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  1. White screen after launch.

    @Felix Wilkie I think I've done this right. DxDiag.txt
  2. White screen after launch.

    Hey @Felix Wilkie, yeah just in windowed it seems, full screen runs fine.
  3. Hi, as I launch Fm17 it opens in a windowed box, completely white; unable to close by 'Xing' the window. I've had a browse around and saw that deleting my preference folder would help. It did....to an extent, FM would load, but I cant have the interface windowed. It just goes back to white screen!! Also, I keep having to validate FM files in Steam otherwise it just doesn't load. Any help or advice? Cheers.
  4. I had a similar issue. Try going into steam, Fm17-properties-local files-verify integrity of game files.
  5. A Centre Back

    Marcel Tisserand.
  6. Looking for a Center Back

    No problem
  7. Looking for a Center Back

    Have a look at Marcel Tisserand, signed him for 8.5m and he's stayed with me from a mid table EPL side to champions league winners, absolute rock.
  8. FM17: West Ham Utd - Fortune's always hiding

    Looking forward to this. COYI
  9. English player for DM and IF(left foot)

    Eric Dier for DM?
  10. In the 5 games he's started, has he had many shots? SOT? Where are the shots being taken from?
  11. Your most effective playing style.

    Very similar to yourself. Possession is key for me. They can't score if I have the ball right? 4-1-2-3. My halfback drops into a CB role, leaving my CB's to form LB/RB and my FB's performing like traditional wingers. I average 62% possession.
  12. Ive just seen a blindin' bit of commentary. "And hes scored on his birthday, that's gotta be one of the best presents he received" TBf that may have been in older versions but ive never noticed.
  13. Were there no other right backs you wanted? Jesus, 200 mil after 50 apps A regen named Thomas Stacy......top class player. 140 mil.
  14. App is already running

    Have you given it enough time to load?
  15. New to FM

    Allo mate and welcome. I've been playing CM/FM for years and i'm still learning. This website is amazing for any help you may need. Tactically, training and good players are just some of the sub forums for you to have a butchers at. With number 2 I cant help. But if you're on the game you could launch it and see Good luck!