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  1. Season 5 - The Championship - Overview Decided to put a few words together for this season! What a frustrating pre-season filled with losing the back-bone of the promotion team due to silly wage demands. Players wanting £7,000 to £10,000 per week when my whole budget is £70,000 a week. So we say goodbye to many players who were good for League One and may have helped a little this year, but long term not worth the money and would be impossible to shift. Worst case, we put the youth in and head back down but do not put ourselves into a financial hole. I am also aware that our tiny 5,000 seater stadium is extremely lacking in revenue making compared to other teams. I think we have another 1,000 seats added for October but that wont add much. We offered plenty of other players contracts with many choosing to drop down a level rather than come to Boston. Added to the blacklist and they will never come to play for us now. I am still hopeful of a few more signings to come in as we are short in a few area's, mostly striker and left sided fullback. I can stretch to another few players like Sonny Perkins and Eddie Beach on higher wages. Loan signings so far have proved a challenge with just the 1 coming in to date, all others are players who may be great in 3 years time, but we need Championship ready players this year. I do expect to slow down a little and focus more on in season events now the drag of coming up the Leagues is almost done. I am only looking to avoid relegation this season, mid-table at the absolute best. There will be no shock promotion this season, which I really don't want this year. It should be hard to get out the Championship and I want it to be. Season Aims Stabilise finances, try to bring in enough to keep the academy upkeep balanced. Survive - anything more than that is a bonus. Try to play at least 3 youth prospects each game and look to bring more along. See about a larger stadium at some point if we survive. Avoid spending the transfer budget unless necessary, we may need that elsewhere.
  2. Thank you so much! Style will stay the same, hopefully more structure and content now we are up in the top Leagues and can slow it down a little!
  3. Marching on nicely for the title (hopefully)! Langstaff is just unreal!!
  4. The league is going well, we should have Europe secured which is a surprise compared to real life, but the team is talented and somehow Skogvold is performing way above his ability and is enjoying that super-sub role. We have a tough run to the end of the season so anything in the top 6 will be a bonus, but we have a European spot secure already from the EFL Cup win!
  5. Thank you, I mean with the news today might not be so sunny this side of the Trent
  6. EFL Final - Nottingham Forest vs Everton Unexpected in the first season but the route to the final was one everyone would want with Liverpool the big prize in the semi-finals. Everton had to beat Manchester United and Newcastle, both on the road, to get to the semi final where they had the easier task (compared to the previous rounds) of Bournemouth. This should be a great opportunity to get some silverware and go into this with every chance of the win. A few players are out with injury, mainly Yates, Awoyini (just back, not fit) and Vlachodimos, all who would have started!
  7. It has ben a while since I played this, so most of these transfers were done months ago so just adding them in now! Will get to the end of the window and see who else comes and goes for Forest!
  8. Swansea pipped us to the title, as I thought they would do. Maybe adding a few more loan signings was the wrong thing to do, or just maybe the 13 million pounds on the season extra they had to spend on wages was just too much to overcome. Happy with the silverware and If I'm honest, at one point I thought I was going to get overtaken in 2nd place by Millwall so just pleased to escape with automatic promotion! The pace should slow down now, the grind getting up the league is just one to get done as soon as possible, and if we are winning lets just keep winning and climbing the leagues. Championship I expect to be a tough nut to crack, we just cannot compete financially and the additional 1,000 seats in the stadium really wont do much!
  9. The 2026/27 season is going much the same as the previous ones, But that L2 to Championship always seems to be where there is little difference in players and can move up rapidly. Season is really not over, a bad run could see us move down 3 or 4 spots with the top 4 all really in with a chance at glory this season. I had never heard of Vivinho, I am not searching for players as the rules of this save are to only use recommendations or players who pop up organically. How the hell did a newspaper link me with this Brazilian AND he is available on a free? I do like the way he said Boston United was a big club!!!
  10. Thank you, the graphics are fun to make. The tactic didn't take too much, just a few changes in the first few seasons to match the squad!
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