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  1. As aways awesome work with Tad version Wozzie, the skin is fantastic...im adding some personal details and will leave here a preview for any future ideas you may want
  2. Ok, just finished the new edited player overview panel to fit more into the original skin made by Woz, anyway i hope he doesnt mind me doing this mod to his almost perfect skin. I will keep updating new panels to fit to this style that im calling Teal Twenty Spotlight Version. in order to make it work u need the original skin, than download and extract the modified panel to Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020\skins\Teal Twenty 1.1\panels\player and enjoy it, there is a preview pic bellow so u can see how it looks like. https://www.mediafire.com/file/437h5sf510ywsfl/player_overview_panel.xml/file
  3. sure im just finishing some details and will upload my version of the player overview panel
  4. Well, since this year i dont have enough time to create my own personnal skin and i really think that your work with this one is just awesome, i decided to edit some panels to fit more into my taste of a tealess version. And since you said ure kind of open for ideas i will leave some samples here. The idea was to focus more on some important player information that i always look first.
  5. i would really like a light version too, also is there a plan to include jovonichs Scoreboard Selector ?
  6. Thanks, here is a screenshot using the english language since it is more apropriate to this forum.
  7. Well this is the first time in all Football Manager series that i am actually trying to learn how to skin the game, still baby steps but it looks nice to me, lets see where i can get, but this year the light skin seems pretty nice except from the club and player overview, so that was where i started, keep in mind that im trying to follow the style of the default light skin.
  8. Is there a way to have the scoreboard selector for light version jovovich ?
  9. Is there a version of Scoreboard Selector for the light version ?
  10. Thanks for the attention Jovovich, i am using the 1.7 light version of Milla and till now i havent found any issues with it, everything looks pretty awesome.
  11. I cant find only player attributes panel.xml just those ones: player overview attributes box panel.xml player overview attributes panel player attributes comparison panel I have already changed those ones and nothing happens on the game, if you could please share the one you have edited with me i would be really appreciated, sorry for bothering but i really like this skin.
  12. How do i change only the attributes numbers from black to white when i use the attribute boxes versions ?
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