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  1. Im late to getting Fm2020 but is there a way to remove this new feature where the board block transfers out because of the value? Im trying to offload some players at a low price to get rid of them, but the board wont let me sell any of them, and keep saying the can get more money for them. No team is bidding any higher, so at this stage I cant sell anyone. Is frustrating and a stupid feature to add in, I dont know how but they seem to make FM more complicated each year rather than fun. Can anyone let me know if there is a way to turn it off and go back to the same way it was in old games
  2. For the Desktop version anyway? Its one feature people almost beg for each year and every year we're left disappointed that because the devs dont listen and yet again leave it out. The full game has just become too much and the majority of the game is spent doing pointless tasks, something the editor can change, the database editor allows the game to be customised in better ways. It really is a shame we are never listened to on this feature
  3. I have started a new game of Fm touch and just cant seem to sell a player at all, I though something might be wrong so I took over a bigger team to try and sell their players. I went with Man Utd and I am offering Smalling, Sanchez & De Gea to clubs all for an asking price of 0 and full wage contributions and I am still getting the "no clubs are interested message" this has to be an error how can no club in the world want top players for free with their full wages paid?????
  4. Thats fine but you know Ireland is not part of great britain though so this is kind of irrelevant?
  5. I wont the Euro under 21's with Ireland yet I didnt get a place in the Olympic football tournament. The other 4 teams who got out of the group stage qualified and are now in it and then they had a play off to determine who would qualify scotland or portugal, why did I not qualify?
  6. Also on this Juve will come in with a loan offer for every player who hands in a transfer request too
  7. Nope on both, 4.5 star with PSG im at 5 star. Wage wise they still have Neymar who on 775k but nobody else is on over 200k. The majority of these guys are all on over that, one is even on 375k which nobody bar one is being offered at PSG
  8. Seriously, at the moment about 6 of my squad have had bids in by PSG and every single one handed in a transfer request when I rejected it (all below their asking price as well). I have one player in the last 12 months of his contract and hes refusing to sign a new deal now because PSG are interested. For reference my team with these players have won 4 out of 5 in the champions league and 5 in a row in the league along with a few FA Cups leageue cup etc. All the players are on over 250k bar one or two of the younger lads. The teams current rep (using in the ingame editor) is the max 10,000. Ranked no. 1 for reputation & in the UEFA rankings PSG have won the french league all 5 years but thats to be expected. They havnt got past the quarter finals in the CL and 3 out of the 5 years came bottom of their group. Their rep is just over 7000 and are ranked 12 in the UEFA rankings and 15th in the reputation rankings. Its so frustrating that literally more than half of my starting 11 want to join them. Its not realistic for so many players to want to join what is clearly a worse club, 1 or maybe 2 but this is most of the team. I am spending so much of my time as a relationship manager to these players who are now unhappy and handing in requests on such a regular basis. It really ruins the fun of the game
  9. Does anyone know how long after Brexit is announced that you get the details? I got the mail over 2 months ago to say that Brexit is happening at the end of the season and the full details will follow in the coming weeks. I still have not got any message to say the T&C of brexit and when should I expect that to happen.
  10. I have auto updates turned on so i assume the most up to date. I am running mac, the instructions only give for windows and a search does not show and dxdiag
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