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  1. The reward for topping my Champions League Group: Bayern. The reward for Tottenham Hotspur finishing 2nd: Celtic.… https://t.co/Air3BPEp3e

  2. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    Ok - thanks for the quick response
  3. [South America] (Official) Specific Issues

    The Copa Libertadores has stopped working in the 2nd preliminary round of my save in March 2023. The game has not scheduled the next phase, despite the Group Stage games being in the calendar (via schedules). My save has no edited leagues or unofficial leagues. Version is: 17.3 I know two others who have experienced this. Is this is a known bug?
  4. @KeysiRensie Think of all the shots of sliv we are going to buy eachother :-)

  5. @jmpenetra You've avenged Bastardo, you have my eternal thanks 🙌🏻

  6. @FMPressure @DMendoza1969 And that's how James gets these amazing Regens #HorseGate

  7. @VivaLaVidaFM YES! Congratulations Tom

  8. No Youth Intake in Argentina

    I have just simulated to Sept 2018 (from March 2018). There is no Argentinian Youth Intake for me either :-(
  9. @FM_Ian_89 Well played Sir

  10. @jmpenetra League: 25 played/5 left. Currently best defense with 16 conceded (12 clean sheets). 3 consecutive away games tho next :-(

  11. @FMPressure @DMendoza1969 Yep, totally agree. Great signing Diego :-)

  12. @DMendoza1969 Please do. I can't stand crap goalkeeping

  13. @Morpain @talentfactoryFM ???

  14. @GrizGamer @FMAnalysis @MerryGuido @KeysiRensie @BusttheNet @FM_Samo @ilmedianofm @VRFussball @marcbowen17 Cheers mate, appreciated ??

  15. [Argentina] (Official) Data Issues

    1) Mariano Andújar's player wage at Estudiantes de le Plata 2) I assume Mariano Andújar's weekly wage should be £7k and not £17k. £17k would make him the top earner in Argentina above the likes of Carlos Tevez. 3) He was earning £11k when at Napoli, it's unlikely his wage went up after not playing there: http://sportsmaza.com/football/s-s-c-napoli-players-salaries/