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  1. Got 4 games myself. 2x 2nd round games in lille and st. etienne. Consecutive days though so looks like one will be going back in the resale as logistically, st etienne to lille is do-able but a mission. The other 2 are a QF in Bordeaux and a SF in Marseille. Looking forward to next summer!
  2. We're having this problem also. Ive been playing online for years now and both our saves were working fine until recently. All ports are open etc like i say, been playing online and over LAN for over 10 years now. Everyone involved is running the Steam versions.
  3. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    Excellent as always. Thanks again for the time and effort!
  4. Jim Bristow/Serpico has died

    bloody hell RIP
  5. glad it's all over and looking forward to the brand of football that TM will bring to the club next season. I think we are more than capable of winning the league, but only time will tell on that. Looking forward to next season now despite having given up my season book.
  6. Bilic is proven at international level with his own countrymen but he has no experience of working with and motivating a varied range of personalities and buying/selling. That's what worries me about him. Coyle has all that plus more i think. He might not be the most experienced manager in the world but has done very well wherever he has been. There is something about Coyle, he reminds me of martin o neill in his style and substance.
  7. Hinkel was fine, considering just about every passage of play that rangers had in the 1st half went through Lafferty. Though he done well against a guy that was far bigger and arguably stronger than him.
  8. hampden in the sun, what a day 'Hullo, Hullo, we're leaving wi' 5 minutes to go'
  9. well done koki, great showing today. Mcdonald so deserved a goal too. i was slated for my rating of him, and his stats were decimated for fm still not confident about next week, but at least we still have our cushion of 4.
  10. no wonder arsenal are so over rated then ;)
  11. Steklo Skin 2009

    another post in support of you! thought your skin was the best bar-none last year. The new one looks class.
  12. Sheridans still very raw, but he never stops running. Another thing i like is that he always wants the ball. As long as he's given a chance i hope he develops well, like frank i can see the sutton in him.
  13. atmosphere was great tonight, despite the arsehole sitting along from me. Hope we can get a good result against Aalborg so we can have more of the same against Villarreal. 1st half excellent, 2nd half sat far too deep and invited them to do what they wanted. Was a bit cringeworthy seeing 8 players in our defensive line towards the end. Overall though, it was everything we could realistically have hoped for. It was great to see Man U in the flesh again, their movement is outstanding. Those guys in that man u thread don't realise how lucky they are to be watching that every week.
  14. Jan deserved to go, simple as. There was no need to react. Cousin got what was coming to him.. was putting out all afternoon. tbh, the ref did a good job today. If every OF game was to be reffed like that then i'll be happy
  15. thought we done not bad and were the better team in the 1st half and started decently in the 2nd. Unfortuately, undone by 2 cracking strikes... any team would be hard pushed to come back from that. Rangers showed more steel in the 2nd half and deserved to come away with the victory, but the scoreline definately flattered them. Boruc obviously has his issues and needs to get his head sorted out and Wilson will be scapegoated again. Feel for the boy, he gives an honest performance each time, but how much more ****ing obvious can it be THAT WE NEED A LB