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  1. Is there more? I'm disappointed considering all the suggestions the community has made and this is the results.
  2. It's expanding the level of statistics that adds nothing, or very little, to the game and serves zero purpose for the majority of players. For me the "core" statistics are more than enough to analyse and act on rather than having unneeded further detail. The expansion of statistics within football serves little purpose in actual football that the eye cannot see. Also note, just with respects to football manager, it takes up valuable development time which takes them (the developers) away from parts of the game that're valuable and need fixing/expanding that the majority of the players of the game can enjoy without being bombarded with aspects of the game that are not needed.
  3. Ah I see, you want an option for the non-attacking duty fullback to shuttle across and act as a half-centerhalf whilst you have the ball and then shuttle back across when the opposition has the ball and return back to the fullback on defending duty with the rest of the defenders to fall back into their original positions. So you want dynamic defending with regards to position, very similar to how Arsenal do it when Tierney goes forward and fails to recover and then leaves the left-sided centerhalf under pressure.
  4. If you leave the wings open then the two advanced wingbacks act as wingers when on attack duty. It fully depends on the roles you use. If you've got one fullback on attack and the other on defend, depending on your dominant side, then you'll effectively be playing 3 defenders when out of possession because the fullback on attacking duty will get forward more often.
  5. Honestly I'd abolish regions and sub-regions all together, singular scouts cannot cover a whole region/sub-regions consisting of 5+ countries, it removes a little realism for me. Scouting as a whole needs an overhaul because it's poorly constructed and this forum has had a lot of suggestions seemingly thrown out.
  6. They seemed to have suffered a fall from grace over the past decade or so, I'll be following your progress despite having little interest in Italian football.
  7. Surely playing two "advanced" wingbacks on automatic or attack with 3 centerbacks is a solution to the problem or am I misinterpreting the situation?
  8. I'd like them to revert to a star rating for facilities, each star counting for 4 points on a 20 point scale, each half star represents a 2/20, each full star represents a 4/20. For instance if you had a 2 star facility It'd be calculated as an 8 and a 4.5 star would be calculated as a 18/20 The facilities section needs to be more in-depth.
  9. I was wondering if it was at all possible to add a stadium designer tool should the board accept the building of a new stadium, you'd be given the opportunity on consultation a group of discussions which goes through the aspects such as the size, facilities, roof type ext... The last iteration of FIFA Manager had one that was quite in-depth and that could be improved.
  10. You're better off concentrating on a cohesive team as you said and he's just going to cause issues more and more as he becomes more influential within the club. At the end of the day it's not too difficult to find a solid 25-30 goals a season forward.
  11. What's his scout report look like, is he consistent? He's got a hideous personality alongside a poorly constructed contract. I'd still sell him and move on despite his ability, just not to a team in the same league. I think you could do better.
  12. Sponsorship issues, kit designer issues and such. The game designers already have issues with badges in the game, they just had a "legal battle" with Manchester United. They also have issues with certain leagues such as Japan from what I've been told, Juventus is another club. Kit-packs are fan made and clubs likely don't see it as financially viable to sue individuals for making them, some webpage hosts have even gone as far as to disallow them from being hosted on their webpages more than likely for legal issues. I'm not 100% sure on these things but they're likely considerations. Also I've got no issue with your ideas it's just there's a finite amount of resources and they're better spent elsewhere.
  13. A secondary job is like assigning a Coach to also be a Scout, they essentially perform two roles at your club often to save cash at the lower levels. It's a dual role which makes little sense unless they're based at the club fulltime such as a Physio/Sport Scientist, Coach/Y-Couch.
  14. Similar to the system Transfermarkt use to monitor the values of players over their careers.
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