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  1. I saw it in my friend's game but I can tell you that for example Attacking Midfielder Left is Ofansif Orta Saha Sol (I think) and it looks like OOSSl. And if the player has more positions it looks really clogged. Here's someone else's: I think the cause of the problem is that "midfielder" and "offensive midfielder" are set in stone so you can only add left or right to them as variants whereas offensive wingers and offensive center midfield players have different, specific names in Turkish. Therefore it's probably a syntax issue, caused by how the position names are set in the code. If you could allow the game to recognize Attacking Midfielder Center and Attacking Midfielder Left as two separate positions instead of orientation variants of the same general position, that would solve the issue and let Turkish translators and probably other language translators who have similar problems to help make the game feel more authentic Edit: I mean look at those commas and ... in the positions part. This is a 1080p screenshot so it's even higher resolution than the screenshots provided by SI on twitter
  2. Hi, I have a question for the Turkish translators. Are the position names translated word by word due to syntax limitations of the code? I'm a translator myself and I have experience in video game and website translations so I can understand that. But if that's not the problem, or if you can somehow work around that, I really believe that you should use the actual position names that have been used by the media and football professionals for decades. Nobody in their right mind would say "Ofansif Orta Saha Sol". They would say "Sol Açık" I think. And I'm assuming that the syntax didn't let you to separate AML from AMC so you had to cave in to that but if there's any way to work around that, please do. And perhaps bring it up to SI so maybe, just maybe, they may change the syntax of position names for the following games since this should be an issue for many languages. Also, if all else fails, you may at least try to find shorter abbreviations because OOSSl for AML really clogs the UI when a player has multiple positions. It looks really really bad and breaks the experience, at least the UI experience. I know that this is really hard and probably it's the syntax' fault but I had to at least try and suggest. Cheers!
  3. What an ambitious effort from a fellow Turk. Dude I'll definitely be following this. Go for it!
  4. They mostly have CA/PA of max 40 and overall 15-20 around 2nd div top and max of 80 at first division level. Which are the stars of the teams. Overall 45-50. I was so curious to learn because they looked rather fine but their ability numbers are still very low. Interesting indeed. But you're probably right, they might have boosted them. Almost got to the europa league second qualifying round with my new top club
  5. Such great facilities at Vitoria. Nice :3 One question though, did you play the play-off in Belgium? Didn't look like you did :/ Or was the latest standings tables you've shown us were at the play-off stage?
  6. It's quite interesting, those attribute levels. I've played in the Gibraltar second division these past two days and all my players were better than your best. I thought Gibraltar was literally as low as it gets, on par with San Marino. Guess I was wrong. Really surprising
  7. How did Charleroi guarantee a playoff spot in the first weeks of the season? Cup?
  8. Well okay, but imho no prtscr in full screen mode is a bit of a let off, just saying. Thanks for your time Neil
  9. Ctrl-prt scr doesn't work for me by the way. Is that a bug too? It acts as if there is no game running and hows whatever else is on the pc like this browser window, or the desktop if this isn't open etc.
  10. No problem, thanks for looking into it
  11. Alt+F9 The rest went straight into the screenshots folder in my documents/sportsinteractive/footballmanager2015 but this guy is just un-screenable rebooted the game and even my pc a few times..
  12. I have this experiment game where I'm constantly holidaying to see how the footballing world will change and in between holidays, I've seen an epic newgen with 196 PA and wanted to share it on reddit. So I tried to take a screenshot but it simply didn't. I tried many other players, at the same team as he is (Arsenal) and they worked fine. Other screens like profile, inbox, league overviews etc. work fine too. I just can't take a screenshot of that one player so it's a pretty specific bug. The lads name is Hüsnü Türkoğlu and plays for Arsenal as I've stated before. I've uploaded the save file with the name: egesagin-cant_ss_husnu_turkoglu_arsenal so you can check it out yourselves. Cheers
  13. This will be fun but also tough to watch because I'm pretty sure your wage limit will make it hard for you to keep your starts at your team. Best of luck!
  14. Looks like nice topic :3 will follow