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  1. 15 hours ago, akm.91 said:

    Another year gone and still nothing regarding a stadium creator/editor smh. Another year of stale, boring, robotic matches in dull, repetitive stadiums. All we want is a bit of realism 🤦🏻‍♂️


    First time I’ve ever seriously considered not buying a game in this franchise, hardly anything has changed. Pitch textures, managers suits and a 5 year plan are the headline features...

    Really this is a point for not buying the game?

  2. On 02/06/2019 at 16:16, Rober82 said:

    Yeah its fun!

    Does the 15k only stadium make it harder with finances?
    Done one season, went straight up. Not a great team to start with, Moll, Lex and Wein did well but the rest is.....
    Had to try to get rid of a alot of them, which was damn hard. Almost signed a new team, seems i`ve got a golden generation coming up also.

    Great to put Bayern in their place! :lol:

    No is not really hard with the finances. I sold a lot of youngsters from the youth intake who clearly wouldnt made it to the first. I got offers from bundesliga teams.

    I also went up in the first season, 2bundesliga is tougher so had to play 2 seasons to promote :lol:. Pricemoney is better there, but when you get to the bundesliga the money is comming in. So the first season is about to finish as high as possible to get a lot of money.

    To add, the youth intake every year is really nice. Had some worldbeaters comming through.

  3. On 28/05/2019 at 15:44, Rober82 said:

    Just done the same, with my brother who is Kaiserslautern. Have you got far?
    Wondering about the stadium, if you`ll stay at the "small" grunewalder as you go up, or if you get to use a bigger one like maybe allianz?
    15k makes it a hard fight for the season tickets i believe? :D  This club has to have loads of fans?
    My brother has Fritz Walter with room for 50k.. Not fair ! :lol:



    Yeah I am now in season 24/25, last season I won the Bundesliga. The board are now building a 25000 seater, you have to stay at the grunewalder till the new stadium is finished. 

    Really great save game!

  4. On 08/05/2019 at 19:21, metallimuse said:

    Debating going to Bundesliga 3, what’s the standard compared to the Scottish leagues? On a par with Scottish championship? Some money to tempt Scottish talent over with?

    I have started with 1860 München, it's a very nice save trying to get promoted to the Bundesliga. I dont know how its compared to the scottish leagues

  5. 9 hours ago, Nathidz said:

    1 League... 1 Nation...

    How many people out there choose a team from say the Premier league, La Liga, Serie A, ETC.. and only use the nationality from that league/country 

    To me I think it’s more challenging  the whole team one nation and become the best team in the world

    easy or challenging it depends on the path you take.. 

    Depends on which club, I recently did the same with PSG. I had a complete french team, where I could win the CL with. But it is more challenging when you do this with a llm club

  6. On 2017-5-22 at 09:55, aditya said:

    Adaptability is not a deal breaker, poor determination, poor character is much more damaging to a players development than adaptability. Its very rare to get a very low adaptablility player. I think its been tested before that Determination and certain player personality have a huge impact on players development (attributes/hidden attributes)

    Determination has nothing to do with the development, only professional I think.

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