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  1. RACING CLUB 2032/33 Results: Since I Took Over Just a quick end of league season update the layout for Argentina is strange. Surprisingly we're still in the Copa Libertadores and Copa Argentina and with our form since coming in I'm feeling extremely confident we can win the league next season. I only made two additions to the team and they were excellent for us. I just need to keep hold of this squad over the summer. CAREER PROGRESS @SK I generally rotate two teams in the group stages of a main tournament (playing my weakest team twice), but in the main knockout rounds I generally just play my strongest XI. I may rotate the odd player that needs resting but if you look at other teams you come up against late in tournaments they are usually fatigued too.
  2. I thought I was knocked out of the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Argentina cup but apparently they both start in the second half of the season and I'm still in both, which is a pleasant surprise, I've had an excellent start in Argentina too
  3. I managed to get an international job straight after our Euro 2032 final loss, luckily Brazil had just finished 3rd place in the Copa America. After turning me down once before they decided to give me a shot this time. On the club front though it took me around 6 months to find a new job and that new job is... RACING CLUB Club Overview ~ League Table ~ Squad ~ Finances This team is actually not shockingly bad, I need to try and keep hold of a couple of players that are wanted in Europe but I think with the addition of an attacking midfielder and a striker we can perhaps turn this around. I've managed to fall on the winter break with the transfer window open so hoping for just 2 or 3 additions instead of a big overhaul for a change. @vikeologist class image! Very accurate too, funnily enough I also signed Lyon's best CM just before I left too
  4. EURO 2032 After a slow start we grew in to this tournament, we had somewhat of an epic game against Belgium winning 4-3 although if you look closer we were 4-2 up, just made it squeaky bum time for the last 5 minutes or so. We played well against England and deserved to be in the final, left it later than I would of liked but after the goal fest from the game before was happy to keep a clean sheet. We had France in the final and after the hour mark we found ourselves 3-1 up, somehow from that point we went on to lose 4-3 AET, in fairness it was an even game all round and it was anybody's for the taking but being 3-1 up and losing is particularly frustrating. I'm going to be stepping down from Italy too at this point, there aren't any club jobs available that interest me at the moment so going to have a little reset and look for a new club and international team.
  5. MANCHESTER CITY 2031/32 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2032 Key Players: Dario Agliani ~ Luiz Finn ~ Aron Hop ~ Augusto Alganaraz ~ Jean-Louis N'Gotty Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats (Click to View) Match Results A very impressive season when you consider the fact my main focus was on other competitions, the plan was to play a rotated squad during fixture congestions and play my strongest squad when there was no mid week game as I wanted to avoid coming under pressure from the board while my focus was elsewhere. A couple of players flourished being played more Aron Hop and Augusto Alganaraz developed really well and became better than the players ahead of them which was pleasing. From January onwards we looked unbeatable and it was pleasing to see that my plan to develop players instead of buying worked on this occassion. (Click to View) We had a pretty straight forward group stage, I'm slightly sad my defeat to Benfica early on saw Lyon miss out but I'd essentially bought all their main players by this point so can't feel that bad about them. 1st KO Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final This was my main focus out of the two domestic competitions this year as I felt the big teams would player weaker teams in this than the FA Cup so I went all out for this early on. We didn't have the easiest of running's but played my strongest team throughout and we managed to get the job done. In the end what a season we had winning a treble! I was hoping to get the domestic cup out the way so I could move on, even if I didn't win the Champions League I was going to move on as I can win that in other league but thankfully we did manage to go on to win it. My plans for now is to have a few years away from Europe and complete North/South America before I return to complete the last stretch in Europe. I have the Euro's this year with Italy too so I'm hoping that is another one I can tick off the list. CAREER PROGRESS (Click to View)
  6. Manchester City 2030/31 Manager Profile: Crowy 2031 Key Players: Dario Agliani ~ Jean-Louis N'Gotty ~ Jose Lopez ~ Luiz Finn ~ Pablo Yacob Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats COMPETITIONS OVERVIEW (Click to View) Results: Premier League ~ Champions League ~ Domestic Cups We comfortably went on to secure the Premier League at our second attempt we were 9/12 points clear for the majority of the second half of the season. I really like the team we've built here and I think they could go on to dominate for a while. As for the domestic cups we were very poor losing to Southampton and Grimsby respectively. I'm really annoyed at those results and I will look to take the domestic cups more seriously next season now the league is out of the way for this challenge. As for the Champions League after turning round a first leg defeat against Real Madrid I was starting to feel confident, unfortunately we lost in the next round on penalties which is slightly frustrating as we dominated the first leg against Juventus, they somehow cam away with a draw. I'm hopeful we will avoid games like that in the latter stages next season so we can go all the way and win it. If I win a domestic cup next season and not the Champions League I may well look to move on as there are other decent teams in Europe I can win the Champions League with. As for my team as mentioned I won't be making to many changes next season I'm very happy with this squad there are a few players I will look to move on in Mount and Wright. Other than that maybe a couple of loan deals as I have 3 really good left wingers (one is currently on loan at Real Madrid getting plenty of game time), and I have a couple of centre midfielders out as well who I may continue loaning out. CAREER PROGRESS (Click to View)
  7. So the 3 National jobs I applied for offered me the job I wanted Brazil but felt seeing as I'm in Europe and Italy are World Cup winners I decided to go with them.
  8. Manchester City 2029/30 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2030 Key Players: Jose Lopez ~ Paul Wright ~ Pablo Yacob ~ Sergi Perez ~ Jean-Louis N'Gotty Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats COMPETITIONS OVERVIEW (Click to View) Results: Premier League ~ Europa League ~ Domestic Cups What a frustrating season this was, my main aim was to qualify for the Champions League and we done that comfortably. With around 15 games to go we were 13 points behind Liverpool and I had all but given up but some good form put us 3 points behind them with 2 games to go with one of the games against Liverpool and we had a better goal difference. Then steps up 19th placed Newcastle to FM us out of the title race and I decided to just rotate squad on final day against Liverpool. I really struggled tactically this season especially in the early part made a few to many knee jerk decisions and was constantly making too many changes which made the team struggle gaining any momentum early on. Three of my seven losses came against opposition in the bottom 3... In other news I was attempting to get an International job on my last update where I turned down England as there were better nations available and they all rejected me, it is a World Cup year and I want be as picky this time around when jobs become available. CAREER PROGRESS (Click to View)
  9. Just another quick update, I was unable to change Man City's fortunes around this season. The fact that I had failed to qualify for the Champions League meant I needed to convince the board to keep me on for this season to give me a fair crack at it. A lot of the big earners and older players are already on their way out of the club, I've already build my starting 11 for the new season just need to sort out a bit more depth and hopefully we can turn those dominate performances from last season in to win... CAREER PROGRESS
  10. So around a year in to my Lyon job this happens Man City offer me a job interview out of the blue... Now I feel it would be an easier club to win the Champions League etc with Man City I'm just unsure my about leaving my Lyon rebuild. We've dramatically reduced the age of the squad and if the players I've brought in develop the way they can this could be an enjoyable project still. ~ SQUAD WHEN I TOOK OVER SQUAD NOW Having said that I'm well aware time is running out for me to complete this save before FM22, If you look at the League Table I'm already 10 points off PSG with 17 games or so remaining. If I'd started this save around the time I usually do I'm for certain staying at Lyon but because time is of the essence I'm going to move to Man City. MAN CITY 2028/29 Club Overview ~ Squad Overview ~ League Table ~ Finances This is another ageing squad but with the resources and reputation of the club I feel it'll be a quicker fix than Lyon. I start off against Liverpool in the EFL Cup Semi Final already 3-0 down from the first leg thankfully we are still in the FA Cup and fighting for at least top 4.
  11. Just a quick update from me we had a decent finish to the season, sadly I tried to make too many changes in January and left myself on the short side in terms of how I like my squads. I have managed to do some decent business between January and now though so hopefully we will improve our good form going in to next season. It is the Euros and the Copa America also this summer so I'll be hoping to pick up an International job asap! CHALLENGE PROGRESS
  12. GUANGZHOU FC 2027 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2028 Key Players: Haritz Oyarzun ~ Jhilmar Elias ~ Kim Woo-Seong ~ Luis Gustavo ~ Zhou Lingwei Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Chinese Super League Board Expectation: Challenge for the Title | Winners! (Super League Results) After spending the second half of last season just scouting players and almost winning the league from where we were, I was confident coming in to this season. I refreshed our foreign players for some younger players and they duly delivered. I was reunited with Jhilmar Elias on loan as my first signing but regardless of my foreign imports, Zhou Lingwei impressed me the most. I found China quite easy to be honest I found it incredibly easy to pick up good Chinese players at the end of their contract which gave me the chance to rotate my squad throughout the year. I think I will look to move on to Europe after I complete Asia for something a little more challenging. AFC Champions League Board Expectation: Reach Second Round | Winners! (AFC Champions League Results) So we were dealt a fairly difficult group in regards to reputation in the Champions League and I felt that would be the test to gauge how well we would do in this tournament. I felt even without the foreign players we had a good Chinese core to our team which helped me when it come to registration rules and squad rotation. I was able to use our Chinese team in the league with a couple of the foreign players in there to sure it up and use my main team in the Champions League. We went on to win it fairly comfortably, thanks to our home form especially in the latter stages of the tournament. Chinese FA Cup Board Expectation: Reach Final | Winners! (Chinese FA Cup Results) We went on to make it a clean sweep and win the treble in our first full year in China. I know I was the biggest club in China and are expected to win trophies, but we cruised through this season. I'm looking forward to something a little more challenging at my next club! CAREER PROGRESS OLYMPIQUE LYONNAIS 2027/28 League Table ~ Squad ~ Finances And last but not least our new club is Lyon, looking at the squad it is decent but it's old and some are on high wages. I think in France I managed PSG last FM so this FM I'd like to knock them off their perch! The Champions League is almost certainly out of reach this year and the Europa League will be a tough ask also. So as I did at the beginning of Zangzhou I'm just going to spend the rest of this season clearing out some deadwood and focus on scouting and signing players to improve this squad.
  13. I think it is due to South Africa's reputation being fairly low it's not like you're leaping from the 2nd division in South Africa to the English Premier League. I wouldn't say it's too soon. Good Luck in the job!
  14. NIGERIA AFRICAN CUP OF NATIONS 2027 Group Stage Second Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final I'm pleased to tick off an International Tournament it took me till 2041 last year as I wasn't that focused on it, I'll probably look to move on to a Mexico type team next who can win the Copa America and the Gold Cup and I could also attempt the World Cup even though that one is very unlikely. INTERNATIONAL PROGRESS (Click to View)
  15. GUANGZHOU FC 2026 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2027 (Nearly) LEAGUE TABLE (Click to View) Results: Chinese Super League Just a quick update for this season as I've only been in charge for 16 games, we had an excellent ending to the season and in fact should have gone on to win the league. if you look at our game before last we played the league leaders and took a 3-0 lead when they managed to turn it around and get a 3-3 draw. I wasn't necessarily focused on the league too much this year I've done a ton of scouting and have a big overhaul happening in January with our foreign players leaving and I have 7 or 8 players ready to come in. I still need another 5 or 6 players to get where I want to be but having problems with the wage caps trying to sign young Chinese players. CAREER PROGRESS (Click to View)
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