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  1. I switched the two midfield roles as suggested, changed Ibra to a TM and removed tight marking and have certainly controlled the game far more. I do think that at times I am over complicating this game. Can I ask, what was the thought process with picking those two roles? Also, what do you not like about playing work ball into the box? Is there a situation where this TI would be usefull?
  2. Poacher role doesn't really require legs unless I'm missing something?
  3. I've started a new save with Milan which has actually started fairly well. I've been fiddling around with a few different different variants of the 4231 and i'm currently rocking the below. Whilst i'm winning games and have had a solid start to the season, i'm not really controlling games like i feel i probably should be. I've not been scoring many goals. Most of my wins have been 1-0 which isn't a bad thing of course, but i feel this side is capable of more. Looking to build from the back and generally looking to play a game that's controlled by keeping the ball - which we have been doin
  4. Is 2 defensive CM's a little too defensive? 5 defensive players with just one on support?
  5. I've had to make a few changes as it still just doesn't seem to be right. I'm not creating enough chances despite being fairly solid at the back. I'm currently trying to play two behind Immobile again to get my best players into the side really. Trying to feed through balls into Immobile and the SS. I think the side is setup with balance - although happy to take opinions as is the case. Trying to keep things simple with the TI's and looking to play a patient passing game as this seems to be what works for me when i play this game! I've actually started the season fairly well with 4 wins and 2
  6. I look forward to reading and hopefully taking a few ideas for my own saves 👍
  7. So, i started again this evening. Have started with 2 wins from 2 - looking much more of a threat going forward having started with the "fluid counter attack" pre-set but took a few TI's out & amended some player roles. I'm not convinced that this is entirely balanced. Lucas has been playing in the centre - although wondering if it maybe best to move him out wide to compensate for Lazzari moving forward more. One thing i have noticed it getting caught 2 v 1 in the wide areas which has resulted in a lot of conceded chances. I've tried to defend wider. I can of course still go u
  8. Will give it a go later and play simple. I think it'll take time for me to be able to dissect what's actually happening in games more but we shall see how it goes this time round. SMS as a false 9? Alongside Immobile?
  9. If you were to continue with that Lazio save, what formation and TIs would you play and why?
  10. It must just be a coincidence then? As my defenders were aimlessly hoofing it but then I switched to WBIB and it seemed to lead to them taking their time and trying to pass the ball?
  11. Can you expand on your last paragraph please? With regards to WBIB, it was more based around not watching my defenders hoof aimlessly when options were available. That with shorter passing seems a good starting block. Would you suggest starting with a clean slate or a preset of somekind then trying to tweak slightly?
  12. So to try and answer your questions, if I'm honest, I hadn't really thought about it all that much. I had hoped to pick a formation and then work out what player instructions can fit within that but without really having much throught with what I actually wanted to do. I ended up getting sacked after a dreadful run. I'm putting it down to the learning process, however. I think I've learned a few things even just playing tonight. I'm determined to play the game my way in terms of learning to build tactics myself rather than download one as there's zero fun in that. Tomorrow I intend to st
  13. It's interesting to see how do many people have different opinions of what may or may not work with this system!
  14. Thinking I may try something similar. By WBs on attack with the two CM's on duties to perhaps cover. Maybe a CAR and a DLP Def or CM Def?
  15. Agree regarding Alberto. He hasn't been playing there. I had Darder who I signed who is more defensive minded. He has played there a few times but on a support mentality with a CM on defence. I was actually playing SMS and Alberto just behind a striker with two others sitting behind them. SMS was a AMC attack duty and Alberto was a AP on support. I was trying to get them both in the side as they're my best players but it just wasn't working
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