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  1. Yes thank you, I was looking through the schedules and now picked the one that train the most for the key attributes per position. Do you prefer a left foot wide midfielder for the left side or is a right foot wide midfielder better?
  2. Do you train the players in the positions they are? So the striker as false 9 and the mc as a box to box?
  3. The transfer from Mitchel bakker didnt go through if I recall! They where to late with the paperwork, and I havent heard he is going after the end of the season.
  4. I got this guy in my Liverpool youth intake, the first I got who is allready allmost first team material:
  5. Quick check, this is only with newgens at the beginning. At the youth intake they have pa above 119
  6. I noticed it to, but is it only in the beginning? My game isnt at the new youth intake so cant check it .
  7. Depends on which club, I recently did the same with PSG. I had a complete french team, where I could win the CL with. But it is more challenging when you do this with a llm club
  8. I just took over Tottenham in season 21/22 from Rio Ave. They have allot of older players, and don't play European Football when they got an tycoon from China. I have just resigned my manager, and going to upload is someone wants it. https://mega.nz/#!qYgFUAiI!bqnXfbkKg1fIes0agODk04MDtgvDo8WBPu5RRB8-WNk
  9. How can I see which teams are promoted? I am going to start in France!
  10. Which energyschedule is selected, I have seen it somethimes that it is not on High performance but on energysaving!
  11. Is there a way to slow this down? Maybe don't give them personal training?
  12. Hi Knap I really love the strikerless tactic. I have promoted to the premier league with Charlton Athletic with it. But now I am building a team to survive and trying to become champions. Do you have filters for the players? Or maybe some key attributes to search for?
  13. thanks for the suggestions. I am thinking about Crewe or charlton.
  14. Simple, I want to manage a team to bring up to world domination. It has to be low in de leagues but has the potential to get a big stadium. Who has an idea
  15. Determination has nothing to do with the development, only professional I think.
  16. have uploaded the save game and crash dump file: tharealbehanger_crashon5-11-2015.fm and tharealbehanger-11-05-2015.dmp thank you
  17. I am playing a barca game. But the game wont let me get past 5-11-2015. It keeps crashing with the following error: I have already reset the cache and the preference
  18. Uhm why make a new thread? You als posted in the original: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437821-FM16-Rate-My-Regen-Thread But he looks great though!!
  19. Thanks for one of the best additions. If you now make a note for a player you can click on his name when the note appears in your inbox. Thank you
  20. No I didnt edit anything. I am training him in the u19's. Only tutored him a few times. I had this in my chelsea save also 2 times with gk's who where at the prime at 17.
  21. I have a regen with PSG. Hey came trough my Youth acadamy. Now I dont know of this is a bug. But hey is 16 and already reached his full potential. Look at his pics:
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