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  1. The 2026/27 season is going much the same as the previous ones, But that L2 to Championship always seems to be where there is little difference in players and can move up rapidly. Season is really not over, a bad run could see us move down 3 or 4 spots with the top 4 all really in with a chance at glory this season. I had never heard of Vivinho, I am not searching for players as the rules of this save are to only use recommendations or players who pop up organically. How the hell did a newspaper link me with this Brazilian AND he is available on a free? I do like the way he said Boston United was a big club!!!
  2. Thank you, the graphics are fun to make. The tactic didn't take too much, just a few changes in the first few seasons to match the squad!
  3. Had a while off from the game, especially seems this save seemed to be going a little too easily. But, I am going to keep going as with a small stadium and a few more divisions to get to the top, there will be speed bumps along the way!
  4. Fantastic achievements the last few years with Multiple Champions League titles, that's more than most people ever do with a team in the big 5 leagues! Literally destroying these teams at the same time with some impressive scorelines. National Team slowly, slowly getting to that top 100!
  5. Few matches played, waiting for the window to shut in September to go over the final squad and start to look how the coaching is doing in comparisons to the rest of the league!
  6. Some good lucking young prospects for year three. I feel your pain on players choosing other options all the time, even for less wages. Yikes, that preview is not pretty, had to look along way down for Bath City! Sure you'll be able to prove them wrong.
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