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  1. Actions Missing - Cant progress to see reports

    I think this is a bug caused by a player retiring whilst being scouted, which is a known issue. Click on his name to see if he is still visible as a player? As a general point, it would be useful to have a sticky at the top of this forum with a shortlist of known issues with a brief status report to confirm those that are still under review, those that have been fixed as each update comes out and those that are not a bug (e.g. Scout reports in scouting centre not inbox). This would help to prevent duplicate threads from being created and to steer users to an existing thread, where one exists, to register duplicate bug reports. Cheers, TE
  2. FM18 Scouting Assignments

    Try looking under scouting > assignments > players. I don't think there is an upper limit, but clearly it will take longer the more players you are scouting.
  3. Hi, A couple of weeks into my 18.1.1 Oxford City save, I noticed that there was only £2k remaining of my £3.3k scouting budget. However, I hadn't received any prompts saying I would incur costs for scouting players outside the scouting range (England only). When I went back to the beginning of that save upon upgrade to 18.1.2, I noticed that my Director of Football had recommended around fifteen players, including two English players, one playing for a Welsh club and the other for a Scottish club. When I right click on each player individually and select scouting > assign scout > name I correctly only get the 1 week scouting option and a warning about costs. However if I instead highlight all the recommended players, in the bottom right hand corner a button appears labelled "Get Scout Report". Clicking this does not warn about the scouting budget implications for the two 'foreign-based' players. It does not generate a warning even if I only multi-select the two foreign-based players and no other English-based players. I scouted the recommended players using the button, which is why I got caught out with the costs. Should there be a warning pop-up when multi-selecting? Cheers, TE
  4. Star Ratings Seemingly Incongruent With Report

    I tend to think that the keeper with the lower star rating could be the one with the better hidden attributes, as it is my understanding that these are not included in the current ability star rating calculation. Some of them can be alluded to in coach/scout reports if particularly high or low and those related to personality can be alluded to by his media handling style. There are known attributes: aggression, determination, natural fitness, eccentricity, rushing out and tendency to punch (swap goalkeeping specific attributes for flair for outfield players) that I believe are also not included. Then you have how the keepers' personality sits with the rest of the squad, any traits and variable factors such as condition and morale that also affect performance. I use the star rating as the starting point and then modify this rating based on whether the player scores positively or negatively in comparison to his rivals in the other factors mentioned above. This means that sometimes I can rate a back up star rated player as better than the first choice star rated player. I hope this is helpful. Cheers, TE
  5. RESOLVED: 18.1.1 > Staff > English Scouts > Poland Knowledge

    I have now started a 18.1.1 save and can confirm that the issue is resolved.
  6. Update - this issue was with a continued beta save following full release; by starting a new save under 18.1.1 the player name turns red rather than white.
  7. Star Ratings Seemingly Incongruent With Report

    I have also noticed the inconsistency between the "Current Ability (Division)" icon on the pros and cons section and the corresponding current ability stars. For example, in my latest Oxford City save, created with 18.1.1, I have three players whom CA is currently considered to be 4 stars by my best coach at judging ability (11). He says Godfrey Poku is a leading player for most Vanarama South sides, Matthew Paterson is a good player for most Vanarama South sides (both dark green colour) and Horatio Hirst is very well suited to Vanarama South football (pea green colour). But then there are two 3.5 star CA players, Eddie Jones and Joe Oaster, whom are described as good players for most Vanarama South sides (dark green). Surely they shouldn't have better CA pros than Hirst? At the other end of the squad, the problem is repeated, two of the four 2.5 star CA players are leading players for most regional division sides and the other two are very well suited to regional division football. I have four 2 star CA players who are all leading players for most regional division sides. Again, surely the 2 star players shouldn't have higher CA pros than the 2.5 star players? Even at the lowest end of the squad, there is inconsistency, with two 1.5 star CA players and four 1 star CA players all very well suited (the same as those two 2.5's), but the remaining 1 star player is described as decent player for most regional division sides, whereas the lowest-ranked 3 silver stars CA player is very well suited. I am assuming that "very well suited" is better than "decent", but someone might wish to correct me on that. The issues with the lower end of the squad is compounded by the fact that the colour scheme appears to be wrong for the CA cons icons. This is because "very well suited" appears in the lighter orange colour, indicating it is a minor con, whereas "leading player" (and also a couple of trial it's who still have black stars regarded as "good players") are represented by a darker orange/red colour, implying that this is a worse drawback, when clearly it shouldn't be. If my assumption about "decent" is correct then this should probably appear as the darkest red colour rather than the middle orange/red. I am fairly certain you will be able to reproduce inconsistencies of these kinds at any club, given Weston initially spotted it at Catania, but let me know if you need a save. Cheers, TE P.S. I really don't like the cons colour scheme, I find it so difficult to distinguish between the shades of orange and red, which adds to my irritation with this issue. I have reported in UI suggestions that it should either go back to the FM17 yellow/orange/red or at least make the orange lighter and the red darker so the middle orange/red stands out more.
  8. Player Roles vs Position

    I don't rely on it when comparing players in a particular role, but I do refer to it as an indicator of where/how a player could be best utilised where natural and/or accomplished in more than one position. EDIT: As far as affecting performances goes, if I understand it correctly, RDS is a representation of the assistant manager's opinion of role suitability created by averaging the specified important attributes for each role. Therefore, it is the attributes that are used to calculate RDS, not RDS itself, that affect player performance in that chosen role, along with other factors, such as other attributes (in particular those relevant to all roles), morale, condition, player personality and traits, etc.
  9. Player Roles vs Position

    I have reported this on the scouting bugs forum and it is "under review": For me it wouldn't be much of an issue if it concerned lower-ranked players, but it appears that the reverse is occurring, I.e. there are highly rated players who are not specialists in any role, but a "young prospect way off the first team level" has 100% role suitability as a poacher even though his key attribute ratings for that position (averaging 7.8) are significantly worse than the key player's (averaging 10).
  10. Scout Assignment Reporting

    How long should it take to get scout reports when I have asked a scout to watch players for 1 match? The trial match took place at 10am on Friday 14th, it's now 3pm on Saturday 15th. I have not received any feedback cards in the scouting centre. The scout still has the 7 players under 'assignments > players' with progress remaining "-". However, if I click on the players, their overview screen contains a scout summary and if I click on that or go to 'reports > scout report' there is some scouted information available (albeit limited as they are all only 3-5% scouted). If I click on the magnifying glass in the recommendation box of the scout report it brings up a second screen of scouted information where one of the segments "scout report" says "This player is being scouted by X and the report will be available shortly." The players also appear on the 'players > scouted players' list with magnifying glasses and actions options available. All very confusing and not sure if this is a bug! Cheers, TE
  11. RESOLVED: 18.1.1 > Staff > English Scouts > Poland Knowledge

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the reply. I can confirm that this is happening on my save from the beta version. I haven't started a new game, so you'll need someone else to confirm for new saves. As a general point, it does somewhat undermine the claim that beta saves can be continued with the full release if some of the bugs aren't removed by the updates. I am a slow enough player as it is and I would prefer not to have to keep re-starting every time an update comes out. Cheers, TE
  12. A player approached me in the scouting centre asking to be considered as a signing (Nathan Owen - DL), which generated an item in the scouting inbox. I right-clicked on his name and added him to the scouting pool, following which his name turned white so it blended into the background. The link is still there, as hovering over where his name was generates a pop-up "Click to view Nathan Owen's profile", so by right-clicking again I was still able to access all of the options as before. As soon as you then take any other action without removing the card, upon returning to the screen the name re-appears. Cheers, TE
  13. This was reported in the Beta Scouting Bugs Forum and is still there following the 18.1.1 update. In my Oxford City save, in addition to Horatio Hirst, there is also the 4 star-rated Matthew Paterson, a natural striker whom only has 6/8 segments on his RDS for Poacher, Target Man and Advanced Forward and that's as good as it gets. The only other player who fails to get 100% in an RDS is Bonifacio Neto, a 1 star-rated natural attacking midfielder with 5/8 RDS as Advanced Playmaker, Shadow Striker and Attacking Midfielder, Whilst it is more understandable in his case, there are players with similar or lower positional ratings in their natural positions who manage at least one 100% RDS.
  14. This was reported by numerous users in the Beta Scouting Bugs Forum. It's still an issue after updating to 18.1.1.
  15. I reported this in the beta UI bugs forum, but didn't get a reply. It is still happening in 18.1.1.