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  1. RT @TheFMScribe: In this "Guide" episode I talk about attacking & defending the half-spaces in @FootballManager #FM18 https://t.co/cflzJObI…

  2. 🚨 New Blogger Alert 🚨- and a cracking 1st post too 👇🏻 #FM18 #WeAreTheCommunity https://t.co/8ynQJ6Des6

  3. @FMWelt @GrassNGear Yes! You’re awesome 🙌🏻

  4. @DoubleHalfbacks You could do an insane release clause like @totalfootball71 did. The Santi deal was a mistake/bug… https://t.co/mFTrre7aA5

  5. @FMPressure @FM_Samo Give the people what they want: #MarketingScottishWrestling https://t.co/vgf2Bt2nau

  6. RT @KeysiRensie: 😮 Crazy achievement at the beginning of the 2022/2023 season with Siófok. Champions League Group Stage after great team pe…

  7. @FMPressure I agree with the endorsement endorsing the original endorsement. They are both good streams to watch

  8. @fmFutbolManager @TheDeepLyingPod @FMPressure I know he loves a CM-S and also a Raumdeuter. Would be interesting to see your choice too 👍🏻

  9. RT @thehighertempo: 🚨!PODCAST!🚨 @accordingtofm and @FM_Adventure have ditched @chrisdarwenfmg and take on today's Tempo10 themselves http…

  10. @FM_Samo @FMCreators 👆🏻 this. My comment from the other day still stands. I don't see the point in this account or… https://t.co/wT1DVqt86Q

  11. @FMSlovakia @DGear86 FYI

  12. RT @accordingtofm: Hurry up #FM18 🇨🇴 https://t.co/foHRq95laN

  13. RT @accordingtofm: Hurry up #FM18 🇨🇴 https://t.co/foHRq95laN

  14. The reward for topping my Champions League Group: Bayern. The reward for Tottenham Hotspur finishing 2nd: Celtic.… https://t.co/Air3BPEp3e

  15. @KeysiRensie Think of all the shots of sliv we are going to buy eachother :-)

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