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  1. All it means is that he has a low Pressure rating. On previous versions it was 1-5, but they've changed quite a few of the other values needed for certain messages to appear on this year's edition. So it might not be 1-5, but should still be on the lower end.
  2. David Platt and Robbie Savage were part of the Man Utd academy before joining Crewe, and Neil Lennon was part of Man City's academy.
  3. The Model Professional personality has an age requirement of 23 years old. If the player is younger than that he will just be labled as Professional.
  4. Do you actually mean Potential Ability and not Current Ability? I thought PA was supposed to be static.
  5. Have a look here: Specifically at the "Patiently waiting for his injury to subside" when he's injured.
  6. All the time I've spent finding suitable tutors for my young players I haven't even found that you now can search by personalities :O Interesting find on Fickle and Mercenary, got me curious what they can be. I guess Nocuous has some work to do!
  7. This guide is meant to help determine what affects the players’ moods and reactions to events in the game. For instance how a player reacts to being injured, how he copes with the pressure of being wanted by other clubs and a couple more. It is meant to be used together with The Ultimate Personality/Media-handling Guide, as it in some cases can reveal hidden attributes that the player’s personality won't. I’ve been using this for a while now and for the most part it should be accurate. I don’t think I’ve found all the different moods and reactions, but the ones I’ve found should still be
  8. When this happens the progress report (under development -> training) will state "The Coach fears that The Player may have become somewhat complacent after all the recent successes". Edit: So it was pretty much excactly what I thought it was going to be
  9. Compare it to how in real life where a DoF or chairman can sometimes buy and sell players behind the manager's back, or even try to influence team selections. Although it isn't common, it still happens and could therefore be considered realistic. It's problematic for the same reasons the sackings are; it takes away the manager's ability to control and develop his team. For the sake of a healthier and more compelling game world some things considered realistic has to be sacrificed, and these sackings are one of them.
  10. It doesn't matter if it happens in real life or not, or how rarely it happens. Such a completeley game altering feature, that the player has no way of influencing the outcome of, has no place in the game. Thankfully it's never happened to me, but if it would, I'd be devastated. I put my heart and soul into every team I manage. If I'm to get sacked it should be as a result of my own shortcomings or incompetence, not as a result of a one in a million luck of the draw.
  11. He's pretty much what I'd imagine Cruijff would look like on FM, atleast if he'd have even higher Anticipation. His PPMs are: Moves Into Channels Comes Deep To Get Ball Plays One-Twos Likes To Lob Keeper
  12. Although there are a number of players that can lay claim to the best player ever, there's only one that can even be nominated as the most influential; Johan Cruijff. Something all these attempts at recreating a system invented 50 years ago is a testament to. I've always had a dream of finding that one, special playmaker from the Netherlands and on FM 15 I found him. Same height, born in Amsterdam, bought from Ajax, where he came through their youth set-up. I think he'd love playing the system you've created, in just about any position.
  13. It could also be worth a shot to get a coach with the Places Shots-PPM, as coaches are more efficient at teaching PPMs they know themselves.
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