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  1. Thanks Jogo, appreciated. It's looking increasingly likely I'll adapt my approach. Spend big when necessary but maintain the youth restrictions I initially set out. The targets you mentioned may not want to come back to Switzlerand. But I'll try...
  2. For those on Twitter, my save has hit a dilemma and I could appreciate your help with a vote:
  3. I found from Day 1, that there's a lack of current ability on the wings. So went with 4-3-2-1 AMC asymmetrical. I had Ravet as an IF AMR cutting in and an AMC slight justified left. DLP, B2B and BWM in midfield. It's all about the wing backs for me! That's how I break down teams 9/10
  4. Great update mate. Your signings will come good in time and you're only 6 points off Basel at the half way stage! I have been extremely lucky in my save, Basel have been good but are certainly prone to inconsistencies. In my second season I lost to them 3 times but still retained the league title. My 2nd Season Awards ceremony can be read here: Regarding friendlies, I always get my Assistant to organise these. I've been hurt in the past so know the frustration you obviously went through!
  5. Tarashaj is back in the squad on loan and Haris Tabakovic signs from YB as part of Ravet deal.
  6. I use Then grab the IMG URL and use the tools in the forum (insert Image). Happy to help further should you need it...
  7. Firstly, welcome to all those new to the thread - GCZ is a rewarding challenge in FM16. Here's an end of season 2 review: Champions (again)! GCZ did it again. A really solid season, where we improved offensively. No longer reliant on Dabbur for all the goals, we managed to spread the goals around and were a real threat with the fluid 4-3-2-1 system. Our H2H against Basel was poor (losing 3), but we managed to comeback from these defeats every time to remain consistent. Here are my league performers. Notable mentions must go to Captain Kim Källström, Taye Taiwo, Nemanja Antonov and Nikola Gjorgjev who were simply outstanding. Especially Gjorgjev...who displaced Ravet (last season's POTY) as my 1st choice AMR. Nikola came into the team in December 2016 and powered his way to become the League's Top Scorer. Quite a fabulous achievement for a 19 year old. Unfortunately he has a release clause of £9.75m in his contract, it's only a question of when he leaves GCZ and not if. We also had a few extra games in Europe, including an incredible result away at Sevilla. Those that follow my Twitter account probably saw the drama unfold as I 'live tweeted' events that saw it go all the way to Extra Time. I am already well ahead of where I want to be in my save. I outlined my Challenge a few months back here. I will still be keeping with the restrictions, so 2017/18 is the final season before I have to include at least 5 Homegrown GCZ players in the match day squad for each domestic match (league and cup). To be honest, I am pretty much doing this...but at least it forces me not to go and buy 11 wonderkids. This is also the final season of me keeping to a £15k p/w wage cap per player. From 2018/19 it will be £30k p/w! There'll be departures this summer, ideally I want to move on Ravet (who is now 2nd choice at AMR) and Caio who is out of contract the following season. I have already announced some 17/18 signings through Twitter...but I will make a separate post here in a week or so time. There's also the risk of good young players leave like Tarashaj and major European clubs make them unsettled. Despite winning back to back titles, it seems I am not immune to having my best players taken from me! Also, for those interested in the next generation of GGZ talent...take a look at what my U18s did here: Thanks for reading
  8. I agree - really like the smaller league of 10 teams. Re: Bajrami I had hoped he would have kicked on in my save. This is him in April 2017 at 18 years of age. His Determination (from 9 to 17) and Personality has (from Balanced to Spirited) has increased through tutoring. He is still nowhere near 1st team ready, but he does have another 2 years on his contract to develop. A loan move in 2017/18 (Season 3) might help. Can we see him in your save?
  9. Lincoln and Everton are bright talents in my save
  10. Cheers. Yes, I'm the luckiest manager ever. To get Europa League after that CL performance! I've drawn Sevilla in the 1st Knockout Round, so I expect to go out. That will mean all focus is on the league. I think last year Basel had a similar lead at Christmas and mucked up. So I need to be careful. Look forward to reading updates from others soon
  11. 1st half of Season 2 is complete! I am 18 league games into Season 2 and it's time to review before I kick off the Winter Break. My wishes going into the season were (1) to be top at Christmas (something we didn't do last year), (2) continue with European football into 2017 and (3) play more desirable attacking football. We've achieved all of that... Swiss Super League We're top at Christmas by 7 points! Top scorers with also the joint best defence! It's been a very solid run, with only one loss to Basel (my main competitors). Here is my league performers: Since Dabbur left us, we've been missing that 20 goal a season striker. So we've redistributed the goals around the team well. To do this, we had to change the tactics slightly to be a bit more direct in our approach (no more Work The Ball Into The Box). My team is looking for the overlap in wide areas and we are continuing with the fluid system. My Deep Lying Playmaker (Källström) also now has the license to move forward, I expect to leak a few more goals...but the benefits should out-way the goals conceded. Due to the fluid system we are playing our formation on appearance is misleading: When we control the game, like we're capable of, we are very high and expansive. These are our average positions with the ball after 45 mins (with heat map overlay) during our two best league performances (both were 4-0 home wins): UEFA Champions League It has been very hard to translate the above in the Champions League. Teams are vastly superior and have more of the ball, however an empathic 5-1 win against Anderlecht meant I am stumbling into the Europa League via a superior better Head-to-Head record. Anderlecht approached the game with a very deep 4-2-2-2 DM formation. This played into my hands, especially after I played even higher than normal resulting me dominating possession and chances. Swiss Cup It's not all good news from me unfortunately. I am unable to defend my Swiss Cup crown. An awful performance away at Servette FC meant I went out on penalties. I fielded a strong team, but I suspect the match coming between Champions League fixtures was just too much for the players. Winter Break I asked the Board nicely for extra transfer funds after continuing with European football into 2017 and they have allowed £1.7m to be ploughed back into the playing squad. I arranged for Gjorgjev and Loosli to have new deals, plus other youngsters. The only downside is that Gjorgjev now has a £9.75m release clause. Hopefully I will be able to bring in a few youngsters to bed them in before I sell any 1st teamers. I always had my mind on selling Ravet & Caio in the Summer of 2017. I will update you again on any player movements in Jan 2017.
  12. I know I am v.late to congratulate you on an excellent thread Jogo, so excuse me. I love French football, such a hot bed of young talent and passionate clubs...often overlooked by many (in game and in real life). My daughter is Anglo-French, so I will allow her to have one English club (Arsenal) and a French team of her choice. Sound fair?
  13. Yeh, perhaps look at the average positions with and without the ball in order to see if your attack is congested. You want you strikers close but not at the detriment of the overall attack. I am too impatient to get a F9 working well in a system. I always feel I'm sacrificing a player so genuinely tend to avoid it. For me, Ravet is a great Inside Forward and was my Season 1 POTY. I'm sure if you tweak right, you can get GCZ firing in the goals with a F9. Good luck.
  14. Great update Jogo. You have done some lovely work with regards to the backroom staff. Perhaps the best I've seen so far. I am also yet to get rid of Huber but my immediate priority from Day 1 was a quality HoYD and U18s coaches. It's certainly something I need to revisit when I can increase my staffing budget. You're finding diamonds in the rough in Africa! Samata and Osimhen looks very promising (if a little one footed). Maybe look to train the PPM 'avoid using weaker foot'. At 16 years old, Osimhen can certainly be polished into a top GCZ striker with at least 5 years training/tutoring. If you could turn a few of those draws into wins, you would be flying high at the top. It seems nobody wants to win the league, so I'm confident you will climb if you keep tweaking. If it helps, I found Dabbur a better DLF than a AF. I'm not sure if his PPM of 'Static Target Man' conflicted with his instructions to run the channels. So I changed him to DLF in the first quarter of the season. Shadow and a DLF work very well for me. I look forward to reading more! I should be able to update on here soon as I am now in Oct 2016, so I plan to post on here once I make it to the Winter break (Season 2). There's been short snippets on my Twitter feed but I will go into more detail here. I've had loads more time for FM than previous planned as I broke my ankle, so I haven't left the house (apart from Hospital visits) since last weekend! I managed to get a 5 hour uninterrupted binge this morning, unheard of with a 15 month baby girl haha
  15. Welcome Suggy33, nice to know I inspired you to come here. We look forward to reading your updates!