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  1. My mistake that didnt notice,im not building a laptop.building a desktop,i have a friend who is technician but im trying to get the best advice.yep i bought this ram and planning next buy an ssd or processor..my friend advice me an i-3 core
  2. max 500 euro and i already bought this ram RAM HYPERX HX426C13PB3/8 XMP HYPERX PREDATOR 8GB DDR4 2666MHZ
  3. hello guys i need a strong advice plz..well i have a laptop to do my stuff and play fm but now i decided to build a pc .its gonna be "homework" pc so the only thing i do in my laptop is just surfing on internet and play lot of fm!!i dont wanna waste lot of money coz fm is the only game i play and as i know fm doesnt have a big requirements to play so can u suggest me a build plz?i wanna run fm with load of leagues and database so it wont run late im greek so ill buy from greece.if u get what i need plz suggest me a build tnx a lot
  4. well my thinking is that when the dlf drops opens space for my if and cm-atck or bbm.also the cm support whos playing little deeper from the cm next to him i suppose he distracts the dm to go close down him,coz i dont have amc to distract him.thats my thinking and i dont know how to do it working
  5. Tnx mate i will look it later coz its very important to know strengths and weaks.with my above setup u think i set it wrong?
  6. Tnx for responding,so if i have a dlf dropping deep and the opposite have one or two dm he will not drop deep?and if the most teams in my league playing with dm shall i change st role and put a role tha sit higher to keep defence high and leave space for mids to work that space?
  7. i want to play like i set my fomation..e.g i've set winger on amr coz i need width and crossing to far post for my if to score.considering dlf drops deep and take defender with him but he doesnt do this.if i put if-sup on amr and cm-atck to mcr slot doesnt go the same space with amr if?with anchor man im happy coz i need him as shield in front of defence and give simple passes to teamates.i have bbm coz i think he goes forward and helping with defence instead of cm-atck but maybe im wrong.and put cm-sup for moving around this area and offer simple passes.the prob is that they dont link well with attckers.thats my main issue for now.also concending lot of goals from passes inside my backs and back of my dline.but my line isnt high coz playing standard mentality and generally my midfielders and def is a bit of passive.they dont press,i know i dont have them to press and the reason of that is im playing lower lvl league and dont have good players.and thinking if i set them press they will leave their positions and have bigger gaps.
  8. i know mate i've read it..but still struggle.with above info i written can u give some advices?what do u think im doing wrong?
  9. hello guys this formation is my favourite and always struggle with it :( ..trying all the time to make it work with my little knowledge about tactics and need your help/advices to make it work :D.i know that you will tell me read all useful info around here etc,trust ofc i did coz i dont wanna bother you all with stupid questions here.trying to get the point general so to learn better tactics..well lets get to the point..im using the formation like this : gk fb-atck dc dc wb-sup anchor bbm cm-sup winger-sup if-atck cf-supp i ve read all topics from @Cleon and theyr all usefull absolutelly but dk how to make my issues work... Also playing standard-flexible so i've noticed these issues..having problem with my cf,tryed him as dlf-atck to come deep and make the distance smaller coz we have hole in middle for better connection.for example when my mid and winger had the ball most time dlf didnt help for building,he was high at top so have supp for him to go forward.other i noticed is that i tried a playmaker for making him supplier(thought so :P ) but didnt want coz hes a ball manget and when some times arrived better opportunities for atck they gave the ball to my dlp so changed to cm-sup.also i noticed i play too high some times and dont have space to create.my cf ,if and winger are all a little stuck to opposite dline and i dont know why coz im playing standar mentality and no TI or PIS.and dont wanna change lower mentality coz i think i go more passive and dont wanna play counter style.thats it guys.aprreciate any advice tnx and apologize for bad english :D
  10. these are not available just some screens from here.the staff picture is from fm16
  11. hmm probably u are right..i dont bother to play to 85% but i can see if it work with 95%
  12. i ve download the base dark skin from here..so can u tell exacty the steps to do that?its an opportunity to learn
  13. and the only thing i have to do is to copy this panel and paste in dark base?
  14. i know that mate if i knew how to do it trust me could never ask for help..anyway about skin vitrex i thought to do this but i know vitrex is for high revolution so how can i make it for 1366x768?
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