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  1. Worked absolute wonders at my Ajax side, ended up becoming European Golden Boy after 18 months!
  2. With the release of Football Manager 2014 just around the corner we thought we’d give you a bit more information about the brand new In Game Editor which will be available to download on release day for £3.99/€4.49/$5.49/RBL129/BRL10.49. The In-Game Editor allows you to edit information while you are playing and can be used in Career Mode whether you’re starting a new game or loading up a saved one and without breaking the game. The In-Game Editor is not available in FMC as we felt that it doesn’t fit in with the philosophy of that mode. As soon as the In-Game Editor is unlocked, you’ll see it added to the toolbar in the form of a spanner icon and clicking on that will give you a dropdown menu of all the options available for editing the page you’re currently viewing. You can use the In-Game Editor to change a range of information relating to players, staff and clubs. When it comes to players, you can start editing as soon as you click on a player’s profile. By clicking ‘Start editing’ you can edit almost all of the information on their profile screen from their visible attributes to contract details and morale. You can also change the player’s reputation, position, preferred moves, personal details and hidden attributes, including their current and potential ability – so if you want to turn all the players in your lower league side into world class footballers, you can. It is worth sticking close to the recommended current ability figure once you’ve finished editing as that will ensure that their attributes are balanced. You can even change their date of birth so if your favourite player is approaching retirement you’ll be able to make him young again and extend his career. There’s also the option to remove any injuries, bans or unhappiness that a player has. There are similar options available when editing a staff member’s profile as well as the option to change their preferred staff role. You can, of course, make these changes to your own profile too. You can use the In-Game Editor to make instant transfers too, so if you want to add a world class player or two to your team all you have to do is go to his profile and click ‘Move to my club’ on the In Game Editor dropdown menu. It’s also possible to transfer players out of your team by clicking ‘Move to other club’. When editing a club’s information you are able to change their reputation, attendance levels, their stadium and training facilities, tactical attributes and those all-important finances – meaning that, yes, you can give yourself a Sugar Daddy and a gigantic transfer budget. The In-Game Editor lets you tailor the gameworld to suit you. Struggling with a team that is expecting promotion? Then you can simply boost your players’ stats up. Similarly, if you’re managing a team that is consistently dominating the domestic league, the in-game editor lets you add as much of an extra challenge to the game as you want. The In-Game Editor opens up a wealth of new possibilities right from the day of release and adds even more longevity to your saved games, we hope you enjoy using it. We're interested to know what other things you'd like to be able to do with the in game editor as if we like an idea enough, we'll add extra functionality to it.
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