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  1. actually yes :( thank you for confirming it. I have raised the issue in the bugs forum and someone at SI offered to have a look at the dbc file, hopefully they will be able to find a solution. in the mean time what I do is the following: since this happens on the 1st of january and the 1st of july, I usually take a screenshot of both the B and U19teams to have their contract status and I manually change them back to what they were before. It's true it is not ideal, but for the Liga is much more enjoyable playing with this file so I accept this little negative point :)

    Oh oke, I am also going to do that. If this is all. But i am enjoying playing with this dbc.

  2. Great pick up of Adler! I'm a bit jelly over that one. What did you offer him? I could never convince Seedorf to come back. Would've been a great tutor, but Theo Janssen and Gago did that well for me, and Gago still does. (he's 29 now) and helping me mould a Uruguayan regen DMC into an absolute beast.

    I have offered him 40k a week, it's a bit much but I have sold Sulejmani so it gets of against each other.

    Seedorf accepted a contract of 8.75k a week.

    Also sold El Ham for 7.75 mil to fiorentina. He scored allot of goals last season. But I just don't like him and the other strikers score allot

  3. Just started the second season.

    I bought Muniesa on a free and loaned Romario as backup behind Van der Wiel. I also bought some youthplayers.

    I sold Sulejmani for 3 million to ath. Madrid with a 50% sell on clause.

    I have won the Supercup against PSV with 7-0. A great start.

    p.s. just confirmed seedorf on a free

    And suprisingly I got Rene Adler for free. He rejected Barca, Real Madrid, chelsea and Bayern over me!!!

  4. looking for a left back... shall I go for Alba (like irl probably) or jose Angel? Restarted a game with a file that modifies the Liga so that reserve team and u19 team behave like in France England etc. So far Messi is better than irl : 45 games played and 68 goals and the season is not over yet, I think it's the best I got from him.

    Where can I find that file, because I don't like the way it works now

  5. I have just finished my first season, I became champions with great power:


    I also won the cup:


    In the champions league I had a really though group, with Man utd, OM and Borussia Dortmund. But with a miracle I became second in the group.


    Uploaded with ImageShack.us

    I have bought Manoel and Abdennour in January to give more strength to my defence.

    Eriksen was really great with 25 assists in the league and 7 goals.

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys.

    Tha Real Behanger- I'm not sure why you're experiencing lone strikers running free? If you mean in behind then have you got your faster cb on the left? The defensive line isn't that high and I wouldn't advise dropping it any deeper because with no DM the back line would get isolated too easily.

    I have allready two quick cb's, but the one on the left sometimes pulls out of position to the player with the ball on the midfield. The the striker the runs free and gets a pass. I have now changed the marking to zonal for the two cb's I think. It looks like they mark better now.

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