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  1. The GOAT stuff is a very American (US) concept. I'm not a fan because there cannot be such a thing unless we vote positionally because each position has a sub-set of skills required to compete, a forward isn't going to play fullback and a fullback isn't going to be a winger. It's like comparing Michael Jordan to LeBron or Kobe to LeBron, you cant. Media driven concepts like this add nothing to real life.
  2. I agree but I'd like a more interactive scouting area, the whole section needs an overhaul honestly it's rather basic and dull for something so complicated in real life.
  3. I was wondering why hidden traits exist ingame? Those traits can all be measure in real life, things like; consistency, injury proneness, versatility and professionalism are all seen quite clearly from game to game and are not really hidden if you can see my point. Just curious.
  4. Is there a way to change the current/potential ability star ratings to a numerical value, without using the "hidden" options? (Ergo; without cheating) or even have both, same question for things like consistency, injury proneness etc? I'm not a huge fan of the graphical icons the game uses to portray these things on the scouting report section. I'd like it to display the range as opposed to a 100% accurate number an example would be 140-160 instead of it displaying an exact value.
  5. I've got a badge 25x25 to add to my create-a-club team but I don't know how to do it, how can I add the badge to the new team kits?
  6. Doesn't praising players in the media for international goals improve manager/player relationship? It serves a purpose as far as I understand but I do understand your issue, I don't really understand a lot of the media stuff, the questions are repeated over and over again with zero variation.... it is tremendously dull.
  7. With the announcement of the European Super League (ESL) what's the general opinion and the direction FM will be taking?
  8. Why is the youth intake system structured as it is? It just seems shallow and unrealistic the way it currently sits. I'd make a suggestion on how to change it but this is not the place for suggestions and you cannot get feedback there because of the way that subsection of the forums is structured.
  9. I'm not sure because I rarely play as any team other than Arsenal, But in England I'm sure this is already in action.... you get an email at the end of each season notifying you of you "unconditional License" along with your other financial emails.
  10. For what purpose though, no way you'd play the actual game like that? I'm assuming for YT videos?
  11. I would like a way to improve relationships with Agents other than simply extending their clients contracts and giving them what they want because it seriously hinders future negotiations if you're in poor standing with an agent after failing to agree terms so much to the point where I actively reload the last save in order to keep things smooth with agents and players I want to keep long-term otherwise they make absolutely outrageous requests an instance for me was wanting to extends Saka's contract (Arsenal) after disagreeing with his requests for Nketiah and Nelson he insta
  12. My question is if I've got 3 games in 9 days with 2 days between each game, how do I structure training? Normally pre-game I have: Match Practise - Match Tactics (Missed if away game/Travel) - Match Preview Post game I have: Recovery - Match Review - Rest (Missed if away game/Travel) With regular rotation my AP (su) gets tired within the first 3 months whereas my BBM's (su) are never tired until that latter third of the season. It goes the same with my wingbacks (su), Both Bellerin and Tierney get tired fast, so do the back ups Alonso and Chambers.
  13. Can there be an option added to "Right click on name > Contracts > "Offer Wage Increase" > "5-20%"" I suggest this because sometimes you don't want to edit a players expected playing time but he is making a fuss about a new contract, frankly 95% of the time they just want more cash, but they wont accept and acceptable amount of playing time. For instance I'm in year 3 with Arsenal, I've got ESR and Sancho in the Left Wing options with Nelson but Nelson wants to be an "Important player" despite being a "Squad player" currently with those two ahead of him it's a ridicul
  14. I recently made a post on a Training improvement request and it was locked (understandably) can there be some sort of feedback system? Rather than just a response saying "Reviewed so locked" It'd help people in general regarding giving feedback and reviewing their own ideas.
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