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  1. Interested in trying this, you think this would work for just Top teams only? Thinking of using it for Napoli
  2. Looking to use this one for my milan save, however im worried about the screenshot where it looks like 37 goals were conceded? Should i be worried about this?
  3. Ok so seriously ready to uninstall this game now. Not sure how everyone seems to be having success with any tactic. I just dont seem to be getting any success? I admit, im more of a plug and play tactic using guy. I dont have time to fiddle about with training, let me AM do that. Should I give these tactics a few matches to settle in, espeially if ive signed a few new players? Should i change from Attacking to Positive? I;m currently AC Milan, about to go back to the 451 on here. Just at a loss as to what im doing wrong.
  4. @malte722 Hi mate, what version of the BEOWULF 442 was it?
  5. Hi, trying to find a link for ' PREACHIN BLUES VOL 5 451 P109 ALL CUPS' Noticed its not on the spreadsheet? Does this mean don't use?
  6. Sorry for asking again guys but has anyone had any success with AC Milan and can suggest a tactic? Im struggling using a 4231 cant get my strikers scoring?
  7. Guys im struggling here with AC Milan on a 4231. Just wondered if anyone could recommend something else for them, maybe a 442?
  8. Sorry can i just add, would you class AC Milan as a sub top team on this? Struggling to find a tactic to suit them
  9. Sorry guys just wondered has anyone tried a 4231 with Ac Milan or can suggest a formation which works for them?
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