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  1. Some great looking regens here. Jealous!
  2. Hi all,following on from the update today, my player pictures have disappeared but my megapack files remain in the same place. Please advise.TIA
  3. Good work on the thread @stevemc Season 1 Transfers out - Like most, I started the season with the hope of shifting the "dead wood". Matic, seemed to be the only player I could drum up any real interest for, out he went for 9 mil to Guanzhou. Rojo and Bailly leaving on loan deals to Wolves and Marseille respectively. Unfortunately, Lingard picked up an injury that ruled him out for the season, and a move away from the club. Mata & Jones were unwanted by myself...….and everyone else. Transfers in - With a purse bursting at the seams, I had high h
  4. Could someone tell me how to post a youtube vid, to appear without a link to click? Ta
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