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  1. @fidelis_ It's not functional - I'm lazy, like with badges and logos haha

  2. @JohnMcIntosh19 Sounds gr8. My next journey will be different. Will share with you in a couple of weeks. Gotta wrap up Switzerland first...

  3. @KeysiRensie Bravo. Have some Czech beer to celebrate 🍺

  4. @atleticopr @DMendoza1969

  5. @WerrettFM Oooh. They've made a bargain buy there

  6. @MagnumTips @TimmsFM_ Yes!!!! 🍺

  7. @DMendoza1969 The passers...

  8. SEASON 9 (2023/24) - It's March 2024 and an incredible Treble remains possible for GCZ #FM16 #WeAreTheCommunity

  9. SEASON 9 (2023/24) - It's March 2024 and an incredible Treble remains possible for GCZ #FM16 #WeAreTheCommunity

  10. Thanks Jogo, appreciated. It's looking increasingly likely I'll adapt my approach. Spend big when necessary but maintain the youth restrictions I initially set out. The targets you mentioned may not want to come back to Switzlerand. But I'll try...
  11. For those on Twitter, my save has hit a dilemma and I could appreciate your help with a vote:
  12. I found from Day 1, that there's a lack of current ability on the wings. So went with 4-3-2-1 AMC asymmetrical. I had Ravet as an IF AMR cutting in and an AMC slight justified left. DLP, B2B and BWM in midfield. It's all about the wing backs for me! That's how I break down teams 9/10
  13. Great update mate. Your signings will come good in time and you're only 6 points off Basel at the half way stage! I have been extremely lucky in my save, Basel have been good but are certainly prone to inconsistencies. In my second season I lost to them 3 times but still retained the league title. My 2nd Season Awards ceremony can be read here: Regarding friendlies, I always get my Assistant to organise these. I've been hurt in the past so know the frustration you obviously went through!
  14. Tarashaj is back in the squad on loan and Haris Tabakovic signs from YB as part of Ravet deal.
  15. I use Then grab the IMG URL and use the tools in the forum (insert Image). Happy to help further should you need it...