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  1. Another Future FM idea (maybe): Would anyone, like me, love to see market value development over time of players in-game? Like over on transfermarkt.co.uk
  2. Hi there, we get scout reports on players, should we also get more detailed reports on what new signings would do financially/socially for the club? Social Media footprint, merchandise sale projections, fan user group feelings etc. Could add another factor when making the decision to sign...the board could even place greater emphasis (and willingness to open up money) on targets that improve global reach for example.
  3. RT @TheFMScribe: In this "Guide" episode I talk about attacking & defending the half-spaces in @FootballManager #FM18 https://t.co/cflzJObI…

  4. 🚨 New Blogger Alert 🚨- and a cracking 1st post too 👇🏻 #FM18 #WeAreTheCommunity https://t.co/8ynQJ6Des6

  5. @FMWelt @GrassNGear Yes! You’re awesome 🙌🏻

  6. @DoubleHalfbacks You could do an insane release clause like @totalfootball71 did. The Santi deal was a mistake/bug… https://t.co/mFTrre7aA5

  7. @FMPressure @FM_Samo Give the people what they want: #MarketingScottishWrestling https://t.co/vgf2Bt2nau

  8. RT @KeysiRensie: 😮 Crazy achievement at the beginning of the 2022/2023 season with Siófok. Champions League Group Stage after great team pe…

  9. @FMPressure I agree with the endorsement endorsing the original endorsement. They are both good streams to watch

  10. @fmFutbolManager @TheDeepLyingPod @FMPressure I know he loves a CM-S and also a Raumdeuter. Would be interesting to see your choice too 👍🏻

  11. RT @thehighertempo: 🚨!PODCAST!🚨 @accordingtofm and @FM_Adventure have ditched @chrisdarwenfmg and take on today's Tempo10 themselves http…

  12. @FM_Samo @FMCreators 👆🏻 this. My comment from the other day still stands. I don't see the point in this account or… https://t.co/wT1DVqt86Q

  13. @FMSlovakia @DGear86 FYI

  14. RT @accordingtofm: Hurry up #FM18 🇨🇴 https://t.co/foHRq95laN

  15. RT @accordingtofm: Hurry up #FM18 🇨🇴 https://t.co/foHRq95laN

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