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  1. Just started a new game with Ajax with the latest update. Selected the option so I don't have a transfer budget.

    I only sigend Litmanen and Hargreaves on a free, so they can tutor.

    I have terminated the loan of cuenca, because I have to pay his wages and he is injured for 9 months

    The tactic I am gonna play is a 4-5-1 with inside forwards. Eriksen and De Jong on the midfield.

    Won the first price of the season, the Supercup with 4-2 after after extra time

  2. If you need a defender you really need to buy Jan Kirchhoff, I am playing with an update so he came in the second season. He became player of the year in Germany. Played 32 games in the league scoring 9 goals and had an average of 7.78. And yes he begins great in the first match of the season, 3 goals and a 9.8!! Now in the 3th season I brought olic in for free, because he is an awsome tutor and became top goalscorer in Germany.

    Also Khedira came for 4.9 million euro, and bought ottl on a free for 1 season. This because I sold Luiz Gustavo.

    I wanted to play the 3th season with my talented regens, but they arent 17 yet.

  3. Just qualified for the Champions League after only 27 games. 22 wins and 5 draws. Anyone done similar? I'm finding it a bit too easy at the moment, which is a shame as I have 13 4* and up youth players I want to bring up and develop. I usually get bored with this much dominance.

    I think one Champions League win and I might be off. Six of those youth players are 5* rated. It will be a bright future for whoever takes over the job.

    In the second season I also qualified really quick, dont know exactly how soon. But now in the 3th season going to play with allot of youngsters.

  4. Wow that's so false. In 2042 in my game there are plenty of very impressive players in the top leagues, and even enough brilliant youngsters that I've been able to develop a few at my club (in Belgium) before selling on to the likes of Man City and Real Madrid for current world record amounts.

    Perhaps these will be annoying, but I'll post some examples anyway. (Remember these are just the ones playing in BELGIUM, certainly not the most prestigious league around and virtually impossible to attract the best of the best to the club)

    Aiello is my current best player. Signed as an 18yo from Boca for $6.5m and wanted by all the usuals:


    Delis is a fairly average DC I signed as a 17yo from AEK for $2.9m on a scout's high recommendation. After a few seasons in and around the first team, and one on loan, he's a quality 21 year old:


    Now a couple players I've sold one (I think they've deteriorated a bit since I had them tbh):

    Jasmin Delic, bought $1.1m, sold $44m


    Ulatowski, signed $1.4m, sold $67m


    And lastly, to demonstrate the kinds of young players I like to develop into stars, this is my best current youth player with some shots of his progress:

    Darko Vucko, signed as a 14yo from Hajduk for $5.75m (recommended by a coach iirc):





    How dit you train that Vucko? Only on positional training or also individual attributes?

  5. With Robben in the side, you're surprised you get so many penalties? I'm always getting soft penalties for me.

    Badstuber was a mistake. He turns out better than Hummels in my game. A beast for me.

    I'm in season three and I've been training Shaqiri on longshots for a year. He is now 17 long shots and scores an absolute bucket full. Work him on his decisions and long shots and you'll have an absolute beast of a player. He is the first name on my team sheet.

    How can you get his decisions up? Because I only see long shots in the training!

  6. Ironically' date=' playing him as a defender is nowhere near the best use of his attributes.

    Get him in and re-train him as a Central midfielder, and then use him as a Ball Winning Midfielder in the centre of the park. He is absoloutely frightening for me in this role, and has just enough pace to close down and break up almost anything that comes near him before laying it sideways to a quick winger, or a creative midfielder.

    When I set my scout filter to search for all the key attributes of a defensive mid, he came up as the youngest, strongest candidate, and with his tremendous PA, he can easily be the best BWM in the game for a decade.[/quote']

    I was just looking at him yesterday, I need a someone in the midfield because fletcher becomes old. So I think i buy him.

  7. any body having trouble winning away from home with this tactic i have tried something and it seems to work if you put the slider on passing from quick to slow right to the beginning that should work home and away

    not sure how to get a picture up here to show you the results so if someone could tell me i will

    On passing I think you mean the tempo slider?

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