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  1. Received around October 2019 informing me Brexit would happen at the end of the season and more information would be be sent in the following weeks. No other information was ever sent and it is now September 2020 and Brexit has not been triggered. Has the game missed Brexit or what will happen now?
  2. Does anyone know how long after Brexit is announced that you get the details? I got the mail over 2 months ago to say that Brexit is happening at the end of the season and the full details will follow in the coming weeks. I still have not got any message to say the T&C of brexit and when should I expect that to happen.
  3. I have auto updates turned on so i assume the most up to date. I am running mac, the instructions only give for windows and a search does not show and dxdiag
  4. Ive only just seen this now, i didnt get any notifcation for the comments. I will upload the crash dump file.
  5. Can only get about 1-2 hours game play in (although some times shorter) without the game just shutting off with an error sayng your sports interactive game unexpectedly quit. Doesnt give me any more info, just the option to send the report or cancel
  6. Having an error with editing club finance with the in game editor, went to edit the finances of a Scottish premier league club as it was showing it as far too much, however when i removed 2 digits from the number and went to move to the transfer budget it defaults not only back to the original figure but multiplied it by two, every change i make it just increases the original figure to the point where scottish league clubs now have a balance of over 700 million. Any way to fix this bug in the editor
  7. It only appears once when you start the game ( because you have to accept to get past) and says its from the advertising section of the preferences but that doesnt exist from what I can see
  8. Hi can anyone tell me how I can opt out of SI selling my personal data. When turning on the game im forced to opt into their private policy and it says to opt out go to preferences and change from that section. I cant find this section either. Also any reason why SI do this? Ive already paid 50€ for the game surely this is enough istead of milking it by selling off user personal data to advertisers.
  9. Nope no affialted clubs. Everton sent our that Nigerian player they bought recently & Utd have Fosu-Mensah out even though hes played about 10 first team games
  10. Anybody else ever have really strange loan moves, my current save Everton are sending players on Loan to Ecuador and Man Utd players off to Mexico. Seems strange moves and I dont even have the leagues loaded. Anyone else have problems like this?
  11. Even clubs with large wage budgets are still looking to have most of the wages paid. Shaktar put in a bid for one player but wanted 34k a player on 50k. They would normally have a huge wage budget so there should be no reason clubs that big should be looking to have their wages paid
  12. These just arnt some unwanted players, im managing Liverpool and it includes Danny Inges, Lazar Markovic, Moreno and Dejan Lovern (who keeps complaining im blocking his promised move to Barcelona despite them not being interested). There is no way clubs would offer out players like that for half their value and nobody will be interested
  13. In the summer before my second season and I have a number of players I want to sell from my squad. I have all of them placed on the transfer list and offered them to clubs first at slightly over their value. Then at value, then below and most of the now are at half of their value. Some of these are players who played a good portion of games in a premier league winning season. None of the players have had an offers submitted and even my DOF cant find anyone interested no matter what the price. I have had one off on the whole group of players and that offer was half of the players value, no negotiations could take place and they expected my club to subsidise 49k a week of a player on 62k a week. The only offers I get are loan offers and their is no point loaning every player and letting them go free at the end of their contract. It happens every year in FM I dont know why they think an entertaining football game means its impossible to sell players.
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