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  1. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    Thanks, I am just at the promotion point.
  2. FM18 Youth Academy Challenge

    How can I see which teams are promoted? I am going to start in France!
  3. FM very slow on new laptop

    Which energyschedule is selected, I have seen it somethimes that it is not on High performance but on energysaving!
  4. Is there a way to slow this down? Maybe don't give them personal training?
  5. Hi Knap I really love the strikerless tactic. I have promoted to the premier league with Charlton Athletic with it. But now I am building a team to survive and trying to become champions. Do you have filters for the players? Or maybe some key attributes to search for?
  6. Team to manage with potential

    thanks for the suggestions. I am thinking about Crewe or charlton.
  7. Team to manage with potential

    Simple, I want to manage a team to bring up to world domination. It has to be low in de leagues but has the potential to get a big stadium. Who has an idea
  8. Any Tips For a Better Youth Intake

    Determination has nothing to do with the development, only professional I think.
  9. Game keeps crashing on 5-11-2015

    have uploaded the save game and crash dump file: tharealbehanger_crashon5-11-2015.fm and tharealbehanger-11-05-2015.dmp thank you
  10. I am playing a barca game. But the game wont let me get past 5-11-2015. It keeps crashing with the following error: I have already reset the cache and the preference
  11. Your Best Regens

    Uhm why make a new thread? You als posted in the original: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/437821-FM16-Rate-My-Regen-Thread But he looks great though!!
  12. Thanks for one of the best additions. If you now make a note for a player you can click on his name when the note appears in your inbox. Thank you
  13. FM15: Rate My Regen Thread

    No I didnt edit anything. I am training him in the u19's. Only tutored him a few times. I had this in my chelsea save also 2 times with gk's who where at the prime at 17.
  14. FM15: Rate My Regen Thread

    I have a regen with PSG. Hey came trough my Youth acadamy. Now I dont know of this is a bug. But hey is 16 and already reached his full potential. Look at his pics:
  15. FM15: AFC Ajax - Unfinished Business