trust me guys for me it is.dont forget im newbie at tactics so for me its big achievement and joy for starting learn some things. Tactical Issues : these was the best part for now,we are amazing in league and im very happy at the moment.although i have noticed some struggles against some opponents formations like 4-4-2 flat , 4-1-4-1. these formations have their wingers in midfield strata ( MR, ML) , so when play against them almost draw or sometimes lose.these formations cause me lot of troubles.well i will explain now how i see these "issues" In this example we lost the ball and opponents MR starts attck as u can see he has lot of space to run into..here i observe my IF on the left starts tracking back to help in defence,instead of track back he stays on opponent RB which i dont want to do that coz its not a threat at the moment.so the result is tha DM has to leave his position and mark the MR leaving space behind him,unprotecting the defence and leaving my CD 1v1 with ST.. Here little further forward in move for our good luck my DM puts pressure on him and he gives the ball back to the DR,hoping us to return quickly in defensive transition but look again the space in front of my defence and the opponents are running into..ALSO the most important check my IF again..he prefers sto stay to DR but i dont want him there,i want him in front of DR and close to MR.. Again to the continue of the move the DR has the ball putting my DM in the middle of DR and MR..if he plays to ST automatically my DM is off..look my If again how high up on the pitch he is..maybe its happening coz hes on atck duty..well these were some of examples i see in game when play against these formations.. So why this is happening? these are possible issues and fixing to the way im seeing it : 1-> i think this is happening coz the opponets takes advantage of my gaps between my Fbs and Wingers and put players there like MR and ML..for example behind my AMR and AML so they can have space and its difficult to mark them.coz AMRL focusing at opponent FBs and my FBs must leave their positions to mark them and this leaving space of their back and the worst scenario they drag out wide my DM SOLUTION HERE? -> i could change role,duty or even place my AMRL in MRL strata but i dont wanna do this.i want stick to my plan and shape. the second i could do is to change duty or role,(remember playing to my strenghts) and the IF-atck is one of them) SO if could change him to IF-sup maybe he would track back but..whos gonna atck the space in front and score? 2-> the second way is to change mentality to cautius to make my team sit deeper in a hope that wingers mark them?i dont think so coz i dont want a passive role and plus my IF still would be placed higher on the pitch coz atck duty.i want to press high on the pitch thats why i have Much high def line and LOE 3-> the third im thinking is what would be if chosen to give PIs tight marking or even man marking to my IF?if i put tight marking will he mark tight the DR or the MR?if i put man marking the MR would result my IF to come really deep to mark but when i win the ball how he manage to reach his duty and atck all the this distance upfront? 4-> fourth and last im thinking what about LOE if i lower its a notch will result to def little deeper or only affects his starting press? well this is view to all this thread!!i hope didnt tire you and bore you all guys Thanks in advance and really sorry for my bad english !! END OF SEASON League Table : Player of the Year : Top Goalscorer : Not bad for my IF right ? Team of the Year:
  8. exactly this set up trio was thinking about.take more risks means more direct passes or some kind of though balls?
  9. what can i say???im so glad that finaly enjoy my tactic...
  10. allright regista to be more efficient needs free space in front of him?in my 4-1-4-1 dm wide for example can work with 2 mc in front of him?
  11. tnx mate can i ask u something about regista? is he so aggresive role as volante for example?he demands a very strong setup or atts set?
  12. U mean we must have on this side a hard working midfielder helping to absorb some pressure of the flank right??
  13. tnx for your advice mate well when start new save even if have a plan in my head i always fist season adapt to my current players and almost never make transfers first season unless i have serious problem in a position and mostly free transfer coz playing in lower leagues.so as slowly proggresing ill start to build my plan (tactic) as for position green circles i dont pay attention,as long i play the game more i like to do lot of notices.i pay more attention now to attributes than ever before,in this save i bring some players with atts needed and retrained them and worked nicely.for example i took a dmc and retrained rb and a creative mid to striker and worked very good.so @Cleon were right about that any player can play erverywhere just bit differently now im in 2nd season in serie A and i like that things working well and slowly proggressing.the only thing that concernes me is the match sharpness...i dont understand why when i dont use some players for 1-2 matches they drop it so quick and dont know how to manage it.any help to that?
  14. tnx @Rashidi appreciate that and by the way i watch your staff but sometimes i dont understand everything coz of my bad english yep im trying to spot things..for example if an opponents wb attcks me,iif i would change my wb on def and my winger on atck would make any possible exploit?
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