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  1. I made a fortune in my Rangers save (FM touch), it can be hard keeping a hold of players though.
  2. One player Carlo Holse - Perfect for any team from mid table prem, to holland, to Scotland.
  3. Anyway the font colour can be changed or have some more Skin options. This Skin makes the game unplayable. It's the same without background pics because of that daft boardroom screen.
  4. Hi team, I've been playing quite a fair bit of Brazilian and Argentine leagues of recent and one thing that stands out is the match day experience/ level of immersion. What do I mean by this? when looking at the crowd; it looks like I'm playing at Stamford Bridge or something and for the away matches, they look/feel like a trip to Tranmere or Luton Town. I feel the stadia and fans look very british and don't feel Latin. (See pic 1) What I'm looking for is a more atmospheric match, I want to see lots of flares and smoke, ticker tapes, horns, noise and generally just everything being a nit more mental. Also, steep roofless stands and generally a more latin feel (see the other pics) I believe this would improve the level of immersion and generally add more to the game. P.S Apoligies if this has already been suggested, I searched high and low
  5. I feel FM Touch should be aimed at more arcade management style users. It should include features like developing training, stadium and youth facilities RPG style (it would give more reason to save money), but the biggest thing I would do would be remake some of the old seasons like 01/02. People would be all over this, I can never understand why SI wouldn't do this. They can remake old seasons and sell for an extra £10-£15 a pop. Would make a fortune,
  6. I was using my amiibo the other day whilst playing me some smash and it got me thinking; What if Football Manager had their own versions? Simiibo What is it I hear you ask? Ever wanted a wonderkid or legend of years gone past to appear as a Free Transfer in game? (I get it use the editor right, but there is no pre-game editor for FM Touch) All I do is order me this sweet Ruud Van Nistlerooy figurine, input the code in the shop and hey presto, big RVN appears either at my club as a young prospect or as a freebie (I havnt worked the logistics) The could be fully licnesed too with player pics, histories. Each player can sell for say 69p of buy packs for £4.99 each (download only) or more expensive with the figure. Players can range from legends like Ruud, Ronaldo, Nesta, Puyol etc to Cherno Samba, Freddy Adu and Mark Kerr Okay, I'm not really that bothered about the figurines although downloading past players would be pretty cool.
  7. My Jong Ajax team have won the league 3 seasons in a row but never been promoted.
  8. I'd love to play this game with the CM01/02 database. FMT feels like a close relative the the old Champ Man Series where as FM has went it's own way.
  9. Feedback so far: Overall: Enjoying the game, love the aesthetic and the freshness. Injuries, this seems to be on the rise, I constantly have between 6-10 first team players injured. It's borderline frustrating Training: Find it very confusing on FM2019 and on FMT19 it seems like a cosmetic upgrade from the year before. I prefer FMT18 training to the new one. Newgens: The player faces are my least favourite of the whole series. This needs to be a priority SI, seriously their absolutely terrible; sorry to whoever made them for coming across as an ass, it's just how I feel. Player Ratings seems off: Only me winbacks are above 7.30 AV and we are romping the league. I have a 42 goals in 45 matches Alfredo Morelos averaging 7.04........ Anyways, I really appreciate the hard work put into this. Keep it up!
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