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  1. Rashford being released on a free at the end of his contract 20/21. Still great stats, England international. Maybe United didn't want to meet his demands? Yeah maybe. He went to a mid table Stoke on 82k P/W. Awful.
  2. Not sure if this is the right place (feel free to move if incorrect). I'm having a journeyman career currently, and I've just taken over a recently relegated EPL club. I've joined them 11 games into the season. Two games In, I've had 3 players approach me about the lack of football they're currently getting. IMO the hidden stat of unhappiness due to lack of football should be lowered/scratched when a new manager arrives, (one mans Vieira is another mans Sean Davis). Aside from that, my main point is, one of these players had seemingly already had this conversation with the previous gaffer, who had promised a run of games. In my conversation with him, he's having a whinge due to me dropping the ball on not following through on our "previous" chat. Frustrating really as its causing slight divides in the changing room before I've even started my team analysis.
  3. Thanks for the info! A very inconvenient way to find it. Your post was hilarious BTW. @mbchuz
  4. During a game, I'm struggling to find the screen where you can check a players in game stats, i.e. passes and shots etc..... I can see the analysis but that only gives me the heat map. Cheers.
  5. I deleted Steam, reinstalled and it now appears to be working. Admin please close thread. Thanks.
  6. Upon trying to install (download paused upon reaching 100%) I'm receiving a Steam error stating "content file locked: c:\programfiles(x86)\steam\2\steamapps\common\footballmanager18\fm.exe" Help please.
  7. Hey @Felix Wilkie, yeah just in windowed it seems, full screen runs fine.
  8. Hi, as I launch Fm17 it opens in a windowed box, completely white; unable to close by 'Xing' the window. I've had a browse around and saw that deleting my preference folder would help. It did....to an extent, FM would load, but I cant have the interface windowed. It just goes back to white screen!! Also, I keep having to validate FM files in Steam otherwise it just doesn't load. Any help or advice? Cheers.
  9. I had a similar issue. Try going into steam, Fm17-properties-local files-verify integrity of game files.
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