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  1. I'm managing Bologna in 2029 and been doing well. Last season I won the Champions League for the second year in a row and the Serie A for the 4th in a row and all 5 competitions I entered and the Board rate my performance as a B. For context my U18 and U20 and pretty much doing likewise. This is not right...
  2. I'm managing Bologna who have a requirement of signing mainly players under the age of 23. They are getting more and more irritated when I don't which is very very rarely...Every time I ask my DOF (2nd one in post during this save) they always recommend players over 23..They need to comply with the same club requirement (or they are useless in this important regard) or there needs to be a way I can ask them to suggest a player and be able to set an age limit on. If there is a way and I've missed it, soz. The Recruitment Meeting equally is pretty much a waste of time in this regard as al
  3. Thanks - I'm aware of the club's history having gotten interested in them after watching the Prime Documentary. My thinking at the moment is that I'll make it my 2/3rd FM 20 save.
  4. Thanks Paul! I'm keen to do a long term save having enjoyed Forest Green Rovers and FC Utrecht on FM 19 but I'm still unsure as to whether to do an Eibar one as a capacity 16K doesn't get you very far but I'm still a little tempted though....chronically undecided still.
  5. Has anyone managed Eibar and do the Board agree to build a new stadium (and if so how big) and improve the training and youth academy? Thinking of doing a FM 20 save with them. Thanks
  6. Check out the excellent "Bust The Net" YouTube series by Rashidi and the new Liverpool save he's doing. He's got a very interesting take on the Liverpool tactic which is about maximizing Salah.
  7. I'm managing Forest Green Rovers in the second season in the Premier league and despite being over over £60M in the black and £88M of unspent transfer kitty I'm still playing in a 12.5K capacity stadium. Clearly, this is not good for my reputation, attracting players, generating income etc. etc. Whilst I am taking advantage of developing both the youth and training facilities as it regularly provides me with the option to discuss with the Board it hasn't allowed me to discuss stadium expansion in approximately 12 months. i would like to see an option of approaching the board as well as being
  8. I have now thanks mate, tried various things from playing about with my preference settings, clearing cache and even changing from GPU rendering to software on my Steam account all of which means very little to me if I'm honest but hell I've given it a go! Spent conservatively 3 hours on it all told and I'm about to give up certainly for tonight unless another kind soul has an inspired thought! Thanks again.
  9. Thanks D-L-O I've done as you suggested but no joy and although you never can say I suspected it may have been the case simply as some skins do load. There's only one Skins folder. Tried installing via Winrar but my Mac won't allow me to use it when I try and uninstall for some reason. I'll have another bash.
  10. Hi, I love the look of this skin and although I've successfully installed other skins on FM 17 (Tempo, CFM, Sky Sports and Wannachup) whenever I follow the same process and try and load both this and OPZ Elite while it shows as a folder in my FM 17 skins folder it simply doesn't provide the option to load it via preferences in the game. Has anyone else had the same problem or have any advice? I've looked at the video on installing the skin and I seem to be doing what i should be but no joy and I'm developing a very bad case of Virtex Skin envy....Many Thanks in advance for any help
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