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  1. Hello, whenever I go to look at a player I'm interested in signing, I always go and look over their contracts to see what they earn, their bonus' etc. I looked at a player tonight and I thought his bonus' looked odd as the values were red and in brackets, which signifies a negative value. I switched to another player and his bonus values appear as expected. I've done a clear cache etc, still the same. You can see the issue in the attached screen. I had a look through the other topics but couldn't see it mentioned.
  2. It's an issue as if you look at the shortcut menu, it still says CMD+S, they are working on a fix for this, I seen it mentioned in another post
  3. It's an issue with the skin you are using. Try one of the default skins. IF it works fine on that, download an updated skin from wherever you got that one from.
  4. The whole point is that you point out the times that the issue occurs so that the devs can look at the issues rather than having to watch the whole game. Going by the amount of abuse people have flung at them this year, they've got a lot on their plates, so every little helps
  5. In most screens, you can adjust the column width, but on the individual training view, you don't have the ability to do so. This is quite frustrating as you can't see all of the positions a player is able to play, you can't see the full position/role/duty assigned to the player and you can't see the full text in training intensity. However, there is a very large gap between name and position. I have a 1080p screen, so I have a lot of room to play with, but surely there's a way that the column widths can be adjusted? The only way I can see what duty my centre backs are training on here is by o
  6. Hi Ben, I sacked a lot of my staff at the start of the game, so I had no physios and I ended up hiring them myself. Unfortunately, I don't have a save game from then. He was also supposed to hire a loan manager, but no efforts were made so I got one in myself. I can appreciate there's a balance to find though I've got them signing all B Team and U19 staff and first team medical staff. Out of interest, is there a reason why the Technical Director can hire my B Team Manager but not my U19 Manager? I'm managing Real Betis(Hispalis) and the TD is not in the list, just the Chairman, mys
  7. Came to report a similar issue. I'm only 4months in but he's signed nobody.
  8. This is a menu issue. It happens in individual training for me also. So if I open the "Filter" menu at the top and try to select "Not at club" from that menu, it opens Rober's training intensity menu, which is directly behind the "Not at club" option.
  9. Still divide them up, so a kits folder, a faces folder etc. but shove all the folders in that location, yes.
  10. Open Finder At the very top of the screen there will be a drop down menu named "Go" select that and when you press the Alt key, an option for Library will appear, select that Then go Application Support>Sports Interactive>Football Manager 2020>Graphics and drop everything in there.
  11. Are you using a third party skin? If so, download an updated version. Try using one of the default skins.
  12. It's not in documents/fm20/graphics/kits anymore on Mac. Check the instructions on any graphics pack you've downloaded for FM20. I am running kits/skins/logos on Mac without issue.
  13. Teamwork. A lot of negativity in here, the idea is to help the devs solve the problem. I don't think they have a problem with constructive criticism, but the idea is to state your issue, upload a PKM and state the times that the issue occurs.
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