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  1. Atletico Nacional 2023 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2023 Key Players: Esteban Carbonero ~ Gerardo Mendoza ~ Ricardo Montoya ~ Carlos Antonio Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Categoria Primera A Overall League Table First Phase League Table ~ Second Phase League Table Results: First Phase ~ Second Phase I've been in Colombia for a year now and I still have no idea how this league works. I'm assuming I've won the league due to the overall league table, I lost in the second phase semi final mostly due to 4 first team players getting called up to international duty plus a few injuries didn't help, although they were back for the second leg so could of perhaps done better. I don't remember much about the first phase as I done that before Christmas. When I took over this team I had no idea how big of a club it actually is, so I'm going to have another year here and have a crack at the Copa Libertadores although I feel it will be difficult to beat the Brazilian/Argentinian teams. Overall I was happy with my first season I have a very good young squad here, that also made it to the Copa Colombia - Cup Final, we had a poor run in the Copa Sudamericana but I wasn't too worried about that as my main focus this season was to qualify for the Copa Libertadores. Challenge Progress (Click to View)
  2. O'Higgins 2022 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2022 Key Players: Franco Panta ~ Guido Mainero ~ Jason Flores ~ Matias Fernandez League Table; Fixtures 1 ~ Fixtures 2 ~ Copa Chile: So we managed to get off to a good start in the league, which was surprising as we played our second string team for the majority of the season to concentrate on the Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana. We had a bit of a blip towards the end of the season eventually won it comfortably, Bryan Carvalho and Manuel Gonzalez were probably two of my better players of the league campaign but as you can see neither of them had exceptional seasons, also at the other end Brayan Cortes managed 9 clean sheets in 14 league appearances to help us with the good start to the season. Copa Libertadores/Sudamericana: I felt we had a decent run in both competitions here, the only thing that let us down in the Copa Libertadores were those two draws before getting smashed by Palmeiras, which had us finish third in our group and we went in to the Copa Sudamericana. I wasn't expecting much in this competition as a lot of the teams were much better than us in terms of stature, I'd also started to focus on the league a little more as it was getting a bit tighter by this stage, I was pleased with both competitions overall. I think overall if I want to win the Copa Libertadoes I will have to leave Chile, I did get a job interview offer from Colo Colo towards the end of the season but I rejected as I don't even think they will be big enough to challenge. Squad: I was fairly happy with my squad over all from last season I just wanted to replace my foreign players with better ones if I could find them, I ended up making more Transfers than planned as I needed depth to cover all competitions this season as well. Franco Panta has to of been one of my most favourite FM signings for years and I'll be sure to keep an eye on him if I move on. In terms for next season if I even want to get close to the Copa Libertadores it needs a major overhaul and the problem is there is not enough quality in Chile to replace what I have. I have one more year on my contract but I feel I've achieved all I can here maybe apart from winning the top domestic cup but I can pick them up in many other countries. Challenge Progress (Click to View) Atletico Nacional Club Overview ~ Finances ~ Squad Overview I resigned from O'Higgins with this club in mind, I weren't expecting them to be so financially stable, however if you look at the squad overview it does need a lot of work. I've got a two year deal till 2024 and I'm looking forward to building this club. This league looks like it has A LOT of games from what I can see they played 40 games last season in the league alone, I think they finished 7th overall last season, and it looks like there are many phases, so looking forward to find it out as I go along.
  3. O'Higgins 2021 Manager Profile 2021 League Table; Fixtures 1 ~ Fixtures 2 ~ Cups: I had a very inconsistent start to my career at O'higgins, which was a surprise as I felt I had a very good transfer window and was optimistic of challenging for the league. We were hovering around mid table for the majority of the season, it wasn't until the summer break and transfer window where we found some good form, a couple of additions and another change of tactic seemed to work wonders for that end of season run. I think that qualifies us for the Copa Libertadores, although I'm not 100% sure if we have or not I'll have to wait for next season for confirmation. Squad: I felt overall we had a decent squad, I'll be moving on the 4 Argentinian players though who I signed last season only one of them performed decently I felt and that was Mansilla. Sandona looks like he is one of the best defenders in the league but must of made 15 mistakes this season, so can't wait to get rid of him. I'm hoping if I've qualified for the Copa Libertadores I'll be able to attract better players anyway. I don't feel I need a massive overhaul in general here though, I think replacing them 4 players should be enough for me to compete for the league. On a positive note Vagner kept a league and club record 14 clean sheets last season, so I'm eager to keep him around and another shoutout should go to Matias Fernandez who had a good solid season from right back last season. On a personal note I've signed a 2 year contract extension to 2023, I'm hoping to get a South America international job over the next couple of years as well to hopefully help push my reputation higher. I've been away a bit recently but hoping to push on 4/5 seasons over the Christmas and New Year, I've seen the thread has been fairly quiet recently but the members who are still posting are having good careers keep it up Challenge Progress (Click to View)
  4. Nice, looks like you've had a much better start to your save than I have with mine though! The team you're managing is actually a feeder club of O'Higgins which is who I'm managing now. Good luck with the rest of the save.
  5. Deportes La Serena 2020 Manager Profile 2020 League Table; Fixtures 1 ~ Fixtures 2 ~ Cups: After a very difficult start to this save this season came out of no where, we went the first 26 games unbeaten. As I was starting to believe I could do my first ever unbeaten season on FM, the referee screwed us with a red card that was never a red and we went on to lose the game 2-1. I can't really complain though the season on a whole was amazing, I only bought in a few loan players originally to add a bit of quality to the squad and the squad performed amazingly without any real stand out performers. I also had to sell my top striker to get our finances a bit more under control and thought that could be our downfall but his replacement performed just as well. Squad: So as you can see my squads stats and ratings are nothing special, but they performed perfectly for the majority of the season, I'd give a shout out to Danny Perez with 12 assists and also to Enzo Ruiz who was extremely consistent, sadly he wants to return to his home country so he will be sold now the season is over. I think going forward a lot of these players are likely to leave, I'm going to need to add a lot of quality to the squad if we're to give ourselves a chance of survival next season. I'm starting to get some interest from some of the bigger teams in Chile after this season, I think for now though I'm going to stay where I am, I've finally sorted out the finances and I should be able to start my coaching badges at the beginning of next season, so I'm going to have one more year here to get some badges and hopefully keep them up before moving on. Challenge Progress Edit: I lied. There was a huge difference in stature and financial muscle so decided to move in the end.
  6. Welcome to the challenge @CaesarXI the only thing I mind about your post is that you used UTV in it! Good Luck in Indonesia, I've never managed there but would imagine it's a tough place to start. @Fadedaf nice start to your challenge nice to see you challenging for europe already, having a first club where you could get your first 3 licenceses must of helped, what are your manager stats like?
  7. I've had a shocking start to my career, almost got sacked twice by two teams in the same division, not much to update on as I weren't able to make any transfer etc, I'll do proper league updates when (IF) I complete a full season. I don't think I've ever struggled quite this much on a challenge in FM but I'm enjoying it. I'm hoping this club gives me the chance to bring my own players in over the break and have a full season at it. I could still get sacked yet. CLUB CAREER ----------- Season Team Country League Position FA Cup League Cup Champs League Others & Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2019 Curico Unido Chile Primera Division B 10th 1st Rd - - Sacked after 17 games 2019 Deportes La Serena Chile Primera Division B 11th - - - Took over in 8th ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTERNATIONAL CAREER -------------------- Season Country Tournament Finished Others & Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CHALLENGE PROGRESS ------------------ Club 0/10 Top Domestic Leagues 0/10 Top Domestic Cups 0/5 Continentals Cups 0/1 Club World Cup International 0/5 Continental Tournaments 0/2 World Tournaments ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CAREER STATS ------------ Curico Unido - P 17 W 4 D 7 L 6 GF 24 GA 33 GD -9 WR 23% Days in Charge: 214 Deportes La Serena - P 13 W 3 D 4 L 6 GF 13 GA 16 GD -3 WR 23% Days in Charge: 102 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Overall - P 30 W 7 D 11 L 12 GF 37 GA 49 GD -12 WR 23% Days in Charge: 316
  8. So that was a bad start to my save, I'd improved the financial side of things with the club and the level of play in Chile's second tier is actually not shockingly bad. I felt I could get this team straight back up with the players they had and I added in a few loans for depth. The Issue was accepting the job straight away instead of asking to start it at the end of the season, as through the whole of the transfer window I was getting blamed by players for bad dressing room atmosphere and I'd only had one game in charge, sp this was going to always be a struggle from the start. Tactically as well I just could not get anything to work in this country, if i tried to press they'd punt it over top and create lots of chances that way. If I sat deeper we conceded slightly less but constantly gave the ball away in dangerous areas, of the 33 goals I conceded 20+ were from set pieces. On a brighter note this is the Ultimate FM Challenge whilst getting sacked is not ideal, I'm able to continue my save and search for another club, let's see where I end up next! Challenge Overview Edit: I'm a sucker for punishment, it took me until August to get another job and it's a team in the same league that currently sit 8th Top 6 qualify for play offs though so that should be attainable depending on my poor tactical decisions again! The main issue is their finances are 350K in the red so still no coaching badge for me as of yet
  9. Curico Unido 2018 Manager Profile League Table I'm excited to be starting at this team, my first team is a team in the top tier of Chile that's set to be relegated. It should give me a good chance of promotion in my first season, I've never started as a team set to get relegated and I've also never managed in Chile so I'm looking forward to starting here. They also have 39 players and I like a squad of around 25ish so I should be able to re build the squad to the way I want.
  10. Crowy

    Detail Level

    I'm unsure as to what this is exactly meant to do, but my understanding is if I set both detail levels to minimum my save is suppose to process less results on the processing screen? If my understanding is correct setting minimum detail level on both makes no difference at all, on my processing screen I'm still getting U23 results and all other leagues etc etc. I apologize if my understanding is wrong and this is not a bug.
  11. That's the way I do it, I go from highest potential to lowest. So first season with highest potential would have (20A) next to his name.
  12. Hednesford Town 2019/20 Season Manager Profile 2019 ~ Manager Profile 2020 League Table; Fixtures 1 - Fixtures 2 - Cups - As you can see I got off to a very slow start in this challenge in terms of results, I then switched to a flat back 5 and it began to make us that bit more solid. I still don't really have the players for the formation that I'm using but with my new youth intake I have a bit more depth in the squad and should help me for next season. I'm pleased with my mid table finish, I'm just hoping the boards expectations don't rise too quickly as I still have a very poor squad. I hope avoiding relegation again will be their target. Squad; I had a fairly thin squad up until my youth intake, I had one goalkeeper for the majority of the season thankfully he never got injured. I've tied down anyone half decent to a new contract to go along with my intake hopefully that will keep my squad depth comfortable for the next season or two while players develop. Youth Intake; I had a 'Golden Generation' type of intake which I'm really excited about, I got a few players with decent potential which may not mean much at this level. Jim Watt and Denis Hooper were at the club already when I arrived and the players in green are the ones I released. I probably would of released a few others but my squad was so thin, I decided to give a contract to anyone with a possible potential of 3 stars and up, here are the top 4 players from my first youth intake; Dean Ross (20A) ~ Jordan Thompson (20B) ~ Iain Blackburn (20C) ~ Chris Towers (20D) Transfers; To show no transfers were made. Club Overview
  13. Hednesford Town 2019/20 Manager Profile '19/20 As I was looking through the teams, I was surprised to come across my local team. I've not followed them for quite a few years now and had no idea what level they were at. After looking at their squad this save will be some challenge but first of all here is a quick overview of their facilities/finances. Facilities/Finances (Click to View) Squad (Click to View) Season Preview (Click to View)
  14. Crowy

    Sunderland in League 1?

    from what I've seen the next release with league updates, will be the Pr0 FM update. It will be released tomorrow (1st June).
  15. So before the 2020 season started in China, I got an offer from SD Eibar who currently sit 4th in the second tier of Spain. I felt the opportunity was to good to pass up on, in 19 games I could potentially be managing in La Liga. It kind of feels a massive jump from Shanghai Shenxin though so I was surprised to get offered the job. Squad Overview ~ Probable Tactic Eibar actually have a decent squad for this level, so I should be able to give the promotion push a real good go, I'll give a full update at the end of the season.