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  1. Ah, thanks. Teamwork is 18 for both Alaba and Kimmich so guess that's not an issue.
  2. To clarify, the pass completion stat is for Pellegrini personally, so it's relatively poor compared to teammates: Team pass completion was 83%. I suppose a more relevant comparison would be to another AP in the same position. I think it's worse than before but I will need to check that in future games.
  3. As per the advice, I've moved away from using specific PIs for now and looking to play about with roles. On this subject, I recently splashed out on a new Advanced Playmaker, Pellegrini. First full match wasn't great though, only 78% pass completion, bit of a problem when the AP is getting most of the ball. I'm still using this Gegenpress preset (except Tempo down 1 notch): The pass map for Pellegrini looks like this: Seems like he has all the desirable passing attributes (Anticipation, Passing, Technique, Teamwork, Flair, Vision, Decisions): What I did notice
  4. Thanks for the responses, that clarifies things. I would say I was thinking logically (that players would cross less often) but not holistically. Given what you've said I'll experiment with different role combinations (suitable for Gegenpress) before looking at PIs.
  5. I'm playing FM19 with Bayern Munich, Gegenpress preset except tempo down 1 notch. Has anyone seen much impact from using the Cross Less Often PI? Against Man U after 18 mins I was unimpressed with the Wingbacks kicking 13 failed crosses into opposing defenders... So for Alaba Wingback(S) I chose Cross Less Often. For Rafinha, I had to change Duty to Support so Cross Less Often became available, then added the attack PIs Get Further Fwd, Cross From Byline. Watched the game for a bit and couldn't see much difference. Likewise, the stats at half-time seem to show the crossing mania
  6. Merry Christmas, Rashidi. Thanks for your contribution to the community. I'm currently trying out your Bayern 4-2-3-1 and it's working a dream
  7. I'm managing Bayern in FM21 Touch. I'm really still beginner at tactics so following the advice of Rashidi and trying out some of the presets as well as his Bayern Vertical Tiki Taka tactic that he posted recently. One thing I noticed, the tactics recommended by the Assistant with the thumbs up changes from time to time. I had Wing Play suggested previously but not now, Tiki-Taka and Control Possession are recommended now when they weren't before. Why would this change while I've still got the same players? There's always three suggested options, just not the same three.
  8. Can you please clarify what this means? I see that the Use Tighter Marking is used as a TI, does this just mean same applies to the front 4 without any PI adjustment?
  9. Thanks for the comments, I am going to think more about styles of play, starting with presets, to try and understand why they are setup as they are. I've actually decided to give Bayern Munich a go as I read elsewhere that they have the players for most styles so might be easier to get more of them working successfully. Perhaps the challenge for me, and other newbies, is thinking about systems holistically and higher level concepts such as style, shape, support, mobility etc... I think I need to understand those better first, rather than trying to see what different settings do in isolati
  10. Possession-based, pressing/win ball back quickly, patient build-up. I suppose I was hoping to emulate the principles of @herne79's Possession with Attacking Intent but adapting to the players at hand rather than blindly copying every single setting. Perhaps I have complicated it by thinking about overloads? On the other hand, I am open to trying any style of play that is suitable for this group of players.
  11. Thanks @Rashidi That makes sense, as so often with this game then, it is about the combination of factors (in this case attributes) that lead to the outcome (as irl), much as I would like to able to pin things down to a single cause. I guess there is a relationship between Aggression and Bravery as they seem very similar. In the case of the sliding tackle I can see it's the defender taking the risk and therefore needing the Bravery. But in the case of going for header the risk of injury would be more equal so wouldn't both Attacker and Defender need some combination of Aggression an
  12. More great stuff One thing I'm not clear on is how does one see the impact Mentals such as Bravery and Determination have in the game itself? It doesn't seem very obvious to me compared to, for example, seeing someone with high Jumping Reach winning a header. To put it another way, if you have two central defenders, one with Bravery 1 and the other 20, and all other stats the same, how would this manifest itself during a match? Would one see the Bravery 1 defender pulling out of tackles or is it more a case of looking at tackle win % over the course of a season?
  13. Anyone mind taking a look at my Liverpool tactic? I have read a few of the guides and attempted to apply some of the principles to the (admittedly good) players available at Anfield. I have a feeling I'm not far off but should be getting more out of these players... I just played Man U and won 1-0 at home (Woo Hoo!). A few notes on how I arrived at this point... - I borrowed heavily from @herne79's excellent Possesssion With Attacking Intent, leading to Higher DL/LOE and Close Down More for the front five. I actually tried it with West Ham itself though couldn't quite replicate
  14. Just trying this TI in FM2019 and can see that the type of pass changes just like it says within the game, for a teammate to run onto it...
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