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  1. Thanks, here is a screenshot using the english language since it is more apropriate to this forum.
  2. Well this is the first time in all Football Manager series that i am actually trying to learn how to skin the game, still baby steps but it looks nice to me, lets see where i can get, but this year the light skin seems pretty nice except from the club and player overview, so that was where i started, keep in mind that im trying to follow the style of the default light skin.
  3. Is there a way to have the scoreboard selector for light version jovovich ?
  4. Is there a version of Scoreboard Selector for the light version ?
  5. Thanks for the attention Jovovich, i am using the 1.7 light version of Milla and till now i havent found any issues with it, everything looks pretty awesome.
  6. I cant find only player attributes panel.xml just those ones: player overview attributes box panel.xml player overview attributes panel player attributes comparison panel I have already changed those ones and nothing happens on the game, if you could please share the one you have edited with me i would be really appreciated, sorry for bothering but i really like this skin.
  7. How do i change only the attributes numbers from black to white when i use the attribute boxes versions ?
  8. Donation made, you deserve it. Waiting for the link to try de new features
  9. is there a minimun donation fee ? i love this skin and would like to try the new versions, im thinking about the donation also
  10. Please, upload to mediafire if possible, since here in brasil some users are blocked for downloading from gamefront. Thanks in advance
  11. I have a simple question, Mons released sometime ago the FM2014 Real Names and German National Team Fix Fixes File – version 1.2 for FM14.1.4 [28/11/2013] Thats the one im using now with everything installed correctly, including the Editor Data Files. Should i just paste your files on that folder along with the ones created by him ? Or shoul i delete any of his previous Editor Data files ? Ps : i already deleted the greek injurys that you mentioned, just waiting the answer so i can go ahead and play along. Other Question is regarding the Agents Pics and Panels, Im using Cut-Outs 6.03 and FLUT 1.7, How should i install the Agent facepack from you to avoid conflit with the cut-outs facepack, and as mentioned by some user as the ids changes maybe its a good idea to avoid it for now ? And regarding the Panels, how should it go with FLUT 1.7 skin by flut ? Sorry for bothering just checking everything so it must correct when i install ! Maybe Nick Mons and flut may help me here ! Thanks in advance and sorry about my english, Brazil here
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