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  1. Percentile rank is a really nive way to understand a player. I wish I could do more with this but work and family are taking up more of my time than ever, to the extent tht for the time being I'm prioritising playing the game over doing some of this. In previous years I woul have a couple of hours a day on the train to mess about with this. Part of the problem is I'm too much of a perfectionist so I want to do it properly. Will try and get an evening or a day at Christmas to nail some fundamentals and get a bit of a guide together. My biggest challenge is the "so what?" question th
  2. I agree I think they are being underreported. I set CCCs to be shown as replays and they often show a replay without adding the CCC to the Match Stats. Tackles attempted at a player level is not being reported properly and the Passing Combinations visualisation is completely broken which is a shame.
  3. I'm sorry I don't work on the game. Do you know if every AI conversation held between people was held on the save file? I have no idea.
  4. Boro have a sub keeper on the bench right now. Last week Sol Brynn was at the match but not part of the squad as a second reserve. Surely just leave your worst U23 keeper in the first team to get round this.
  5. Given the speed improvement s we have seen this year I wonder if this was one of things cut to make for a more streamlined experience. Must admit it's not an area I've ever used much.
  6. Found out how you do this. When on the Player Search screen use Ctrl + A to select every player in the search, then export the file and every player in the search is exported.
  7. I'd say I understand how SQL works, I've never done any database building but I've done a bit of query writing but I'm far from an everday user. Anything I've built so far is just dumped in to a Google Sheet and run through Data Studio. Probably about 15 minutes to do a rough version. Problem is each time you pull out different stats you break the graphics. So I'm trying to work out every stat I'll need to include in the template. Data Studio has a really nice theme builder that automatically matched the colours from an image of the FM21 logo.
  8. Thanks, interesting stuff. How did you do the larger export? Been playing about with how to structure the data with an eye on making it a template and visual elements to match the default FM21 skin:
  9. Yeah I'm just playing around at the moment. Once I've built up a few template I'll wirte up a full guide on how to export and ideas for creating new charts. Not quite sure where it should sit in the forum. A full blown visuliser tool inside the game would be even better. I feel like there is loads of data in game but some of it is really hard to access. I've seen people asking for xG per player across more than one game. It is in there but you have to go to the Player > Reports > Coach Report and open the Radar chart to get the number. Even then it's per 90 minutes and not available f
  10. Been playing around with the data export option in FM20/21. Until now I had no idea that if you select "Print Screen" from the FM menu dropdown you can then export data in HTML format to copy/paste straight in to Excel or Google Sheets. On the squad screen you can create a view with every Chalkboard stat and pull it out of the game. This can even be done for opposition clubs. So my 4am mind was whirring earlier and I was thinking you could export club team data to Google Sheets and set up a Data Studio scounting report based on all the teams stats. So Man City's player data would go
  11. Must say I have not tried this on current game but I find when playing a back three role other than Defensive Wingers in the midfield strata just don't work hard enough in defence and wide centre backs are too easily pulled out of position. It may be different for a dominant City side against a weaker side but in an even match up I've never managed to make it work.
  12. Early Season Update League 8th - P6 W3 D1 L2 League Cup Rotherham H p1-1 Sheffield Wed. H 2-1 The Good From a tactical perspective, it has to be the high press. Having watched a lot of games in full detail it's good to see opposition goalkeepers being forced in to turning over possession. In the opening game of the season, Luton's Simon Sluga had a pass success rate of 64%. Even when successful passes are complete the midfield is proving effective in winning the second ball. From a performance perspective, 4 wins on the bounce to take me into the first international
  13. The First Draft So I've played through pre-season and I've got a starting point for the tactic. I'm playing as Boro because I know the players and there are actually some good prospects who will fit the system I've put together. Although the board expects me to play possession football which is a little counter to the attacking style I am after. Pre-season results have varied wildly from a 1-1 draw with the U23s to a 10-0 victory over Darlington. I was a little worried after drawing 2-2 with Hartlepool but then dominated Napoli 3-2 in the final game. Either way I think games will involve
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