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  1. Gave him an accomplished in LW, thanks!
  2. OK, pinned the staff problems down as well, they are amended.
  3. Thank you very much! The technical director in-game is not exactly the same as what a technikai vezető is doing (The Technical Director is in charge of the coaching staff at a club, assisting with their recruitment, training, certification and development), so that is a skip. Actually I'd like to purge the in-game TDs who are not real TDs. Unfortunately the English term is nothing like the similar-sounding administrative role in Hungarian football. Mostly amended for all, the international links are indicated to the researchers of the countries given (I can't scrap an affiliated link if
  4. That is indeed so, though one can chalk it up as another MLSZ change. Checking my own game and logging, thank you! It should not revert, nor was that anywhere in the documentation.
  5. Confirmed, we also have reports about this in our national forum (Hungary played Bulgaria away and Iceland played Romania at home). Also reported here by a player:
  6. Thank you for the report! Apparently the Portuguese research picked up a similar thing, @PandoraBox, any input? We're catching the same bug. From the Portuguese thread: it was confirmed as a bug and SI are working on it.
  7. Yes, it should work as (and was originally set up like) unlimited youth players can be registered. There are interconnected bugs, so let's see after the fixes that are under progress. My guess would be new game for full effect.
  8. The Kazincbarcika fixes are submitted, Wächtler will be set as a Managing Director for the team, as that matches better for ügyvezető.
  9. Thank you, waiting for the actual final data on the arena, I entered the under soil heating and the 8200 capacity anyway. About the partnerships: we have actually debated this and decided to wait a bit (until the winter patch, probably) before we swarm the affiliations. Most of these are set up affecting a level that is not represented in-game - at least two youth levels below the earliest represented one. If there is movement on U16 level, I'd say that's not for FM. If there is movement on U19 level, yes. We'll see about that, I do have some reservations with a club having 10-14 affiliatio
  10. Thanks! Stadium name cannot be entered (sponsor), so it'd keep the old name, the others we can set up.
  11. Thank you for the confirmation, I logged the same in-house, 3 subs instead of 5. Unfortunately MLSZ changed after the rule has been set. This issue has been reported.
  12. Thank you! 1. Not a data issue, known match rules issue, under review by SI, it has been raised internally by us. Please raise match rules issue there. 2. Not a data issue, known match rules issue, under review by SI, it has been raised internally by us. Please raise league specific issues here: 3. Haratin has Hungarian lineage, but as far as I know did not receive the nationality and took the nationality oath yet. Same with Heister, he has Hungarian lineage, but did not receive the nationality and took the nationality oath yet, as far as I know. As soon as they take the oat
  13. Additional Hungary info: As Freddie wrote, the Hungarian First Division foreign player limit stayed in and should be out. This has been reported by us over the forums and internally too, please do not report it as a bug. The bug is under review. Numbering issue (1-25 only) at squad registration has been reported. If you find VAR in the game for Hungary, it should go out as well, it was reported. 5 substitutions rule shall be in, if it is not working (3 subs), please do report.
  14. Thank you, I have changed now a setting. Ideally he should be at both teams (he was set up that way in the db), his position is given for both teams. Now I flipped his settings around, so either it would work correctly or if not, that is not a data bug but a bug with the handing outs of secondary jobs.
  15. Tough draw, great season though! (IFK Göteborg's European performance is ). BTW the 4-4 vs. Kalmar must have been fixed by a betting ring. Great odds on the result
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