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  1. @GrizGamer @FMAnalysis @MerryGuido @KeysiRensie @BusttheNet @FM_Samo @ilmedianofm @VRFussball @marcbowen17 Cheers mate, appreciated 👍🏻

  2. 1) Mariano Andújar's player wage at Estudiantes de le Plata 2) I assume Mariano Andújar's weekly wage should be £7k and not £17k. £17k would make him the top earner in Argentina above the likes of Carlos Tevez. 3) He was earning £11k when at Napoli, it's unlikely his wage went up after not playing there:
  3. Is this the right place for this...? 1. I believe Estudiantes de la Plata are due to move back to their spiritual home in 2017. I cannot see the planned stadium move in the beta version. 2. Estadio J.L.Hirschi (their current FM reserve stadium) is being fitted out with seats and season tickets are on sale. 3. There is an official Twitter updating us of milestones, there are also lots of web articles:
  4. @DMendoza1969 Haha thanks mate. I am only looking after SA for one year, during your sabbatical :-)

  5. RT @ESPNFC: Fighting at a charity match? Diego Maradona & Juan Sebastian Veron argued at an event hosted by the Pope. WATCH:…

  6. RT @totalfootball71: #FM16 Voyages On The Yellow Submarine (1.1) Villarreal New Update #wearethecommunity #villarreal…

  7. @fidelis_ I always do 🤓 There's a paragraph on Lukas Oswald for you too

  8. RT @talentfactoryFM: new club, new blog, new design: Berlin & @HerthaBSC calling #fm16 #wearethecommunity #hahohe

    1. mark1985


      Only 1 team in Berlin #union #Eiserne

  9. @ilmedianofm @jmpenetra Ok. I will screenshot tonight for you both. Perhaps a Season 3, 5, 10 view to test if it's a cumulative DPB

  10. @fidelis_ It's not functional - I'm lazy, like with badges and logos haha

  11. @JohnMcIntosh19 Sounds gr8. My next journey will be different. Will share with you in a couple of weeks. Gotta wrap up Switzerland first...

  12. @KeysiRensie Bravo. Have some Czech beer to celebrate 🍺

  13. @atleticopr @DMendoza1969

  14. @WerrettFM Oooh. They've made a bargain buy there

  15. @MagnumTips @TimmsFM_ Yes!!!! 🍺