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  1. Never mind i solved it , thick the option to make the sidebar without names.
  2. @wkdsoul, it is this value that i must change? Do you have any sugestion ? My screen res. is 1600*900
  3. Hello, @wkdsoul, very nice skin, but i have this issue, if i de zoom to 50% it's good. in 85% it disapears, is there a way to solve?
  4. @moreira86 the skin is andromeda, i sign free tranfers as seen. and Nelson Semedo from Barça in january was unhappy for 30M.
  5. Great tactic !FM20.4.1FIREWATERKnapVOL2442DLFP111FA, thanks @knap
  6. @Rober82, if we have 1 AF and 1 AM wich one should we choose to MM?
  7. @knap, thank you for your answer but if want to use MM using ROBER guide its best to use fire and water instead, since it uses PF, or the MM can be used with AF?
  8. @knap, it is possible to change the roles from AF to PF in FM20.4.1VenomFaith4312KnapP107ECFA.fmf without compromising the tactic?
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