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  1. Hi Francis, Odd one actually, I was trying to get you a save but it didn't replicate. Will let you know if it rears up again. Seems be working as normal now
  2. The backroom advice feature I feel needs a big overhaul and the updates may need to be spread over a few versions even, but I think it is majorly flawed. As an aside and I'm not sure if the two are linked but too many staff have too low attributes for their role. I understand some Physios and Scouts are better than others but they all have the basics. So maybe over a period there could be an overhaul of the stats in the editor, maybe a default setting so all staff are allocated a decent attribute for their role. As an example a scout could be assigned no lower than 13 for judging potential and ability. A Physio is automatically assigned no lower than 13 for Physiotherapy and so on. Any staff with 0 in the editor is assigned these stats. I had a coach for example in one of my games who was an Under 18 coach with "Working with Youngsters" set to 2. But on to the advice, some of it makes little or no sense and can be annoying, "This player has no business being Transfer Listed" as an example. Often he has been listed because you have a better, younger player in his position and it makes sense to sell the older higher paid player. FFP and all that. The "Use Youth Facilities" one, how are you supposed to deal with that one? Often the offering new contracts advice makes little sense as well. Definitely a good feature but maybe needs some work now.
  3. Hi This is a new one to me after a re-install, started a new game and delegated my assistant to run the pre match tactic meeting as I always have before but each match I get the choice to do it myself, skip or delegate? It's ignoring me instructions in the staff responsibilities menu
  4. Thanks Pro, did find it but appreciate the response, fantastic work you do every year
  5. Very odd, I have loaded it up after clearing the cache even, the only file I uploaded was the promotions/relegations file, I thought it was odd that it would be included if not altered but it keeps showing Leeds, West Brom, Fulham in the Championship and the relegated teams still in the Premier League. League 1 and 2 are the old version as well. I will try clearing the cache again, and re-download. EDIT: Nope, no luck, it's definitely not the new version of that file for me, could an older version have snuck into the latest download? Maybe you have a version before 4.5
  6. The promotions/relegations file seems to be unaltered, any news on when that will be updated with this year's changes?
  7. Please can you stop the pop up telling us that the Forum wants to send notifications and we need to go to settings of Windows 10 to turn them on? I turned them off for a reason yet every time I visit a new thread the pop up comes back. Very annoying. Edit: Even when I finished posting this post the pop up reappeared
  8. Hi, have they done something to the game to stop this working? I have had it working fine in the past but now I just cannot get the Add manager box to appear, I've installed directly to the correct folder and cleared cache, re-loaded the skin but nothing happens?
  9. Have you tried clearing the cache from the "AppData" folder? Never does any harm after a major update and often solves a lot of problems
  10. Hi This is something I have thought of before and I think it is something that can really add to the game as press conferences can get a little samey. As an example I have just declared interest in the Arsenal job , I got an interview, didn't get it but it went on for weeks. Yet in every press conference for the games it was never mentioned. In the real world the journalists would have been bombarding the manager with questions over his future almost ignoring the upcoming match. This would be something that would really add to conferences, also big issues could be brought in. Things like, questions on VAR, or general questions about the standard of refereeing, maybe after a controversial decision in a big game involving other teams. A general question about diving in the game for example. Also in Olympic years you could be questioned about other sports. I think it would be a big addition
  11. NeilUK

    Backroom Advice

    This is something that I think has needed work for a while, I turn it off for the most part or at least make the reports come as infrequently as I can, too much of the advice makes no sense to me. For example there are loads of reasons for putting a player on the list, he may be unsettled, or it may be that you have a younger better player on a lower wage so you decide to list him. if that player is good, 3 stars or more you keep getting advice that "Has no reason to be transfer listed" , for me if the AI can't be programmed for the game to recognise the reason for listing him then just remove the feature. Not sure this classes as a bug or not as I'm not sure it's not designed this way, just feel the whole feature needs improving, mainly the AI behind it
  12. Hi Just been thinking about an earlier post I made about the restart option being missing for your scouts, for example if they have been scouting the major top leagues, like I always have mine do, once the season is over you have to start again and re-assign. If I have my chief scout assigning the scouts they always seem to just scout general focus, so how about this idea. In pre-season (and at the very start of your first season) you assign which leagues, competitions and/or regions you want scouted that season, your chief scout then does the actual assigning depending on yours scouts knowledge. A compromise of both systems really.
  13. Hi Jimmy Yes I am running some facepacks, I'll try it without, the issue seems to only happen after I play Man City so it will be a while before I would expect it to crash again, I'll give it a go I am running an edited database but I always have so not sure this is the cause though
  14. Hi Every now and then I was getting a random crash, after a game, maybe a day or so after the game I would press continue and then a crash dump occurred. I have just had another and I noticed something of a connection, I have no idea if this is important to track it down but the crashes all occurred after one of my teams played Man City. When I reload and play again there's no problems until maybe the next season and bingo, the crash happened again. I have uploaded 3 crash dumps neiluk v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.27 17.20.12).dmp neiluk v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.02 17.37.21).dmp neiluk v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.07.26 20.07.36).dmp Thanks
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