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  1. Need More Info

    have uploaded the save game and crash dump file: and tharealbehanger-11-05-2015.dmp thank you
  2. I am playing a barca game. But the game wont let me get past 5-11-2015. It keeps crashing with the following error: I have already reset the cache and the preference
  3. I am playing as Real Madrid, and Castilla the B team is doing great in the Second Division B2. But there are now appearing messages in my inbox that he is on the verge of sack. This is the table: Dont know if its a bug?
  4. Uhm why make a new thread? You als posted in the original: But he looks great though!!
  5. Thanks for one of the best additions. If you now make a note for a player you can click on his name when the note appears in your inbox. Thank you
  6. No I didnt edit anything. I am training him in the u19's. Only tutored him a few times. I had this in my chelsea save also 2 times with gk's who where at the prime at 17.
  7. I have a regen with PSG. Hey came trough my Youth acadamy. Now I dont know of this is a bug. But hey is 16 and already reached his full potential. Look at his pics:
  8. Feyenoord!!
  9. I found this regen, paid 12 million for him when he was 15 but he is worth every penny.
  10. I think you have your language on American.
  11. Yeah I am also using it, and it works great for my PSG save. In my first season I wont the first 12 league games with 51 goals scored and only 5 against.
  12. Gonn check it now Its 5 april 2016
  13. West Ham has just got taken over bij a Tycoon on 5 april 2016, the savegame is from 7 april 2016. On the point of the tycoon take over West Ham are last in the Premier league.
  14. There is a version in the steamworkshop,
  15. How long do you guys play Ronaldo? I am now in 2024 and he is still a valuable backup. I am playing him as a MR.