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  1. He says it's for FM 2016 , not 2018,. Might be an idea to add the game version to the title of the thread to be fair though
  2. Commentary has been done in the early days, Clive Tyldesley , but it didn't work and only lasted for one version. Trust me on this, everyone would mute it after 2 or 3 matches
  3. WinZip gives me the same error , no valid central directory error or words to that effect. EDIT : Works with WinRar
  4. Usually this is a Windows 10 thing, a windows restart fixes it
  5. If you think its an issue you need to raise a bug report and a new thread. Might get missed here
  6. [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    Anyone else having this issue, I have to keep setting the preference for news only in the Social Media tab whenever I load my game, also the skip pre match button in preferences does nothing. Any ideas?
  7. [FM17][SKIN] VITREX17 v2.0 (updated 1.1.2017)

    This is one of the best 3rd Party files I have ever seen for FM of any version, not just the best skin but one of the best 3rd Party files in general. A truly great piece of work
  8. I was thinking that it would be nice to build more into the whole "relationship with other managers" side of the game. How about as a relationship builds with another manager, for example someone at a higher club, he now and then recommends a player to you. Let's say I was managing in the Championship or lower and Arsenal played a team of that level in one of the Cup competitions or a friendly and Wenger sees a player he like but knows isn't at Arsenal's level he could send a recommendation to me. It would mean that there was a real advantage to being friends with another manager
  9. NVidia GT640, from my research Fallout 4 on High should be a struggle for it but Crysis 2 and FM17 should be no problem, some hardware site advice and a friend who works on computers tells me that the most likely issue is the thermal pads are in need of replacing . Just thought it might help because I sometimes get the same error message
  10. Not sure this is an FM17 thing, I get the same issue when playing other games, from my research it either means the graphics card can't handle the graphics level of a game, or it is overheating. I get it with Fallout 4 and Civ 6 so I thought my card couldn't handle the game, however I am now replaying Crysis 2 which my card certainly should be able to handle. I think my card is overheating which is causing my issues
  11. Add commentator

    It's been done and only appeared in one version, CM2 I believe back in the day, Clive Tyldseley did the voice and it got pretty repetitive , it's expensive to start with , time consuming and within a few hours every user mutes it.
  12. I'd like to see the option added to be able to speak to a player when a bid comes in, so for example a bid comes for your star player it's a decent bid you don't want to lose him. It would be nice to have an option to speak to the player to gauge what his reaction would be if the bid was rejected. Maybe also an option to ask the Captain how he thinks the squad would react if the bid was rejected. Likewise if the bid is to be accepted you could check with the player if he is OK with leaving, and check with the Captain again how would the squad react to the player leaving.
  13. I agree, can't see any good reason for removing the feature. At least bring back the capability of using the config.xml file to set our photo like we do for any of the other characters. Even that feature has been removed
  14. Hi , just to let the IT guys in the SI team know there is currently a Forum glitch, at least I am suffering it, with IE11 where if I scroll down to the bottom of a full page of posts, the Forum page moves up a bit. Meaning I can't actually get to the box to post a reply. Works fine in Chrome, and also in IE11 it only affects threads with a full page of posts.
  15. Hi When I click to download from mediafire nothing happens, I tried the repair download option and again, loads of pop ups but the download doesn't start EDIT: OK it worked eventually, may just have been a server glitch. Appreciate your work