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  1. 1920x1080 for me, looks good so far. The old analysis data is still available in match by going to tactics>opposition>click on best performance on the right, is there a way that the analysis data could be accessible again? Feel like a lot of people feel this is a shortcoming of the new screens as we generally don't watch full match. I know it's available at half/full time, but some people like to check this as the game goes.
  2. In most screens, you can adjust the column width, but on the individual training view, you don't have the ability to do so. This is quite frustrating as you can't see all of the positions a player is able to play, you can't see the full position/role/duty assigned to the player and you can't see the full text in training intensity. However, there is a very large gap between name and position. I have a 1080p screen, so I have a lot of room to play with, but surely there's a way that the column widths can be adjusted? The only way I can see what duty my centre backs are training on here is by opening the drop down menu. It's not very user friendly and I have to spend more time on there than necessary due to the restrictions in place on the columns. Not sure if it's something that can be adjusted on FM20 or if it would be a feature request.
  3. A HOYD is more likely to bring in players that will fit his tactical preferences. So if played a 442 and your HOYD preferred a Diamond, you're less likely (not unlikely) to get many wingers.
  4. I've not reduced the row height. I'm on a 1920x1080 screen. Here's a link to the file and my settings. player attribute comparison panel xml
  5. @yonkoManaged to get the player comparison panel to work without the scroll bars. You need to find a part similar to this, at the very start <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" gap="2" layout="30, 450, 6, 22" offset="0"/> Then under each of Technical/Goalkeeper/Mental/Physical Tables, find a bit of code similar to this <widget class="table" height="410" id="pltt" layout="-1"> The bold numbers are the values I've used, I think both are set to around 390, maybe the technical ones are a bit lower. It's in the file that @michaeltmurrayuk mentioned above.
  6. I've tried recreating the competitions in the editor and Mexico never seems to join in first season, even with changing the registered teams. The Copa Lib seems to change slightly in the second season, with the standard game files. I'm wondering if it'd be easier to edit if Mexico weren't in the CL in the first place.
  7. Hmm, that does indeed sound like a pain. Is that pretty much the only way round it?
  8. Hello, in FM18 I plan to manage in Mexico, but I'd like to have Mexican teams qualifying for the Libertadores rather than the CONCACAF CL. Is there an easy way to implement this? Was planning to have a test run on FM17 to see how well it works. Sorry, I'm not very good with the editor and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Thanks
  9. Thanks Michael, been checking back all weekend for this. Great work as always Don't understand how I missed that it was released 15hours ago though haha
  10. Hi Claassen, thanks for the hard work/effort you're putting in, always appreciated. I'm looking for some African leagues, do you have any idea when I could expect those?
  11. Quite aware of the HOYD affecting youths, but I'm talking about the effect first team coaches have on the overall squad personality, not just regens.
  12. I don't think people are bothered by questions, more that you could be answering your own questions if you put a bit of effort in
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