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  1. Watford - 2018 Manager Profile League Table So after holidaying to the 6th of November the team second bottom were Watford, I'm quite happy with that to be fair. I'm aware I forgot to turn in game editor off for when I was having a LLM save with all rich clubs so I'll be sure to add a screenshot that shows it's not been used in game at the end of each season.
  2. GREMIO - 2027 Manager Profile - Crowy - 2027 Key Players - Helder ~ Diego Lainez ~ Wildson ~ Romario ~ Pablo Victor Squad Overview - Overview ~ Match Stats Competitions Overview Here is just a quick overview of my 2027 second half of season with Gremio, the form was very up and down whilst I struggled to settle on a formation we had a couple of good win against teams such as Corinthians but losing games to Bahia made qualifying for the Copa Libertadores a little more difficult. I did still have a chance for qualifying on the final day as results went out way but I lost 4-2 to Internacional. I think this may be a long term job to win the Copa Libertadores as I think this team needs a lot of work. I only have one year left on my contract so I will see how we progress this season once I do transfers and settle on a formation. CAREER PROGRESS
  3. After a few months struggling to find saves with FM, I've decided to continue this save from this point. It's the only real save I've enjoyed this year and I'd love to complete it. When I reloaded my save the last save point was just after retiring from Atalanta, but I've taken the same path and become manager of Gremio. CAREER PROGRESS
  4. Dorking Wanderers 2019/20 Crowy - 2019 Facilities/Finances (click to View) Squad Overview (click to View) Season Preview (click to View)
  5. Gremio 2027 Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad So I've resigned from Atalanta, I was looking towards the Liverpool and River Plate jobs as they were very insecure. Unfortunately, neither teams sacked their manager and Gremio approached me the main reason I took the job is that they're still in to the Copa Libertadores.
  6. @vikeologist, do I need to win the Coppa Italia or is it any top 10 domestic cups?
  7. Atalanta 2026/27 Season Review Manager Profile: Crowy 2027 Key Players: Esteban Carbonero ~ Carlos Darson ~ Oskar Pietron ~ Dmitriy Yegorov ~ Campo Elias Medina Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Board Expectations: Qualify for Europa League | Won the League! League Table Results One ~ Results Two Well, what can I say about this season? So many times Inter looked unstoppable throughout the season managing to have an 8 point gap with 11 games remaining, I was just planning to have a strong finish to the end of my career with Atalanta. As the games went by I saw Inter drop more and more points and it made for an excellent finish as I beat them in week 37 to put me top of the league on goal difference, it was then in our hands all I had to do was secure a final game win at home to 5th placed Lazio, whilst it may look a tight game finishing 1-0 Lazio never really threatened us much in that game. We then just had to hope Inter did not beat Cremonense 6-0 and the title would be ours, they only managed a 2-0 victory! The title was ours! I don't think I would get accused of cheating but just to show I didn't save my game for the final two months of my season. Yes I'm aware my laptop is incredibly slow for it to take me 6 hours to do two months, I also leave it on whilst I'm lurking on twitch etc too. Board Expectations: Reach Group Stage | First Knockout Round Group Stage Results We were given the hardest Group Draw imaginable, being drawn against PSG, Dortmund and Atletico Madrid. We got off to an excellent start picking up two wins straight away, after a 5-0 drubbing at the hands of PSG in game 5 I was getting less confident, but a solid performance against Atletico in the final game saw us through comfortably. We were then drawn Spurs in the First Knockout Round, probably one of the better draws in the competition. We gave a good account of ourselves at home picking up a 2-1 win but always felt it was difficult with them having an away goal, not that it mattered Spurs got rid of us comfortably on their own ground running out 3-0 winners. Board Expectations: Reach Quarter Final | Runner-Up Results Once again, I let a Top Domestic Cup slip through my fingers. having a comfortable run up to the Semi Final, we then beat Napoli 3-0 on aggregate all that stood in our way of our first Domestic Cup was AC Milan. Hope of winning the Cup faded quickly in the Final as AC Milan scored their first 3 shots on target . . . We done well to have a late chance of getting a draw but ultimately the damage was already done. CLUB PROGRESS
  8. I've been away for about 10 days so looking to get a good session in over the next couple of weeks, still currently Atalanta and Italy manager in 2027, about 11 games left in my final season at Atalanta. Currently 2nd but 8 points off Inter.
  9. Atalanta 2025/26 Season Review Manager Profile: Crowy 2026 Key Players: Esteban Carbonero ~ Oskar Pietron ~ Kepa Arrizabalaga ~ Dario Baruffi ~ Brahim Diaz Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Board Expectations: Top Half Finish | Qualified for the Champions League League Table Results One ~ Results Two Overall we had a very good solid first full season in charge of Atalanta, we managed to bring in some very good players, Esteban Carbonero who I had at Atletico Nacional has to be one of my best ever finds on any FM he has turned in to an absolute monster of a player. Dario Baruffi and Brahim Diaz were probably my other stand out performers for the season. In terms of results it was an up and down season we could go from winning 5-0 away at Napoli and have a few games without conceding to having consecutive games where we concede 2/3 goals which was frustrating. My aim for this season was the Europa League and we have even exceeded my expectations, I have a good core to this team and if I can add a few more quality players I feel I may be able to challenge next season, I think it will be my final season either way, I've really not enjoyed my time at Atalanta for some reason. In the Coppa Italia, we had a decent run making it all the way to the Semi Final. It was extremeley frustrating in the end as I was 3-1 up in that Semi Final 2nd Leg and they decided to score 3 goals from 20 odd yards out to knock us out. I still mostly played my 2nd team for the majority of the cup again, which I need to stop doing so often as I need to start winning a cup or two to make progress in this challenge! CLUB PROGRESS No International progress as of yet but it is a World Cup year so I'm hoping some good opportunities come my way after that and I can start making progress on that side of the challenge. Also if there are any other screenshots people wish to see feel free to ask. First International Job
  10. Atalanta 2024/25 Manager Profile: Crowy 2025 Key Players: Dejan Kulusevski ~ Ennio Cima ~ Marcel Ruiz ~ Musa Barrow ~ Andrea Petagna Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Competitions Overview With only being in charge for 20 games for Atalanta here's i brief overview of what's happened this season. We managed to climb from 16th to 10th with a strong finish to the season for the club, in the Copa Italia we were knocked out in the Quarter Finals by AC Milan. Going forward to next season I'm definitely going to be looking to try and qualify for the Europa League and push them on to the next level, I'll be looking to get rid of some of the big earners and high value players in the team if I can find suitable replacements as we have a few good youth players coming back who can play a role next season, we're also losing quite a bit of money every month so ideally i'd like to stem that flow, CLUB PROGRESS
  11. Atalanta 2024/25 Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad After leaving Atletico Nacional, it took me around 3 months to find another job, I was trying so hard to get the Wolves job as that was insecure. I then saw Atalanta were a rich club and were sat in 16th of Serie A with 18 games left and felt this could be a great project. Granted they're not massively rich but it's a good platform to start on and we have some expensive players in the squad that we could move on and help me rebuild.
  12. This season my only aim was the Copa Libertadores, I was knocked out in the Quarter Final, I was also out of the FA Cup. I could of stayed and won another league to boost my reputation but I was already eager to move on. A mistake I made was adding European leagues to the save, so many of my players became unhappy once all the bids started flying in. I'm looking to perhapd get in to International management or perhaps try Australia, a country I've never managed in before. for Europe my plan is to win the Champions League with Wolves which may make this save a lot longer, but we'll see if that job comes up before other bigger European teams. CHALLENGE PROGRESS (Click to View)
  13. Atletico Nacional 2023 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2023 Key Players: Esteban Carbonero ~ Gerardo Mendoza ~ Ricardo Montoya ~ Carlos Antonio Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Categoria Primera A Overall League Table First Phase League Table ~ Second Phase League Table Results: First Phase ~ Second Phase I've been in Colombia for a year now and I still have no idea how this league works. I'm assuming I've won the league due to the overall league table, I lost in the second phase semi final mostly due to 4 first team players getting called up to international duty plus a few injuries didn't help, although they were back for the second leg so could of perhaps done better. I don't remember much about the first phase as I done that before Christmas. When I took over this team I had no idea how big of a club it actually is, so I'm going to have another year here and have a crack at the Copa Libertadores although I feel it will be difficult to beat the Brazilian/Argentinian teams. Overall I was happy with my first season I have a very good young squad here, that also made it to the Copa Colombia - Cup Final, we had a poor run in the Copa Sudamericana but I wasn't too worried about that as my main focus this season was to qualify for the Copa Libertadores. Challenge Progress (Click to View)
  14. O'Higgins 2022 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2022 Key Players: Franco Panta ~ Guido Mainero ~ Jason Flores ~ Matias Fernandez League Table; Fixtures 1 ~ Fixtures 2 ~ Copa Chile: So we managed to get off to a good start in the league, which was surprising as we played our second string team for the majority of the season to concentrate on the Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana. We had a bit of a blip towards the end of the season eventually won it comfortably, Bryan Carvalho and Manuel Gonzalez were probably two of my better players of the league campaign but as you can see neither of them had exceptional seasons, also at the other end Brayan Cortes managed 9 clean sheets in 14 league appearances to help us with the good start to the season. Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana: I felt we had a decent run in both competitions here, the only thing that let us down in the Copa Libertadores were those two draws before getting smashed by Palmeiras, which had us finish third in our group and we went in to the Copa Sudamericana. I wasn't expecting much in this competition as a lot of the teams were much better than us in terms of stature, I'd also started to focus on the league a little more as it was getting a bit tighter by this stage, I was pleased with both competitions overall. I think overall if I want to win the Copa Libertadoes I will have to leave Chile, I did get a job interview offer from Colo Colo towards the end of the season but I rejected as I don't even think they will be big enough to challenge. Squad: I was fairly happy with my squad over all from last season I just wanted to replace my foreign players with better ones if I could find them, I ended up making more Transfers than planned as I needed depth to cover all competitions this season as well. Franco Panta has to of been one of my most favourite FM signings for years and I'll be sure to keep an eye on him if I move on. In terms for next season if I even want to get close to the Copa Libertadores it needs a major overhaul and the problem is there is not enough quality in Chile to replace what I have. I have one more year on my contract but I feel I've achieved all I can here maybe apart from winning the top domestic cup but I can pick them up in many other countries. Challenge Progress (Click to View) Atletico Nacional Club Overview ~ Finances ~ Squad Overview I resigned from O'Higgins with this club in mind, I weren't expecting them to be so financially stable, however if you look at the squad overview it does need a lot of work. I've got a two year deal till 2024 and I'm looking forward to building this club. This league looks like it has A LOT of games from what I can see they played 40 games last season in the league alone, I think they finished 7th overall last season, and it looks like there are many phases, so looking forward to find it out as I go along.
  15. O'Higgins 2021 Manager Profile 2021 League Table; Fixtures 1 ~ Fixtures 2 ~ Cups: I had a very inconsistent start to my career at O'higgins, which was a surprise as I felt I had a very good transfer window and was optimistic of challenging for the league. We were hovering around mid table for the majority of the season, it wasn't until the summer break and transfer window where we found some good form, a couple of additions and another change of tactic seemed to work wonders for that end of season run. I think that qualifies us for the Copa Libertadores, although I'm not 100% sure if we have or not I'll have to wait for next season for confirmation. Squad: I felt overall we had a decent squad, I'll be moving on the 4 Argentinian players though who I signed last season only one of them performed decently I felt and that was Mansilla. Sandona looks like he is one of the best defenders in the league but must of made 15 mistakes this season, so can't wait to get rid of him. I'm hoping if I've qualified for the Copa Libertadores I'll be able to attract better players anyway. I don't feel I need a massive overhaul in general here though, I think replacing them 4 players should be enough for me to compete for the league. On a positive note Vagner kept a league and club record 14 clean sheets last season, so I'm eager to keep him around and another shoutout should go to Matias Fernandez who had a good solid season from right back last season. On a personal note I've signed a 2 year contract extension to 2023, I'm hoping to get a South America international job over the next couple of years as well to hopefully help push my reputation higher. I've been away a bit recently but hoping to push on 4/5 seasons over the Christmas and New Year, I've seen the thread has been fairly quiet recently but the members who are still posting are having good careers keep it up Challenge Progress (Click to View)
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