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  1. Thanks it really made a huge improvement, I started the game by increasing the attacking width, and passing to standard, possession wise we had 49% but most importantly was the quality of chances we created. I have one question regarding the TI Be More expressive, should it be used when the team is having possession but creating little with it based on my tactic?
  2. Need your input here, tactic is working fine but again the usual fun spoiler against teams that use the 352 formation no matter how much quality you have, tweaks you make during games they just keep possession and create little. I am really out of ideas I have reloaded multiple times putting my inside forward on support duty, my wing back changed to complete wing back, for my striker I usually juggle between f9 and deep lying forward on support. I was hoping maybe you can share your experience and approach when facing this type of teams
  3. Thanks very much really appreciate the great inputs. I like to play as simple as possible and still enjoy the game
  4. I see thanks for the input but given the way I want my team to play and also the fact that I want my Inside forward to be more offensive minded I will try to avoid using the PF role in that situation. Also in relation to the tactic I have posted with the striker role changing into a complete forward, deep lying forward on support or f9 what approach or change can I make when facing teams with a higher reputation away from home in order to not be open too much in the beginning of games. I don't want to be too defensive either
  5. Indeed move into channels is not hardcoded in the role of the f9 I just played a game where Lutaro played as a false 9 and I can tell you he was impressive with two goals and most importantly the team all around played well. Couple of questions can I still use the roam into position instruction for my striker in order to give him more freedom. And secondly what are the scenarios to use a PF forward?
  6. Thanks for the reply. Well the reason I put my striker on PF support is that I didn't want him to move into channels for the fact that I was afraid him, the mezalla and wing back on support will occupy the same space which is why I gave him roam from position. My striker is Lutaro Martinez who has all the required attributes to play all striker roles. I sometimes use Martial, Greenwood on that position too
  7. @zemahh thanks for the suggestion. I have seen it also in couple of topics some gamers having the same problem I guess we have to adjust and play as it is. I will try to implement the the agressive tactic you suggest and see if it can help close the gap in term of possession. But the fulham team I faced used a 4231 but very defensive minded as you might have seen on the action zones
  8. Hi football manager community. I come today to ask for suggestions and guidance for my 4141 dm wide formation. I managing Manchester United entering my second season, last one we came third behind liverpool and city. I think I have a pretty good squad that can go and win the premier league even the champions league. Main change from last season is the sell of Pogba who moved to PSG given that he was desperate to join them. The tactic as you can see above look quite balanced if I might say. Team instructions very simple, also using split block the 3 forwards and mezalla have high pressing
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