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  1. So we had a great start to our season at Wolves performing above expectations then boom take over, and sacked a week or two later. It's really frustrating as I felt I was finally getting somewhere with Wolves. I'd built a decent enough team to challenge for top 4 and then next season attract the players to challenge for the title. I'll probably look to go to South America or Africa next and get that leg of the challenge out of the way. CLUB CAREER PROGRESS
  2. Yes, I totally agree and is probably where my downfall came from. I played 5-2-1-2 for probably 20 of the first 25 games (which saw us 5th) but the team was not playing quite the way I like, I'm quite picky with how my teams play, I should of probably left the tweaking till after the season had finished and attempted to do something different in pre season. I'll try not making that same mistake again. On another note, I've been appointed as the England manager after they lost in the 2nd Round of Euro 2028. They're currently ranked 2nd in the world, so hoping this will be a fun ride, my plan is to go to atleast 2030 World Cup and perhaps 2032 Euros.
  3. Wolves 2027/28 Manager Profile: Crowy 2028 Key Players: Chris Kohler ~ Gian ~ Islam Osman ~ Jose Mateus Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Competitions Overview I'm just going to post a quick overview to what was frankly a very dissapointing season. We made an excellent start with the signings we made with Kohler and Islam Osman being the stand out signings whilst making £100M profit in the transfer market. I felt I'd transformed this team in to European qualification contenders and with 13 games left in the season we were sitting 5th in the league. I think consistency once again was a problem for me this season I just can't settle on a tactic I want to play, I was shuffling from 5-2-1-2 WB, 3-4-3 and 4-3-3. This team just struggled to gel, they would look like world beaters for 2/3 games then bang can't win for the next 5. I'm going to take my time over this summer transfer I'm going to settle on two tactics before I decide on the transfers I want to make, a couple of the older players like Cutrone will likely move on. CAREER PROGRESS
  4. Not sure if I can link other sites here so will PM you.
  5. It is a weird one, I'd be interested to see when certain team enter due to coefficients standings. If I remember correctly European teams in the top 5 leagues don't enter till later on things may have changed in the game though. Looking at the FIFA Club World Cup in my save the last one was in 2025 (I'm in 2027) and the next one is not due untill 2029 which seems strange to me, how often have your Club World Cups been running? Also have some SS's of when teams enter etc?
  6. Wolves 2026/27 Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad So as the season was coming to an end and I was battling for the play-offs with QPR after a very up and down season and form being inconsistent, I saw the Wolves job had become available after they sacked Lopetegui. Wolves have already been through several managers in this save but I'd never applied due to thinking I wouldn't be able to get it yet. I only had a few months left on my contract at QPR so decided to apply this time and they offered me the job. I've had a quick look over the club and they don't look in great shape financially but they have some players worth decent money and I like the challenges of rebuilding squads. My plan with Wolves is to win the Premier League before I look to move on unless I get sacked. CLUB CAREER
  7. @Extra Time FM I've not touched them yet, currently doing The Ultimate FM Challenge. I'll probably have a save with them at some point, just enjoying this save too much at the moment.
  8. QPR 2025/26 Manager Profile: Crowy 2026 Key Players: Herbie Kane ~ Kieran Dowell ~ Natanael Troncoso ~ Alfie Whiteman ~ Vontae Daley Campbell Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Competitions Overview Quick overview of our season, it looks like we done really well in the league but it wasn't all plain sailing. I was on the verge of getting sacked at one point with 12 games left and being one place above the relegation zone. I just couldn't settle on a tactic with this team, but thankfully the fixtures were kind to us in the last 12 games 8 of them coming against teams around us or in the bottom half, once we got a couple of wins morale picked up and it saw us climb the table with 8 wins and 3 draws in our final 12 games. I feel with the right few additions we can certainly push for play-offs next season, I have a good few young prospects coming through as well so I'll be looking to give them some game time also. CLUB CAREER
  9. I was also looking to read up on Wolves tactics for FM (being a Wolves fan) and came across this thread. It has been an excellent read so far, I'm excited to see how far you can take them. I've followed this thread and twitter so I don't miss an update, thank you for the great content.
  10. QPR 2025/26 Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad So after leaving Dalian Yifang I was expecting to walk in to a job of a top league abroad, not neccessarily a top team in the league but in the top league nonetheless. After a few months of getting turned down for jobs I decided to apply for the QPR job. I quite like the look of this job, they're 70K over their wage budget and you get 100% transfer revenue from sales. I think my plan is for now to stay in England and get this league ticked off, ideally I would like the Wolves job after this one. I'll be looking more in to international management over the next season or two so I can make a start on that also.
  11. So I've resigned from Dalian Yifang after losing in the 2nd round of that AFC Champions League to a ridiculous 96th minute winner... Injuries definitely got the better of us so far this season. On a positive note it is 17th of June 2025 so there might be some decent jobs available in Europe. I may look to Australia too, it's a country I've never managed in and it gives me chance to have another crack at the AFC Champions League. CLUB PROGRESS
  12. Dalian Yifang FC 2024 Manager Profile: Crowy 2024 Key Players: Ye Enjia ~ Oscar ~ Liu Zhenlong ~ Jin Changjun ~ Geoffrey Kondogbia Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Chinese Super League Board Expectation: Qualify for AFC Champions League | Won the League! League Table Results One ~ Results Two So after a flying start to the season, we won the league at a canter. However it did have its challenges along the way, Beijing Guoan kept up with us the whole way, it was only towards the last 3 games or so that their wheels fell off and it made the league look a lot easier than it was. There were also periods where I would have to go 3 games with 6 or 7 first team players on International duty, which I thought was madness. Thankfully the league standard barring us and Beijing Guoan is fairly poor. When I had fixture overloads I would very often use my 2nd team in this league and they still got the job done quite comfortably. Beijing Guoan went on to play a bigger part in our overall season than expected, with our league form and the way we were brushing teams a side I thought the treble was on for sure. AFC Champions League Board Expectation: Reach Quarter Final | Reached Quarter Final AFC Champions League Results I'm not sure what to make of the Champions League campaign, yes we reached our targe but felt we should have done much better in the crucial games. To be drawn in the two knockout rounds against teams in our own league was somewhat unfortunate (unless that is how it's suppose to be in the AFC). I felt in the quarter final especially I made a few mistakes by showing them too much respect and when going a goal down early in both legs I just went for it and we got punished on both occassions. I'll for sure look to manage those games better in the future and try not to panic so much. Chinese FA Cup Board Expectations: Reach Semi Final | Runners Up FA Cup Results Another top Domestic Cup slips through my fingers, on all of my attempts these are the ones that I usually struggle with the most. We had a comfortable run up to the final but we then again ran in to our bogey team of Beijing Guoan who dispatched us quite comfortably truth be told. I'm certainly going to have to make some adjustments against them next year tactically as this is the only team I haven't beat this season. Next Season I'm going to give the AFC Champions League one more shot, I have signed a new two year deal but I will look to move on once we are knocked out (or I have won) the AFC Champions League. I'm also going to let the older players move on in Oscar and Geoffrey Kondogbia hopefully more youthful legs in the midfield will help us achieve our goals for next season. CAREER PROGRESS
  13. Dalian Yifang FC 2023 Manager Profile: Crowy 2023 Key Players: Geoffrey Kondogbia ~ Nabil Bentaleb ~ Oscar ~ Toby Alderweireld Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Competitions Overview I've had a great start to my time in China losing just 1 of my first 17 games and drawing 3. I was expecting it to be a bit tough to be honest but when you have the calibre of CM's/AM's in your squad that I have you should expect to control most games. I've already splashed £20M on two Chinese players ready for next season, I'll be looking to keep the midfield trio I think and letting Alderweireld leave if I can get any offers for him. My plan is to focus on splashing out on the best Chinese players I can find, I think in terms of foreign players I think most would be excellent in this league so if I can find cheaper players just as good as my midfield 3 and make a profit, I'll also do that, as I'm not overly keen on older players. CAREER PROGRESS
  14. Not that I can see their best finish has been 3rd in the league on two occassions (2019 and 2020) the last thing they won was in 2017 which was the Jia League. I've had a really good start with this team my tactics from Wealdstone seem to fit this squad. I'm mostly focused on buying all the Chinese talent at the moment.
  15. Wealdstone 2022/23 Manager Profile: Crowy 2023 Key Players: Harry Williams ~ Kiril Korov ~ Matthew Tomlinson ~ Nick Tudor ~ Simon Power Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats Board Expectation: Reach Play-offs | Won the League! League Table Results One ~ Results Two ~ Cup Results Overall a comfortable season, we were able to keep majority of the players from last season with some more good additions. We started the season well but Notts County won their first 9 games or so and made it tough to begin with. Thankfully they weren't able to keep that kind of form up through the whole season. I think another change for me this season was tactics, instead of trying to force my ideas and the way I want to play upon the squad I played a formation and way that actually suited them. I normally rarely mess with my tactics when a match has started but I was doing it a lot more this season and was able to make changes that helped get some of those wins. Next Step I'm going to be resigning from Wealdstone now, I'm not sure if I want to go abroad or continue in England yet so I'm excited to see where the next step takes me. I've enjoyed my Wealdstone career so far though so will be also saving it seperately in case I run out of steam for this challenge and need a little break. CAREER PROGRESS Dalian Yifang FC 2023 Club Overview ~ Finances ~ League Table ~ Squad So it has not took me long to find a new job and it is with Chinese team Dalian Yifang. When I saw the kind of budgets they were offering and some of the players they had already it was a no brainer to move. I've not managed in China for a while now on these saves so I'm looking forward to it.
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