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  1. @Ben Kenney Scrap that, it looks like a skin issue. Thanks for replying!
  2. Hello, I have a rather weird issue where it says 'Scouting in progress' on my own players. Currently managing Wisla Krakow. It's on my entire playing staff, I've not employed new staff recently etc. Cheers
  3. Hi @Andrew James I've uploaded the file as "jeid2000 poland signing staff issue.fm" If you try signing any of those staff I mentioned, none of which have big reputation or have worked for big clubs, they are asking for quite large salaries. I'm sure if you search for other staff that are unemployed, you'll have similar issue.
  4. Hello, A couple of annoying bugs in Match Analysis. When I go to look at a goal and click on "show linked events" for a goal for example, the pop up box doesn't disappear and it covers half of the linked events. Picture attached. Also, when I go to look at anything in the "Possession" tab, for example "Gained possession" if I'm looking at passes received and then look at the gained possession analysis tab, it shows the passes received instead. It happens with other options too, like pass combinations then lost possession say. Not sure if this has been logged before or not.
  5. jeid2000

    Set Pieces

    So I've finished a further season since my post. Just to show it's not just me that's benefiting from corners/far post IFK's, I've screenshot the totals for the season. Quite unreal numbers. I only use far post on one side. Defensively we've been better as I've thrown more men at the back post, so we've only conceded three corners all season. But we conceded 6 IFK's this year and all had far post deliveries if I recall correctly.
  6. Oh really? Wow, apologies. That's an odd rule compared to any other league I've managed in so thought it was a bug.
  7. jeid2000

    Set Pieces

    But the AI has the exact same options as we do as players to setup tactics, set pieces etc. It's like picking a formation and style, you can leave it as is, but when things go wrong, it would be the first place to look. There's a big difference between a bug, ie, lots of goals scored from a set piece hit in a certain direction, and someone not setting up their defensive positioning at set pieces. Anyway, this thread is more for the OP set pieces, not the positioning of the default setting at set pieces. Please start another thread if that's your issue.
  8. jeid2000

    Set Pieces

    Aye, but if you're complaining about the default set pieces being rubbish, that's not an actual bug, that's a default setting in the game not being to your taste. There's a difference.
  9. jeid2000

    Set Pieces

    The roles for free kicks will change based on the formations you play though, so having multiple defensive set piece routines based on your formation would be a waste of time for SI as most people will change them anyway. If you played with no AM's for example and a back three with a DM, you might have a better setup at defensive set pieces. Real teams spend a lot of time working on set piece positioning so if you're ignoring it, you need to change that.
  10. Disciplinary issue. League Rules state that a 1 match ban follows a red card, as you'd expect. In my last game, my central defender was sent off but he has no band pending. This has happened a couple of times over the course of this save and I thought it was a weird rule for the league. Turns out they're not getting banned at all. I've just spotted another two players with red cards and they're not banned for the next match. I can upload the save game but it'll take about a year due to my potato internet.
  11. I reported this last year and it was fixed, but for some reason, it has been removed again. When I go to do opposition instructions, it's incredibly frustrating that I have to do each instruction for every single player instead of being able to select multiple players and apply close down more at the same time. I've tried the usual modifier keys for selection, shift, command, control, command(control)+A etc etc, it can't be done. Please save me time by adding this back into the game, I've no idea why it was removed as it's such a time saver. It was in previous versions and I don't see why it was removed. Thanks
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