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  1. I believe Botka's extension is in the patch. At the moment I see little chance for NB III becoming playable.
  2. Well, unfortunately with the insane amount of state- and state-close funds pumped into football at all levels, this is the actual situation. There is some mismanagement (and the resulting crashes), but at the moment some Hungarian clubs are able to overpay Western Europeans. So to say, this is a period where Hungarian clubs can do pretty much whatever they want. The TV money is massively inflated, the sponsorships are... not exactly market-driven sponsorships, the tax return system makes it possible to channel huge money into clubs (relative of the level, of course). In the first division, most of the clubs are in varying levels of secure. Don't get me wrong, it's a very good topic, and I understand it makes the game easier, but at the moment I'd be struggling to find any top level Hungarian club chief being worried about finances, unlike a few years ago. Relative to the level of football, the money is crazy.
  3. Just to get back to this, Győr is not running a 2nd team at the moment (they used to, but second team is inactive in the MLSZ system at the moment)
  4. All issues indicated so far either were corrected or are into the db for the winter patch (including the kits - we just missed the data lock with that). Thanks for all the feedback!
  5. Hi! That's randomised, not working with the IRL results.
  6. Keep on coming with the kits! The thing is that we usually don't see all kits in action by the time the database is sent in, and after that it comes much more time-consuming and complicated.
  7. Thank you! Logging. The only one I have hope of getting through in time is the Mezőkövesd one, but probably these will be for the winter fix when I'll have the database back.
  8. Thank you for the feedback! I'll log Sinanovic who slipped through the net, the other ones are for the winter update the earliest.
  9. Thank you for the feedback! We did a major lower league addition, and unfortunately second teams played second fiddle in that, mainly because of time constraints. There are some more second teams that I plan to add during the winter period, Győr being one of them.
  10. The 350 million HUF payout is built into the game. Teams get paid in two instalments.
  11. Here you go with the prize money. The document is scanned: http://www.nemzetisport.hu/labdarugo_nb_i/itt-a-csanyi-beszed-kovetkezmenye-ismet-el-a-fiatalszabaly-es-a-legiosajanlas-2712737 Win money should be paid after each win (at least we set it this way). Local/youth bonus - at the moment it was not possible, might be possible with a later feature request and a lot of planning
  12. Prize money: as far as I remember, there is an official document that is not in dokumentumtar.mlsz.hu, it was leaked and originally not intended for the public - so that's how the current distribution came to light. I like your workaround and upping things a little, and it might well be possible in the winter fix.
  13. I believe this might be because of an add-on, as the league uses the sponsored name, and the game is not using that. Have you added any namepacks or something like that?
  14. About prize money: that's based on the only official document coming out Compensation/player development money is unfortunately really difficult to track and also ever-changing - at the moment I see no realistic way to include that, but input is welcome! Financial state of the club is based upon their official turnover records, if available for last year. I agree with clubs having a little bit more money than ingame, but there are Hungarian specialist things (errr... TAO usage, hidden state funds channeling), that are very hard to portray. Thank you for the valuable input!
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