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  1. That looks weird. 3-4 points in key attributes for his position in two months? And it happened without him playing first team football, only playing a cameo role in the u-side and "lacking match fitness"? Did you not edit his CA? I mean no offence, but I've not seen something like that before.

    No I didnt edit anything. I am training him in the u19's. Only tutored him a few times. I had this in my chelsea save also 2 times with gk's who where at the prime at 17.

  2. This tactic is ridiculously underrated. I've implemented the tactic with Atletico (unbeaten in second season, winning league, CL and Copa del Rey), Internazionale (Serie A, Europa League and Coppa Italia) and Anderlecht (league, semi-final CL, cup win). Strikers score for fun!

    Yeah I am also using it, and it works great for my PSG save. In my first season I wont the first 12 league games with 51 goals scored and only 5 against.

  3. Just checked and all work correct for me. Are you sure that you haven’t changed something ? Sometimes when you moving positions and changing instructions some settings can reset. I recommend if you are going to change something make it during the game and then save tactic during the game in order to save manual marking.

    ACMR marks LEFT oppositional full back, and ACML marks RIGHT oppositional full back.

    Checked it straight when i imported it into my game. I havent changed anything, but now changed it back.

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