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  1. You can't edit an assignment once it has finished, you have to create assignment again from scratch
  2. One thing I have noticed is that when you are in to a few seasons and you have scouted a lot of players during that time especially when bringing teams up through the leagues or increasing the clubs stature you will find players listed with a score of "90" and sign at whatever the cost. However when you go into that player you see that he was scouted a year or so back and you may have been in a lower league then. You then have to remove that and re-scout him, why not have a setting where you can tell scouts to go back and re-scout a top prospect , say in 12 months? Either an automatic setting or a command you can give the scout by interaction menu of a player.
  3. This version is the first I have noticed is missing this feature but it's a big miss in my opinion. I have 25 scouts currently and most of them are scouting individual leagues around Europe and various cup competitions, Champions League and Europa league for example. What's missing is the "restart" option, as it stands at the start of every season I have to manually create each assignment again. Please bring back the restart button!
  4. Agreed., also could be expanded when one of your players refuses a move away, you should be able to talk to him to stress that he should move, try and persuade him to re-negotiate with the buying club
  5. NeilUK

    Very Intrusive Ads / Bad UX

    It's probably just a personal dislike of mine but any App that puts an advert on my screen is instantly uninstalled, I don't think I'm alone in that, I hate them on TV I don't want them on my phone as well. I understand the need for income but it would work better not having it as a free App in my opinion
  6. A massive part of any game nowadays is the almost constant interaction between managers and the 4th official, why not introduce this to FM, there can be light-hearted comments as options as well as angry dissent type which could lead to you being sent to the stands. Also why not also bring in interaction with your opposition manager during the game?
  7. Something that really needs to be looked at in my opinion is in the database , the staff, a lot have their attributes set to 0 so they end up with random stats when the game starts. This means though that you get a lot of totally useless staff in the game which lets face it just takes up room, for example a Physio with a Physiotherapy rating of 5. He/she shouldn't be let near a massage table with that rating, also scouts with Judging Player ability and potential rating at 5 or less. Is there a script or command that for the random generated stats which can make the game set a minimum and link the ratings to their role, say a minimum of 13 for Physiotherapy for a Physio as an example, and a rating for a youth physio set the working with youngsters to a minimum as well. Just an idea
  8. He says it's for FM 2016 , not 2018,. Might be an idea to add the game version to the title of the thread to be fair though
  9. Commentary has been done in the early days, Clive Tyldesley , but it didn't work and only lasted for one version. Trust me on this, everyone would mute it after 2 or 3 matches
  10. WinZip gives me the same error , no valid central directory error or words to that effect. EDIT : Works with WinRar
  11. Usually this is a Windows 10 thing, a windows restart fixes it
  12. If you think its an issue you need to raise a bug report and a new thread. Might get missed here
  13. NeilUK

    [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    Anyone else having this issue, I have to keep setting the preference for news only in the Social Media tab whenever I load my game, also the skip pre match button in preferences does nothing. Any ideas?
  14. NeilUK

    [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    This is one of the best 3rd Party files I have ever seen for FM of any version, not just the best skin but one of the best 3rd Party files in general. A truly great piece of work