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  1. On 08/05/2019 at 19:21, metallimuse said:

    Debating going to Bundesliga 3, what’s the standard compared to the Scottish leagues? On a par with Scottish championship? Some money to tempt Scottish talent over with?

    I have started with 1860 München, it's a very nice save trying to get promoted to the Bundesliga. I dont know how its compared to the scottish leagues

  2. 9 hours ago, Nathidz said:

    1 League... 1 Nation...

    How many people out there choose a team from say the Premier league, La Liga, Serie A, ETC.. and only use the nationality from that league/country 

    To me I think it’s more challenging  the whole team one nation and become the best team in the world

    easy or challenging it depends on the path you take.. 

    Depends on which club, I recently did the same with PSG. I had a complete french team, where I could win the CL with. But it is more challenging when you do this with a llm club

  3. On 2017-5-22 at 09:55, aditya said:

    Adaptability is not a deal breaker, poor determination, poor character is much more damaging to a players development than adaptability. Its very rare to get a very low adaptablility player. I think its been tested before that Determination and certain player personality have a huge impact on players development (attributes/hidden attributes)

    Determination has nothing to do with the development, only professional I think.

  4. That looks weird. 3-4 points in key attributes for his position in two months? And it happened without him playing first team football, only playing a cameo role in the u-side and "lacking match fitness"? Did you not edit his CA? I mean no offence, but I've not seen something like that before.

    No I didnt edit anything. I am training him in the u19's. Only tutored him a few times. I had this in my chelsea save also 2 times with gk's who where at the prime at 17.

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