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  1. @knap Hello there, i have a question btw welcome back to fm 21 , may i ask , why you use 2 different attacking corner set up in some formations like 451 and 442 ect. in 442 is BEO44 and 451 is 6dyr, any explanation? and which of them are more effective as set piece? thanks in advance mate
  2. I load my last season tactic fm 2020. and all PI are cannot be shown at the player PI visual when i try to change them. i tried to set again from beggin each , one by one . and when i select ok . its gone..like ''Clear''
  3. i wont say anything yet i just remember u before years ago, u made my game became really nice...you and mr hough or somethat he called u were really decent. i ll try it tommorow or so idk why so many tactics uploaded i think i ll get confuse xD
  4. i used like 10 games your touchline instructions and i found them really poor.
  5. i have FMRTE thats why i asked for it ^_^ if it possible thank u in advance
  6. can u share this test from beggining freezed if possible?
  7. raptor tested with very low score at least in the one of these sites
  8. what the point of upload the same formation with 2 different roles if 1 of those is more power ?xD isnt even difference at formation at all :/ Any chance of 451 (433WIDE ) ?
  9. as far i know none of test leagues sites didnt found raptor's better than zeus atm , i dont know how is that efficiency to you o.O
  10. good stuff mate, i have only one question tho. do the corner set up works well? did u tweaked about dl/rl or something, let me know ty in advance
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