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  1. Thanks for your reply - can you just explain to me something - defending more narrow works better for a side that wants to press? I presume because players are closer together to press in numbers? Defending wider is best suited when exactly?
  2. Thanks for the tips guys, it certainly does help me in understanding exactly how the game plays etc. I've changed things around a little & think more by luck than judgement seem to have stumbled across something that's working (See below). I've certainly been much better and more creative going forward & have just won the last 7 in a row playing like this. Things still don't really seem tight enough at the back - may play slightly narrower to see if I can impact this. But Reus & Haaland have both been excellent along with Sancho & taken me from the verge of the sack
  3. I was just thinking that Reus would move inside allowing my LB to bomb on. He does actually get into some good positions and Reus has been my bets player. I'm defo going to try drop the CM's back. I've tried different combos on width but I guess I don't really know how each variance could change how I play? What are the implications of each?
  4. Thanks, I'll try dropping the CM's back to see if that'll help. Just for clarity, playing high tempo with playmaker as a Cam, can you explain why you think this may not work? Is it because he may end up being bypassed with longer balls towards Haaland? I'll also have a tinker with some of the rolls for Haaland. I guess I always feel the striker should be set to Attack, never really thought of support for that role.
  5. Thanks for the reply. I did consider downloading a tactic but I kind of want to work things out for myself. I just need to understand how changes impact my tactic etc. What do you mean by my defensive line being to deep when it's set as high with offside trap?
  6. I should say that I also have "play ball into box" whilst in possession in use...
  7. Hey all, I used to play FM a lot back in the day - especially when younger in the Championship manager days. I used to love the pick up and play ability. Got frustrated with the FM series as it's far more complex and I always manage to get sacked or just do badly! Bought a new laptop couple of weeks back and thought i'd give FM another go - but i'm struggling again already! I've started a save with Dortmund & I just can't seem to find any consistency even though I feel as if i'm playing logical tactics (I'm sure you'll point out that what i'm doing actually isn't logical!).
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