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  1. Was posted on the fm base thread here. It's the "Eirik" titled one.
  2. Milton Keynes Dons Mike Dove - no longer HOYD as he left the club in August 2018 (hopefully this is a valid link: http://ucscspurs.com/communities/2/004/013/642/922/files/4635923309.pdf employment details towards the bottom) Luke Williams - new assistant manager although I think this was too late for the data cut anyway (https://www.mkdons.com/news/2019/november/williams-appointed-assistant-manager/) Dean Thornton - based on his Twitter profile, he ended his GK coaching role at Chinese Taipei when he joined MK Dons (https://twitter.com/DMTkeepers) Based upon MK Dons' website (https://www.mkdons.com/teams/staff/), perhaps Jon Goodman is now HOYD (or under-18 Manager) and Simon Dwight is under-18 assistant manager? Both are listed are first-team coaches in FM20 Finally, not 100% sure but I think Steve Perryman was part of Paul Tisdale's team so may have left with him.
  3. To the people who are commenting on Greenwood being overrated, thoughts on Rhian Brewster vs Mason Greenwood? Considering Brewster has not featured for Liverpool at all why do people have a hard-on for Greenwood so much? Comparison between the two on 1 November 2023.
  4. Can't see any reliable source that supports this.
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