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  1. MANAGER PROFILE | SEASON PREVIEW So I had a good attempt at The Ultimate FM Challenge last year, due to working nights and only getting 1/2 nights off a week I'm looking at a quicker paced challenge this year. I've decided to go with Grantham Town and let's see how it goes...
  2. Manager Profile: Crowy 2020 Leagues Loaded: Usual Leagues So, I've been working nights flat out for a while now during this busy period. I've not had time to start but the volume at work will die down after christmas so going to start this now to get in to things then be able to crack on with it after Christmas.
  3. I'll be restarting this on FM21 also looking to get a few hours in tomorrow night as Friday night is my shift off, but at the moment I'm working 6 days a week and 10+ hours a day so my time will be limited till after christmas. Last year this was pretty much my only save on FM and I still didn't complete it but it was my best effort yet. I've had a quick look around the new FM but not in major detail so looking forward to learning the new features to go along with this challenge.
  4. Racing Club 2043/44 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2044 Key Players: Emanuel Fazio ~ Hugo Maygua ~ Sebastian Romero ~ Sergio Vazquez ~ Clodomir Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Club Competitions (click to View) Results: Primera Division I | Primera Division II So after winning the Cup we went on to secure the League as well. We went like 20 odd games unbeaten at one stage but as you can see there were a lot of draws this season. Overall though I'm pleased to get Argentina out of the way, surprisingly the league went down to the last couple of games
  5. Just going to leave these screenshots here to show I've won the cup, I'll have a big update end of season with the Euro's and The League as well. But their cup format is confusing as it also restarts this season and not sure I'll be ablle to get the screenshots I need end of season.
  6. Racing Club 2042/43 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2043 Key Players: Daniel Andrade ~ Emanuel Fazio ~ German Coria ~ Hugo Maygua ~ Sergio Vazquez Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Club Competitions (click to View) Results: Primera Division I | Primera Division II The league form from when I took over was excellent getting from 17th after 13 games to 2nd is one of my best turn arounds in FM, it could of been so different though, I was 3 points clear at the top of the league with 3 games to go where I got my first crash dumps on FM in years. It dropped me back
  7. Racing Club 2042/43 Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad This was a job that interested me highly, I was going to wait til leagues were removed/added at the end of the season and focus on France but Racing Club in the last 10 years have been on a massive decline since winning the league and the Copa Libertadores in 2032, they are starting to climb the ladder again and thought it would be an excellent project. I've signed a 4 year deal and I'm not leaving here until I win the league as well as the cup... Or I'm sacked. I've not made any progress the last few week
  8. CAREER PROGRESS CAREER STATS I left Club America after failing to win the opening or closing stage and failed in the Quarter Final of the cup. I've been struggling with this save recently but I'm determined to complete it. I think moving forward I'm going to add/remove a few leagues to freshen it up a little. I still need International Trophies in most continents barring North America so I will rid of those leagues completely. I'm now in July 2042 and have just taken over France after their failings in the World Cup so hopefully that will keep me focused while I adju
  9. Nuneaton 2020/21 Manager Profile: Crowy 2022 Squads: Main ~ U23's ~ U18's League Table Results I | Results II | FA Cup | Transfers A slight improvement on last year at the beginning I was getting good results and trying to rotate my younger players in busy schedules but it was proving they just simply weren't good enough. The good thing about Nuneaton is they are pretty self efficient financially, I think we made a profit of around 70K last year with us also reaching the 1st round of the FA Cup I think it was. The board are pretty happy with us just s
  10. Nuneaton 2020/21 Manager Profile: Crowy 2021 Key Players: Callum Powell ~ Devon Evans ~ Jack Byrne ~ Joel Kettle ~ Luke Benbow Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats League Table Results I ~ Results II | Transfers So after a horrid start to the season after around 15 games or so we sat bottom of the league... It was time for a rethink, as the sack was looming. I took some time and revamped my tactics and we ended up going on our best run yet, we reached the dizzy heights of 11th before crashing at the end of the season with 7 straight losses. While my stock was
  11. Nuneaton 2020/21 Manager Profile: Crowy 2020 Club Profile (Click to View) Squad (Click to View) Season Preview (Click to View) So I've decided to have a break from the other challenge I'm attempting and thought I'd give this another shot, the club I decided on was Nuneaton. Mostly down to their finances looked better than the rest of my options, not that the finances will last long... When I took over they had 16 players in the first team squad and I can't afford my best players contract so Isaiah Osbourn
  12. Club America Unfinished Business! Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad 9 or so seasons afer leaving Club America, I've returned! Losing 3 stage finals last time and not being in the cup I left after winning the CONCACAF Champions League. we're currently sitting 18th but only 3 points off the playoffs and we're top of our group in the domestic cup, I'm hoping this will be a short stint and redemption will be on the cards.
  13. Valencia 2040/41 Manager Profile: Crowy - 2041 Key Players: Gabor Gallik ~ Jonathan Basse ~ Juan Carlos Lopez ~ Max Cabral ~ Ozealisson Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Club Competitions (click to View) Results: La Liga I | La Liga II ~ Europa League ~ Copa Del Rey So I lost two of my first 3 games at the start of the season and was for some reason under pressure, perhaps it was to do with not getting Champions League the season before. So I thought I was close to getting sacked but we turned it around quickly, Valencia now have an excellent sq
  14. I've gotten off to an awful start in my 2nd season at Valencia. The sack is getting close, there are no other jobs that interest me at the moment though so going to try and ride it out.
  15. say what? since when? Same for me ageing squad etc, why can't you manage 2 teams a season in Spain is that in the latter of a save? or have I misunderstood?
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